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    I have been looking for new and challenging ways to play NHL94 offline and solo. Like most of you, playing the computer controlled teams are no longer a challenge. Although the best competition is playing in one of the many online leagues, I have not been able to commit to an online league or find people to play against in non-league games. I took it upon myself to make new challenges. First was winning the Stanley Cup playoffs without a goalie. This proved to limit my exposure to several teams, since there are only a few teams that I might be able to use to accomplish this feat. Probably could do it with VAN, QUE, CAL, and maybe LAK or WSH, which leaves the rest of the teams unused. I like to play with an assortment of teams, so I needed to find another challenge... I decided to play with just backup players. That worked fine for the elite to middle tier teams, but left the bottom teams a barren wasteland of talent. (Playing with an all backup version of the Florida Panthers would make a grown man cry) The idea was good, it just needed some adjustments. I wrote up a blog entry about it: http://coalm.blogspot.com/2017/08/handicapping-nhl94.html Bottom Line: -No players rated over 75 overall -Every team must bench their best forward and their best defenseman -No dominant goal scorers even if the player's overall rating is below 75. Call this the Kamensky Rule -If a player scored a hat trick, the player must be substituted for the remainder of that game. Removal from the rest of the playoffs is optional, but encouraged. -Only removed Roy and Belfour at goalie. All other goalies remained. Might change this in the future. Let me know what you guys think of my results, or go try it yourself.
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    Hey Eman, you should try the juiced teams in Coach Mac's Hockey Night Roms ! I much prefer playing these superstar teams rather than pulling my goalie and various other handicapping tricks.