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  2. I have been studying up on these a bit. #1 The Team rating does nothing. It is cosmetic. #2 Offense and Defense are Sim Data. They only apply to CPU vs CPU games. So this has no effect on MAN vs MAN or MAN vs CPU games #3 PP and PK. I didn't look into since I am mostly interested in penalties OFF. But I would assume work similar to Home/Away Advantages but only relate to Power Play Situations. #4 Home/Away Advantages Plabax made these Weak/Weak in an effort to eliminate all advantages or at least minimize it. I think this was a mistake. The best way to minimize is Weak/Strong. This will give you a ZERO value. Here is how I think it works. Home Away Strong = 2 Strong = 0 Average = 1 Average = 1 Weak = 0 Weak = 2 Brutal = 3 Using a Hex Editor these can be edited all the way up to 15 (F). So with these set to WEAK/WEAK you actually get a Home advantage of 2. This is essentially just like Avg/Avg. But using, WEAK/STRONG gets an advantage of 0. Here is a Table showing how it works. vs Strong (0) AVG (1) Weak (2) Brutal (3) Strong (2) 2 3 4 5 AVG (1) 1 2 3 4 Weak (0) 0 1 2 3 SO, In conclusion Strong Home vs Brutal Away gives a MAX Advantage of 5. That is obvious. What is not obvious is that Leagues that want to minimize the Home Ice Advantage, should set these to: WEAK/STRONG
  3. I'm guessing here (because I've never used this, but I know about file formats...): In excel, save as a .csv file. (csv = comma-separated values). Open the file in a plain text editor, such as Notepad and make the necessary changes. Save (same file name) Or, just don't use Excel. Open the file manually in Notepad and make the changes there right from the start.
  4. Newbie here, so did you save it back as a .csv format once you edited it in the text editor? I'm having the same issue with it not importing and I'm using Excel 2007 but when I copy and past it into a text file, there are no commas. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. For those of y'all that missed: Nintendo re-released the NES not long ago. Rumors are that The Big N will be releasing the classic SNES, too. I wonder if SEGA will be offering the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis classic. Did anyone pick one up?
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  7. Tim and I tried to get our games in earlier this month, but it didn't quite work out, and I've just been out of the country for the past two weeks. I'm back Thursday, and Tim is aware so we should be able to get our series in soon.
  8. I agree about chicago brutus, and trudat zeppelin LA gets way better. Still hrudey in net tho, I could never win with that team lol In my books detroit is still the best team in wbf. Yzer Cicc and Feds can still dance and snipe on anyone. Sure they do take a bit of a hit in the wbf world, but their skating and shooting stats remain stronger than the competition
  9. However, imo, guys play WBF draft leagues, and play Classic, where the ROM is NOT WBF. So, re-ranking the WBF of TEAM's, instead of players, does hold a lot of value to most guys I see asking for exi's or that play with me.
  10. For Chicago, I've not played w/ them WBF, only their players in a WBF league with a draft in place. However, Eddy & Steve Smith are a real, real strong start to a defense. The second option is a middle weight, 6 defensive awareness Chelios. That's still one of the top defenses when you include goalie. I think Chicago's non-JR forwards are still not at par even in WBF, as the weight isn't high enough to put them above the standard with their average speed and even less exciting shooting skills. BUT, JR can still dance, and shoots with a 5/5. With a STRONG home/away setting, if the advantages are no set to zero, I'd consider Chicago a top team in WBF. No longer the top team though for sure.
  11. The community is opposed to structure. The leagues are literally designed for slackers and slacking. The community in general is more about relationships and reputation than it is about playing in the leagues and making sure they are run smoothly. I think the favourite members of the admins in the past were slackers, so they never wanted to enforce any rules to kick out their favourite "buds". In order to justify the non-punishment of the "buds", the rules were constantly altered to try and fit the needs of the slacking "bud". It eventually became the norm, and I think this is why 99% of leagues are drawn-out with poor structure. Look how has a checkpoint tracker and a forfeit section in the all-time standings too. I've been a member for nearly six years and not once were those used. Somewhere down the line, the rules and structure were changed. Why else would the code exist?
  12. Where is everyone? Summer is coming so let's try to get the playoff games done. It's these long gaps during seasons and playoffs that kill the leagues. This is why nobody wants to play leagues anymore.
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  14. I just added a Playoff version of the ROM. Has the real tree for anyone who likes playing against the CPU.
  15. Weird. Thanks for looking into it.
  16. Ahhh okay. Thanks for the above. I get you now.
  17. I tried to replicate that issue but could not. Sorry dude!
  18. Thanks for the heads up bud, I'll look into this.
  19. I don't say Depch is wrong but just say what i do when i play... I can try none smoothing for my next games to see,no problem! But i think i already did this experience in the past but it wasn't a success...but why not
  20. So speed still kills, and NYR are still flawed. What is wrong with NYR? A chronic lack of accuracy. They become better, but still having the best shooting forward with 3 SHA is just hard to be elite. For the same reason, Detroit remains nasty. Buffalo belongs ahead of NYR IMO for that reason. Also the beezer isn't very good. I think you are leaving out LA which gets a huge bump up with Robitaille, Blake, McSorely, and most importantly Sandstrom goes from pretty good, to unbelievably good. Pittsburgh and Boston obviously get huge legs up. and Pittsburgh probably becomes the best team. I think Chicago goes down, down. Roenick suddenly has sidekicks, but being able to routinely take him down makes the combo less impressive than some of the others IMO.
  21. Yeah, I got the bin file to work with an emulator on my computer, but can not get it to work with my Modded NES classic...I will try my rapberry Pi.
  22. By default most connections should be steady nowadays. For overseas by default do not use smoothing. The +1 frame adds to input lag that is already high from the latency alone. Problems with specific connections should be more rare by default, if you experience problems with someone then consider using smoothing, but do not use it pre-emptively (it would be silly). What was meant is that Discord eats a lot of resources for a chat/voIP program. So especially for older computers it's good to turn off while gaming. Some of the players who play Overwatch for example with more powerfull computers turn it also off and use something like Mumble for VoIP, which is more lighter.
  23. Yes, .bin files work fine for emulators.
  24. Use smoothing if the connection is inconsistent (ping varies a lot). Use no smoothing if the ping is consistent/steady. I believe what he was saying about Discord was that if you are using Discord for voice chat, that can cause connection issues, because voice uses a fair bit of bandwidth.
  25. Stupid question...If I want to play on a regular Genesis Emulator, like on the RetoPie...will the .bin file work...I am used to seeing the .md files for the Genesis.
  26. Hey Darko, according to Depch, adding any frames to Smoothing, even just a "+1 frames", is a bad idea? For overseas connections we should be adding none. I know I am going to follow this advice in the future. I will also close down all other apps, like Discord, which I have not been doing.
  27. Discord is very heavy to use. Some of the guys who play Overwatch competitively told me this and that they shut it down while playing with more powerfull desktop computers. For VoIP there are more lighter options during gameplay. But I like discord for how it connects people, it's good for chat and PM for me.
  28. Yeah the first game we played you had discord opened and it was super laggy but than after we reset and you closed it our games were fine. I keep discord closed when I'm playing any league games and use the app version on my phone mostly.
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