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    I'm posting the .krec here for those who want to view these playoff games in Gens. These are done with the new kaillera and you need the plugin to record or use the player in kaillera netplay to view the games. I'll add the links to those if anyone outside of the current community should ever want to check out the games. Just unzip the recorder plugin to your Gens/kaillera folder to be able to use the player from Gens netplay. Bin required: plablegsiFINAL.bin Kaillera: http://p2p.kaillera.ru/wip/kailleraclient.dll Recorder/Player plugin: http://p2p.kaillera.ru/wip/okai_recorder.7z Round 1 vs Zep: g1&2: 58a73bd40102.krec g3&4: 58a7403f0202.krec g5: 58a7464e0102.krec g6: 58a748780202.krec g7: 58a74adb0102.krec Round 2 vs Plabax: g1&2: 58abd7b90102.krec g3&4: 58abdc0f0202.krec g5: 58abe0720102.krec g6: 58abe2b40202.krec ps. It would be so much better if the match page on nhl94online.com would be updated so the .krec files could be uploaded to there instead.
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    Love the retro Friday idea...seems you got a few buds signed up already for the 2 on 2. not sure how many are in for '95. @segathon