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  2. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Lol ok I've got it already, it's one of my favorite roms. I thought you also made one about the World Championship, the tournament held every single year. Thanks for the answer @naples39!
  3. Saskatchewan NHL 94 licence plate

    Just got er plated today.
  4. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Whoops, I mis-read upload as update. The World Cup rom is still here:
  5. I've been playing on retropie alot, and i think it's a great little machine. With it i can play megadrive, master system, nes, snes, neogeo, ms-dos and classic arcades all on my livingroom tv with usb controller. It supports online playing too, but i've never tested that.
  6. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Ok, I read in this thread that you made a WC rom last fall, so I asked if you already uploaded it or if you could do it again please, because I would love to play it. It's not about the olympics, no worries. Thanks.
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  8. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Ok, I read in this thread that you made a WC rom last fall, so I asked if you already uploaded it or if you could do it again please, because I would love to play it. It's not about the olympics, no worries. Thanks.
  9. Hamachi relayed connection

    Finally somekind of progress. I found an older topic about netplay on linux and did everything just like they'd done. Had a couple of test games and actually got the online play working. It still is pretty laggy, but that's because i'm still on wireless. So the next stop is trying to find a good deal on wired. Also found out that for some reason the .srm file causes gens to crash when starting a netplay. Everytime i close the rom the .srm file is created and if i don't delete it before next online game i'll get a black screen with nothing happening. But the opponent does see the game, and if i press a button on my controller it actually does something on the game, i just can't see it. Without the .srm file all works. Here's the topic i found.
  10. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    I'm not sure what that 'update' would be. The World Championship is over and done, and the 2018 Olympics are entirely different uniforms, teams, and rosters. I am definitely not interested in making a ROM based on this Olympics that I didn't watch with a bunch of players I've never heard of.
  11. World Junior Championship prequels

    Thanks Coach, I have been spending the majority of my time working on the graphics side of things but have been meaning to spend some more time with the playoff tree. I'm guessing that I'll continue to tweak things as I get more experience... Kind of late to the game here and playing catch up!
  12. World Junior Championship prequels

    1975 - Winnipeg (and Minneapolis, Brandon and Fargo) The 1975 edition moved to North American soil for the first time. Sponsored by CCM, the World Junior Hockey Tournament was again won by the Soviets. The Canadian side narrowed the gap, falling in what was the de facto Gold Medal game by a score of 4-3 in spite of a furious 3rd period rally in front of over 10,000 spectators. Canada invited a little more firepower to this year's squad, being represented by 24 WCHL All-Stars including Bryan Trottier, Mel Bridgman, Brian Sutter and Rick Lapointe. Sweden earned the bronze, and apparently the attention of the locals as 8 players from the team were either drafted by or suited up for the hometown Jets. Other notable participants were Czechoslovakia's Peter Stastny and Finns Matti Hagman and Kari Eloranta. The American representatives finished a dismal 0-5, reflected in the fact that only one member of the team went on to play professionally - a meager 6 game stint by Dan Justin with the Cincinnati Stingers of the WHA. 1975 WJC - Winnipeg.bin
  13. REFERENCE: NHL'95 34 Team ROM Offsets

    Whenever I try this tool, I get random pixels, with the only things legible being the font.
  14. VHL7

    Lets get this thing rolling, Chef is on the clock!
  15. VHL7

    Hey guys, due to the huge demand by ~3 guys, we'll be doing VHL7 before the summer. We've been running it with 12 guys that are dedicated to finish the whole season to 100% completion, but I am open to adding new guys if it make sense to do so. Please reach out to me if you want to join. VHL7 will be approx. 22-27 game season and regular season will be ~1 month long. Current GM's (12) - Lupz (champ), Tex, Brutus, Dcicon, Jack&Jose, Flatcrusher, Jer33, AquaLizard, AtomicRaven, AdamWoodrow, Chefstar88 & Skip. Expansion/Replacement Coaches - Jwebber64 Schedule (tentative) Draft Lottery - March 30th Draft - April 4th thru April 9th Begin Regular Season - April 12th Reg. Season Ends - May 13th Playoffs - May 15th Rosters - 5 fwds, 4 dmen, 1 goalie for 10 total rounds of drafting. More to come...
  16. Bleeding Out - by Clint Malarchuk

    I remember that play when it happened, and I still worry when you see guys go down in the corner with 3 other guys there, or a goalie in the crease with a huge scrum for a loose puck. This whole story though, wow.
  17. World Junior Championship prequels

    Well done! Splash Screens! Host! Scoreboard Logo! I like your center ice dot. Have you looked at my Original 6 Playoff Draws? You could do something similar.
  18. Bleeding Out - by Clint Malarchuk

    30 for 30 short about Clint:
  19. World Junior Championship prequels

    1974 - Leningrad The first U20 championship was hosted in Leningrad, USSR and was simply known as "International Youth Hockey Tournament". The Soviets cruised through the field en route to the gold medal including a 9-0 drubbing of the Canadian bronze medalists while Finland took home the silver. To be fair, the Russian Machine was not facing the cream of the Canadian crop but the Peterborough Petes - led by Hall of Fame coach Roger Neilson. Not a whole lot of household names participated - most notably Doug Jarvis and Doug Halward for the Petes (ahem Canadians), Paul Holmgren for the US and Thomas Gradin for the Swedes. 1974 WJC - Leningrad.bin
  20. Prior to the officially sanctioned IIHF event, the "World Juniors" existed as invitational events for 3 years. I've taken Slapshot's excellent rom and used it as a base for the 1974-76 tournaments. I've been bloodying my nose with Tile Molester for a couple months now and have officially calculated that it takes 147.38 hours and a 3-time read through of the entire forum to feel like you sorta know what you're doing! Center ice still eludes me... I'm guessing that the logos weren't too elaborate for a low-profile tournament that started in 1970s Russia so am sticking with the plain ol' faceoff dot for now. Sorry if these are not the most glamorous years but I figured I might as well start at the beginning. Thanks again to everyone who has helped get me through some of the tricky parts and offered advice and feedback.
  21. In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    Here are the teams for the 80s ROM: Boston 83 Buffalo 84 Calgary 89 Chicago 83 Detroit 88 Edmonton 84 Hartford 87 LA 81 Minnesota 81 Montreal 86 NJ 88 NYI 82 NYR 86 Philly 87 Pittsburgh 86 Quebec 85 St. Louis 86 Toronto 87 Vancouver 82 Washington 86 Winnipeg 85
  22. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    With KingRaph posting a new quicker way to move teams around and Slapshot fixing my goal crease, I was finally able to create the rom I always wanted. The above roms are "NEW" Classic's as they should be, I find it difficult to play the Original Rom because it is lacking so many graphic enhancements. But, The Original rom is the best one to play. So here is what these 2 roms have. Classic Physiques. (WB and CB) *93 has B check enabled with Penalties OFF Ratings don't show bonus's, but they are there. All Advantages set just like the Original rom. New Awesome Splash Screeens (#1 KingRaph, #2 CoachMac, #3 Smozoma) Original Color Ron Barr New EASN Scoreboard and 3 Stars Logo that is hidden in the rom and obviously missing! New Awesome Player Cards by KingRaph and CoachMac New Improved Logos New Improved Uniforms Original Rosters, Lines, Ice *93 has some minor line changes Stick tape and Eye Patch 94 has Original Playoff Match ups *93 has 93 Divisional Playoff Match ups *93 does not have the Ducks or Panthers *93 has Stars back in Minnesota *93 has 91 Stars and Penguins logo
  23. HDMI TV's

    @CoachMac Yes, keep the cable. As far as the Sony PVMs, just be careful buying one on eBay. They are heavy and if they aren't packed right, it's not making it to you in one piece. There are state public auctions that go on that usually have these monitors that go for cheap. It's all done online, you bid like eBay and if you win you go pick it up. - I found this one on eBay. The BVM monitors are the next step up from PVM. This one is only 13" and it's located in Sparks, NV. No speakers though, you'd have to use some cheap computer speakers. You can use this adapter to try it out with just the Genesis AV cables. - . See if he would let you test it out. If you like it, I'd offer the guy $150 and see if he takes it. He wouldn't have to pay eBay fees if he sold it to you locally. That's not a bad deal for that monitor. You will need a SCART to BNC cable to use your RGB cable for any of these monitors.
  24. HDMI TV's

    No big deal, I took a small loss. It was well worth it to not wonder anymore! I really appreciate your help and guidance. Yes! I have had my eye on a few of these on ebay. I am keeping that RGB cord, I bought for when i find one of these. I also have noticed a huge difference in CRT's. I have 4, but one is significantly better than the other 3. I am keeping the Mini Gens HD, just in case. But I think for emulation a lap top and Kega then gens are better.
  25. HDMI TV's

    If you really want a nice CRT, look for Sony PVM series. I was lucky to find one in a lab I was working in where the guy was getting rid of it. Paid $70 for shipping. They are $$$ but they will display RGB and are "lag-free". They are also pretty heavy. They are professional CRTs, mostly used in video editing and hospitals. Composite on it even looks great.
  26. HDMI TV's

    I haven't noticed any lag. But every TV and every person is different. I'll have to do some more testing, I haven't played many sports games on it. Hopefully you were able to get most of your money back. Sorry bud.
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  28. Bleeding Out - by Clint Malarchuk

    I don't really follow hockey. But I heard of Clint Malarchuk when I was a security guard, finishing university, in 1997 or so. I worked in a building that had a film company on the top floor. A guy came to see the head honcho of the film company, to pitch a film idea, but insisted on taking the stairs instead of the elevator even though it was over 20 stories up! I decided to walk with him. That is when he told me that he was afraid of elevators, as well as having a million other phobias. All as of result of a traumatic experience, he didn't want to go into. He said it was like Clint Malarchuk. I said who?, and he told me the story. According to him, after the incident, Clint Malarchuk had a bunch of mental issues, just like him. I filed that piece of trivia away, in case it ever came up again. Along came the internet, some time afterward, and I was able to watch the youtube video (not that gory because of the horrible quality), and read about Malarchuk's wikipedia write-up. Last night I was watching a video on Lawrence Taylor, and they were about to show the infamous Joe Theisman hit. I paused it. That is one gory scene I have never seen and do not intend to watch. I have bookmarked the article Smozoma shared to read later.
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