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    Your talking about the guy who has beat you in the last 2 playoff series you guys played in? When was the last time you went through Raph to win a title? Blitz? He went through you to win GDL 14. Your doing an awful lot of bashing against a guy who has beaten you in classic playoffs, and for a GDL championship the last 2 times you guys tangled in meaningful games (insert Plabs CB excuse here).
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    In my opinion, the reason you see a difference between my old Blitz and current GDL is the following: * I've improved as a player. * Competition in GDL is weaker than Blitz. * CB check is new, not everyone can execute the check (vs. Blitz, where C is C), so advantage to those who can. * Focus on spending draft picks on top d-men and goalies vs. forwards. That's pretty much the reasons you would see a difference in my game. You give me Iafrate/Stevens/Zalapski instead of Glen Featherstone/Kasatonov/McSorley, against competition that isn't as good as Blitz, that's the result. I won't spend much more time questioning or unwinding Plabax's theories, but wanted to throw in my 2 cents in there. You all have to remember, Plabax wins 100% of the time unless there is something in the game that prevents him from doing so. Don't even argue it.
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    Team: Calgary First Line G - Curtis Joeseph LD - Niedermayer RD - Chiasson LW - Russ Courtnall C - Jagr RW - Selanne X - KamenskySecond Line G - tugnutt LD - Leschysyn RD - Schneider LW - Kamensky C - Hawerchuk RW - Gagner X - jagr
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    Some of this already exists, you just can't see it . I'm working on overhauling the code for the site, it is outdated. Once I'm done, I will start adding new features.
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    Anytime bud! You'll see, the everdrives are awesome! The best thing about them is the ability to play modded and translated games on the console.
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    Yes they have a save battery. I think with the X3, in order to save though, you have to hit the reset button before you power off. It doesn't have the "Save without reset" feature. That's why its cheaper than the X5.
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    Sorry bud, I was wrong. The X7 does save states, not the X5 or X3. Everyone here has the Everdrive MD v3, which doesn't look like it's being made anymore (though some retailers are still selling it, probably until their stock is gone). The X5 seems to be the closest in features with the Everdrive MD v3. So I would go with the X5, unless you want save states, then the X7 would be your choice. Save states seems to drive the price up, it must be hard to implement.
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    If I could ever beat it, it would be the greatest accomplishment ever for me in gaming. It has haunted me since 4th grade. It's not just hard, it's really unfair. Some levels have no margin for error.
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    Coach, the NES one does do save states. There is an option in the menu you need to turn on (press SELECT at the ROM selection screen), then I believe it's something like Up + Start to load the state, Down + Start to save it. http://​http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=2554.0 The SNES version does not. Also, it should be noted that they all offer battery saves (SRAM). When you save in a game (that supports it), the save is written to the SRAM, just like a cartridge. When you decide to switch to a different game, the SRAM is written to a file specific to that game, then the new game is loaded into memory, along with the new game's save file. I have actually pulled the saved SRAM file of a specific game and loaded it in an emulator to play. Then you can save in the emulator, put the save on the Everdrive, and begin playing where you left off. It's a neat little feature, though it does take a little hex editing sometimes because the 2 save files may be a different size (usually just padding the end of the file with FF). They seem to have gotten rid of the original Everdrive MD v3. Now they just have X3,5,7. X3 and X5 doesn't appear to save states (my apologies), but the X7 does. http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=5775.0 Ugh hardest game ever. It took me like 20 years to finally beat the 3rd rat race in Level 10, then get stuck on Level 11 where the giant lollypop looking thing chases you.
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    I think he means how to get their Overall rating? Not sure though.
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    I meant the loading time is really nothing. It's very small with the V3, so I don't think the X3 is necessary. It looks like there is no more V3 anyway. And the prices have dropped. I would probably go with the X5, its only $89 now. If you don't think save states or Sega-CD RAM expansion is a big deal, then the X3 is $49 and that is a good deal as well.
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    Hey bud, I sent you an invite to the AIM Blast Group. You can chat in there for a test game, there are usually people on to play or who can arrange to play at a later time. Hey, did you sign up for Classic League yet? I don't see your AIM or name on the Waiting List. Sign up, and I'll add you to the AIM Blast Group. League Registration
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    right, but getting the file created requires a new PC. well, new to me. to me the PS3 is new and Windows 7 seems like something from the future. it's probably a decade old and was probably outdated the minute it was commercially available, but it's still a lot newer than any of my Windows 98/NT/ME-era PCs.
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    NHL '94.com 2014 meetup in Clockwise's sun room