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    Hey guys, here is the 2017 Trade Deadline ROM! I hope you like it. Slapshot67 - Thanks for everything! Updates for 2017 ROMs - All are WBF (Blitz style) ROMs -Player Cards for every starter on every team -Added Anniversary logos for Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles -Bench Graphics (backup goalie, coach) & Bench Carpet -Goal Light -Net Fix -Ratings changes for teams & players (excel file w/ ratings in zip folder) -Added a few playoff matchups based on this year's current standings -The Excel file will give you all of the player ratings, with an extra rating that shows how likely a check will be successful with a player. It uses weight + checking rating to give a "checking ability". Somebody figured out that a check is likely to be successful if they check a player with a weight a full digit lower than the checking ability. For example: PK Subban has a 8.9 checking ability (slightly abv average for a Dman), Shea Weber has a 14.1 (really high), and Erik Karlsson has a 5.4 (pretty low). If Subban attempts to check an 8 weight, he may have some issues, but he will usually knock down a 7 weight. Weber can knock down anyone 13 weight or lower, so he is the beast. Karlsson will have trouble knocking over anyone who isn't Johnny Gaudreau (not literally, but he will not be a C checking player). NHL17TradeDeadline.bin NHL17skipDeadlineFinal.zip
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    I don't mind the comments. The thing about making custom ROMs is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Obviously I'll never make a cent off doing these, and I'm never going to please every one, so I choose to make them along the rough guidelines of the original rom. I feel it's an important part of the game to have real separation between the big stars. More important however, is not every team being jacked up to the overall quality of the best 2 or 3 teams in the original. Most teams will put out a NLC lineup of players in the 70s in my ROM. The Crosby, Ovechkin, McDavid will be 90s. The excellent-but-not quite there will be 80s or thereabouts. Playing the original ROM with mortal players just plays different, and I don't want every game in my ROM to feel like a game with the allstar teams in 94 original blend where nearly every skater is 80ish. Some things that do separate my ROM player ratings from 94 is that defensemen skate better and hit less, and the goalies are better. I feel this is a fair reflection of how the NHL has changed since the early 90s. This generally leads to fewer goals too, which also seems fair. Either way, a team in my 2017 ROM wouldn't be out of place in original 94. For instance, you look at Skip's ROM with a team like the red wings. They have 5 FWs 76 or higher, 2 77 dmen, and 2 goalies in the 70s. That would be one of the top teams in the original ROM. This year in real life, the Wings are a last place team, and guys like Dylan Larkin are looking at a 30-point season, yet is a 78 in that ROM. NOT IN MY HOUSE BROTHER. I suspect the approach of skip's rom is more popular for some whiz-bang gameplay, but that's not the way 94 was designed to be played. Neither approach is "correct", but I really like the idea of keeping original gameplay feel and team/player differentiation. Playing with last place teams should play quite differently that first place---not just slightly less good but still all-star quality players from the original 94. Again, otherwise I wouldn't bother make a ROM that just does the same thing as Skip's because there would be no point!
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    53 who RSVP'd to a FB event page. Attendance is well over 100 at this point. I stopped counting at 100 because once past the century mark it gets nerve wrecking.
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    HEADS UP -- The 2017 Long Island Retro Gaming Expo dates have been set for August 12th and 13th. There WILL be another NHL'94 tournament held there run by Evan, Chaos, and myself (and possibly other volunteers), but it's too early to have any more details at this time. There's always the possibility of organizing some '94 community event on Friday the 11th as well if we get folks coming in for this. The location will be closer to the city than last year located at the Cradle Of Aviation Museum in Garden City -- https://www.cradleofaviation.org/ We know there will be a big KO94II event sometime in the fall, so this could be a good preparation tourney!
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    Alright, I haven't tested this as much as I usually do, but hopefully first time's a charm! Please let me know if you catch any problems/errors and I'll do 1.1 or or whatever. nhl2017deadline.zip
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    Here are the rules. Pretty similar to other tourneys. Sign up Here for NHL 95 or here for NBA JAM DOUBLES Entry Fee & Time $10 per player Tournament starts at 6:30PM, Friday, April 7th. Registration Comment on this post Comment on the FB Group Post Show up in person with $10 before 6:30PM Tourney Double Elimination Bracket Bracket seeding will be done at random Settings Play Mode: Regular Game Per. Length: 5 Minutes Goalies: Manual Control (goalie auto defends unless you switch into them or have puck, penalty shot) Penalties on, NO offsides User records: OFF Penalties: On, Except Offsides Line Changes: OFF Team Selection Only Can use each NHL team Team once. Team Declaration: Before start of game Players will count to 3 and then yell at top of lungs their team at same time There can be mirror match ups (Wings on Wings) CONTROLLERS Team 1 or 2 Selection – Play paper rock scissors, flip a coin, Winner get to choose either the controller or Home/Away Team 1 is Home and goes up twice, Team 2 is Away and only goes up once There will be a mix of 6 buttons and 3 buttons controllers Don’t unplug controllers. Talk to Sega (Nick) if you have a controller issue OTHER NOTES If there’s a system malfunction, then the game will restart with that score and play the number of periods that were remaining (a partial period you replay full period) (NOTE: player injuries, penalties won’t carry over from the previous game) If a game is still tied after overtime is completed, then the game will be reset, and play will continue until someone scores. (NOTE player injuries, penalties won’t carry over from the previous game) Changing goalies: Goalies may be changed before the opening face-off and during play stoppages. You cannot change goalies during a face-off, or when a penalty shot is called. Editing lines: Lineup changes will be allowed at the beginning of the game, when there is an injury to a player, during intermissions and when a timeout is called (by either team). If you would like to make a change at intermission, please notify your opponent that you wish to do, so they can allow you the time before the start of the next period. And try to be quick Don’t pause during game, if you have to pause do it when you have puck in your own zone No banned scoring moves, but you always have to try to score. If you are up you can’t skate around behind your own net to kill time
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    I have amassed way too much Sega Genesis Hardware over the years. And as the price has gone up here is some knowledge if you are thinking about owning sega hardware. Prices have went up quite a bit in the last 10 years. Hard to find a deal on EBAY anymore. Sometimes Craigslist you can get a steal but the resellers normally gobble them up first. Those chain Goodwills know the prices on these as well and sell them online instead in stores. If buying on EBAY "No cables to test sega, as is" means it doesn't work Gamestop has went back into retro sales and their prices are competitive if you want to buy now instead of searching for a deal. Try to stay with OG Consoles, Controllers, adapters etc. Most third party stuff is crap The 3rd party 2-1 Consoles I bought was horse poop. couldn't play all the games and controller pad broke after 1st week. Think the brand started with a "y" Main 3 party offenders https://www.amazon.com/Generic-Classic-Genesis-6-Button-Controller/dp/B01LYRONFT/ref=pd_sbs_63_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=V3CFQXJ70P32EE216VMK These Controllers break within the 1st hour https://www.amazon.com/AC-Adaptor-Nintendo-Super-Genesis/dp/B000F0QJIM/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1489499379&sr=1-1&keywords=3+in+1+power+cord these 3 in 1 adapters won't power up a Sega Genesis 1 even though they are sold that way A Nintendo AC Adapter will power up your Sega Genesis 1 but it runs on different current and will eventually fry your sega Sega 1 Power AC adapters and Sega 2 POWER AC adapters are not interchangeable, same goes for TV hook ups. These TV hookups are great! Much better than the COAX for picture quality https://www.amazon.com/Sega-Genesis-Standard-Cable-Bulk-Packaging/dp/B002FY0CM0/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1489499476&sr=1-1&keywords=sega+genesis+tv+adapter New Flat Screen TV's play the game faster than a CRT. I'll post more as they come to me and others feel free to put tips here as well.
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    www.twitch.tv/trojan1979 is where the action will be streamed.
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    Alright boys, the world has gone long enough without an NHL2017 rom. I'm sure there's mistakes in here, but it's time to put it out there. The usual features: -Current lines, logos, and uniforms -Player pictures for no-line-change starters -Checking bug fix -Graphic hacks for benches, faceoff boxes, crease, trapezoid -Anniversary center ice logos for PHI, PIT, STL, NYR, LA I'm sure there are mistakes in there regarding rosters and numbers, so feed back is welcome for fixes for a 1.1 release. nhl2017.zip
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    http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/1451445-he-shoots-he-scores-.-.-.-at-bubba-ray’s-in-halifax He shoots, he scores . . . at Bubba Ray’s in Halifax BEN COUSINS STAFF REPORTER Published March 17, 2017 - 6:27pm Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar on Spring Garden Road. A hockey video game tournament is offering the people of Halifax a chance to relive their childhood. The event — at Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar on Spring Garden Road April. 1— will have players competing against each other on the classic hockey video game NHL 94. NHL 94 is one of the earliest hockey video games and the first to have both the NHL and the NHLPA on board. Earlier games featured just the players’ names or the NHL team names, not both. NHL 94 also introduced the one-timer slap shot and manual goaltending. “It was pretty extravagant,” said event organizer Darrell Sampson in a phone interview Friday. “From that point, people fell in love with it.” The idea came about when Sampson’s friend was filming a documentary on the game and needed to get some shots from a tournament. With the growth of modern e-sports — where people compete against each other in modern-day video games for big prizes — Sampson still believes there’s a market for tournaments with retro games. Sampson has had a hand in organizing similar tournaments in Saskatoon, Toronto, Green Bay, New York and a future one in Las Vegas. The Vegas tournament will have more than $10,000 in cash and prizes. “It’s hard to say if NHL 94 will get big enough to be considered an e-sport . . . but you might have a small following,” Sampson said. Unlike most e-sports competitions, you don’t have to be an NHL 94 expert to stand a chance. Sampson says anyone with a bit of knowledge when it comes hockey video games can pull off a win. “When I was in Toronto I played against a guy who never played before, and he actually won a game.” Sampson says he expects 15-20 people to attend the Halifax tournament. He has lowered the usual price to attract more competitors. A Facebook group for the event has more than 80 people either attending or interested. To register for the tournament visit: http://www.retrothon.com/registration.html.
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    I actually get annoyed with this stuff. I realize some guys get out ahead of other guys in their games played. Season set for 56 games and 8 weeks. We are 16 days into the season, and we are at 49% of games completed. Basically 6 weeks left, and I'd say we are well ahead of pace. If we get to mid April, and it's the same guys still behind, I get something like this. If you are PM'ing a guy, messaging specifically that player on Discord (AIM in the past), and also calling them out on the forum, and they are NOT responding to you with any response, then please forward this information over to me. I will get them to reply or replace them. AGAIN, just showing up when we are available, asking for games, and announcing it dead isn't accurate. For those trying to finish their season EARLY, the following guys are going to be hard to play right now: J&J was sick and then on vacation. Scheduled to return March 19th. Lupz is dying and might not ever recover! (He's been laid up in bed for 2-3 weeks now. All jokes aside, get better bro.) Ice has been traveling for work and backed up. The few nights he was clear for lots of games, noone was around. Atomic is dealing with a computer issue that is causing his league games to be lagged beyond. Pearate is dealing with something similar and might be part of his lower participation rate. Darko is in France and is a f&cker. PM him when you know you will be around on a weekend, and he's normally good to find games> CBK does not OFTEN log into the AIM/DISCORD setup. I find sending him a PM in the past was the best way to get games with him. CHEF is generally up really early in the AM and as such, goes to bed really early. Guys looking for games with him who DO NOT find themselves on closer to 6 pm to 7 pm eastern should consider trying to set up via PM or Discord a private conversation when you could schedule a game.
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    "Given the dates, my guess is that that was a game for Sony since Park Place was out of the EA fold by then and had been signed by Sony for a bunch of titles for the early PlayStation. A disaster, that's another story." From Michael Brooks
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    My goal is to try to keep the range of player ratings from the original rom where only solid allstars get into the 80s rating range and if you're not first line or close to it you're not in 70s either. This will result in slower play than ROMs like skip's where his ratings result in about +10-15 overall for every player compared to where I rate guys, and nearly every team has several guys in the high 70s and higher in his ROM. Way too many 5/6 agilities/speeds IMO! I guess that affects player AI too? Different strokes for different folks! I also think it's good to have different approaches, otherwise there's not much reason for skip and I to be doing the same thing!
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    In my experience to this point, Hyperkin's solution is the only thing that wasn't a big pile of aids in the 3rd party space. I'm certain there may be a viable option out there that I haven't gotten my hands on. To be fair, Sega has some 6 button options out there that aren't very good, as there was more than one variety of controller. Most of our controllers look like this one, and it's our favorite.
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    Is it even possible to reel young players in? These kids have seen more naked women on their phones in one hour than my grand pappy saw in his entire life. How can you compete with that kind of media? Many of them have only lived in a time when you press a button and the world is delivered to you. The process of using emulators, a separate chat app, uploading games and all that rigamarole might be too involved for them to care, when you can just play games on your phone with the flick of your thumb. I think the interest around Pixelated Heroes will be the widest net the site has ever casted in terms of drawing in unique traffic from hockey fans, NHL'94 fans, and old-school gamers. It might be a good idea to start developing a strategy or landing page for those folks.
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    Like a moth to a flame, I knew Segathon would be lured out of his, NHL'95-Fuhrer-bunker. It's about time the rest of the world know the true nature of your occult, video-hockey "tournament". It's all just a front for Nazi sympathizers to have clandestine meetings.
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    I've never posted on these forums before, but this subject made me feel compelled to reply. To really understand why NHL '94 is so special to many of us, you would have to have lived during the era when it was released. If you are a teenager who was born just before, when, or just after this game was released you will never really understand. It is us old timers (and I use the term loosely as I am only 23) who played this game when it was originally released that will appreciate it the most. Let me elaborate: Growing up, I played two hockey games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Ice Hockey and later, Blades of Steel. When Blades of Steel was released I was completely floored as it looked amazing and had the most realistic hockey action I had played up to that point. When I was 7 years old in the fall of 1991, NHL Hockey was released for the SEGA Genesis. A friend of mine got the game immediately. To say that I was in awe would be an understatement. Not only did the game feature real NHL teams with real logos and team colors, but players were also featured. Later I would find that it was only player NUMBERS that were included in the game and not actual player names as EA did not have the license from the NHLPA, but that is besides the point. The fact that numbers, team colors, logos, cities, etc were included and were accurate was amazing. On top of this, real penalties and rules were enforced. Penalties were given based on true to life infractions rather than given to players for losing a fight, and off sides could be enforced. And to add icing to the cake, the player could use a password system to guide a team through the playoffs to the Stanley Cup. Gameplay was also amazing as the graphics combined with a new perspective (north and south rather than east and west) making this game a totally new experience. This game was truely leaps and bounds ahead of anything I had seen before. I tried to purchase the game for months but it was continually sold out where I lived (St. Louis) and I never did get it. But the rumors at school began to circulate in the fall of 1992 that a newer version of the game was coming out... this one had extra letters added for some reason... NHLXWYZ or something, but it was essentially the same game. In early 1993 I finally found and purchased NHLPA Hockey '93. This game featured real player names and numbers among other gameplay refinements and improvements (such as organ music and player injuries). I was puzzled as to why EASN was at center ice rather than team logos but this was only a minor flaw. I would later realize it was because EA had the NHLPA license but not an NHL license to team names, logos, and the Stanley Cup could not appear in the game. Despite this, the gameplay and features still improved and it was really a quality experience. That brings us to NHL '94. This game finally tied everything together with NHL and NHLPA licenses. Team names and logos appeared in the game along with player names and numbers and even photos. The gameplay and animations also reached their pinnacle. This truely was the crowning achievement of three years of work on the same game engine. Small things like real team themed organ music (such as "When the Blues go Marching In" for St. Louis and Chicago's theme), improved crowd animations, breaking glass, hats on the ice for hat tricks, players getting checked into the bench, and of course the one timer made this game stand tall above the previous releases. That is why this game is still so revered. It is the game where the NHL and NHLPA licenses finally met and the gameplay and graphics were refined for three years to reach the top of the mountain. NHL '95 also awed me with the addition of full season play, player awards, trades, and the ability to create players but the gameplay itself was lacking as they completely changed the game engine. The graphics were worse, the sound effects were worse, the crowd noise was annoying.... I even disliked the organ music. Had they simply taken NHL '94, updated the rosters and added all of those other features, we would be at an NHL '95 website right now. Unfortunately that is not the case and NHL '94 turned out to be the best game in the series. Lastly, I think it is important to note the standards that were held at that time. I remember being amazed by the Big Boo in Super Mario World, and a group of us kids sitting around with our mouths dropped in stunned silence over watching a friend play Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time. With each new generation of video games our expectations rise higher and higher and we are not as easily impressed. When these games were released it was a huge jump from what we had before. Games now are only a small hop above what was previously released. Therefore nostalgia is another reason there is such a fanbase for this game. We remember playing it when our expectations were different and we had a blast. Fond memories were formed, and in my case at least, life was much simpler at that time. Anyway, I'm done with the long winded post but I thought I'd add my two cents and reasons for loving this game.
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    I was just getting ready to post the exact same thing. Awesome Line, So True!
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    That moment when there are so many players you start getting nervous....
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    I guess somebody does love 95! Pretty amazing turnout! What did we have in Toronto?
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    The WI tournament featuring the greatest hockey game of all time, NHL94 is back! Pucks Out 4 Harambe is our 2nd NHL94 tournament, and plans to be even bigger and better than our first effort! Our goal for turnout would be a 50% increase over last tournament, which was 16. We are hoping for at least 24-32 for this event, and have enough systems to support as many as 64 players! Cash prizes await the top 3 finishers, and the opportunity to hoist Lord Manly's Cup! Townline Pub and Grill, 2455 Lineville Road, Green Bay, WI, Saturday March 25th, 2017, 10AM registration, 11AM start - completion(estimate 4-6 hours), $25 prepay, $30 at the door. Side tournaments and additional gaming afterward. Parents with minions of their own are encouraged to add them to the action for only $10 more! Time permitting, we will have a special 2v2 parent/child single elimination tournament for all of the parent/child pairings still present after the main Genesis tournament! We feel it's critical to pass the spirit of retro gaming along to the next generation, and there is no better way to do this than to involve your child in this great event! We can ensure your child is put in your grouping with other parent/child combos for the normal tournament, giving them a better chance to win a game or two. Frequently Asked Questions 1) Why the Genesis and not SNES? Price and familiarity in this region are the two biggest reasons. The retro players in the WI market we spoke with were more familiar with the Genesis, as it tended to be the platform of choice for EA Sports games during the early to mid-90’s. The Genesis version is also typically heralded as the better version of the game. Lastly, the cost of acquiring true SNES hardware greatly exceeds the Genesis in 2nd hand markets. Currently we can acquire a Genesis console for roughly half the price of an SNES. If we can get 6-8 console "lenders/donors", we will add an SNES bracket. 2) How old do I need to be to participate? The answer to that question is 18 if you are on your own, and if accompanied by an adult, whatever that adult is comfortable with. Children of appropriate age may participate in the action. Please keep in mind that because there is prize money on the line, we cannot expect any adults to hold back and “go easy” on them. Also, while we encourage and request respectful language, we understand that we cannot completely censor any profanities that often come along with intense competition. Parental discretion is advised in this matter. Children under the age of 16 may be added to your entrance for for only $10 additional per child. 3) What are the food/drink options? Food and drink is available from the venue (Towline Pub and Grill). Outside product may not be brought inside. You must be 21 or older with a valid ID to order alcohol. We do ask that you drink responsibly, and be respectful of the attendees, venue, and equipment while doing so. 4) Why no event t-shirts? We want as much money possible going to the cash prize pool for this event. As this grows in popularity, the prize pool will as well, which will in turn allow us to investigate the possibility of including t-shirts at that time. 5) Overnight lodging accommodations? We have no implied agreements with any venues, however there are multiple options within 1-10 miles of the event venue. If you need assistance or recommendations, please let us know! 6) What is the cost to participate? The event cost is $30 at the door, $25 if you prepay before March 1st. If you can provide a fully functional SNES console + 2 OEM controllers + and copy of NHL94, you can get your fee lowered to $20. (You must prepay to be eligible for this). Your request to provide hardware must be approved, so contact Trojan (Troy) @ 920-246-7513, or trojan1979@gmail.com, or directly message this account on NHL94.com before prepaying if you wish to take advantage of this. There a number of individuals that are contributing behind the scenes that are paying a reduced fee to participate, and this event wouldn’t be possible without them. We do aim for transparency in this area to ensure integrity. The full amount of payout will be disclosed the day of the event. 7) What is the format/payout of the tournament? We will begin by having a group play session that is similar to a mini season. The number of games played will be based on the number of participants, and the number of consoles available. Group play will be followed by a single elimination playoff bracket. The 3rd place bracket game, conference final, and “Manley Cup final” will have a 3 game series. Time allowing, we may extend the bracket to a 3 game series beyond just the semis and finals. There will be prize money awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Prize money will be awarded, 60/30/10 percent. With expenses and system discounts, we anticipate roughly $15-$20 per paid person to go towards the prize pool. The price of internal console acquisition is not figured into this. A 32 paying field would net around $500 conservatively. $300 of that would go to first place, $150 to second place, and $50 would go to third. If you want that number to increase, invite more friends! 8) May we dress in costume for this event? Absolutely! We encourage you to wear your favorite team jersey/apparel. Extra points of respect are given out for old school apparel! 9) Are spectators allowed? Absolutely! The more the merrier, however we do ask that spectators be respectful and do not attempt to play on a system without paying to be a part of the event. Late comers may be allowed in at the expense of some pool play forfeitures. Once the tournaments conclude, if you are a spectator and are patronizing Townline, we may allow you to play casuals with us. The organizers like free beer and wings 10) How many games do we get to play and how long is the event? Pool play will start within an hour of the posted start time after registration is completed and commencement announcements are completed. We are still looking for someone to sing Oh Canada if we get any of our friends from the north. Again depending on actual participants, we anticipate anywhere from 4-8 games, taking anywhere from 2-4 hours for pool play. If you are eliminated you are encouraged to stay and cheer on those that advance. The bracket we also anticipate taking 2-4 hours to wrap up activities. This process would repeat of SNES is added to the mix. 11) Will the games be recorded or streamed? There will be at least one station recording game play, and if bandwidth allows, we will attempt to stream the action on twitch. Please add twitch.tv/trojan1979 to your list of followed channels. Please log on today and follow us for retro content! 12) How do I prepay? Payments may be made via PayPal to trojan1979@gmail.com. Payments are nonrefundable. Prepay discount is available until March 1st, just under one month before the tournament. Payment of $25 is to be sent to reserve your spot. You are considered signed up once payment is received. Rules: Rules posted are in the spirit of kingof94.com with some modifications. Currently this is a Genesis only NHL 94 tournament. These rules may be amended/updated with or without notice at the discretion of King of 94 WI when deemed necessary. KO94WI staff is the judge and jury in any disputes that cannot be worked out between competitors. We would like to add SNES to the mix, but will need help from the community to do so. 1) Game Settings : 5 Min Periods, Manual Goalie, Penalties On, No Offside 2) Please no delaying the game(excessive time in change screens, or stalling on your own end to run time out, you must attempt to advance the puck and press offensive advantage whenever possible) 3) Known game exploits/glitches IE(pass shots, the “b” stat trick, post whistle goals, miracle drop shot goals, etc. are permissible) 4) Team selection will involve a coin clip, the winner is required to call the matchup and is the home team. The coin clip loser chooses which of the two teams to be. If you face the same opponent again in the tournament, this is automatically reversed. 5) A coin flip winner cannot call the same matchup more than once during group play. This restriction is reset in bracket play and is again limited to one instance.(example : The coin flip winner can call Penguins v Devils, once in Group Play, and again in Bracket Play) 6) In the event of a system malfunction, the game will be reset. The prior score will apply. Games in the 1st period will resume from the 2nd, 2nd from the 3rd. Malfunctions in the 3rd should be replayed unless there is a 3 or more goal lead while said malfunction occurs. If a 3 or more goal lead exists in the 3rd, and a malfunction happens, the game is awarded to the leading player. 7) If the game is not resolved in Overtime, the game is reset until the first goal is scored. Injuries and penalties will not carry over, and line changes are allowed at this time to adjust. The home team has the final line change. 8) There is a 10 goal lead mercy rule. The game is over once this is achieved. 10 goals is the max per game goal differential allowed in the tournament. Goal differential is a tie breaking metric. 9) Changing Goalies: You may change before the opening face-off in a period, and during play stoppages. You may not change goalies for a penalty shot, or once the faceoff animations have started. 10) You may only sub for an extra attacker and pause if you possess the puck. You may not pause to send the goalie back until the whistle blows. 11) NHL-WI staff is your referee source for any disputes.(Trojan, Moe Man) 12) The games are played on real Sega Genesis model(or SNES if we add that tournament) 1, 2, or 3 hardware with OEM 3 or 6 button controllers via composite signal on CRT televisions. The only acceptable participant generic at this time is the Hyperkin 6 button. You are encouraged to bring your own controller for your own comfort level. We will need to know in advance if you are bringing a controller. You may be eligible for an event discount for providing a working 2 player setup. 13) Line changes are permitted before the game, during intermission, post injury, and if a timeout is used. Please state that you’d like to make a change so that your opponent doesn’t start pressing buttons to get into the action. Unapproved line changes will need to be reverted. The home team is always the last to make changes. Please keep the line changes to about 30 seconds per side to keep the action moving. Stats are approximate in the change screen for the Sega Genesis(except for weight), so do not dwell too long on the figures. If you accidentally start the game before the line change process has completed for both sides, simply state that you wish to reset the game and then do so.(this should happen before the puck drops)
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    We are currently sitting at 13 commits, with a number of folks in the wings. While we work hard to find local talent to participate, this tournament is setup to be a destination tournament right in the heart of the Midwest, relatively easy to access from all corners of our continent. I had hoped at this point we'd see a larger commitment base from the community at large here, as that's who the tournament was made for. As of right now, the only NHL 94 community icon coming again is Angryjay93 all the way from California, and retro gaming savant Kevin Cabarello is also coming again. Coach will not be attending. There must be at least one person in the neighboring states, or Toronto that could make the trip, but I don't know who you all are yet. If anyone knows someone that you think would be willing to get in the car/plane and make it out, we'd love to have them. We will have a number of new faces at this tournament getting exposed to what NHL94 is all about, or to get re-introduced. Regardless of the final number, we are going to have an amazing time, with great food and friends! Game on!
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    Unfortunate Swedish Translation for the word "Final" in Elitserien 95 the Swedish Port of NHL 95
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    The term is scientifically sound. 'Tis a fact that during ovulation a woman's sex drive goes up: link
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    You can also try these tv hookup cables. http://www.hdretrovision.com i haven't tried them yet, so I don't know how good they work.
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    I'd say the Orignal Gens 1 AC Power are closter to $16 online now. Have not found a good 3 party yet (those 3-1s don't work) I just bought a couple of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/351653030424?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and was dissapointed. Cords too short and have to tape in the part that plugs to gens as it's loose. It does power Sega though.
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    Those really make the picture A LOT nicer. I didn't have one until last year.
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    Recent update provided me puts Coachmac at 90% going, that would be our 3rd out of state player. Who else is going to make the trip?
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    The EA, NHL games after '94 don't work with netplay, do they? Maybe the hockey gods were trying to tell us something...
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    Thanks for your kind well thought out response. I took your original post wrong.
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    I'm not trying to take anything any from naples at all, I'm just curious about his methodology. I am equally as curious about how skip does his ROMs. I shouldn't have to say it, but I think anyone who puts in their own time and effort to continue the legacy of NHL '94 has to be respected. I also played your throwback ROMs CoachMac and I appreciate all your effort regardless of which guy's ROM I like the best. I love playing around with these games to see what you can come up with, what will be a new and different experience, so I like to try to find out what people are thinking when they do what they do. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for someone's perspective, even if it differs from mine, because hearing everyone's perspective is valuable. I understand that you may be offended by what I said or how I said it, but I have nothing but the best of intentions.
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    Hey Guys, I'm back in the editing suite this month. (had to take Jan/Feb off due to the editors schedule). I'm Just throwing this out there. I have a list of NHL '94 and NHLPA '93 gameplay shots I need for the film. Mostly 5 to 10 seconds of specific in-game events. For an example "Gretzky's head bleeding" and "Glass Breaking" kind of shots. I was hoping someone on the Fourm here could help out. The footage can be dumped with the use of an emulator and in as high resolution as possible. I can provide a shot list and the timeline I will need them by is about 4 weeks. As payment, I can offer you something very very special a signed copy of NHL '94 by Mark Lesser also IMDB Credit and your name in the movies credits. If anyone can help with this just let me know in the thread or email me at mikeymcbryan@gmail.com Cheers, Mikey
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    I'm a 5 hole specialist from even back in my original days of '94 on my Genesis with my brother. Slapshots from behind the blue line also go right through the goalie's legs if aimed correctly, if my memory was correct, and it's why my brother & I had to stop playing '95 and go back to '94, cause he couldn't figure out how to stop it. I'm going to fire up the '95 ROM later tonight when I get home and give it a test. This whole thread has me wanting to try a version of the game I haven't played since 1995! Nice.
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    There are a couple floaters in my/VOC's King of 94 game regular one @ 9:20: Backhander @ 9:38:
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    BTW you should really be at our tournament, missing the boat my friend!
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    I have a few of them. They are fine for a backup solution. They are fine for sports games, but not so great for games like Street Fighter 2. We have more than enough house controllers that this won't be an issue. This is more for anyone who might be wanting to bring their own controller, and may already have a Hyperkin at home.
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    Today staff member Moe Man is on his way to the sunshine state, and will be taking in the Sharks Capitols game whenever they play this week/weekend. I've requested that he take a copy of NHL94 and see if he can get Sharks GM Doug Wilson to sign the copy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_Wilson_(ice_hockey)
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    I don't believe either of these two exist at the moment, so nothing I can help point you to. Eventually I plan on doing something on goalie control for nhl94strategy.com, but won't be for a while. I'm not sure what the floater goal is, so can't help there.
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    Wait until I pull off my one-handed Down+B against you in the finals. It is the ultimate demoralizer which leads to your crumble and demise!
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    Hi guys, I don't know how valuable my input would be as someone who mostly lurks, doesn't participate in leagues, and just likes to play against the computer, but I wanted to offer my two cents anyway. I also didn't read the whole thread, so sorry if this overlaps with anyone else's thoughts. If the idea is attracting new, young people to NHL '94, you're going to have a tough time competing with several issues: On a Venn diagram, PC gaming and sports gaming are pulling apart year after year. This means that people who play modern EA NHL games are used to being able to pick up and play against a friend online with little difficulty. Personally I don't think the process of playing NHL '94 on Windows against someone else is too onerous (having grown up in the age of server browsers, old), but consider the ease with which someone can do it on PS4/X1 and you have a natural impediment to one's desire to participate. Playing NHL '94 likely won't have much appeal unless the rosters and graphics are continually updated (which, gratefully they are), but beyond that there are several aspects of the game that so far cannot be modified (rule changes, roster sizes, minor leagues, game modes like a full regular season, statistics...things that are taken for granted in new games). The novelty of playing NHL '94 with updated graphics and rosters can wear thin. Then, making a fantasy league/team is not a straight-forward process either. If I knew how to modify the updated NHL '94 so I could do it myself, I still can imagine the process being time-consuming. Nevertheless, herein lies the main source of modification the game and any leagues can offer. Finally, I have an expectation that the people who play in NHL '94 leagues with some regularity are formidable opponents for a variety of reasons. In a general sense, this community is full of NHL '94 veterans, and even the idea of competing with people who have been at this for upwards of twenty-three years sounds daunting even to me. Speaking even more broadly, I get the sense that this community hasn't had an infusion of regular new blood in a while. Being a more open and accessible community would always be beneficial. To that extent, I like the ideas of mentoring, expanding into "C" leagues, using Discord, having ladders and relegation/promotion, streaming and game nights...but is there enough of a potential user base to make the most of those ideas? What would one even do to encourage people to seek out this community? I know there's a Twitter handle, I'm sure there's a Facebook page...is there a YouTube channel? How about Twitch? Does anyone stream the games already? Play-by-play/color-commentary would be fun as long as there were professional-enough people doing it. (As a side note, I know there's a group on AIM for NHL '94 and people seeking out exhibitions, but my understanding is that the OSCAR protocol will not be supported by third-party software by the end of this month. I don't know the full details on this, but it may server to expedite shifting over to a Discord channel.) Ultimately, how do we make NHL '94 appeal to young people? It's got outdated graphics, outdated rules, not enough variety or depth in game modes, and the competition would be stiff. I think if we came up with something like an Elo rating system that gave a clearer understanding of how good a player is, instead of just A/B/C level, that may help players integrate and find the most suitable competition for themselves. I don't think this would be too radical an impact on the leagues and the players out there now I hope I'm not too out-of-the-loop for my thoughts to not be considered, but I would like this community to thrive and survive where I've seen others fall apart due to stagnation.
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    thank you. I think it is extremely hard to do. alot of the game comes from knowing how to put yourself in position. Depch gets extremely snake bit with both the goalie falling over especially the second time (the other was a good hard play.) Then Gilmour plays like he is cold as ice! One of the easiest pointers I see is at like 27:40; the puck is firmly inside the blue line which will pull the d men into the offensive zone, and then the loose puck headed towards the boards. Did Depch make a mistake coming across? Not sure. I personally would have skated backwards but I'm in the minority with that one. Plabax clearly jumps on the opportunity to create a pretty much insta break. Similarly the last Gilmour one timer at 28:06 is setup by the pass before the one timer. Anyway, I love watching these. Thanks
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    Play the NHL95 theme song backwards and you will know our secret...
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    One of my favourite NHL games ever. Also probably because we were able to make online leagues for this the first time. Set up your own web page, update trades during season, 20+ players constantly etc. I was once an idiot that kept my phone lines up for months so that deteriorated a relationship I had with a girl then. I must say that NHL came first and didn't think about others then, lael. I deserved all the crap I got afterwards. Legendary intro! Are you afraid of the masked man? I liked these menu tunes as well, especially menu 2, 5 & Loss theme.
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    EZE, if you retire today and never log in to this site again, your "average post quality" record will stand forever.