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    Graphic updates moving along. Thanks to @naples39, I lifted a ton of team graphics from his beta'18 '94 ROM with permission. I got the 1st splash, 2nd splash, title screen, title logo, John Schrader (change to Doc Emrick), "1995" (change to '18) on the Stanley Cup Champions page, team logos, ice logos, scoreboard banners, and in-game banners all ready to go. I am not going to do the timer logo as 1 extra tile messes up the logo. I will add the player data, and try to figure out some other known bugs before posting, but either way should get out a playable copy sometime tomorrow night. In the meantime, enjoy these teaser photos, lol.
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    I have no idea, but realistically I can get out a "beta" for people to play pretty soon. I have a 5-6 hour plane to Vegas coming up soon so that seems like a good time for me to blast through graphic updates.
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    Interesting note on the title screen. The screen is 32 x 28 tiles, which means a fully decompressed image would be 896 tiles. However, the game has 1,013 tiles stored in the image! I've confirmed that over 120+ tiles are not used in the title image, which means decompressing the image actually saves a ton of room on the ROM! The extra tiles look to be the NHL Shield and NHLPA logo. My guess is originally they wanted the shield and NHLPA logo to "fly in" as an overlay like it does in '94, but due to whatever reason (graphic constraints?), they just stuck directly on the picture. Anyway, graphic edits are more fun, so I'm playing with those now.
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    The access to competitive NHL '94 has to involve or it will die out. Emulators and desktop/laptop are dying as well. I haven't played a single game of NHL '94 online. So I'm no expert on that process but until you can play NHL '94 on a tablet or phone (with a USB controller or keyboard) you will, of course, see a decline. I have tons of experience with network television and there biggest threat and what will kill them, in the end, is streaming services (NETFLIX). In a way, NHL94.com has the same problem. What worked for to play 94 five to ten years ago is becoming obsolete. There are thousands of people out there that want to play NHL '94 but the access is limited as you have to have computer knowledge to play. If this game was on the PlayStation network and playable though modern consoles, you would have almost unlimited competition and the talent of players would be insane. So the answer might be as simple as to convince EA Sports to re-release the game online. A simple www.change.org might be all that it takes to get the puck rolling. This might sound stupid at first but at least this is a free option. It's not the game that's dying its the medium at which its played on. Resist, M
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    DONE! Change @08A5EA from 001B to 0021 Change @96448 from 001C to 0022 Both numbers relate to a function the game is using related to number of teams that loads the SRAM byte by byte. The first (8A5EA) puts the number 1B into data register D0, and then there is a function used DBFa, which in the simplest terms compares that value to another and if it's false, subtracts 1 from the number and repeats a part of the program (loading the table), or if it goes below zero then the game moves onto something else. To put it another way, it's like a counter...do THIS function 1B (27, but including zero makes it 28) times. After that, go do something else. So changing 1B to 21 says, do THIS function 33 (plus zero is 34) times. The other offset @96448 has a comparison that says, if it's lower than 1C (28), branch (go do another thing). It was related to teams again. So changing to 22 (34) made sure all teams continued to be loaded. Good news is now the SRAM tables are loaded themselves AND the line changes work for all 34 teams!
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    For the team banners, I ran into the same problem on the SNES 93 ROM. I used the tiling and made a bunch of available letters, so you could just look up the letters in a table then update the tile map in the ROM. Some teams needed custom banners because their names were longer. It's explained here (2nd post): http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11734-nhlpa-hockey-93-64-team-rom/ However just shrinking the graphics so 34 fit is much simpler for modders to make ROMs with.
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    Setting up the early rematch I'd better hit the tapes
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    Just tentative groupings for now. ** hasn't registered yet but has indicated they are attending. SEGA Group A corbettkb Smozoma Nick H. ** Alfredo A. Christopher O. Eric L. Aris K. Group B Jackandjose Evan Iamfleuryshipcheck Kevin C. Brian Y. Kevin Bre. Hriste S. Group C Kingraph Michael S. Coachmac Sean M. Robert R. Scott Sh. Olddirtyh Group D Angryjay Aqualizard Rob M. Scott St. Arda O. Mark V. SNES Group E AngryJay Chaos The90jacket Jeffery H. Ryan W. Andrew K. Jamil K. Group F Stheds2000 Tom D. Ryan B. Richard H. Nicolas K. CaseyBC Kingraph Group G Halifax Skipper Annatar corbettkb Kris M. Sean W. Roger L. Group H SNESboy tylerdeanhill JeffBC Dangler Kevin H. Kurtis W. Ben L. Smozoma
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    Yes, I'll post whatever I have when I get home later tonight!
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    Alright, I haven't tested this as much as I usually do, but hopefully first time's a charm! Please let me know if you catch any problems/errors and I'll do 1.1 or or whatever. nhl2017deadline.zip EDIT: Adding link for "outdoor" alternate version; details on page 2 of thread. nhl2017outdoor.zip
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    Try this. It's mostly done, other than getting opening day rosters and lines/numbers when known. Some player rating tweaking and updates as well. DON'T use line changes. They are not completely filled out, and the game will probably crash. DON'T look at player cards for Team 31 (Winnipeg). The game will crash (known bug with 32-team ROM). nhl2018 naples.bin
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    ROM is 90% finished. Just need to add player cards and get the final rosters in there over the next couple of weeks. ROM looks great, Slapshot67 did an unreal job with the graphics AND ADDING THE 31st and 32nd TEAMS!!!! Vegas is obviously the 31st team, but I like what we're doing with the 32nd team, too :-)
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    Coach Mac’s NHL 94 Original 6 Player Ratings Template Skating (Speed and Agility) = Reputation. Mostly 3 and 4 for Forwards. Mostly 2 and 3 for Defensemen. Better teams will typically skate better. Shooting (Shot Power/Shot Accuracy) = Goals Scored. *Reputation in very isolated situations. Forwards Defensemen 50+ = 5/5 40-49 = 4/5 30-39 = 4/4 20-29 = 3/3 4/3 10-19 = 2/2 4/2 0-9 = 1/1 3/1 (Offensive Awareness/Stickhandling) = Points Scored. Forwards Defensemen 1st = 6/6 6/6 2nd-3rd-5th (varies = 5/5 5/6 6th-20th = 4/4 4/6 21st-40th = 3/3 3/5 41st-60th = 2/2 2/4 61st- = 1/1 1/3 (Defensive Awareness) = Reputation Mostly 2 and 3 for Forwards. Mostly 3 and 4 for Defensemen. 1st and 2nd Team All-Star Defensemen = 6 (Endurance) Everyone = 6 I play with line changes OFF so no fatigue for anyone. (Shot Bias) All Forwards = 2 All Defensemen = 1 (Pass Accuracy) = Assist 50+ = 6 40-49 = 5 30-39 = 4 20-29 = 3 10-19 = 2 0-9 = 1 (Checking/Aggression) = PIM Reputation in certain situations (ex. Dave Keon very low PIMs, but a great checker) 200+ = 6 120-199 =- 5 80-119 = 4 40-79 = 3 20-39 = 2 10-19 = 1 0-9 = 0 (Jersey #, Weight, Handedness) www.hockeyreference.com (Fighting) = Fights www.dropyourgloves.com 10+ = 100 8/9 = 85 7 = 71 5/6 = 57 4 = 42 2/3 = 28 1 = 14 0 = 0 Goalies GAA Rank = (Stick Left/Right and Glove Left/Right) Wins = (Defensive Awareness) Shutouts/Reputation = (Puck Control) Reputation = (Agility) For the 1970’s and 80’s roms I used the same template except for: (Offensive Awareness/Stickhandling) = Points Scored. Forwards Defensemen 125+ = 6/6 6/6 89-124 = 5/5 5/6 65-88 = 4/4 4/6 50-64 = 3/3 3/5 35-49 = 2/2 2/4 0-34 = 1/1 1/3 (Pass Accuracy) = Assist 75+ = 6 50-74 = 5 40-49 = 4 30-39 = 3 20-29 = 2 0-19 = 1
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    Awesome. Already planning my Original 6 Seasons! AND a trip to Segathon!
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    Turns out the game writes a new table to the SRAM (offsets 20000 - 20FFFF) that the game references at offset @207C28. The table contains the line data for each team (NLC, SC1, SC2..etc), which is the roster number (in hex) of the player on the team, 6 people per line. The data is the same numbers found in the team data sections, except this new table in the SRAM adds a byte to each value, so it's twice as long. For example, the team data will show 011214 (goalie, LD, RD...etc), but the new table is 000100120014. Anyway, the table in the SRAM stops at the 28th team and my original intent was to find the code that generated this table in the RAM to "tell it" to go to 34 but I couldn't find it. At least not yet. So as a band-aid, I included an expanded table in the ROM, and changed the offsets that referenced 207C28. The player cards AND names work for all 34 teams, but the names that show up during the home screen match will be incorrect after someone edits the lines since the table I pasted is static. The SRAM is still written, so it's easy enough to flip the offsets back to the SRAM, which I will eventually have to do since I believe the game also uses the SRAM for line changes data. So as of now I have a playable 34 team ROM, with editable logos and banners, and players. (YAY!) Things I need to continue to work on, expected level of difficulty: * Teams 29-34 won't work with line changes (MED/HIGH) * Add music for new teams (MED) * Find out how to make playoffs work for teams past 26 (MED) * Decompress some additional graphics like the splash screens, timer logo, John Schrader, etc. (LOW) * Figure out the season data stuff -- calendars, teams, matchups, standings, divisions, etc (HIGH) Moving along...
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    Player Cards Okay, so here is what I found out about the player cards in '95. First, anyone really interested should read wboy's tutorial on player cards. Now, I found out that there is another "pointer" type of table located at @C4754 through @C47FB that contains single bytes that relate to the player cards. The byte determines how many bytes from the player card pointer table to move to get the correct player card picture. It's almost like a pointer to the pointer. Every 6 bytes (6 cards per team) is for a team, and there were 168 bytes (28 teams). The last 12 bytes were for the all-star teams. I won't get into the 68k Assembly Language details (but trust me, I got deep into this here), but if you increased the teams past 28, you need to extend this table for the player cards to work properly. So to get the player cards to work properly, I extended this new index table by 36 bytes (6 more teams), and I also changed the data for teams 27-28 (ASE/ASW) to their own player cards (they previously had index values to other teams' player cards). Again, without getting into too much more detail, for some reason the game had two "check" functions that caused teams 31, 33, and 34 to not work properly. ' To fix team 31, you have to change the value at @A0A9E from 1E to 22. 1E is team 31 (though the value is 32, the first team is 00) and the game has a specific command that says "if the team is 31", skip the entire player card sequence. So changing to 22 (team 35) ensure this works. To fix teams 33 & 34, change @A0A9A from 1F to 3F. This requires a little more 68k assembly language knowledge, but the function the game uses is an "AND" function. This is a great 68k learning site btw - http://mrjester.hapisan.com/04_MC68/Sect03Part02/Index.html In short, teams 33 and 34 (20 and 21 in hex) that ran through this "AND" command would kick back to team 00 (team 1) and 01 (team 2). Changing it to 3F makes sure that all teams through 30 (team 49 if ever that happened) would "pass" this function. So in short, I have the player cards working properly for all 34 teams. The player text is messed up on the later teams...will investigate that next, but I am pretty stoked about this find/fix. Anyone who is really interested in the guts of this, happy to expand further, but I will likely post everything in a "notes" thread when I finish this project.
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    I have been looking for new and challenging ways to play NHL94 offline and solo. Like most of you, playing the computer controlled teams are no longer a challenge. Although the best competition is playing in one of the many online leagues, I have not been able to commit to an online league or find people to play against in non-league games. I took it upon myself to make new challenges. First was winning the Stanley Cup playoffs without a goalie. This proved to limit my exposure to several teams, since there are only a few teams that I might be able to use to accomplish this feat. Probably could do it with VAN, QUE, CAL, and maybe LAK or WSH, which leaves the rest of the teams unused. I like to play with an assortment of teams, so I needed to find another challenge... I decided to play with just backup players. That worked fine for the elite to middle tier teams, but left the bottom teams a barren wasteland of talent. (Playing with an all backup version of the Florida Panthers would make a grown man cry) The idea was good, it just needed some adjustments. I wrote up a blog entry about it: http://coalm.blogspot.com/2017/08/handicapping-nhl94.html Bottom Line: -No players rated over 75 overall -Every team must bench their best forward and their best defenseman -No dominant goal scorers even if the player's overall rating is below 75. Call this the Kamensky Rule -If a player scored a hat trick, the player must be substituted for the remainder of that game. Removal from the rest of the playoffs is optional, but encouraged. -Only removed Roy and Belfour at goalie. All other goalies remained. Might change this in the future. Let me know what you guys think of my results, or go try it yourself.
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    Egg and I are officially booked (coming in Friday). We'll see you guys there.
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    So I've been working on a new 34-team ROM build from scratch and I finally understand what slapshot's issue is on the home/visitor banners. In both '94 and '95, there is a separate graphic for the banners on the start menu screen and the in-game banners used in the rest of the game. What @wboy did with the '94 30-team ROM is he shortened the start menu banners to a generic "Home" and "Visitor" for every team. He also gave them a separate palette to make updating much easier: So now when you update any 30-team ROM, you don't have to create another menu banner for each team, just change the palettes because they are all "Home" and "Visitor". He was able to do this by changing two separate pointers (located at @F84D4 and @F84E4 for '94), that was for the home banner graphic, and one visitor graphic (pointed to the same location in the original ROM). Now, in '95, there is only ONE pointer for the menu banner (@86F6C) , which is probably a more efficient code, but now requires a bit more work to replicate what wboy did in '94, if at all possible. At worst, we can expand the menu banners just the same as the in-game banners, which requires more work for updating, but it's not a major deal. While I'm at it, '95 also has a different graphic for the scoreboard team names that will have get updated: As well as these little ones for the season calendar: Now, I know I'm getting ahead of myself, especially with the season stuff, but just wanted to post some of my notes/progress. Still at it!
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    I made this box cover for my Everdrive 94.
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    Awesome I wish there was time at the tourneys to showcase all the cool stuff guys have done with ROMs
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    Yeah, Halifax drew it all out, it makes it pretty much impossible to parallelize the playoffs while there are players still in the no-losses bracket on both systems. So dual-system favourites like AJ and Raph are probably gonna have to play almost non-stop. There was a somewhat similar problem in Toronto.. in a triple-elim bracket, players in the 2-loss bracket can't take breaks, or it holds the whole thing up. Unfortunately we didn't really know that at the time... we should have prioritized coordinating those games.
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    If all you ever wished for was EA to continue making NHL games in the '94 format, then you won't be disappointed with these roms. There are no major visual differences between the original game and the roms except for updated teams, colors, and on-ice enhancements (coaches behind the bench, center ice logo, trapezoid net lines, etc.). Some people have mentioned that goal songs don't always match the teams from the original, but that doesn't bother me. From a gameplay perspective, the AI seems to be better defensively, but I could be misremembering how the original cartridge played. The original game had a "weight/checking bug" where smaller players (Theoren Fleury) could truck everyone, but players with 100 check rating couldn't actually check. Some of the roms fixed that bug so that it plays more accurately. You can read about that bug on this site somewhere. Other than that, the overall quality is outstanding. Naples39 and the rest of the people making the roms do a tremendous job and deserve a shrine in the Hall of Fame. Or at least eternal gratitude from this community.
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    (that was in an early playoffs game. I used my own controller in the finals, to no avail )
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    Great to see a league of Coach's up & running! Put in a hidden team of fatties & I'll try to pop on & exi with you guys from time to time
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    Interesting find on the 2nd splash (High Score Productions). The splash screen is actually two images, one a 13 x 13 image and another is a 9 x 8 image that load in the center of the page. The black surrounding everything is just the background color, not an actual repeated graphic tile. So, if you simply want to replace this image with another, your new image will load in the middle of the page. I figured there must be an xy coordinate offset similar to what @wboy found in his scoreboard timer notes. So I mapped it out and found the corresponding values through a RAM search/trace! In my picture below, you can see that the xy of the first image is E3, while the 2nd image loads 10-10. The entire screen is 40 x 28. Once I found those values, it was a little bit easier to narrow down my search. Here are the offsets that need to be changed: A173C Value is BE 0E 03 00 (0E and 03) A176A Value is BE 10 10 00 (10 and 10) That will move both images by the x and y value, so setting to zero will bring it to the top left. I haven't decompressed and added a replacement yet, but I figure I can skip the 2nd image altogether...so maybe you don't have to change anything on the 2nd offset. OR, use the second image to have an overlay. Not sure yet. Interestingly, wboy took a completely different approach in the '94 30 team ROM. From what I gathered looking at his work, he seemed to have changed the original image to a 1 tile image, and then overlayed an entirely new 40 x 28 image with a transparent palette, such that the original palette remains in effect and works on the new image. If that sounds confusing, it's because I'm not entirely sure I understand it either, lol. In any event, I think the 2nd splash will be easier to update now that I can make a 40x28 image load from the top left.
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    Here's the interview. fast forward an hour to get to Hockey
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    We will be talking King of 94 this Sunday on Tom's youtube channel. Expect to see some familiar faces, get pumped for Vegas! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g/videos
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    Interesting find when I was decompressing the scoreboard team graphics. The scoreboard banner is a 12 x 2 image, so a fully decompressed image for a 34 team ROM (my current project) would mean having 816 tiles (34x12x2). It turns out that size image messes up the graphics on the menu screen. I think the graphics memory maxes out (or something). I ran tests and the image size works for 32 teams, but not more than that. (you can see the top of the screen getting messed up -- this was at 33 teams) So I had a few options. I could 1 - Fully decompress and run with 32 teams. PRO - easy to update in future. Keeps font same. CON - limited teams to 32. 2 - Compress the graphics (share black tile) and go with 34 teams. PRO - Keeps font, keeps 34 teams. CON - Not as easy to update. 3 - Change the font and uncompressed size to a 10 x 2 image. PRO - easy to update in future. Keeps teams at 34. CON - Smaller banner, different font. I decided to go with option 3, using the classic in-game banner fonts with the yellow/grey fill and outline. That allowed me to fit the "Blackhawks" into 10 tiles, saving me 4 tiles for every team (4 x 34 = 136 tiles saved!). I could always go back and change this, but that's what I decided for now: Anyway, to smozoma's earlier comment about adding as many teams as possible, it seems we couldn't do more than 32 without doing some compression on the scoreboard banners. I'm continuing to plug away and hope to have a test ROM out soon!
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    I changed the banner to a 2 tile image, which was the left part of the banner. I then added home and visitor as static images on the start menu, using the 2nd and 3rd colors of palette 3/4 as they link with the team logos. So the logos can't use colors 2-5 (those are for banners), 6 & 7 should always be black/white (also for banners, but can use in logos as they don't change), and the logos can use 8-16. Hope that makes sense, I'm not at my computer at the moment to make more detailed post.
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    I assume it uses either the default rosters (in the ROM) or the modified rosters in the battery save. Probably not something to worry about as long as the saving is done correctly.
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    Wanted to point out that in NHL 95 you can play a game AND a game with trades. Not sure if that means there are double rosters out there or something else is in the mix.
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    No, not yet. I thought I had them at @87A14 and @87A1A, but changing those values from 0019 to 001C and 7419 and 741C did not allow more teams in playoffs or create/release/sign free agents. It may have done something with the season, but haven't gone that far to check.
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    Thanks for this project you make my day !!
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    As great as this rom is, the fact that the music is off drives me crazy. So I fixed it. Hope you don't mind Naples. nhl2017deadlinemusic.bin
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    Found these online the other day. 8-bit looking jerseys for NHL teams. Unofficial NHL merch. Cool concept. https://www.etsy.com/listing/510156978/nintendo-style-8-bit-hockey-jerseys-from?ref=pr_shop
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    Hello, and welcome! Fastest way to get started is here: Test Games and Getting Connected!
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    I created the 32 team rom, it is almost finished.
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    Hey boys, As you guys all know I have been traveling all over North America getting content for the doc. As luck would have it I never had to go far to get Theo Fleury... He walked right into my work up here in Yellowknife NWT Canada. He was in town doing talks. He needed to go to Hay River (My hometown) so I hooked him up with a flight there and he was more then happy to give me interview. I will not give anything away but he was the best and most well rounded NHL'er interview I have ever done. On top of that he is an amazing guy and he well bring a lot to the project PS for the die hards he knows that the EA Sports All Star game drinking story was in 1999 the internet was quick to let him know lol. Oh and he is a Sega Genesis guy M
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    Timer Related ============= x y l h -- -- -- -- 0X00012C28 = BF00 1700 7009 7205; Timer Window x y -- -- 0X00012C40 = BF01 1800; Period Text 0x00012D80 = BF01 1900; EA Timer Logo 0x00012B1C = BF01 1900; Power Play Team Intials Score Related ============= x y l h -- -- -- -- 0X00012C7A = BF17 1700 7008 7205; Score Window x y -- -- 0x00012C8C = BF18 1A00; Home Team Initals 0x00012C9E = BF18 1800; Visitors Team Initials 0x00012D1E = 001C ; X axis tile for Home/Vistors score. Other Scores Related ==================== x y l h -- -- -- -- 0x000134FE = BF03 1700 701A 7205; Other Scores during Penalty Box Animation.
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    Editing FAQ: THINGS NOT TO DO: In the excel spreadsheet 'editor': Do not change or delete anything in a grey square, even if the square appears empty (there might be a formula in it that displays nothing in some cases) Do not cut and insert teams from one place to another in the "1. Teams" page of the editor. This will screw things up. If you want to reorder the teams, you need to do it by editing the yellow squares on the "2. Team Pointers" page of the editor, or by manually editing the text for the team on the "1. Teams" page. What Do I Need?: You need 2 programs: Excel from MS Office, or Calc from Open Office a hex editor And you need the 64-team ROM and the Excel file that comes with it (this excel file is the 'editor', but really it just creates hex data you can paste into the ROM with a hex editor) How Do I Edit Player names and attributes?: Here are a few pictures showing how. (I had to split it up into multiple pictures because the forum wouldn't accept one huge one) I added players, and now the game crashes. Why? There is limited space for players, so you need to remove some players from other teams (or shorten their names) to add more players. Space for team/player info is limited to bytes 803c0-87fff in the ROM, by a technical limitation of the SNES. If you have too much team/player data in the editor, an error will display in orange at the top of the table. If you delete a player, make sure you also delete his attributes, not just his name. And then make sure the lines don't reference the deleted player. Also, make sure your player names are not too long. An error message will be displayed in orange below the player's name if it's too long. See http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?s=&sh...ost&p=91230 How Do I Remove a Team?: Say you want to create a KHL ROM. Youyou don't want the NHL or Olympics teams showing up, and you want to free up space for more player names. On the "1. Teams" page of the editor, go to the teams you don't want to display. Delete the player names and attributes. Copy the Team data to the ROM (@803c0), as shown in the images in the "How Do I Edit Player names and attributes?" question/answer. On the "2. Team Pointers" page, change the numbers in the yellow cells so the first team you want in the ROM is 0, and the next ones are 1,2,etc. Make the teams you don't want in the ROM have higher numbers than the teams you do want. [*]Sort the table on the yellow column. (Excel 2003: Select cell B6, then click the A->Z icon shown here.) (Excel 2007: select cell B6, press the same icon as for Excel 2003, or press Alt,A,A on your keyboard) [*]Copy the team pointer data to the ROM (@80040) [*]On the "4. Num of Teams" page, set the number of home teams and away teams allowed in the ROM to the number of teams you want, then copy the values to the ROM. Do the same for the number of playoff teams. In total, you should be pasting 5 times for this step (home teams, away teams, 3x playoff teams). [*]Update the playoff matchups on the "5. Playoffs" page and paste to the appropriate location. If you run the ROM now, only the teams you want to see should be visible. However, when you re-order teams, you break the banners. See the appropriate FAQ question for how to fix that... How Do I Edit the Banners? (Slowly working on updating this... ask any specific questions and I'll fill in the info) Banners are made of 18 tiles, arranged in 2 rows of 9. Each tile is 8x8 pixels. The banner tiles are pulled from one big graphic in the ROM, but the graphic's size is limited to 585 tiles -- only enough for 32.5 banners. In order to get more than 32 banners, tiles are repeated/shared between banners. The tiles I included in this ROM generally fit one letter upper-half or lower-half per tile (so each letter is 2 tiles), which is great for cities with 9, 7, 5, or 3 letters (DETROIT, CHICAGO, MINNESOTA, etc), since you can assigned letters or blank tiles to each of the 2x9 tiles and you get a nice centred name (such as the CHICAGO banner below). Figure 1: Even though the CHICAGO banner is 18 tiles, it only requires 14 actual tiles in the ROM, because the C appears twice, as well as the blank space. The PHILADELPHIA banner is a bit tougher. The city name has 12 letters in it, so you need to make some custom tiles with more than one letter per tile. I made 4 tiles with "PHI", and 4 more tile with "ADE". Then I make the banner using the PHI tiles, then an L, ADE, L, PHI, A. Also note that the PHI and CHI banners share the same upper-A black tile. Here is the banner graphic I included in the ROM: Figure 2: It includes all letters for upper black and lower yellow. Most upper and lower letters in red, dark blue, and bright blue. About half the letters in bright green. About half in upper dark green, lower orange, and lower gold. After that, you can see an upper-black and lower-yellow "TON", which is from BOSTON. BOSTON has 6 letters, so I shrank the TON part to make it look a bit more centred. After that is TON from EDMONTON (8 letters). TFO from HARTFORD (8 letters), and so on. at the very bottom is the KHL custom tiles. I needed a bunch of them because so many of their city/team names are so long. So how do you tell the ROM which tile to load as part of a banner? Open up the editor and go to page "3. Banners". There is a big table with numbers with varying shades of yellow/orange backgrounds. This is where you enter tile numbers. Figure 3: The graphic in Figure 2, with the banner tiles is 15x39 tiles. So the top row of tiles (the black upper parts of _ABCDEFGHIJKLMN) is tile IDs 0-14. Below that, the lower half yellow tiles of _ABCDEFGHIJKLMN, are tiles 15-29. Next to where it says BOS Upper, you can see 0 0 2. This corresponds to showing the blank upper black tile (0) twice, and then the upper black B tile (2) once. To make figuring out which tile ID goes with which letter easier, there is also a table of which tile ID is which coloured tile, to the right of the place where you edit the tiles. (There are 3 different helper tables.. this image below is the middle one) Figure 4: So, edit the yellow/orange area, then copy/paste the blue cells into your ROM at @88040 If you want to customize the graphic, then open up the ROM in Tile Molester and go to 88040. Then set the width of the area to 15 tiles and the height to 39. Your graphic should be 120x312 pixels. If you want to just put 32 or fewer straight banners in the ROM, then you can use a width/height in Tile Molester of 9x65. Your graphics should be 72*520 pixels. If you need more help, ask. How Do I Edit the Ron Barr text?: The Ron Barr text is found at offset @90000 in the ROM. Each blurb MUST end with the '0D' hex character, as the game counts these to know which blurb to display. You can change the size of the blurbs if you want. There needs to always be 64 team blurbs, even if there are not 64 teams in the ROM. The game searches for the "Hi Welcome to [Cityname]. I'm Ron Barr for EASN." text in location 65, so all other 64 need to be there, even if they aren't used.
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    It's possible! I haven't made notes (so I'll have to work it out again) but below is a screen shot that shows that you can move the x y position of the items, and even make the boxes smaller. The example doesn't have the home/away team initials swapped, but I ensure you it can be done. I was going to use the smaller scoreboard sized box in the 30 team rom but left it out. I've even sampled having the timer on the same time as the scoreboard etc. Where are you wanting to use this? In your own hack, or are you wanting others to implement it in their hacks? If that is the Euro way, what is the US/Can way. Same as currently in the NHL 94?