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  2. (2) Depch - Boston | 5.32 GF | 3.25 GA | -300 (7) HABS - Montreal | 5.48 GF | 3.76 GA | +300 Season Series: 3-1 BOS These two teams met early in the season, where Montreal was struggling to get anything out of their lineup of Kamensky-Klima-Verbeek, Boston dismantled em for 3/4 games. Much has changed since then as the team is playing much better since the second half of the season. Montreal was the 2nd highest scoring team in the league while Boston ranked 4th and each team was ranked 7th and 6th respectively in GA/G. Boston's formula of speed with Hogue-Ronning-Reichel and great huge dmen Bourque-Fetisov has paid off quite well. Depch has a had a super consistent season and manages to keep all games within reach. Boston also sports the best Away record at 22-5. Prediction: Mtl in 7 or Bos in 4 (3) Flamingpavelbure - Quebec | 5.33 GF | 3.91 GA | -300 (6) zepplin - Hartford| 5.31 GF | 3.17 GA | +300 Season Series: 3-1 QUE FPB has had a pretty incredible season considering he has started Stephane Fiset as a point. Not sure if he's going to continue doing this into the playoffs. Quebec also boasts the best PP% in the league at 39% while Hartford sits 4th at 30.3%. Zepp has had a real solid season with a balanced and very speedy attacking unit in Bure-Turgeon-Courtnall and Leetch and Wesley on D. This much agility has given many teams issues. While Quebec boasts a more rounded lineup with Jagr as a bruising, agile playmaker, Sandstrom with the best shot in the game and Zhamnov a crafty, agile, passer. Ellet and Blake round out the lineup. FPB tends to step it up in the playoffs and I think this will be a tough matchup for Zepp despite him playing so well. Prediction: Que in 7 (4) Brutus- Philadelphia|4.92 GF | 2.77 GA | -135 (5) IceStorm- Buffalo| 5.27 GF | 3.17 GA | +135 Season Series: 3-1 PHI These two teams are built totally differently, this should be very interesting. Brutus has arguably one of the toughest lineups to face. A lineup that features two of the game's biggest stars in Mario and Roy. Mario has been utterly dominant this season at 3rd in league scoring while Roy was 2nd in GAA, 6th in SV%. Ice has been playing well defensively with Moog as well 3rd in GAA, 3rd in SV%. Brutus' bruising hard hitting lineup gives opponents split seconds to make decisions and makes it difficult to get through to the net. Brutus and Ice were #2 and #3 ranked in GA/G. This should feature a nice and dirty low scoring series. Brutus is having a career year, let's see how far he can take it. Prediction Phi in 7. (1) KingRaph-New Jersey (8)TexasPachyderm-NY Islanders (Won 4-2) Well this one is done before I could say anything. Huge upset. Tex has been rolling lately and it is nice to see an 8th seed take out #1, cudos to Tex. For the PATRICK division hoping somebody in that division can help write up as I won't have the same perspective as you guys and haven't played as many games vs that side.
  3. @tecmodell42 somebody got the 95 Fever? There are some great 94 updates, but no 95 gens stuff. You could probably take the 94 update and copy and paste in NOSE to get player names and ratings, but I think it would take some time. When the Lions are in the Superbowl this year (which is in MN) you and Lucky can crash at my place and we can get a SEGATHON going...
  4. This is for PC version that looks more like 94 than 95 on Genesis.
  5. Some of the high-level coaches have played with Detroit: Freydey, Zalex, Raph, Seth, Flasox. They all lost with Detroit. I also didn't use Coffey or Fedorov when I won with Detroit. Would it have helped? Sure. But, at the time I was still a noob and had almost zero knowledge of the players. I didn't know Coffey was fast, and I didn't know what Fedorov's stats were.
  6. Also, plabax and Coffey are masterful together do it is no surprise he won a title with them despite the hot/cold advantages. Giving plabax both Cofffey & Yzerman plus a Z smart winger like Fedorov & it is lights out. i know that's why he graced us with his troll presence on the Detroit comments, so I figured I'd get that glory accolades over so we would have to hear about it more.
  7. The sum of the parts do not always equal the whole. To me, how a team's offense interacts with its defense can effect the team's ability to adjust their strategy, so while Detroit can usually outscore an opponent, they struggle to win on defense. I'd have to go back and look at it, but I would wager that 3 things go into Detroit's lack of titles. #1 The best coach playing at the time each classic season runs rarely seems interested in having the best team/greatest advantage. Most don't want to be disadvantaged, but doesn't seem like the best guy has wanted/gotten Detroit. I.e., I'd say Raph is best player playing right now & he's not taking Detroit even if offered more times than not. A strong coach has used & lost with Detriot, but I don't recall the best losing. Certainly not recently. #2 the home/away advantages are set to a disadvantage for Detroit & in a short series, if the wrong players are cold, Detroit could easily be the less skilled team for at least half of the games in a 7 game series. Add in issue #1, and it's a loss for Detroit. #3 Both Dino & Fedorov to me are average players if cold. They lose their toddle ability from puck control and now skate too slow to do much. Dino loses blue line range on his Slapper. Most guys when you play with Detroit acknowledge that like Buffalo, the team chemistry is weak, especially between offense & defense. They rarely seem to flow together. So, you will score a TON of goals during the season, but come playoff time, it's very hard to adjust when the inevitable cold team hits the ice. i think of you turned off hot/cold, you would see Detroit extremely tough to beat. Good goalie, strong defensive players & 3 elite forwards with one top 3 & the other top 10!
  8. There has to be a reason people can't win with Detroit. It definitely is not a coincidence. If guys like flasox can win classic with Chicago, then surely Detroit should have more than one victory.
  9. I think this is a troll attempt, but in case it is not it needs a clarification at least for not so familiar players with the game. -Dallas has won Gens A as well and has the same home/away as Detroit. Your claim still stands that no one else could win with Detroit, but it is not because of advantages as Dallas proves that point wrong. -In ETB home/away was changed to minimum effect and more teams ended up having better road record than home record than ever before, so it looks like advantages do play a part even in static rom. Their effect is probably closer to what Smoz already proved in his thread earlier. (I'm still guessing it affects the crowd, just a hunch) -Having 0 disadvantage at away is better than having 1 (average) disadvantage. So Detroit & Dallas are better away teams than Montreal & Boston. To the WBF teams. Basically the teams with heavy skilled offence increaes value and the low weight offence loses a bit value. For defence light defence loses value but heavy skilled defence is as effective due to CB in Classic and I evaluate mainly the defensive skills there (just few d-men that become a bit more valuable). -Nyr was a monster with Raph even in Classic, just steamrolled everyone, it is a top 10 team in Classic. And it will become even better in WBF. -Boston is iffy. It loses out in Sweeney, so I think Boston becomes worse defensively. Sweeney-Bourque is gold in classic, but not so good in WBF. Wesley or G.Murphy does not compensate that with their check rating. Bourque is as effective defensively in Classic & WBF due to CB in Classic. I would probably not use Ruzicka & Neely both, would be too heavy for my taste. I would however use Neely this time in offence, so it becomes more skilled than in Classic for me. -Pens become a monster team with Lemieux & Jagr on offence. -Tor I think they're still quite the same, perhaps a notch better. Clark is still not good as he's only weight 8, but Andreychuk is good. I like him in Classic as well, that fatty onetimer is juicy. -Vancouver loses out, but speed is still top 10 good.
  10. If someone can make the unlimited overtime, go ahead, and then post it here. I don't have access to editor tonight or tomorrow. ALSO, in the MEANTIME, if you get to over time, SAVESTATE at end of regulation. In the event you get all the way to a tie, DO NOT DO NOT save. Restart a new game, and consider it sudden over time. Whomever scores first, wins. Then have the winner go back to the SAVESTATE from end of regulation, load it, and score 1 goal to win in OT. Save this state and you will have at least the 3 regular periods and the same winner to load for stat purposes. Obviously, if someone WINS in OT, then just save there and crisis averted
  11. As the ONE play in series is complete, there are currently 8 teams in A playoffs, and 8 teams in B playoffs. The site is live, and a playoff series can be loaded. IF someone wants to make a playoff ROM, please post it in the PLAYOFF ROM thread I'll create. IF IF IF you think it will take more than 1 week to schedule your series with your opponent, please REACH OUT TO ME and let me know why. I would like to have all first wave of series done by next Sunday night latest. Failure to respond can result in forfeits.
  12. Playoffs are setup. Here is the break down: In A, we had 9 coaches make the playoffs. So, #8 Seed & #9 Seed (Tex & JJ) had a play in series to see who faced off with the #1 Seed (Raph). After applying forfeits, there was a 3 way tie between FPB, Ice & Brutus, and after applying 2 forfeits to Zep because of not being able to play CBK, Zep moved up from the 7th seed to the 6th seed. Given I beat Ice head to head, FBP beat me and Ice beat FPB, there was no ESTABLISHED set of rules for picking top seed. I went with the simplest, GF/per game, which put FPB #3, Ice #4, & Brutus #5. Over in B, it was WAY simpler. CBK has been a non-participant for most of the season, and lagged way too far behind on his games to allow him into the playoffs. He won't be invited back. Nice guy, plays solid, and responds to my texts, but doesn't schedule games enough or get them in or whatever. Not going to try to make it personal, because it's not. He's just off the list. That left 8 coaches, and added or not adding forfeits did not change the rankings much, so 1 through 8 was fairly locked. No need for a play in series.
  13. Would love to check this out, but is there a way to not have to convert the file out of .rar? Oh, and is this for Genesis?
  14. yay success! Thanks everyone!
  15. ok cool Thanks!
  16. "I copied everything from the excel sheet and pasted it into notepad" That's your problem. Don't do that . That removes all the commas and uses tabs instead. Just click Save in excel. It may complain about the file format.. Click Yes. Use the .csv file.
  17. Appreciate the feedback. I'm trying to edit attributes to one of the rosters that I downloaded from a forum on here and when I try to save the file after editing it in Excel it saves ok. It's when I'm using the csvtogame program that it isn't copying over to the files I'm supposed to put back in the main directory to change the attributes. I copied everything from the excel sheet and pasted it into notepad and saved it from there and still it didn't transfer once I used the csvtogame program. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong because I've followed all the steps in the readme files that are attached.
  18. I've been getting used to playing on my Mac, so I'm getting to appreciate the keyboard as well!
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  20. He could walk right past me and I'd never recognize him. Time is a cruel b***h.
  21. Yeah, those are manufactured by Majesco(?) which is a company in Brazil, I think. They manufactured consoles during the 90's for SEGA in South America. I don't know why they didn't use the original-style Genesis / Mega Drive case. They look like junk.
  22. smozoma did guide you already, just wondering what do you mean by "when I copy and past it into a text file, there are no commas"? What did you copy and from where?
  23. Good discussion guys, but what about providing your own WBF Team Rankings? If nothing else, then a Top 3, even? DET, BOS, PIT?
  24. I now believe the idea that DET is the best in the game is false. They have the best players, but the advantages I think take away from it. They are hampered by weak advantages. Nobody can win with Detroit (but me) in GENS A, how could that be? I do not think it is a coincidence.
  25. My motivation is to make the best Solitaire Rom possible, but I know this information is useful for league roms as well. That was Plabax's goal and I think this setting would give him more of the desired result of NO Home Ice Advantage. My motivation is to give the CPU MAX Home Ice Advantage
  26. The HOME team clearly has an advantage in ETB. It's not monstrous but it's there. Now, button response delays are MUCH more important to who wins/loses, so I actually think the Away team in some instances ends up with the bigger advantage. I do NOT edit the ROMS, and find as long as we all play with the same ROM, I'm generally not going to complain much. BUT, I do prefer NO home/away advantages when playing NHL94. Generally, I tend to EXI a lot more with a ROM than I end up playing regular season/playoffs, so in GENS, hosting/switching who hosts, etc, is a pain in the arse. I prefer to just line up & play 10 straight without being at an advantage/disadvantage based on who is hosting (being HOME). But, I understand for straight league competition and playoff format, wanting some HOME advantages. Either way, we should probably make sure we know what the end result of our settings is when we are setting up a league ROM.
  27. Hasn't the Gens been out a while, along with the Atari? They sell/sold them at like Bed Bath and Beyond, also Meijer (locally), which is kind of like a Walmart.
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