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  2. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Don't let the nerd push you around! Also, for those not aware, Plabax used to use a LAG SWITCH, which greatly increased his playoff winning percentages. It was after this was discovered, and his controversial retirement that suddenly, his greatness has been put into question. AND, the guy who FOUND the C/B trick is Plabax, and he used it for over a full season and won a title before sharing it, but part of his "glory" was with a clear advantage I think Frey? didn't know about. I mean, 1 million kudos to the kid to finding a bug in the game 20 years later that noone else had and using it to his advantage. BUT in the debate of straight skill, Plabax was more like Belichick, using all the edges to win, but they become tainted. Can't take away the trophies though, or the lack of class
  3. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    haha ya probably
  4. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    sounds like youre the douche
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  6. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I wasn't joking. What do you suggest I say instead?
  7. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Clearly inferior? Haha maybe you're joking, but maybe you're kind of a douche lol I know I'm new here but it's funny reading your posts
  8. Technical differences (not gameplay)

    schooled. Hard.
  9. Technical differences (not gameplay)

  10. Is the sega cd verison anygood?

    For me, the CD version plays exactly the same as the cartridge. It does not seem harder to score. I do not notice the frame rate differences. The sound is way better and was super cool to play for the first time after playing the cartridge version for 20 odd years. The extra video is hilariously terrible. Ron Barr has a great intro for every game now with cool audio. Was just a little harder to set up on the emulator, but totally worth it! Showed my brother and he wasn't impressed with the difference though, lol
  11. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    Cool Ideas Need to give a shoutout to Slapshot as well, as his roms are the base for mine. i like your ideas about solo play.
  12. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    It looks like you found what you were looking for, but since you asked, I am sharing my "NHL Dream." Since my skills are limited, I only made changes using NOSE. Players' pictures, team ratings, graphics, etc. are not accurate. However, I did use Coach Mac's '87 ROM as a base since I love the 80s and love his work. Many of my decisions will make no sense to others, but I do think that the game is a fun solo game. You can choose from 8 teams that had not won a cup as of 1990: Quebec, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Washington, Los Angeles, Vancouver, St. Louis, or Minnesota. I set playoff brackets so that only 4 of these weaker teams show up at a time(1 in each division) and the other 12 teams are better opponents. Your opponents are suped-up cpu teams whose player ratings reflect a team ranking (A, B, or C) that I assigned each. The best opponent in the Wales is Montreal; the best opponent in the Campbell's is Edmonton. Only 10 skaters are included for most teams. I play with line changes ON for 7 minute periods, so the cpu and I would rarely need a checking line. If you do use line changes, please know that most 2nd lines are an 80s line, not an all-time greats line (except Montreal). The timeline cut off is 1989-90, so Detroit will have Howe and Yzerman but not Lidstrom. Edmonton will have Gretzky and Coffey but not McDavid. Pittsburgh will have Lemieux but not Jagr or Crosby. Really, it's mostly a 70s and 80s ROM that goes back further in time for certain all-time greats. You can also play with my favorite NHL 80s stars against a suped-up Soviet team. Remember that I call it "NHL Dream" because it is not historically accurate but a weird mix of my childhood memories and impressions. For me personally, it is a lot of fun! NHL Dream.bin
  13. My "Deadline" Roms

    Is there a version of the 87 and 89 deadline roms without the reduced speed burst?
  14. I assume this meant for the vegas thread bud?
  15. NHL 94- 2018 edition Get an Everdrive. I may need to start making a commission from these guys.
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  17. NHL 94- 2018 edition

    Anybody sell this on a cartridge for genesis?
  18. I have some scores on my phone. Will post them later. Sorry, when the scorekeepers were unable to log the scores into challonge i figured we didn't need them and I was trying to get my played fast. I should have realized you could keep the papers and reconstruct the data later.
  19. Premium Retro League 3

    Season is 59% complete. Regular Season Ends Friday December 1. Bailey Bobble Playoffs 1 v 3 2 v 4 Teddy Bear Cup Playoffs 5 v 7 6 v 8 Consolation Cup 9 v 10 Huge THANK YOU to @chaos for setting us up for saves, if you have games to upload please do.
  20. Sega Group 1 Sega Group 2 Sega Playoffs SNES Group 1 SNES Group 2 SNES Group 3 SNES Playoffs
  21. ESportsEarnings page

    whoops...all fixed now i had a couple other errors to fix.
  22. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    WOO HOO!!!! Best news I've heard all day @slapshot67!!!
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  24. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    I took the last cup team before they won again years later, like I said it is due for an update, now that we have a 32 team rom, I will give it an update.
  25. Online Etiquette Guide

    haha yeah i think lots of people have different post-goal against habits. Whenever someones blowing me out and I start feeling defeated, I often stop checking after the whistle and just stand there. Im more of a checking after the whistle guy when im happy, not sad. Whenever i make a dumb manual goalie play i often spam the stick around looking in every direction making the goalie look like hes having a seizure lol
  26. Online Etiquette Guide

    Sometimes when I get a good goal scored on me I do a little spin-around with my guy instead of checking the bejesus out of the other team. If I do something dumb I ram my guy into the boards.
  27. stacking up the carts, we have plenty!
  28. Online Etiquette Guide

    cant believe you didnt know the pause and flick up and down was to signal nice goal brutus after all this time, thats hilarious. But I can understand, as I remember yearsss ago when i first started i asked raph if theres some sort of a morse code meaning to the pausing and flicking people do, so it wasnt intuitive to me either at first. Im surprised so many people find it annoying. Ive always felt respected when people give me the flick. Occasionally a player will pause and flick out of rage, usually they pause and immediately go into the replay and then immediately spam C and start or just double start to unpause. But interesting ideas about it quieting the crowd, never really thought about that. As much as I like the flick, maybe we should put a soft ban on it for league games or something. This is why we need ingame chat like snes gahhhhh
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