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    Hey everyone, I've been working behind the scenes the last month or so to get an NHL '94 Youtube channel and live stream going. On this channel I hope to provide content on the following items: -Live Game Analysis -Team Breakdowns -How to Videos -Challenges vs. Computer -Various other items that may arise While my Youtube channel may not quite be ready to start producing regular content, I have been working on some test footage which I have just posted this morning. This test footage consists chiefly of some games with MikeGartner that I played at CoachMac's house last night. What make this footage different from regular game recordings is that this footage also has Coach and I on camera analyzing the game as it plays out. While we have had commentators at our live events, I don't think we've ever had the game broken down by the person playing it as it goes on. I'm hoping this unique angle of live analysis gives other people better insight of the action. I just uploaded a couple videos; one contains myself and Mike Gartner playing 5 summer league games with the 2nd containing an exhibition game between Coach Mac & Mike Gartner, you can use the links below to view it on Youtube. A lot of this is a work in progress and will improve over time but I think it's a good first step. One thing I would really appreciate in all of this is the input and support of the community. In the end I want this content to be an extension of us and our community so it is vital that you guys get involved. How you can get involved can take various forms. The first thing that can be done is so subscribe to the channel and if you want to go a little further by commenting on my videos or giving a thumbs up (or thumbs down) then that would be really helpful. Also, please feel free to send me a PM, e-mail, or post on the forums requesting a video on a specific subject. I'm open to helping anyone with anything because I want to help the level of play here continue to rise. I also want to help anyone who is either getting back into the game after a long break or who is a total noob. Oh and before I forget, don't fret my SNES buds, I plan on having SNES specific content as well. You will not be forgotten in all of this. So again, things are a work in progress here and it will get better moving forward. If you get the chance, please check out the videos, I would appreciate any support I get from the community here to help this project grow. And oh, one last thing before I go. Coach and I also tested out the live stream by playing our 10 summer league games. Please feel free to check it out and leave a comment! https://youtu.be/02Z3Agp7aHk
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    You take it for granted that organizing a tournament just kind of happens but goes to show what Darrell does isn't easy. We had I think 14 buds. Only one system, but single elimination so it went fast. Final was 10 minute periods, I blew a 5-1 lead then pushed back to win 8-6. The guy knew how to play. Always fun to meet people who appreciate the game! Thanks for the heads up @halifax and you'll get your customary 10% cut of my earnings. It was $40 in gift cards and a Budweiser goal light. We'll figure something out.
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    ABBREVIATED VERSION OF HOOK LOG OF RAM ADDRESS "FFC2F6" - Presumably the RAM address where breakaway data is stored MEMORY ACCESS LOGGING STARTED [00:E6F8] W08 = 00 [FFC2F6] (puck in my defensive zone, moving towards opposing blue line) --------------------------------------------------------------- [0F:6F20] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (immediate switch to this pattern of segments of 3 giving off the following sequence not every other) [00:DDC8] W08 = 84 [FFC2F6] [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] --------------------------------------------------------------- [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (not sure what caused the switch to all 80s, I think it might have been after shooting, but before opposing team got possession) [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] [00:C278] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (look at these two rom addresses, unlike any other in the whole sequence) [00:C522] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] (all 80s with these 3 rom addresses until the last two) --------------------------------------------------------------- [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] [00:E6F8] W08 = 80 [FFC2F6] --------------------------------------------------------------- [00:E6F8] W08 = 00 [FFC2F6] (after breakaway "ends") [01:2C16] W08 = 00 [FFC2F6] MEMORY ACCESS LOGGING STOPPED COMPLETE VERSION: breakaway flag.txt
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    Congrats Annatar bud. Can someone figure out how to sync the Budweiser goal light up with the SNES?
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    Here is the Twitch stream. 1h42m. The final game starts around 1h17m https://www.twitch.tv/videos/265588052
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    Yeah after AJ knocking me out in Vegas if he'd flown to Montreal to beat me in a little bar on St-Denis street I think I'd have had to find some new hobbies.
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    Chaos and I played a game for SNES9X. Worked fine. I was on a mac and he was on a PC. No lag. worked well. It took me an hour to get it set up the retro arch. But this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than before. It will bring me back in the fold for sure. Thanks again Chaos....this is great!
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    Please post any issues, good or bad experiences you've had during setup or net play here. Hopefully there will be someone who's had the issue and can respond, or we can figure out how to fix it (if possible). I want to hear gripes/issues/concerns and if you like using the program. I want to hear the good and bad. I think some people will love it, some will hate it. The point is we are looking for a better and easier net play experience for all. If RetroArch doesn't fit that description, I'll keep looking for something else. The best thing is RetroArch is still in active development, so if there's an issue that is a huge one, we can ask for it to be fixed (unlike Gens/Kaillera and ZSNES). This does seem promising, though there is a steep learning curve with the setup and options. If anyone finds something out in the settings they like, please post. Something you don't, please post. Hopefully there will be a way to make setup easier in the future. I haven't explored all the options in the menus, so please feel free to do so. Here's all of the posts on Setup and playing:
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    www.dee-nee.com Here is the editor http://nightwulf.rbicentral.com/rbi-editor/
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    Bumping this, I made a few changes. After speaking with the developer, use Input Latency Frames = 0 and Input Latency Frame Range = 0 for netplay.
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    Man...you have made my life complete with this!! I just noticed one thing that was bugging me...I changed the Ducks' helmets to blue. Haha. Thanks so much for this!! MightyDucks1.0.bin
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    Most Games 1. MikeGartner22 66 2. Corbettkb 64 3. Coachmac 42 4. Seamor 40 5. Lupz27 22 5. Jackandjose 22 Fewest Games 1. dcicon5148 0 2. ChefStar88 0 Goals 1. Mogilny 203 2. Recchi 90 3. Mike Gartner 77 Most PIM's 1. Gary Suter 32 2. Nick Lidstrom 27 3. Chris Chelios 25 Most Defenseman Goals 1. Chris Chelios 24 2. Alexei Zhitnik 12 2. Don Sweeney 12 3. Doug Wilson 8 Most Checks 1. Gary Suter 392 2. Mark Recchi 372 3. Chris Chelios 313 Most Wins 1. Tex 50 2. CoachMac 19 2. MikeGartner22 19
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    Hi all! Special thanks to @seamor who was able to help me with figuring out how to make this ROM have lines that could be edited within the game's "line editor". You can now edit all lines within the game as well as NOSE. This can be done with NLC turned on or manual/auto line changes turned on. No more freezing!!! PP units play as 4v3 in this ROM. NOTE: With the two PP lines, per team, you will not be able to edit the left point position in the game line editor. The hex coding had to be written so that only 3 players show per line. The left point has to be edited in NOSE. However, you can edit the right point on either PP unit. If you change that player, in the game line editor, to be the player who is already on the left point, it simply swaps them within the game. E.g - With WSH, Ovie is the left point and Carlson is the right point on the 1st PP unit. In the game, if you change the right point to be Ovie, the left point will automatically become Carlson. If you change Carlson (right point) to be someone other than Ovie, he will remain as the left point on PP1. Once a PP is over, the teams will skate 4v4 until the whistle blows. Unfortunately, if your team has two guys in the penalty box, it will become a 4v2 PP until PP time is up. This is a game limitation that I cannot correct. So, try not to take too many penalties at one time. I made most penalties a minute in length for this particular ROM. Of course, if you play with no penalties turned on then this doesn't matter. Per Slapshot67's feedback, I changed the team select menu teams to now be VGK & WSH in honor of the upcoming SCF. The game will still freeze on the Doc Emrick (formerly Ron Barr) page if you cycle the player portraits. This only happens on this ROM (not my 5v5 version). The ROM update is v4. Feedback, as always, is welcome. If you notice any bugs (besides the known WPG freeze bug or those mentioned above), please let me know. Enjoy!
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    I'm not sure what these posts mean, but here's to KG.
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    If I leave now my ticket will be only $700 which isn't terrible. And by now, I mean right now. My flight would be in two and a half hours
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    Just read this for the first time now, what an awesome looking tourney! Sounds like it was a blast. Makes me miss 94 and all you A-holes
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    Boom! Got your picks bud....and then I copied and pasted them into mine.
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    No right answer? There is a right answer. The game is called NHL Hockey. The player data is based on the 92-93 season and was released in 1993, just like NHL94. NHLPA93 was released in 1992. This game was not. Those are your answers.
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    You got it Neo, there is no spoon
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    Sent these off today for the awesome organizers of this tourney. Previous work I did for Green Bay. My Training Ground for KO94-3 Blue Ice Nhl 94 Tribute Stiga Game I have been working on. Eventually I hope to make flat players with stickers that will look like the pixelated players in NHL 94. I would like to be the official trophy maker of this tournament. Consider this my application.