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    Last night I fixed the Stanley Cup image problem on the playoff tree. The cup doesn't rotate anymore, it's now a static image. Well technically, it's still rotating 5 images, but the 5 images are all the same! So I reduced the size of the cup from 612 tiles to 124, saving a huge amount of space and graphic memory. The graphic memory was the cause of my issue after I expanded the banner image for the extra teams. So this is now my current working ROM. All the graphic hacks are done (I think) and the ROM is expanded to 34 teams that can be used in exhibition play. NOW, my next task is to start tackling the season data, trade players, etc. Current ROM: NHL95_34TM_beta_05c.bin
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    Been enjoying very low ping while throwing exis with IceCow. So I came up with an idea to organize Classic '94 EURO league online. I only know a few NHL '94 players from the forums located in the old continent (Darko, IceCow, Depch), thus here I am inquiring for all potential players. IceCow might have a couple of players interested and I have maybe 2-5 friends who could play. Let me know, if you know potential players from Europe, and I'll update the post accordingly and reach out to those mentioned. Also need to get in touch with league / site admins what it takes and if it's possible to use the site for this new league. If you are new to online NHL 94 gaming, it doesn't matter! More experienced players could draft their teams last. Confirmed Darko (France) Flanders (Finland) IceCow (Germany) jmj (Finland) KurtVogel (Finland) PeaRate (France) Maybe MrSandman Reached out, not confirmed swos floating nahkahomo Depch ... MORE TO COME - let's see how many players we can get
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    Everyone has been reached out to in some form. Some take longer to check in than others. As for games on schedule, I do believe that IF regular games meant more to stats && playoffs, then I'd be willing to push for more games on schedule. As it stands, we don't reward home/away advantages much && the top guys end up mostly at the top, and stats mean little given the changing coaches/rules/schedules league to league. So putting extra games on schedule seems to stress the league with minimal reward. Also, adding high home/away advantages back into teams code seems to ruin the chemistry of the game/play because it effects checking, shooting & a lot more than guys just player a little better now that they are home, which is why most prefer to remove most of the home/away advantages . But, way more exis happen around the draft/activity/etc, that's why I prefer a longer preseason. Keeps the traders active & gives time to get to know your team before "real games" start for those not trading or on the fence about a trade.
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    AngryJay and Coach Mac (All Stars West) 42 Computer (Anaheim ) 1 Where do you send the Video?
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    https://www.hockeysaucekit.com We got this for Christmas! Highly recommend for great family fun.
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    After 10 years of waiting, the 90s are coming soon.
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    Amazing stuff man. 15 years since I originally hacked and updated this. Great seeing it get this incredible love shown to it. All the best.
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    These guys (as well as a few other surprises) will be making the trip to Green Bay with me. I have been working on these and a couple other projects since my leagues fell apart.
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    Now that we have an efficient way to record with Windows 10, we can easily make videos from .krec files. Does anyone have any notable .krecs they would be willing to share? Maybe someone out there is willing to upload them to YouTube.. who knows I have .krec files of nearly every single game (exis included) from December 2012 on. So for me, here are my key games (that are not on YouTube): Fall Classic 2012 GENS B - Plabax vs. TomKabs93 GDL 9 - Plabax vs. BoKnowsNHL94 Spring Classic 2013 GENS A - Begley15 vs. Plabax Spring Classic 2013 GENS A - IceStormNHL94 vs. Plabax GDL X - eggink444 vs. Plabax GDL X - Plabax vs. Carse (game 5 desync) GDL X - Plabax vs. IceStormNHL94 GDL XI - Houly vs. Plabax (forfeit after game 2) GDL XI - Plabax vs. FlamingPavelBure GDL XI - Plabax vs. Depch GDL XI - Plabax vs. Zalex Blitz 09 - Depch vs. Plabax Blitz 09 - Plabax vs. IceStormNHL94 Blitz 09 - Plabax vs. Freydey GDL XII - zeppelin55 vs. Plabax GDL XII - Fitzo vs. Plabax (multiple desyncs) GDL XII - Plabax vs. Uncle Seth Blitz 10 - Fitzo vs. Plabax Blitz 10 - Zalex vs. Plabax Blitz 11 - brutus vs. Plabax Blitz 11 - IcestormNHL94 vs. Plabax Blitz 11 - kingraph vs. Plabax GDL XIII - matthurray vs. Plabax GDL XIII - IceStormNHL94 vs. Plabax GDL XIII - Plabax vs. kingraph (forfeit in game 4) GDL XIII - Zalex vs. Plabax Fall Classic 2015 GENS A - kingraph vs. Plabax GDL XIV - FlamingPavelBure vs. Plabax GDL XIV - zeppelin55 vs. Plabax GDL XIV - IceStormNHL94 vs. Plabax Spring Classic 2016 GENS A - Plabax vs. Zalex GDL XVI - matthurray vs. Plabax GDL XVI - Freydey vs. Plabax GDL XVI - Plabax vs. angryjay93 GDL XVI - Uncle Seth vs. Plabax Plabax League - HABS vs. Plabax Plabax League - Plabax vs. Depch Plabax League - Uncle Seth vs. Plabax If anyone wants the files for a specific game or series, let me know. Also, if you've played exis or regular season games against me, and you want to see them to analyze your game, I can provide that too.
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    I'm going to invest in the upcoming euro classic league. Might be interested to join in as backup if somebody fades. So count me in as a backup.
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    The 2 game series has always been my preference, I think it breeds more activity as guys know that they can get a bunch of games in and nobody is waiting around for too long. 4 gamers are often enough that guys won't stick around and/or enough for some guys that one series is all they'll play in a night.
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    If you're interested in analyzing your game, you can download the okai recorder and have it automatically record your games on GENS.
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    Welp, thank you to the Aviator's Retro Video Game Tournament and Expo...
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    Where is the Auto Goalie option?
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    here is the official Pyeongchang 2018 rom, it has both men's and women's teams, just needs the rosters filled. NHL 94 - Pyeongchang 2018.bin
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    heads up doing our Segathon again this Sat 3pm start but chair smashing normally doesnt start till late. I think I may have sound fixed as well. https://www.twitch.tv/segathonsov Also have are new rankings up to honor Presidents day with our Top 45. http://www.segathon.com/
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    Hey! I've been lurking around. I've got some controllers again and after getting a new hard drive cause mine died I'm thinking about getting back in to some games. I've gotta re-install discord on my PC, but maybe I'll get some games in soon.
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    Just signed up for the tecmo bowl tournament on Friday. Bring your popcorn everyone!
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    Hello everybody I'm editing a rom based upon the Swiss hockey league, season 94-95. In this time the swiss league had stars like Kamensky, Chelios, Gilmour, Quinn, Sjodin, Yushkevich, Bykov, Khomutov, Johansson play into it. I'm done with the rosters, the player's pictures and the jerseys. I'm needing some help to edit the central ice. I would like to get neutral ice, I mean no logo on the central faceoff, for all teams. The screen at the beginning would also need some change, as well as the in-game names for Lausanne HC, which replaced Geneva-Servette at the time. If anybody could help me for one or more things, that would be great. I have no idea how to do these three things. Thank you!!!!!! My rom is uploaded right here. LNA 94-95.bin
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    I found the perfect controller for this tournament location. (For the price, it might be worth it just for the Genesis->SNES adapter included) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beeshu-JET-FIGHTER-CONTROLLER-For-Super-Nintendo-Sega-Genesis-w-SNES-adapter/222828101590?hash=item33e196ffd6:g:2yUAAOSws0Jaem40
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    Even though I suck I'll be there, Draisaitl Germany jersey and all
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    Don't know if I can limit myself to 10 but I can list my fav sports game per console. 2600 Ice Hockey Basketball Pole Position NES Blades of Steel Ice Hockey RBI Baseball C64 Superstar Ice Hockey Micro League Baseball Tag Team Wrestling Genesis NHL Hockey NHLPA Hockey 93 NHL 94 NHL 95 Mutant League Hockey FIFA International Soccer Joe Montana Sports Talk Football 2 Lakers vs Celtics & The NBA Playoffs NBA Jam PGA European Tour Golf Road Rash II World Series Baseball WWF Royal Rumble GBA F1 Race Tennis Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf PS1 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL Open Ice NHL Powerplay 96 NHL Powerplay 98 NHL Rock The Rink PC NHL Hockey PC NHL Hockey 95 NHL 99 NHL 2000 NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL 09 MVP Baseball 2005 PS2 NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL09 NHL 2k5 NHL Hitz Pro Xbox NHL 2002 NHL 2004 NHL 2k5 NHL Hitz Pro PS3 NHL09 NHL Legacy PS3 Download 3 on 3 NHL Arcade 360 NHL09 NHL Legacy 360 Arcade/Downloaded 3 on 3 NHL Arcade PS4 NHL 18 Gamecube/Wii NHL 2004 NHL Hitz Pro NHL Slapshot Arcade Blades of Steel Hit The Ice NHL Open Ice WWF Wrestletfest
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    I have added the proper goal crease to those 3 roms. the location you have the scoreboard/3 stars logo don't effect the added goal crease. NHL'93.bin NHL'87.bin NHL'93classic.bin
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    Adding a little Tecmo Super Bowl to the Coach Mac Historic Roms. This is my all-time Favorite TSB Edit and was done in 2012 by Carther. I have made some changes to his rom noted below in bold. In recognition of this being: A. Super Bowl week. B. My upcoming trip to Green Bay. C. 1966-67 was the last year of the Original 6 in the NHL and the first year of first Super Bowl. D. We are playing TSB at Troys tourney. 1966-67 Super Bowl Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs. Skill Position Player Ratings - based on 1966 performance - sliding scale true to the original rom. I tweaked Carthers ratings to make the RB's and WR's not quite as fast. O Lines, D-Lines, LB's and DB's - rated as groups by team - also very true to the feel of the orginal rom This is brilliantly done, but I added bonuses to the Consensus All-Pros. uniforms edited helmets small and large edited individual and team sim rating edited and extensively tested to give realistic results. Intro redone to show Bart Starr instead of SFQB, Gayle Sayers instead of DetRB and Deacon Jones instead of NYLB. Main logo redone. Offensive play formations. No Shot gun at all. Two Tight End, T-formation, Power I and 1-back only! *Game Play Changes Hacks KR/PR hack to fix speed ratings (wow Sayers on Late Season Tecmo Crack scored 3 Kick Off Return TD's on me in one game!) Bruddog's INT return hack to improve Interception returns Realistic, Punt and Field Goal Length Getting Tackled in Endzone on Kick offs and running out of the side of the endzone on Kickoffs results in a Touchback Quarters are 15:00 and run down in about the same time as the standard 5:00 minute quarters. (30 seconds can run off on the play screen instead of 10) I changed this back to the standard TSB timing. Kickoffs are from the 40 yard line true to the era Field Changes Check out the field for the new sidelines. The outer edge of the white area is the true sideline, but man does the thicker stripe look sooooo much better. Endzones are a solid color and free from any writing, so you can see your players better. Tecmo footballs at the 35 yard lines now show the year of the rom. New skinnier field goal posts. (According to scale those original ones are like 8 feet thick lol!) New Midfield logo showing the year, superbowl trophy, and correct roman numerals for the year's superbowl I did not like this logo and got rid of this logo and the field looks so awesome and old-school. This logo still shows on the Menu screen and looks good there, but was to much on the field. What he did with the AFL/NFL, Conferences, Divisions and Playoffs is the coolest thing of all. Divisions and Conferences The teams are in correct divisions and conferences. NFL's 7 and 8 team divisions. I do not know how to make a true 7 or 8 team division, but I have made virtual 7 and 8 team divisions. The first division is the AFL East with 5 teams. The second division is the AFL West with 4 teams and Cin-being idle as they did not play until 1968. The third and fourth divisions make up the NFL East and consist of 8 teams. Each of the two division winners will be announced, at the end of the season their records will be compared and the higher ranked team by regular tecmo bowl tiebreakers will be placed in the NFL Championship Game. So in essence the two divisions are judged as one to find the winner of the 8 team division The same will happen for the 5th and 6th divisions which consist of the 7 teams that make up the NFL West division along with NO who is idle until they join the league in 1967. The Playoffs. Only the two division winners for the AFL and the two division winners for the NFL make the playoffs. It is set up so that in the wild card round the AFC East winner plays against itself and then advances to play itself in the Division round, they then advance to the championship game. The same happens for all 4 division winners so simply sim all games leading up to the AFL Championship Game and you are good to go. I also corrected a few spelling errors I found for player names. Namath not Nameth, Meredith not Merideth, and a couple others. I corrected a couple players race and number as well, but he did an amazingly thorough job on about 800 players. CM1966TSBI.nes
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    @CoachMac, those are friggin' amazing. Can't wait to hang out with you all Sat!
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    If you want to go all low tech about it, i'd recommend just killing the audio input from the game, and then using your webcam's mic to capture the audio via the tv speakers. It's crude, but also picks up everything else, and you don't have to manage it. You should come to GB just to see what i'm working with.
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    I'd like to join. Best time zone option for me being in Taiwan.
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    Welcome to the site bud. ARe you playing against other competitors on the emulator? Have you been able to get set up online to play others yet? awesome.welcome to the site!
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    LNA 94-95ci.bin Center Ice Dot for all teams. I am not clear on the other 2 request you made.
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    Buy it now!!!! Best thing I've bought since my Sega Genesis. I play at home in driveway with my daughters and wife. At school in the gym with some other guys. On the street we play 2v2 roller hockey using the goals. For sure next KO94. I got this t-shirt also, which made me think about you. You need one of these also!!! AngryJay coming up to my place this weekend. Maybe as he schools me in 94, I can get saucy with him. I may try and bring it to Green Bay!
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    3rd line LD Shattenkirk LW Ehlers IF you set your lines the same all the way through but only change LD & LW in each line, then it sets those guys to sub in next, in the order from scoring line 2-4. so, in this setting my subs on offense for all three forwards will be Nash, then Ehlers. My sub for either defensive slot will go Werenski then Johns.
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    Well in my own case, if my C guy, Lee, goes out, I want Marleau to move to C and to have Marleau's spot replaced by Matt Martin. How would I indicate this, since it is 2 moves? (Or is it not possible?) Also, is a PIM and an injury the same thing, as far as a guy being out? (Because an injury you are not a man down, after all?) Sorry for the confusion. In some ways I guess I am a rookie still. Edit: I found Raph's explanation message: http://forum.nhl94.c...435#entry143435 TBH I am still not 100%, but I will edit my post above to include *what I think* should be my 2nd line.
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    I laughed way harder than I probably should at this.
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    What an amazing experience for Raph! Awesome buddy!
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    THIS PLACE IS ABSURD AND IS OVERFLOWING WITH SPITEFUL, VINDICTIVE, UNFAIR STAFF MEMBERS. I can no longer post in ninety-four percent of this message board, including threads I started. this is cruel and misguidedly reactionary. no transgressions have been submitted -- it is awful and the person affecting my account should not only be removed from that position of power, but they should suffer each one of the restrictions imposed on me. I insist that I am a fair-minded and considerate contributor and that nothing I have done warrants the punishments doled out exponentially and rolled back only when caught by less active (but more levelheaded and intelligent) staff. what is next? is this fair statement of facts and gentle opinions going to incite further nasty action taken against me? am I to be indefinitely banned from all corners of our community except the SNES hacking area because I dared to compare the perpetuation of the cool-kids club to the constant cycle of marginalized newcomers failing to crack the glass ceiling and quitting in frustration? IS THIS FAIR TO THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE OR IS IT JUST A SLOPPY ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN POWER IN THE FACE OF INQUIRIES, TO CENSOR, TO STIFLE DISSENT AND QUESTS FOR IMPROVING THIS PLACE BY MAKING IT EQUITABLE BY SIMPLY TYPING TRUTH TO POWER?
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Chiasson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryan_Fogarty http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Lomakin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Zezel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Probert http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Korolev http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_McCrimmon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawn_Burr http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_Ewen
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    I think your comment is worthless But yes, if fighting is a must, NHL95PC is not for you.
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    Hi, Ive made a UK Ice Hockey Rom featuring the 10 teams from the Elite Ice Hockey League, and the 10 from the English Premier League. Ive had to be creative with some of the home kits as they use the same pallette as the on-ice logo. Ive also evened out the player stats too, but these can all be edited in NOSE, as can the playoff data. You can set the Elite league against the english premier league with the winners meeting in the final. Feel free to edit the rom further, I dont know much about the teams or players in the leagues but thought id represent the good ol UK with this rom! PS. Anyone know how to edit the stanley cup image from the playoff tree? UKHockey.bin