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    Thanks for modding the game and stuff. I'm happy I can play this game again on my PC.
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    I've got: Sega Genesis: 2 SNES: 1 (plus a buddy said I could borrow his, so I have 2 available) RetroTRIO: 1 (plays Genesis, SNES, and NES games) NHL 94 Genesis: 4 NHL 94 SNES: 2 CRT TVs: just 1, a bit on the large side Blurry Pixel is where I was thinking. Level One looks nice, too (they also have a copy of SNES 94). House of Targ didn't really seem set up for it? Wherever it is I'm hoping they can supply 2 of each of the consoles to round it out to 4 each, with the RetroTRIO as a backup. I'm thinking October or November? Just some time before it gets all snowy. Have to make sure they would let us stream (I know Blurry Pixel would) There would be guaranteed 'rookie' prizes so we online players don't rip them off.
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    LONG season to go.....anything can happen. Thats why we play the GA!