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  2. Smaller set of '94 progeny this year: 2017 #2 PHI - Nolan Patrick (C ) - Nephew of James Patrick #7 NYR - Lias Andersson (C/LW) - Nephew of Mikael Andersson (NYR trade up to #7 pick to pick a player not ranked higher than 12th online....) #14 TB - Callan Foote (D) - Son of Adam Foote #62 VEG - Jake Leschyshyn (C ) - Son of Curtis Leschyshyn #177 EDM - Skyler Brind'Amour (C) - Son of Rod Brind'Amour #199 MTL - Cayden Primeau (G) - Son of Keith Primeau (and nephew of Wayne Primeau (NHL 94-10), not in the video game) These players graduated to the NHL in the 2016-17 season: 2016 #6 CGY - Matthew Tkachuk (LW) - Son of Keith Tkachuk #16 ARI - Jakob Chychrun (D) - Nephew of Luke Richardson (and son of Jeff Chychrun, who played 262 games in the NHL from 86-94 but was not in the game)
  3. 1) No. I think It is just the 3 jersey shoulder colors. I am not exactly sure how they work. Sometimes you can fix them if the logos are simple. This is the hardest and most frustrating part of editing to me. Maybe Raph or Smoz can give a better answer. I spend hours messing with this and have still not really figured it out. 2) Yes, Have at it.
  4. WBF + Check Bonus
  5. Coach, Do you use weight bug fix or weight bug fix+check bonus?
  6. I am using NOSE to alter uniforms. (1) Will any edit to the home uniform affect the center ice logo coloring? (2) Can I change the away uniform without any side effects? Thanks.
  7. updated rosters? lv golden knights?
  8. Yesterday
  9. I think online play is fun too. I just don't think it's worth anyone's time to play in the leagues until the commissioners can get their act together. Every league has no champion and never finishes.
  10. Lizard,while i use fusion for most games I'm going to switch to Gens just for playing with everyone here....since the Jackets didn't exist yet I use the Leafs instead
  11. Dude, if you want to play online with people that share your love of the game, give online play a chance. Don't know who peed in Premium's Corn Flakes, but it is hella fun playing online. (It is worth nothing, in fact, he played online for years!) One ROM hack allows 2 versus 2, so it is nonstop action. You can play in leagues, or you can just play pickup games for fun. Join our Chat Group here: Test Games and Getting Connected
  12. But I like to RP however I do love my Jackets
  13. Stick to the ROM hack roster updates, and don't bother wasting your time with online leagues
  14. Welcome, DCB! This is the place to be for NHL94. You should try some online games while you are here!
  15. Hello NHL 94 community my name is Ethan, aka DreamcastBoy99 but you can call me DCB99 or DCB or just plain Ethan. I discovered this game when I was about 6 or 7, when a friend of mine let me borrow his SNES... however, almost a decade later i decided to give the Sega CD version a spin and liked it. I'm from Ohio, where we didn't get a real team until 2000. however when I was too young to remember I saw a Bombers game...(RIP hockey in Dayton) I'm here to explore ROM hack roster updates and meet more people who think NHL 94 is amazing...
  16. Last week
  17. Looks awesome, thanks!
  18. I have similar concerns about getting tickets and agree about the batch thing. But you would still have fun coming on Thursday Smoz Mikey? Halifax? any thoughts?
  19. agree with TK but seriously, I think it's a combo - you're preparation, knowledge of ins and outs of the game before the community as a whole, and your scouting.
  20. May Prices:
  21. Yeah, I wouldn't reserve a non-refundable room either, but it's nice to see prices coming down a bit.
  22. Thanks for posting those deals, J&J. Yeah, the prices I am indicating are from and I check the "Free Cancellation" box... IMO it is too risky and restrictive to book without being able to cancel. (You will be kicking yourself if you get locked in, and then the week of the event see rooms at the same spot for $30 or something similar! Or if there is a medical or family emergency and you end up paying (even partially) for something you don't use.)
  23. If you stay Friday through Monday it's $66 a night.
  24. At you can get the Fremont, Main Street and California for $75 a night. There is a hefty fee to cancel though.
  25. You know, I plan on staying at a place that has no resort fee. Resort fees are a total scam. I have indicated in the original post the No Resort Fees with a ✝ to make it easy to see... There are 4 in the area: ✝Fremont Hotel and Casino ✝Four Queens Hotel and Casino ✝California Hotel & Casino ✝Main Street Station Hotel & Casino Of course, ideally The Grand will waive the fee... not sure if the special rate ever came through? Their Resort Fee is $23. (Why on earth does and similar sites not include this fee in the final rates that they show?)
  26. The off season? Ha, truth be told I am not a hockey fan. I just like playing NHL94. I haven't watched an NHL game in years, which is ironic, cuz I live in Toronto, a true hotbed of hockey.
  27. Youth
  28. There is a write up here, halfway down. But you are right, it is out of date: NHL94online Hamachi Setup The Hamachi part is good, but the "Playing The Genesis Version Online Using P2P" is past the expiry date. (It uses an old version of Kaillera.) That said, it is waaaaay easier just to go to the DIscord #general group and say "exis", and get a Vet to walk you through it. One walk through and you should be good-to-go. In a couple days you will have it down pat.
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