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    Egg and I are officially booked (coming in Friday). We'll see you guys there.
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    Haha, don't mistake my work on '95 as anything other than a fun project. I'll leave it at that!
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    Great work King! Love following this progress. Is 95 the next big thing? Has Segathon finally brainwashed us all.
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    For the team banners, I ran into the same problem on the SNES 93 ROM. I used the tiling and made a bunch of available letters, so you could just look up the letters in a table then update the tile map in the ROM. Some teams needed custom banners because their names were longer. It's explained here (2nd post): http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11734-nhlpa-hockey-93-64-team-rom/ However just shrinking the graphics so 34 fit is much simpler for modders to make ROMs with.
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    There's a rumour that @annatar , @chaos, @angryjay93and @kingraph will be in attendance.
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    Setting up the early rematch I'd better hit the tapes