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    I have seen (some of) hokkee's posts to that effect. I think those are all good ideas. (I am not sure if you cherry picked.) But some of his "message" may have been lost in some very erratic, possibly drunken/high (or manic) posts he left, too. (Not to belittle a battle with the bottle, or mental issues.) The thing is, it is like herding cats trying to get change around here. It is slow, or doesn't happen at all. That is just the institutional culture here. Unfortunately. I think the best approach is exactly what you are doing: Make your own league, with your own rules, and enforce it as you see fit. I like your small, tight, quick Plablegs league, and I like your strict enforcement of the checkpoints. (I recognize it is a personal preference, and people have differing viewpoints.) You have taken action, and that may affect real change. That is the right approach. Lamenting on what could have been is a waste of time.
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    You guys are seriously acting like you don't know what hokkee had to say? I can understand aqualizard; he wasn't around. Hokkee was the biggest advocate for kicking out slackers, shortening seasons and having less coaches to improve the flow of the seasons and keep the interest up. He also was a fan of real checkpoints. You guys know this and I'm not even sure why I just typed this. How I think he's right.... well, it's not rocket science. The slackers were never punished, the seasons were always too long and they had too many coaches. There was no flow in them because they were too long, and as a result the interest levels diminished.
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    Plabs is trying to change the culture around here so that it's more efficient. Hokkee had the same goal but his style was brash and he became a joke to some people. Plabs created his own league specifically for this reason, as many of us who feel the same have had our pleas and suggestions ignored. Look at the GP completion of Plablegs. It's a thing of beauty. Many of us love it the setup of it, and loathe the unpunished slacking, dragged out seasons that have become the norm here for a long time. It takes the fun out of for a lot of guys. This place is losing coaches (and will continue to) and nothing has been done to try to stem that tide. What a shame it was to lose Ba55ist, a great dude and coach who was quickly increasing his skill level. He decided it just wasn't worth the time investment given how inefficient the leagues were. Although Plabs created it, Plablegs is as much my "baby" as it is his. This is why Plabs "picked" who he wanted in his league and exactly why it's been so efficient so far. You don't play your games in time? Over the wall you go! Atrocious connection that tortures opponents? Over the wall you go! Disappear for weeks at a time and hold things up? Adios amigo. The design of Plablegs and management of the league has been a breath of fresh air. It's been inspiring to see what can be done if expectations are established and enforced. For some of us, it's like "hey, maybe we can change this place for the better". Then Brutus makes his league that reverts back to the old ways, and I think Plabs feels like the progress has been undermined. Sure, Brutus can make whatever league he wants and his intentions are good. People will join and most likely have a lot of fun. Yet it doesn't change the fact that it seems like we're going backwards and the wind has been taken out of the sails. The ones who have been demanding a change in culture are once again alienated. At least that's how I feel. This site is dying and none of you can see it happening. The community should have listened to hockey. They still don't get it and it seems they never will.
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    Well said. I just wanted to hear people's honest thoughts. Waste of time or not, I'm curious to hear what people really think.
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    Yes they are stored. (Incidentally, we preferred to use nhl94online.com, but Chaos seems busy -- didn't answer my PMs -- so we jerry-rigged this thing together.) I will PM you your password. I sent passwords to FPB and Icestorm, too. I think others have them already, but if I missed someone, let me know. Thanks.
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