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  2. Introducing: Ladder League

    Cool stuff.. and look who's pulling up the #33 ranking!
  3. Premium Retro League 2

    1.4 - Montreal (corbettkb): D - Zarley Zalapski
  4. Premium Retro League 2

    1.3 Toronto selects fan favourite Alexander Mogilny
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  6. Premium Retro League 2

    There are more then 10 this year I believe everyone in the 56.bin rom Coach released is available to be drafted from my understanding.
  7. Premium Retro League 2

    1.2 The L.A. Kings select Patrick Roy Edit: Is there a place where I can see only the retro guys? There are 10 of them, right? (I know they are in the Google Doc, but I would like to see them separated to help me strategize.)
  8. Premium Retro League 2

    Soft Start to Draft dur to overwhelming desire to get it going with pick 1.1 the Minnesota NorthStars select.... Defensemen Ray Bourque
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  10. Currently in discussions with Moe Man on brewing a special King of 94 - WI beer and having available on tap. The man has a gift. If you fly into CHI, there might be something that away that isn't available up here.
  11. VHL 5 - League Registration

    haha nice, I'll take Vegas if we do a player draft. Usually we'd do a reverse order team draft if we do a player draft but I guess the gates have opened!
  12. Introducing: Ladder League

    Starting ratings have been added the first post! These are approximations based on an average rating of 1500 and standard deviation of 285, and ranking based on the IIHF classic rankings. Generally you should only challenge people in either the same group as you or an adjacent group, but it's not a strict rule. In theory if you have 400 more Elo points than someone, you should beat them 90% of the time.
  13. GDL XVII

    In, and I am down with whatever # of guys we have. I am sure we can get at least 16 guys. If we get 22-24 guys, do we keep it 56 games? I think we can, but guys truly have to dedicate themselves or schedule a couple of hours per week where they announce it on the forum AND show up to discord to match up with guys when they say they will. I think a lot of us are overreacting to the spring and summer, which were bad this year. My summer was particularly tough as far as being on here, and I was trying to run a league. Bad recipe. Fall and winter is when we're all amped up to play some '94. I am rededicating myself, daily anew!
  14. Best Connections for Online Play

    @TomKabs93 See! Unplug that PS4 when you want to play, and boom your back to online play, heck the wifi games we played were not that bad, if you wire up you will be good to go, and back in the GA!
  15. Best Connections for Online Play

    I got mine almost 10 years ago and haven't looked at them since, so I don't know the current go-to brand/model. Mine are NetGear (had to grab a flashlight and go check!).
  16. Best Connections for Online Play

    I think I'll try this. Is there a particular brand/model you recommend?
  17. Best Connections for Online Play

    If your internet box/modem/router is in the basement or too far for wires, then you can do what I do and get a pair of "powerline adapters". These run wired internet through the electrical system of your house. It works great for me. And of course you can still use wireless for all your other computers/phones/etc. Powerline adapters are little devices you plug into a power plug on the wall. Plug one in near your internet box, and run a short network cable between the adapter and internet box. Plug the other adapter in next to your computer, and run another short network cable between it and your computer. Press the sync buttons on the adapters, et voila, you now have a good wired connection. You can get additional adapters if you want to hook up more things.
  18. Best Connections for Online Play

    Fantastic post, it's really not about internet speed (the lowest speed will work) as the size of the information you are sending is small (button triggers). Everything aqua wrote was perfect.
  19. Premium Retro League

    Awesome Goal!
  20. Premium Retro League 2

    One thing I think should be clear heading into the draft is Season 3 Keepers, so here is the rule. 0 keepers = 2 Teams who play in the Stanley Cup Final 1 keeper = 6 Playoff teams who do not make the Stanley Cup Final 2 keepers = 2 non-Playoff teams. Expansion teams or Teams with a replacement coach will get zero keepers. This is subject to change only if everyone agrees similar to last season when we lowered the number of keepers for everyone, but we turned out with 6 coaches and 6 keepers. Now we have 10 coaches and 10 keepers. Future Expansion I would like to get to 12 Teams and have the 6 A Coaches be the Original 6 Teams and the 6 B Coaches be the 6 1967 Expansion teams. 22 Game season playing each coach twice. And the realign top 2 move up and bottom 2 A move down each season. Playoffs would be all A vs A and B vs B until the Finals and then the B guy would get his once in a lifetime shot. However I am fine with less as long as we keep the seasons moving with motivated coaches. I am never going beyond 12 teams.
  21. Best Connections for Online Play

    I don't even bother playing online anymore. Sucks, but nothing I can do.
  22. Best Connections for Online Play

    If only I had FiOS, now my family switched to Spectrum and my internet drops every few minutes. I want them to get wired connections, but they won't.
  23. Best Connections for Online Play

    Part 1: Wifi Versus Wired The Short Story Plug In! (And disable wifi) The Long Story No matter how great your wifi is, or you think your wifi is, you are always better off wired. Period. The reason why boils down to interference and packet loss. A wired connection has a shielded cable that all but eliminates any local radio interference. A wifi connection, no matter how modern and how close you are to your router, will always be prone to interference. If you live in a city, even your neighbor using their microwave oven could interfere with your wifi signal! Nevermind all of the electronic gadgetry that we use all around us every day ourselves in our own homes. If you have the option, and even if it means buying a 50' cable and running it up the stairs from your basement to plug in, do it! (You don't want to be the guy that everyone dreads playing because you have a spotty connection.) People sometimes convince themselves that wifi is "good enough" because they see their ping rate, and it looks good. Heck, if you can stream Netflix in HD how the heck can't you play this ancient videogame. Why not? Because it is not the same thing. At all. Among many difference, video streams like Netflix get buffered, so there is a lot of "wiggle room" to make sure you get what appears to be a smooth feed. In online games, there is no wiggle room. You want your button presses to register NOW! This is all about ping and latency (which can be disrupted by radio interference), and has nothing to do with bandwidth. When you do a ping test with wifi, you might see your connection is great, and it is: At that very moment, with no interference. But then, at seemingly random times, you will get lag spikes, even though things started off great. These are not really random. They are the microwaves, baby monitors, various electronics and even other people's wifi, interfering and grinding your games to a halt. Ethernet Versus USB Versus WiFi For our purposes, any wired connection -- whether Ethernet or USB (via an Ethernet to USB adapter) -- beats WiFi. Again, because of the interference. Nowadays there seems to be a trend to design laptops with fast USB ports but no Ethernet port. If you are in this situation, do not be tempted to plug in a USB WiFi adapter. Use a USB Ethernet adapter to get that shielded cable plugged directly from your router to your computer, staving off any possible radio interference. Part 2: Overcoming Great Distances The Short Story You can't overcome great distances. The Long Story: If someone in North America plays someone in Europe, you will feel it. There is simply no way to overcome the great distance. While light travels in a vacuum superfast, electricity through (copper) wires is much slower. It is slower in absolute terms, but it is also slower because wires zigzag, and repeaters, switches and routers all grind things down significantly, as well. Because you cannot defeat the physical reality that long distances will slow things down, you need to do everything within your power to help your situation. Here is a helpful thread: Overseas Games and Laggy Connections. ...More to come - tips on how to have better connectivity - minimum speed requirements (anything faster than dialup usually good enough) - hamachi vs client server connection - anything else any networking peeps can think of? See:
  24. Premium Retro League 2

    Ok. Glad I asked, because I had it all wrong.
  25. Premium Retro League 2

    No keepers are based on the previous season. If you win the Championship, do you think you would keep Mario? No. If you finish middle of the pack and get one you will have to choose between Ray Bourque/Patrick Roy/Mogilny and Mario for your one keeper. We want you to be competitive Aqua not the 1977 Canadiens or the 1985 Oilers. We will also re-evaluate each season. Originally I said that 5th and 6th would keep three and we decided that was to much. Also after 4 seasons we will have exhausted the draft pool and will either start over or Draft strictly from 70's, 80's, or other 90's roms. I am not sure. I/You/We are building this thing as we go, but as to your original question. No, you do not permanently own Mario and Lindros. I can tell you. Season 3 will look similar to this one and the Draft Pool will be the Norris Division and my 1961 Rom. (January 2018) Season 4 will be similar and the Smythe Division and my 1966 Rom. (February 2018) Early thoughts on: Season 5 Some kinda combination of Original 94 players and my 1967 Rom. (March/April 2018) Season 6 Some kind of combination of Original 94 and my 1970 Rom (May 2018) Then a Summer Break. P.S. I am loving the intrigue of a different draft pool instead of the same old, same old and the talk of the strength of this draft class and that draft class. Especially loved Raph calling 1956 Jean Beliveau, Gretzky on Steroids. (as he was and I know my ratings are good)
  26. Premium Retro League

    This is the ending of Game 02 vs Texas, where I scored with 1 second left in the 3rd to win. I thought I had the initial game winner one-timer, that went wide, then just a fortunate one-timer setup that I let fly and capitalized. Hard to come back from that kind of loss in a series.
  27. Welcome New Coaches

    Hey Leif and other new guys! Check out the Guide For New Members I just wrote! Lots of tips for how to take part in the community and join online leagues! Welcome!
  28. Welcome New Coaches

    I would like to be in the league. I have played a couple test games. Please let me know what else I need to do. Thank you
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