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    This was a big hit on our FB page. So, more memes will be coming in the future:
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    Busted up my body (bruised and broken ribs, broken finger). So aside from working on some roms I restored/worked on some table hockey games. Stiga tribute to Violent Gentlemen. My Munro 1970 Game NHL 94 tribute includes Blue Ice!
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    I would buy a set, but the shipping to Canada is terrible All the cards: https://imgur.com/a/H9KuUNx Here's an ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=NHL+Bicycle+Cards&_sacat=0&_sop=16 There are a few 95-96 sets available, and 98-99 Seems like they still make them: http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/bicycle-hockey-canada-playing-cards-0844088p.html
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    So I hope you like hockey as much as I like hockey! Because I like hockey.There hasn't been a good PC hockey game for a real long time so we've been having to make do with roster updates and mods and such to NHL 08... but there's still some old life left in some of these old games. I'd like to tell you about some of the video work I've been doing to breathe some new life into these old games. If you're a fan of 90s hockey than I'm sure you'd get a kick out of this!The first is a forgotten game from Strategy First called Solid Ice for the PC, the gameplay isn't quite that great but it more than makes up for it in its endless customization. It was one of the first games that let you make custom logos (they even show up on the ice!) as well as custom jerseys and all the editable playerness. It's a really great thing but the gameplay is a bit lacking. Still I do my best to give it that real authentic hockey arena feel. Check out my playlist for it at Solid Ice - A Season (In a Coma) - YouTube it takes until game 3 to really get going but I think you'll like it! The second is a series I started in good old NHL '95 for the PC, which already has a fantastic TV-style presentation to it. I spruce it up a bit and make it look real shiny and polished, and I also added a spin to it by letting my fans in the audience create players and such, even custom goal songs. It's pretty rad and I think you'll like it. Check it out at YouTube/playlist?list=PLrc3MjIGCRMVUxO8zA6aSx6ttiAyTkaPr you'll love it I know. Here's the first game!Thank you for your time and keep your stick on the ice!
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    BUMP! We are set for August 11th at 2pm! Pre-registration can take place on the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo site: http://expo.liretro.com/ If anyone is planning to attend from this community, please let me know sooner than later! 2017 was a blast, @corbettkb beat @smozoma in an exciting finals! @Lupz27 went to the semis, and we had @orangeblack92 representing as well. You can read through 2017 here and see the finals video. @chaosand I will be running the event again this year, unfortunately @Evan and @egg won't be able to attend. In addition, we have had some players come for 3 straight years and the competition is pretty tight! Format (based on 32 entries) is a 3 game round robin, followed by 16 team single elimination (best of 3 series). It's a blast, and as part of the Expo, there are lots of other things to do there, so come early and leave late! Featured table will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/kingraph ( I will let everyone know when that goes live). Arda Ocal is planning to attend, along with former NHL enforcer Colton Orr! Here's a sample of Orr's work:
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    For Sega Genesis buds:
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    Hey guys, I'm an Enforcer at PAX East, and I've been running a GENS NHL 94 tournament for the last 6 years. The same guy keeps winning, so we need new blood!!! Current dates for PAX East are tentative! I will be running a whole slate of 16 bit tourneys this year; I will update this thread with specific days and times as the schedule firms up. I'm hoping to have a 2on2 tourney as well, and possibly a 2on2 Mod free play session. (I have an Everdrive, so we can play mods on original hardware) Details: - Sega Genesis. I might run a SNES tourney this year as well, if I can get enough interest. (Boston is Genesis territory) - Usually around 32 participants. - Single elimination. I use Brackalope, so if under 32, a few people get Bys, if over 32, a few people get an extra round. - Free, just your PAX East Pass - Prize is gold and bronze medals for first and second place - Full rules are listed below. Comments, questions, are WELCOME.
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    I usually add my own blood physically I think it helps with the authenticity. lol
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    I know I'm digging up an old thread, but I love this topic. Exactly! A lot of changes suggested would radical alter how the game plays, and I don't want that. For example, I don't think I would want any changes to the AI that aren't actual bug fixes... I don't want the computer AI to be good, if you want good you need real human opponents. Also, I'm surprised at how many people want to nerf One-Timers, they are pretty much my favorite part of the game. Yes, they are a little strong, and you don't have to aim them (bless the day back in 1994 when I figured THAT out), but they still have to pass through skill checks: passing skills to get the puck there, and of course shot power and accuracy to get in the net. Playing the 2on2 mod, where every player is 4 out 5 for every skill, has been illuminating as to the skill dependencies; even good players will completely miss the net sometimes. Bug fixes: -Weight bug -Getting stuck as manual goalie (a goalie button would be awesome, but would be a lot more then a bug fix) -Some triggers still occur after the whistle (such as the breakaway; with line changes on you can trigger a breakaway with the friggen goalie!) -AI players will wait at blue line even if Offsides is turned off. (ok, this is the one place where better computer AI might be a good thing) -Goalie AI on Passes: they should treat any puck coming at them like a shot (yes, I think that "pass goals" should be eliminated) -Penalty shots have some minor issues: sometimes you still get one even if you score after the penalty was called, and you can often get rebounds that shouldn't count (whistle sooner) -A few small things with One-Timers: they don't trigger offsides, and sometimes your guy gets stuck in the animation if the pass misses, sometimes for ludicrously long periods. Mixed bug fixes/improvements -B button on defense is inconsistent. The logic of closer player doesn't always match up to what you see on the screen, so sometimes will switch you out when you are trying to defend, even when you appear to be closest already. -Breakaway counter is much too strict, like how it doesn't count with incidental goalie contact -Manual line changes are a mess: should be able to call a line change any time you want, whether or not you have the puck, and from wherever you want on the ice. should be able to do it from anywhere. You shouldn't have to give up possession, either, you should be able to skate into the the other teams zone and leave it behind the goal while the rest of your team changes. Also, holding down the A button goes out of the rink WAY too often. -I guess if we were to have all six buttons, I would want separate buttons for : Poke check/trip, line changes, and manual goalie. I would NOT want a modern crease, or a shootout to determine ties. This is how the (real) game was played back then!!! (I wouldn't want to add a two line pass, its accurate for the time, but the rink is too small for it to make sense) An interesting point! I sort of agree, but that would radically change offense. As it is now, I almost never go for the kind of shots that would generally produce rebounds, because scoring them is so random. Also, rebounds are about half the goals that the AI scores, so this would be a massive buff to the computer AI.
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    Really want to go to this but I can't get a day off right now. I'll probably hold out till the next KO94. Hope everyone has a blast.
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    I played with EA Graphics Editor and I noticed that VIV-files are actually TAR (the Unix designation for Tape Archive) files. In XBRUCE2.VIV file there is a lot of audio in it, for example all announcer voice files. I did extract these files and noticed that if I change the audio speed in Audacity (Free, open source, cross-platform audio software), I can to get out somewhat recognizable audio. Maybe there is a way to edit audio in NHL95PC? I do not have time (or skills) to examine this further now, but I just wanted to bring this out if someone is interested about this in future. EA Graphics Editor can exctract audio from VIV-files and SNDVIEW can extract/import audio from/to VIV-files. I include here EA Graphics Editor and SNDVIEW if someone wants to investigate this. sndutil.zip eazip110b.zip
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    Here is my latest video, I think it will be the final one before I get into team breakdowns. I realized it would be important to talk about what the attributes and ratings mean in the game before I go in depth talking it for every team. This is again directed more towards people looking to obtain a greater understanding of the game in general. Any and all feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
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    ...and was that Zombies Ate My Neighbors music in there near the end, too? If it is, we just became best friends.
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    You can have fun playing with the worst players in the game. A hat trick with Drake Berehowsky, a 4-goal game with Tie Domi, or even scoring a game-winning goal with Stu Grimson can make your friends weep in defeat. Some of you might enjoy playing with these lineups, and some of you might be bored to tears. Nevertheless, I suggest you give them a try and have fun with them. If you are playing against the CPU, then leave the CPU's lineup as it is (but use the line I provided for YOUR team); if you are playing against a friend, then you and your friends use the lines provided below. Make sure penalties are OFF. Play five or ten-minute periods as you choose. Should any of your players suffer an injury, please put in the worst/unskilled player available from your bench (don't need Jeremy Roenick replacing Stu Grimson at center on Chicago). -------------------------------------------------- Anaheim Mighty Ducks G: Ron Tugnutt LD: Bobby Dollas RD: Dennis Vial LW: Troy Loney C: Stu Grimson RW: Bob Corkum -------------------------------------------------- Boston Bruins G: John Blue LD: Glen Feathrston RD: Jim Wiemer LW: Dave Reid C: Darin Kimble RW: Peter Douris -------------------------------------------------- Buffalo Sabres G: Tom Draper LD: Randy Moller RD: Gord Donnelly LW: Rob Ray C: Bob Corkum RW: Randy Wood -------------------------------------------------- Calgary Flames G: Jeff Reese LD: Alexnder Godynyuk RD: Greg Smyth LW: Brent Ashton C: Craig Berube RW: Ronnie Stern -------------------------------------------------- Chicago Blackhawks G: Jim Waite LD: Adam Bennett RD: Craig Muni LW: Stephane Matteau C: Stu Grimson RW: Troy Murray -------------------------------------------------- Dallas Stars G: Darcy Wakaluk LD: Craig Ludwig RD: Enrico Ciccone LW: Bobby Smith C: Shane Churla RW: Trent Klatt ------------------------------------------------- Detroit Red Wings G: Vincent Riendeau LD: Brad McCrimmon RD: Steve Konroyd LW: John Ogrodnick C: Bob Probert RW: Jim Hiller -------------------------------------------------- Edmonton Oilers G: Ron Tugnutt LD: Luke Richardson RD: Geoff Smith LW: Kelly Buchberger C: Louie DeBrusk RW: Steven Rice ------------------------------------------------ Florida Panthers G: Mark Fitzpatrik LD: Joe Cirella RD: Milan Tichy LW: Tom Fitzgerald C: Scott Mellanby RW: Dave Lowry ----------------------------------------------- Hartford Whalers G: Mario Gosselin LD: Randy Ladouceur RD: Allen Pedersen LW: Yvon Corriveau C: Jim McKenzie RW: Mark Janssens ---------------------------------------------- Los Angeles Kings G: Rick Knickle LD: Marty McSorley RD: Rene Chapdlaine LW: Gary Shuchuk C: Warren Rychel RW: Pat Conacher -------------------------------------------- Montreal Canadiens G: Andre Racicot LD: Donald Dufresne RD: Sean Hill LW: Mario Roberge C: Todd Ewen RW: Ed Ronan -------------------------------------------- New Jersey Devils G: Craig Billington LD: Ken Daneyko RD: Scott Niedrmayer LW: Janne Ojanen C: Troy Mallette RW: Bill Guerin --------------------------------------------- New York Islanders G: Mark Fitzpatrik LD: Uwe Krupp RD: Dennis Vaske LW: Travis Green C: Mick Vukota RW: Brad Dalgarno -------------------------------------------- New York Rangers G: Mike Richter LD: Jeff Beukeboom RD: Jay Wells LW: Paul Broten C: Joey Kocur RW: Mike Hartman -------------------------------------------- Ottawa Senators G: Peter Sidorkwicz LD: Brad Marsh RD: Gord Dineen LW: Rob Murphy C: Jody Hull RW: Andrew McBain --------------------------------------------- Philadelphia Flyers G: Steph Beauregard LD: Shawn Cronin RD: Terry Carkner LW: Claude Boivin C: Dave Brown RW: Vachslav Butsayev ---------------------------------------------- Pittsburgh Penguins G: Ken Wregget LD: Kjell Samuelsson RD: Grant Jennings LW: Troy Loney C: Jay Caufield RW: Jeff Daniels ---------------------------------------------- Quebec Nordiques G: Stephane Fiset LD: Craig Wolanin RD: Steven Finn LW: Chris Simon C: Tony Twist RW: Gino Cavallini ----------------------------------------------- San Jose Sharks G: Brian Hayward LD: Doug Zmolek RD: David Williams LW: Ed Courtenay C: David Maley RW: Jeff Odgers --------------------------------------------- St. Louis Blues G: Guy Hebert LD: Stephane Quintal RD: Murray Baron LW: Basil McRae C: Kelly Chase RW: Dave Lowry --------------------------------------------- Tampa Bay Lightning G: J.C. Bergeron LD: Joe Reekie RD: Matt Hervey LW: Adam Creighton C: Steve Maltais RW: Tim Bergland --------------------------------------------- Toronto Maple Leafs G: Rick Wamsley LD: Drake Berehowsky RD: Bob Rouse LW: Mark Osborne C: Ken Baumgartnr RW: Mike Foligno --------------------------------------------- Vancouver Canucks G: Kay Whitmore LD: Robert Dirk RD: Dave Babych LW: Jim Sandlak C: Gino Odjick RW: Tom Fergus ------------------------------------------- Washington Capitals G: Rick Tabaracci LD: Shawn Anderson RD: Rod Langway LW: Paul MacDermid C: Alan May RW: Dale Hunter -------------------------------------------- Winnipeg Jets G: Jim Hrivnak LD: Dean Kennedy RD: Randy Carlyle LW: Tie Domi C: Andy Brickley RW: John Druce -------------------------------------------
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    Not so much a meme, but this is something my friend made involving a couple of our RPG characters who play for the Flyers in this fictional world. Thought I'd share it with you guys for my first post. My character is Riku (#12), his is Fin (#9).
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    Looks good! Thank you aqua!
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    I started with the letter hack. So far I have found that the alphabet graphic is used for the R,L,C,D, and it's the same graphic used by the credits and game. Is there only one alphabet? Anyway, the quick and dirty way of "erasing" the R,L,C,D graphic isn't a good one. So I have to do more digging. Alphabet offset: AAC52 (AAC5C in TM). 94 tiles. Palette is 699034, palette 2. Now, since the game is definitely bringing in these graphics, I assume looking around the code at any alphabet offset would be a good start. Hopefully find where it pulls the letters and then modify that. Anyway...To Be Continued.
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    Yeah, I wanted to go, too. But: 1. I am camping with friends at that time, and 2. Don't want to ask wife to go to two tourney's close together, and have my eyes on Ko94 III.
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    Consider me on the case for #1. Not sure I can help with 2 or 3.
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    Wonderful news. @chaos you are my hero.
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    @oboe I'm working on this right now, should be done by tomorrow (for Gens saves). I'll add ZSNES and RetroArch at a later (maybe the weekend) time, but I'd like to make sure I can at least get it working first.