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  2. I'm not sure he meant Toronto specifically but other tourneys? Not sure those are 75% either though. Anyway, toronto was... Sega: 30 of 58 (52%) participants were marked as having forum names SNES: 21 of 57 (37%) participants were marked as having forum names total of 44%. But a lot of those guys were not active forum/league members, but came out anyway (not sure how many of them were locals).
  3. Joke based on how Quebec and Seattle are the most likely 32nd team... Throwing in a bit of "of course an American team will get it" sentiment with the additional insult-to-injury of the American team being named the Nordiques.
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  5. No such thing as Seattle Nordiques in fact Seattle was never called Nordiques, Quebec was and Seattle was Seattle Metropolitans in the NHL. Are you saying Seattle or Nordiques will be the 32nd team I say Las Vegas Golden Knights will be the 32nd team.
  6. I'm in! Just booked a ticket for myself and my wife.
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  8. I think we had close to 40% registrants that were non-forum members in Toronto, maybe more. That being said, I agree Toronto is more of a "hockey" town than Las Vegas. But there could be buzz since they are getting a new team, and the $10k in prizes is loads more than Toronto. It could attract more people, as LV flights and hotel/casino deals are fairly cheap. The Toronto tournament didn't sell out till the week before. I'm not surprised with the low amount of entrants so far. It's still a few months away, and people could be waiting on better deals (myself included). Also, there hasn't been much press yet (Toronto too didn't have much until the last month). I expect it to take off in late August-early September.
  9. #FakeNews
  10. I don't find the comments in this post to be that negative. I was more speaking on some other stuff I'd seen in the Discord conversations. And, specifically, you took the moment to thank them for their work while pointing out you didn't like the location/venue. Plabax comments are fairly logical, but in some ways, it feels like the intent/purpose of highlighting it is to just be "that d&ck". That said, I don't have an argument with his points, as much as don't feel it would change anything by griping about it, and didn't really hear them asking for my opinion, so felt like offering my opinion implied I thought it was asked for. Just my take on it. Did we really account for 75% of Toronto? I thought we were more like 25% in my mind.
  11. It's not poo pooing anyones work, it's commenting on the venue not being ideal for most of the community which typically makes up upwards of 75% of the entrants. So to exclude that in a location decision is obviously due to the movie not the actually tourney. Which is fine.
  12. The guy setting it up is Mikey & his main interest is his movie, so it would make sense for him to pick a venue / location that helps promote his movie. It also makes sense he would do it where/when he wants to, as he's the guy making it happen. There are several other tournaments throughout the year. The big reason they aren't called King of 94 is they don't have Mikey's prize money behind it. I think in the future if we as a community all got together and setup a date/location, we could have a great time. Imagine, we setup up a 2 day event somewhere with a LIVE draft, and run a World Cup style qualifier prior to a tourney or something? Also, enabling keyboard/joystick to try to get say a full 24 coaches for something like a GDL Live event, etc. It's all available to us if we wanted to pool our resources. I don't like the poo-poo on another guy's event he set up and invited us to play. He didn't set it up for us, nor should he be expected to. Thanks Mikey & Halifax for setting this up. Minus a disaster, I will be there. Debating how many days I want to make out of it now.
  13. Yes, Good points. Please realize that I am insane. Usually it is very slight ratings tweaks or Graphical improvements. Unfortunately, I can't go back and remember, but I will do what you have asked moving forward. On the 73 rom I have really struggled picking and finalizing a cover so that has been the majority of the updates made on it.
  14. Coach, when you do edits to the ROMs like i saw at the top when ur March post was EDITED to Mondays date, can you post in this topic what changes you made in each ROM, meaning if u were to make changes to the 73 ROM is it possible to write down a note saying what has changed from one date to the updated date?
  15. Make sure you promote locally in Vegas as well. We had a ton of locals show up to Tecmo Madison because those guys did a great job promoting the event. Really packed the place up. Keep up the great work.
  16. I can't make it because I have a baby on the way in September. (I think I've already mentioned this a few times, but I guess I'm still trying to come to grips with it, myself.) It sucks because if it were any other time, I would absolutely make the trip for this event.
  17. Boom, I'm in. Gotta practice up on SNES.
  18. Last week
  19. I have to agree with Plabax here. My initial reaction to LV was sweet! Then reality sets in that it's a major commitment to fly out there for 3-4 days. As opposed to a 3-5 car right to any of the key northeast major cities. I'm probably 30% in at this point, the lack of community interest to this tournament and in general is slowly driving that interest lower. That said, I'm totally appreciative of the work Halifax, Mikey and the rest of the crew have put in on events like this.
  20. Let's be real here. Yeah, big events happen in Vegas. But the King of '94 is NOT a big event. It's big relative to the community, but not in the larger scale of things. Most can't even be bothered to leave a list for a draft; what makes you think they will travel many hours to play two games of NHL '94? Doesn't help that most people hardly got to play at the first King of '94, and when they did their team was decided by a coin toss. I can see why people aren't eager to go to the next. I am spot on about online leagues, and I am spot on about this too. You get why the tournament is in Vegas, but what you don't get is that there is little to no thought put into it. That's understandable. McMikey is only here to promote the film and to get a couple of faces on camera. He's not your average community member, but more of an ambassador. He's concerned about the FILM, not the tournament. He is like what Drake is to the Toronto Raptors. That's totally fine. However let's not sit around and act like we don't know why people aren't signing up. ------------------------------------------------------ My comments are not pointless just because I'm not attending. Even if I registered, it wouldn't alter the meaning of my comments. Just because someone works hard, doesn't mean that they deserve a pat on the back. Adolf Hitler was likely a harder worker than McMikey and Halifax combined. So what? Alexei Kovalev never worked, yet he was a full-time pro. Tons of hard-working 4th liners struggle to make the NHL.
  21. Really hoping to go, but won't know until late summer. Thanks to Mikey & Halifax for making this happen its a TON of work.
  22. IMO, the biggest take-away from this is that Ice pulls off those dirty backhand-pass-shots w that controller
  23. you're obviously immortalized, stop being modest lulz
  24. OH YEAH, you are right! Nobody ever goes to Las Vegas for big events or conventions! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely HATE Vegas. I am the one Nevadan around here, but it is 500 miles and another world away from where I live. I would have preferred Canada, or Chicago, or New York. Hockey Country! But I totally get the choice. just like Bettmans choice to put a team there and have awards there long before a team. VEGAS is Big! Your comments about the tournament are pointless, since you didn't come to Toronto and have constantly said you did not like or plan to attend these type events. I am actually starting to like you and believe you are spot on about online leagues, but you should stay out of this. Mikey and Halifax bust a-- making these things happen and deserve our support.
  25. yeah like me
  26. Not sure what this comment means. My comment was referring to aqualizard's in which he said he was worried that a ton of people hadn't registered. Why would a ton of people register for a tournament in Las Vegas when almost nobody lives nearby? It's like holding the tournament in the middle of South Africa. I don't think it would be reasonable to expect a ton of people to fly out to an area that holds 0% of community members and is close to about 1/10 relevant/active community members.
  27. Doesn't bother Gary Bettman!
  28. Almost everyone relevant in the community is nowhere near Las Vegas.
  29. I just bought a plane ticket, so I am in. Hoping Atomic goes, too, but he hasn't jumped in yet. Little worried that a ton of people haven't registered. Unlike hotels, which will get cheaper as the event approaches, I am reading flights get more expensive, meaning last minute hopfefulls will probably not pull the trigger. Anyway, I am in!
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