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    Whenever you play someone head to head, whomever is hosting might have a FIREWALL setup. Even basic computer setups usually have the Windows Firewall up. You need to enable the Gens program to be allowed through the firewall. It's the most common reason I find someone can't host. Usually, a new player is able to connect to a veteran's game via Hamachi, but struggle to host it the first week. 2 new guys is almost a guaranteed struggle. Follow the steps to be on Discord so you can be talked through it while you are actually trying to host with your friend. Have both of you on, and you both can be chatting inside the NHL94 Discord forum and one of us will usually be around to help.
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    Good stuff guys, way better than the standard 'blow on your internet cable', or reinstall AOL from the disk.
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    Also helpful if you describe at what step you guys run into an issue. 1. Install GENS + Kaillera.dll 2. Play NHL94.bin in GENS and configure controller/keyboard to play SOLO. 3. Install Hamachi 4. You and friend join same Hamachi network 5. Host/Connect an online game in GENS using Gens --> Netplay
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    Here is my advice: Join our Discord group and do a test game. Then you will have a Vet to walk you through it. Once you have been shown how, it will be easier to set it up with your friend. (Discord is a sort of Instant Messaging app that we use to communicate.) Getting Started with Discordâ„¢ Use this invite link to join DIscord: https://discord.gg/H7vrytU <--- this may be all you need! Then once you have joined, if you need it, use this link to see our group... https://discordapp.com/channels/@me/279827632479141889 Now: 1. Click the "NHL94" logo in the left column. 2. Next, click "#general" under "TEXT CHANNELS"... 3. Now type "Can someone play me!!", or "Exis"... someone will help out soon enough.... Tip 1: "Exis" are what we call our pick up games... Tip 2: Play some exis with a vet for a few days, get really good, then trounce your friend without telling him how you got so good