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    Hey guys, Here is the updated ROM with the 2017-18 rosters. I'll add more details later, but if you're new to updated ROMs: -This is a 32-team ROM (updated teams, player cards and graphics by Slapshot67) -Updated rosters for 2017-18 season (rosters by Skip). Lines were accurate as of 10/8 (except for Vegas). Went ahead with Vegas "best lines" -Weight bug is fixed (heavy guys are harder to knock down) -1 minute penalties (except for injuries = 2 min penalty) KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. This really was a fun ROM to put together. We hope you enjoy! NOTE: The tourney ROM has continuous OT. I ran some simulations with the ROM (w/ 7 minute periods) and teams were getting 30 shots on goal. It was actually not bad to watch! -Skip NHL18skipV1.zip NHL18tourneyV1.zip
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    It was easy only because I started with the assumption that this table existed in the same way as '94! This saved me HOURS of sleuthing. First I ran a trace at the start of a game when the music starts. I knew if a table existed, there must be a "MOVE" function that loads the explicit offset into an address register, so I isolated all of those. I grabbed the offsets and removed duplicates. Initially there were 45 unique offsets. Roughly half were already previously identified (graphics, team data, etc.) so it was easy to remove them. Then, it was sort of easy to quickly eyeball the hex data on the remaining offsets for anything that resembled the music table. Once I found it, it kind of stood out because it looked exactly like the '94 table! I then compared the '95 trace on that offset to one I ran for '94 and the instructions were identical! After that, I changed the song for the first team 2-3 times and it seemed to work! I posted my find and went to bed. This whole thing took about an hour. This method only worked because '95 had the same music structure setup as '94, so I was lucky my assumption was true.
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    Music I'm back on this project and thanks to the work on music for '94 from @smozoma here: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11307-how-to-change-and-view-nhl-94-sound-effects-and-music/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-167211 it was MUCH easier to understand and find the same table in '95. I haven't fully tested this out, but I'm 98% sure it works the same way. A few tests with the first team confirms the find. Team music offset table is found @067A20 and follows the same structure as the linked thread for '94. I will test this some more with other teams and expand it to all 34 teams in a new location. Thanks Smoz!
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    Ok, two pages have been added now: 1. http://nhl94.com/joinus/ 2. http://nhl94.com/events These are nice, simple URLs as we discussed, that can be put on flyers or even just spread by word of mouth. The "Events" URL just redirects to the a forum thread in a new subforum called "Latest Info" where an overview of Upcoming Events, both Live and Online, has been added. (I think having its own page, with radio buttons for "live" or "online" is a cool idea, but the forum thread approach is the quickest...) Note: the "Join Us" is quick and dirty, but functional. I will add some graphics, and change wording. Feedback is welcome.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to get some brief feedback and pics here. Overall, great tournament and great time hanging with other NHL94 peeps. @halifax did an outstanding job organizing this and keeping it moving. Can't thank you enough for all the hard work bud. @McMikey gave us a preview of his documentary, which was awesome to see. Thanks for sharing with the group. @angryjay93 congrats on an outstanding performance and winning the Gens. I have yet to win a game against you... EVER. @Jammer - KO94IIsnes congrats on a super solid performance winning Snes, and also your celebration was also solid. @CoachMac thanks for bringing that key CRT TV for us to play on throughout the weekend, and also for helping out during the tournament. Coach is a class act. These events are all about hanging around great people who share the love of NHL94, from all walks of life. Most of the feedback already mentioned I agree with so no need to say it again. For me, this was a little more fun than Toronto because we had the opportunity to play more games in both the tournament and friendly games as well. Also had more opportunity to chat with guys. Got to play @halifax finally (1 game on each system), and some 2 on 2 Gens after the tournament as well with @egg, @IAmFleury'sHipCheck , @chaos, @kingraph, and @corbettkb Thanks for all the good times guy! -Evan
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    Nice, good idea on the MOVE command
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    The goalies are still pretty amped up when compared to the old ROM, it's been the hardest part of the ratings for me. But I agree, it is definitely harder to score.
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    Thanks all! One note: I did not include players on long-term injury in the lineups, but they're in the ROM (Kesler, Chychrun, Sekera, Ellis, Zajac, Berglund and Bouwmeester. I did not include Clarke MacArthur :-( If anyone finds any errors (handedness, jersey #'s, and jeebus help me if I spelled anything incorrectly) please let me know! @King of 94' WI - I know! I started off doing the HHOF players and guess what? JR and Mogs are not in the HHOF. It's a travesty! #GetThemIn @kingraph - good call, will do. @naples39 - thanks bud, looking forward to seeing yours too!
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    Brass Bonanza on a continues loop!
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    I hope so too then i can broadcast maybe a 2017 league?
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    The rom crashed on me when I was exploring the teams.