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    Hey guys, here is the 2017 Trade Deadline ROM! I hope you like it. Slapshot67 - Thanks for everything! **EDIT - I added a playoff version of the ROM. Has a few changes to rosters (tried to get all players playing in the playoffs right now), but it also has the real tourney tree instead of the projected tree, as an option. I made penalties 1 minute long (except for double-minors). Enjoy! Updates for 2017 ROMs - All are WBF (Blitz style) ROMs -Player Cards for every starter on every team -Added Anniversary logos for Toronto, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles -Bench Graphics (backup goalie, coach) & Bench Carpet -Goal Light -Net Fix -Ratings changes for teams & players (excel file w/ ratings in zip folder) -Added a few playoff matchups based on this year's current standings -The Excel file will give you all of the player ratings, with an extra rating that shows how likely a check will be successful with a player. It uses weight + checking rating to give a "checking ability". Somebody figured out that a check is likely to be successful if they check a player with a weight a full digit lower than the checking ability. For example: PK Subban has a 8.9 checking ability (slightly abv average for a Dman), Shea Weber has a 14.1 (really high), and Erik Karlsson has a 5.4 (pretty low). If Subban attempts to check an 8 weight, he may have some issues, but he will usually knock down a 7 weight. Weber can knock down anyone 13 weight or lower, so he is the beast. Karlsson will have trouble knocking over anyone who isn't Johnny Gaudreau (not literally, but he will not be a C checking player). NHL17TradeDeadline.bin NHL17skipDeadlineFinal.zip NHL17Playoffs.bin
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    I was waiting to announce this, but me and my team of artists I have completely re-done the game in unreal engine with polygonal graphics. With a little extra work, we will also have photorealistic coaches on the bench, 4 officials on the ice, and accurate team goal horns. Also adding AHL, KHL, SHL, and national teams. 50/50 if we can have every NCAA team as well. ROM will be free and 512kb download.
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    I hope this is the right spot in the forum to post this. For a little over a year, I've been working on a tabletop arcade project. I decided to do an NHL 94 theme. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions about the build.
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    The game has to be remade in the same style as Street Fighter 2, Super Turbo HD, or SWOS for Xbox Live. It has to happen. It's going to happen. In some respects I regret spending so many years editing the game when I could have been figuring out ways to remake it. I have a blueprint for the whole thing; it's several hundred files. I doubt if it would ever have the same namesake, but I think offering all proceeds for game sales to a charity, such as Hockey Fights Cancer, might help game obtain an NHL License. But the best way would probably just let players edit, create and share their own NHL teams through something like the Steam Platform. I'm not crazy enough to think project like this could be undertaken by the community, or any community for that matter. It requires the kind of capital you can only get from launching multiple businesses and working 120 hour work weeks for years; which is how I'm going to raise it. I honesty don't think the money could be raised from Kickstarter, at least not enough to create a worthy remake. Remake really is a dirty word when you look at what some of the stuff that has been churned out by major 3rd party developers in the last few years that are just quick cash-grabs. There is no time table, but this is one of my life goals. In fact, it's a goal I write down every day. I didn't spent 20 years of my life playing and editing this game just to leave it here. There's no way anyones going to throw dirt on me until it's done.
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    We play this magnificent game daily at work. The regular season, playoffs and all. Half of the floor participates. So I decided to arrange a tribute to the game, this online community and the theme song we all love. With some drum machines, keys and guitars. Here it is, I hope you like it: Kurt Vogel - NHL94 Theme Tribute.mp3 Thinking of uploading a video of playing it to Youtube and making guitar tabs if someone's interested playing along.
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    Alright, I haven't tested this as much as I usually do, but hopefully first time's a charm! Please let me know if you catch any problems/errors and I'll do 1.1 or or whatever. nhl2017deadline.zip EDIT: Adding link for "outdoor" alternate version; details on page 2 of thread. nhl2017outdoor.zip
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    53 who RSVP'd to a FB event page. Attendance is well over 100 at this point. I stopped counting at 100 because once past the century mark it gets nerve wrecking.
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    My goal is to try to keep the range of player ratings from the original rom where only solid allstars get into the 80s rating range and if you're not first line or close to it you're not in 70s either. This will result in slower play than ROMs like skip's where his ratings result in about +10-15 overall for every player compared to where I rate guys, and nearly every team has several guys in the high 70s and higher in his ROM. Way too many 5/6 agilities/speeds IMO! I guess that affects player AI too? Different strokes for different folks! I also think it's good to have different approaches, otherwise there's not much reason for skip and I to be doing the same thing!
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    some great news, smozoma found out where each teams music table is. you can now edit the Power Play, Penalty kill, Goal, Face off, and Random music. each team has 6 pieces of music (example - SAN JOSE - 5F 60 61 63 64 65) 1st # - face off music 2nd # - power play music 3rd # - 2nd period random music 4th # - goal music 5th # - penalty kill music 6th # - 3rd period random music Original ROM: 0 TEAM LOCATION FO PP 2P GF PK 3P -- ---- -------- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 ANH 000FE5B0 77 75 76 00 5A 00 2 BOS 000FE5B6 31 32 30 00 5A 31 3 BUF 000FE5BC 34 33 33 34 5A 00 4 CGY 000FE5C2 35 37 35 37 36 36 5 CHI 000FE5C8 38 3A 39 38 5A 65 6 DAL 000FE5CE 4A 4B 4B 00 5A 00 7 DET 000FE5D4 3B 3C 3D 00 5A 3C 8 EDM 000FE5DA 3E 3F 3F 00 5A 00 9 FLA 000FE5E0 77 75 76 00 5A 00 10 HFD 000FE5E6 40 42 41 42 5A 40 11 LA 000FE5EC 43 43 45 44 5A 46 12 MTL 000FE5F2 4F 4E 4F 4D 5A 4C 13 NJ 000FE5F8 50 51 50 00 5A 52 14 NYI 000FE5FE 47 48 47 49 5A 49 15 NYR 000FE604 54 55 53 00 5A 00 16 OTW 000FE60A 77 75 76 00 5A 00 17 PHI 000FE610 56 57 56 58 00 58 18 PIT 000FE616 59 5B 59 5C 5A 5C 19 QUE 000FE61C 5D 5E 5D 00 5A 5E 20 SJ 000FE622 5F 60 61 63 64 65 21 STL 000FE628 67 68 68 67 5A 69 22 TBY 000FE62E 6A 6B 6B 00 5A 00 23 TOR 000FE634 6C 6C 6D 00 5A 00 24 VAN 000FE63A 6E 6F 70 00 5A 00 25 WSH 000FE640 71 73 71 00 5A 74 26 WPG 000FE646 77 75 76 00 5A 00 27 ASE 000FE64C 54 55 53 00 5A 00 28 ASW 000FE652 54 55 53 00 5A 00 use the nhl94_music.zip samples to listen and change the way you want Type Hex MUSIC # Description Music 30 NHL94_music_001 ? Music 31 NHL94_music_002 Boston Music 32 NHL94_music_003 ? Music 33 NHL94_music_004 ? Music 34 NHL94_music_005 Buffalo Music 35 NHL94_music_006 Calgary Music 36 NHL94_music_007 ? Music 37 NHL94_music_008 ? Music 38 NHL94_music_009 Chicago Music 39 NHL94_music_010 ? Music 3A NHL94_music_011 ? Music 3B NHL94_music_012 Detroit Music 3C NHL94_music_013 ? Music 3D NHL94_music_014 ? Music 3E NHL94_music_015 Edmonton Music 3F NHL94_music_016 ? Music 40 NHL94_music_017 Hartford Music 41 NHL94_music_018 ? Music 42 NHL94_music_019 ? Music 43 NHL94_music_020 Los Angeles Music 44 NHL94_music_021 ? Music 45 NHL94_music_022 ? Music 46 NHL94_music_023 ? Music 47 NHL94_music_024 New York Islanders Music 48 NHL94_music_025 ? Music 49 NHL94_music_026 ? Music 4A NHL94_music_027 Dallas Music 4B NHL94_music_028 ? Music 4C NHL94_music_029 ? Music 4D NHL94_music_030 ? Music 4E NHL94_music_031 Montreal (Halte la Les Canadiens sont la) Music 4F NHL94_music_032 Montreal Music 50 NHL94_music_033 New Jersey Music 51 NHL94_music_034 ? Music 52 NHL94_music_035 ? Music 53 NHL94_music_036 ? Music 54 NHL94_music_037 New York Rangers Music 55 NHL94_music_038 ? Music 56 NHL94_music_039 Philadelphia Music 57 NHL94_music_040 ? Music 58 NHL94_music_041 ? Music 59 NHL94_music_042 Pittsburgh Music 5A NHL94_music_043 ? Music 5B NHL94_music_044 ? Music 5C NHL94_music_045 ? Music 5D NHL94_music_046 Quebec Music 5E NHL94_music_047 ? Music 5F NHL94_music_048 San Jose Music 60 NHL94_music_049 Jaws Theme Music 61 NHL94_music_050 ? Music 62 NHL94_music_051 ? Music 63 NHL94_music_052 ? Music 64 NHL94_music_053 ? Music 65 NHL94_music_054 Hava Nagila Music 66 NHL94_music_055 ? Music 67 NHL94_music_056 St. Louis Music 68 NHL94_music_057 ? Music 69 NHL94_music_058 ? Music 6A NHL94_music_059 Tampa Bay Music 6B NHL94_music_060 ? Music 6C NHL94_music_061 Toronto Music 6D NHL94_music_062 ? Music 6E NHL94_music_063 Vancouver Music 6F NHL94_music_064 ? Music 70 NHL94_music_065 ? Music 71 NHL94_music_066 Washington Music 72 NHL94_music_067 ? Music 73 NHL94_music_068 ? Music 74 NHL94_music_069 ? Music 75 NHL94_music_070 ? Music 76 NHL94_music_071 ? Music 77 NHL94_music_072 Winnipeg
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    Alright you ingrates, here's an alternate 'outdoor' 2017 rom as requested by Brianski. This rom is identical to my 2017 deadline rom, except that the ice logos and home uniforms are changed for PIT, WPG, TOR and STL for their outdoor games this year. The away uniforms for PHI, CHI, DET, and EDM are also changed to their outdoor uniforms (note that Flyers away is now black and WPG home is now white, which may make it tough to use them against other teams in this rom). Screens: nhl2017outdoor.zip
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    I honestly can't tell if some of these replies are sarcastic, or if people think I am serious that I have a team working on a new, completely re-modeled version with features that EA can't even get right with a budget in the $10s of millions? .
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    Here are the rules. Pretty similar to other tourneys. Sign up Here for NHL 95 or here for NBA JAM DOUBLES Entry Fee & Time $10 per player Tournament starts at 6:30PM, Friday, April 7th. Registration Comment on this post Comment on the FB Group Post Show up in person with $10 before 6:30PM Tourney Double Elimination Bracket Bracket seeding will be done at random Settings Play Mode: Regular Game Per. Length: 5 Minutes Goalies: Manual Control (goalie auto defends unless you switch into them or have puck, penalty shot) Penalties on, NO offsides User records: OFF Penalties: On, Except Offsides Line Changes: OFF Team Selection Only Can use each NHL team Team once. Team Declaration: Before start of game Players will count to 3 and then yell at top of lungs their team at same time There can be mirror match ups (Wings on Wings) CONTROLLERS Team 1 or 2 Selection – Play paper rock scissors, flip a coin, Winner get to choose either the controller or Home/Away Team 1 is Home and goes up twice, Team 2 is Away and only goes up once There will be a mix of 6 buttons and 3 buttons controllers Don’t unplug controllers. Talk to Sega (Nick) if you have a controller issue OTHER NOTES If there’s a system malfunction, then the game will restart with that score and play the number of periods that were remaining (a partial period you replay full period) (NOTE: player injuries, penalties won’t carry over from the previous game) If a game is still tied after overtime is completed, then the game will be reset, and play will continue until someone scores. (NOTE player injuries, penalties won’t carry over from the previous game) Changing goalies: Goalies may be changed before the opening face-off and during play stoppages. You cannot change goalies during a face-off, or when a penalty shot is called. Editing lines: Lineup changes will be allowed at the beginning of the game, when there is an injury to a player, during intermissions and when a timeout is called (by either team). If you would like to make a change at intermission, please notify your opponent that you wish to do, so they can allow you the time before the start of the next period. And try to be quick Don’t pause during game, if you have to pause do it when you have puck in your own zone No banned scoring moves, but you always have to try to score. If you are up you can’t skate around behind your own net to kill time
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    Hi guys, I don't know how valuable my input would be as someone who mostly lurks, doesn't participate in leagues, and just likes to play against the computer, but I wanted to offer my two cents anyway. I also didn't read the whole thread, so sorry if this overlaps with anyone else's thoughts. If the idea is attracting new, young people to NHL '94, you're going to have a tough time competing with several issues: On a Venn diagram, PC gaming and sports gaming are pulling apart year after year. This means that people who play modern EA NHL games are used to being able to pick up and play against a friend online with little difficulty. Personally I don't think the process of playing NHL '94 on Windows against someone else is too onerous (having grown up in the age of server browsers, old), but consider the ease with which someone can do it on PS4/X1 and you have a natural impediment to one's desire to participate. Playing NHL '94 likely won't have much appeal unless the rosters and graphics are continually updated (which, gratefully they are), but beyond that there are several aspects of the game that so far cannot be modified (rule changes, roster sizes, minor leagues, game modes like a full regular season, statistics...things that are taken for granted in new games). The novelty of playing NHL '94 with updated graphics and rosters can wear thin. Then, making a fantasy league/team is not a straight-forward process either. If I knew how to modify the updated NHL '94 so I could do it myself, I still can imagine the process being time-consuming. Nevertheless, herein lies the main source of modification the game and any leagues can offer. Finally, I have an expectation that the people who play in NHL '94 leagues with some regularity are formidable opponents for a variety of reasons. In a general sense, this community is full of NHL '94 veterans, and even the idea of competing with people who have been at this for upwards of twenty-three years sounds daunting even to me. Speaking even more broadly, I get the sense that this community hasn't had an infusion of regular new blood in a while. Being a more open and accessible community would always be beneficial. To that extent, I like the ideas of mentoring, expanding into "C" leagues, using Discord, having ladders and relegation/promotion, streaming and game nights...but is there enough of a potential user base to make the most of those ideas? What would one even do to encourage people to seek out this community? I know there's a Twitter handle, I'm sure there's a Facebook page...is there a YouTube channel? How about Twitch? Does anyone stream the games already? Play-by-play/color-commentary would be fun as long as there were professional-enough people doing it. (As a side note, I know there's a group on AIM for NHL '94 and people seeking out exhibitions, but my understanding is that the OSCAR protocol will not be supported by third-party software by the end of this month. I don't know the full details on this, but it may server to expedite shifting over to a Discord channel.) Ultimately, how do we make NHL '94 appeal to young people? It's got outdated graphics, outdated rules, not enough variety or depth in game modes, and the competition would be stiff. I think if we came up with something like an Elo rating system that gave a clearer understanding of how good a player is, instead of just A/B/C level, that may help players integrate and find the most suitable competition for themselves. I don't think this would be too radical an impact on the leagues and the players out there now I hope I'm not too out-of-the-loop for my thoughts to not be considered, but I would like this community to thrive and survive where I've seen others fall apart due to stagnation.
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    Hey Odell! Looks like the most updated version is 09, which is Genesis http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/9214-nhl-95-genesis-09-roster/ Probably would be a little too much work but if you took NOSE which is the editor for NHL games you could get and paste the post updated players in the 94 version into 95? Is an NHL 95 KUMITE in the future?????
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    So I've begun working on a complete NHL15 conversion of NHL95PC. I just started a few days ago and I hope to have it done by the end of the year. I thought I would post some updates as I progress through the mod. I currently have the graphics about 98% complete for two teams, Anaheim and Boston. *********************************************** Here is the first release. We'll call it version 1.0 Please let me know of any issues you may find. I would like to release at least one more version before the end of the season to fix any bugs that are found. I am not open to changing lines or updating rosters. But if you find a misspelling or a blatantly wrong attribute I would be willing to fix that in a future release. Enjoy ************************************************ ************************************************ Version 1.1 includes the SRLOGO.qfs file and KIBA's rink selection tool. ************************************************ NHL15PC 12-30-2014.zip NHL15PC 1-10-2015.zip
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    yay success! Thanks everyone!
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    He could walk right past me and I'd never recognize him. Time is a cruel b***h.
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    For those of y'all that missed: Nintendo re-released the NES not long ago. Rumors are that The Big N will be releasing the classic SNES, too. I wonder if SEGA will be offering the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis classic. Did anyone pick one up?
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    I just added a Playoff version of the ROM. Has the real tree for anyone who likes playing against the CPU.
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    I don't say Depch is wrong but just say what i do when i play... I can try none smoothing for my next games to see,no problem! But i think i already did this experience in the past but it wasn't a success...but why not
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    Ok, I read all of this later, Interesting for me, because I want to find a solution. What I'm sure : I had an optique fibre connexion in 2014, and the gameplay was very good. The second point is that I don't feel lag on my screen actually, the lag is always for my opponent. Strange No ?
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    In my experience plasmas are pretty solid input lag wise, at least my old one is. Still though I highly doubt it would be as responsive as a gaming monitor. To me emulation on my old windows xp pc with an old monitor feels totally as responsive as a genesis. On the cpu I used to play 94 with it was a laptop with its own screen, and it was solid but not perfect tldr: plasmas seem quite good input delay wise but id bet $$ that its not as responsive as a gaming monitor. I could be wrong tho! Trust google info more than tomkabs info
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    To answer your first question. Yes, do not use smoothing. It is only good against jumpy screen problem. Otherwise you only ADD to latency, which makes A type of lag worse aka long distance connections. Like the word smoothing says it is to smoothen down an edgy / jumpy connection by adding artificial latency to the connection to not react to jumpiness in ping, which is worse for response. In kaillera Ping = Frames = Latency = A type Lag. The more frames, the more delay in your controls, that is bad for competitive gaming. To the second question. So when you say I have a better connection to you than the french, it should be defined better to get to the root of that. There are many types of lag like I explained. My connection is low speed but very stable. Speed has very little difference in connections when it comes to NHL94. I have a DSL, which is probably 10/1 at the moment. I've been with this connection since last fall. Before this one I had a 24/3 DSL, which allowed a 10ms lower ping to eastern coast US as I was working then with a ISP/ICT company and I was able to adjust the settings for the DSL myself. Ping is dictated by distance traveled, it is a measure of time between two points. When Seth says he now has a faster internet and how everone should update, he is wrong. It does not matter. Changing ISP can help with B type of lag, but not A and that has nothing to do with the connection speed usually. "Faster" internet only allows to send more packets sent with the same actual speed than a "slower" internet. There you can think of the term "bandwidth". Slower have less width for fewer data packages, but the speed is actually the same. The actual single data does not move faster, it just has more bandwidth and allows to move more data at the same time. Speed only matters in shared connections like old cable, shared households or if you run other stuff background when playing. Your ping should be lower vs the french, so the response should be better for controls. I had a relatively high ping vs the other french guy, probably pearate if I recall it right and it was somewhere around 80ms when it should have been in the 50ms-60ms range to France in general. Your problems vs them should by theory be in the B lag category, with jumping screen / dropping fps. If that is not the case even with lower ping, then something else is causing the problem than the distance / network, perhaps something on pearate's end.
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    Aqua should be player of the year every year
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    Know the lag you are facing. Lag is commonly defined to having problems in online gaming but not especially defined what it is. For TLDR type guys I recommend to read at least A & B. A ) Over long distance there will always be delay with how modern physics work unless something new is found. So even with the speed of light there will be a harsh input delay between the continents on p2p or client side connection. This is what I usually call lagging, it's a high ping aka high latency. It makes your controller inputs work in delay, so that it's much harder to react to the opponent in real time and this results in a very poor defence and horrendous manual goaltending, it makes pass shots etc. much more difficult. In Kaillera lag is defined by frames. 20ms ping = 1 frame 30ms ping = 2 frame 60ms ping = 3 frame 90ms ping = 4 frame 110ms ping = 5 frame 140ms ping = 6 frame 180ms ping = 7 frame At least it's something along those lines. Intercontinental connections tend to be between 1-3. At best I get 4 frame games to eastern coast and they are great to play and it's really not much of a problem. Even 5 frame games up to 135 ms ping are still relatively good and responsive. I get 5 frame games up to the area of Buffalo / Toronto / Montreal. When you play overseas games _DO NOT USE ADDED FRAMES_ as it adds to the input delay, only do it if B is the case. B ) Lag spikes or jumpy screen. Now this is the type of lag that is most commonly caused by a bad network on the other side. Modern networks everywhere should be good and fast enough for games like nhl94 that don't require much speed at all to play it good. You're completely fine with a 10/1 and those should be available everywhere nowadays. But spikes / jumpy screen are a different case. This is most commonly caused by one of the following: -Someone else using your bandwidth for downloading / streaming -Using wi-fi instead of cable. Wi-fi can have problems with it's signal to your computer from other electrical devices, yes even outside your house. So having a wi-fi in your room even might not solve the case. -3G forget about it and also 4G might cause problems. -Bad connection from your house to the ISP and you should contact them to fix it -Bad routing between ISP and the servers beyond, contact ISP -Check for malicious programs on your computer / do a clean install for OS etc. It takes some problemsolving skills to figure out which one is causing the spiky connection. This is usually commonly figured out by the community who has it or not. Habs for example has been nominated for having a spiky connection quite a few times. You can also self diagnose it a bit by using ping in command prompt. Just type "ping -t" in command prompt without the " marks. If the ping is stable, something else is causing it. If there are massive jumps by even 30+ ms then your connection is the cause. ONLY USE ADDED FRAMES IF YOU ARE FACING OPPONENT WHO YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH JUMPY SCREEN / CONNECTION WITH SPIKES. And to be honest, I prefer the faster response much more over some FPS lags or occasional spikes. C) There is the rare case that goes behind the case B with some hardware issues like Raph said. I also had this problem with a desktop computer having i7-2600K against Seths old laptop. They would get somehow off sync and it would be smooth on Seths end but jumpy screen for me. For some vs Seth it would be completely fine and the issue might happen against some other guys, but always the same guys between specific setups, this is very rare though. With an old 8 year old Laptop this would not happen, not vs Seths new laptop or his old. It's a problem I have no fix for, try runnning different OS or setups the only one other than getting a new computer. As a quick fix I used to do ALT-ALT during the game to quickly visit the Gens menu and reset the low FPS back to 60 for a moment to get it back smooth, but this was annoying and distracting during the games. It also could cause a problem to leave it smooth for me but severely handicapping you with a huge delay compared to Seth where the other can skate circles around you and you are a pylon. It kind of like increased the delay visiting the menu to make it more like a server-client connection. D) Dropping FPS is usually happening between one of or all of these combinations, it should be more rare on the A case where the connections are stable even with high ping. I have some of that against quite a few players here with the old laptop, so that might be hardware related as well. But we have to remember Gens is a very old program and we used to play with it in the early 2000's already so it's made to run with very bad computers for modern standards. Hardware seldomly should be the problem with this. Any Core2Duo for example should be 100% fine with Gens already. Possible solutions: I've played many games competitively from FPS to more modern NHL games etc. and it is a custom to tweak your configurations in FPS games for example. It's never considered a cheat and those that are, are pre-defined by the community. Games like Quake and Team Fortress 2 use lag compensation and tbh if you don't use it it's almost impossible to play overseas as they are even more hectic than nhl94. In FPS games people even modify the polling rates of USB devices from registry so that they respond over 125hz and give a faster response and it's a custom, not a cheat. It is a possible advantage over the casual gamers but also help to competitive gameplay. If I play FPS games with such setups I would not do registry changes just to revert back to play NHL94. Back to the lag case in lag compensation. What lag compensation intends to do is to reduce the discrepancy in the time of response to offer smoother gameplay. If you want to read more you can find about client side lag compensation from here http://www.gamedonia.com/blog/lag-compensation-techniques-for-multiplayer-games-in-realtime. The problem with this is that it only exists in Gens rerecording that also has a small graphical glitch at times with nhl94. We would have to have programmer to take a look at it and implement lag compensation from rerecording to the current version people are using in Gens or fix the graphical glitch issue in rerecording and make rerecording the default version to play with. The default packages on nhl94online.com should be updated anyways with new kaillera and record plugins etc, why not have rerecording in it as well. To those who say it is a cheat I say you do now know what it does. There is a chance for using it to create an unadvantageous situation and cause delay on the other end and I know for 99% I have experienced this before figuring this out in the NA games, if creating the delay is done deliberately then it is a malicious act and it could only be countered by using it yourself. At best making this available for everyone could possibly help with the lag type A and make games much more enjoyable on all sides. Lag compensation offers a compensation in frames from 0 to 4 for a faster input response. Embracing all the tools to make games more competitive is a good sign of a community and shutting yourself from it is like being run by the medieval church and trying to keep the people uninformed, as like it's a heresy! After figuring this out in 2017 I am finally able to play to the level I used to play in Finnish leagues aka emulate short distance latency. And can honestly say that if the competitive side of NHL94 does not make an effort to look at this issue or solve it, it will probably make me ditch out NHL94 from my games to play list. It is a game I enjoy playing competitively and I will not go back from this to play NA games where I cannot use B-checks anymore, I had to bear that for 2 years already. My conscience is clean and I've been very open about this and trying to make it available for everyone. There is just very little response or I get the casual gamer response to it. Gens settings might have effect for online gaming as well. It's an old emulator and it's code might be still derived from the early 2000's in some part. Many old games had codes written that their network emulation somehow was in link with the settings, perhaps it was part of the poor hardware at the time as well, but it existed. We in Finland had a gentlemans code to run games with low sound settings to make things smoother for everyone, at least I was part of it. The problem is that if not everyone uses the same settings, then it's possibly a different kind of response for everyone as the theory is that it effects the opponent as well. Those who want to run everything at highest are at an advantage. Now there is no way to prove this as we can only experience it on our own end. Only in LAN environment or so you could fully test it out and see the difference or perhaps starting several gens on your unit and trying it out connecting between those. Gens in general has a very bulky and heavy feel to it and to me it helps me to lower the sound settings or even graphical renderer to have a smoother experience. You can try RetroArch and just be overwhelmed how smooth that is, even Kega and Snes are much more smooth. But what Gens has in advantage to other tested emulators vs Kega for example is that it's much better for long distance connections somehow. A type of lag in Kega or even SNES becomes unbearable if I recall it right overseas. RetroArch has not been tested. Plus what the other emulators lack are the netplaysave option in the form nhl94online.com supports to really be able to use them without any modifications to site/emulators themselves. Another possible job for programmers.
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    I assume this is for Sega, since I'd recommend some small fixes for SNES. - Fighting and blood back in. - Round robin/double or triple elimination tournament - 4 on 4, 3 on 3 options for game play or OT only.
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    Anytime guys - glad you like it! Matthews is definitely in the topic for cover star...but so is McDavid! I've usually chosen either the Hart Trophy winner or the Cup winning captain...but we'll see! Maybe we'll do a vote haha
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    Wow, I played a 7 game series TOR vs Charleston!!! I won 4-2! That is right, the CPU won 2 games! This is way better than playing crap teams against CPU Chi with my goalie pulled, and all the other weird things I used to do to get a decent CPU game. Also, I can't believe, again, how amazing the AI is in this ancient game. The juiced defense in unbelievable, and some of the one timers the CPU forwards score are outrageous. One of these juiced teams should have been in the original game. Makes the replay-abilty so much higher...
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    CHECK THIS OUT, I just discovered this by accident:
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    If anyone is interested, I've modified and attached my copy of the original Deadline 17 ROM to include this year's playoff matchups. Using NOSE, I updated 31 of the 32 possible matchup scenarios to include the correct seedings for this year's playoffs. Obviously, as the bracket is static in the game, it's impossible for all correct home-ice situations to play out correctly, though the NHL's current playoff format has at least assured that all winners will play the correct second-round opponents. However, if top seeds advance, you'll get the correct teams having home ice. Because of this, the bracket may look "weird" to you, though it plays out correctly. Because of Washington having the league's best record, (and Pittsburgh finishing second) I have the East on the right side of the screen, as if either of these two teams advance to the Finals, they'd hold home ice over any potential West champion. Also, you'll notice each conference's #1 seed is at the bottom of their bracket, as the game always recognizes the bottom team as the home team, and Chicago and Washington hold home-ice throughout. The #2 seed in each conference is the bottom team of the second matchup, as they'd be home for rounds one and two, and away in the conference Final, again if the top seeds win. As far as the non-playoff teams, I used the last possible scenario to include them, to keep the game from freezing and crashing if you cycle through them. I seeded this last "possibility" according to points, with the teams left out...in other words, the first team out, the Islanders are the East #1 seed. In the West, unfortunately, since there were only 6 teams that didn't qualify, I had to include the Wild Card teams as the #1 and #2 seeds. So, if you're a Flames or Predators fan, you may have to restart your playoff mode once or twice, in case you happen to get this non-realistic version to load. Since there's theoretically only a 1-in-32 chance of pulling this set of teams, it's unlikely that you draw it. But if you notice Calgary matched up with Colorado or Nashville with Vancouver, cycle through again until you get Flames-Ducks or Preds-Hawks. If you're a fan of a non-playoff team, well, I'd suggest using Naples' original file, since it's pretty unrealistic to play through a bracket with 14 of the 16 teams being non-qualifiers. Sorry for being long-winded, I just wanted to explain what I tried to do for anyone looking for an accurate '17 playoff ROM without doing the scheduling work themselves. I hope it goes without saying that all of the work for this ROM was NOT done by me, rather I just changed one small aspect of Naples' Deadline 17 ROM. The only other change I made was changing Consol Energy Center to PPG Paints Arena. (Sorry, I'm a Pens fan. ) NHL Deadline 17.bin
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    I've been playing for a long time, but I don't think I've ever had this happen. I had a power play in overtime, there's a delayed penalty, and I score the game-winning goal. Penalty is still called of course but then the game gets stuck in a loop showing the penalty boxes and the ref standing there. Too bad this happened in OpenEmu, because it saves states when you close the program/ROM and I was in the middle of a playoff series.
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    There was no "going back" on my comment about having a team working on re-make in unreal engine. The whole post was a silly joke, and I was trying to make it sound as ridiculous as possible, mainly as a response to the sense I was getting that people might have unrealistic expectations about the hacks I've done and what I can do in future. I'm just some random dude who knows nothing about programming doing this for free on a 20-year old game using hacking tools made by other random guys for free. The "rom" I described in that post would basically have been an indie game requiring hundreds (possibly thousands) of man-hours of labor for professional game makers basically making a product form scratch. Then I also threw in that it would be 512kb, which is a smaller file than a decent clip of single goal horn (for instance the uploaded DAL goal horn was 3MB, 6 times as big as 512kb!). The whole thing was utterly, completely ridiculous. I guess the original point remains--people need to keep perspective on what is reasonable in these amateur hacks made basically for a tiny internet forum. Of course not everyone knows the details of ROM hacking, but if you thought that 'rom' was a real possibility just use it as a humble reality check as to how much you don't know before making requests. Also keep in mind that the major challenge for NHL94 hacks going forward is if someone can make a new rom template that can accommodate simply 31 teams to fit in Vegas without deleting anybody or making the game crash entirely. I plan to keep making hacks, they will be free, and I hope people enjoy them. Humble requests will remain welcome ( I should have an outdoor alt version in a few days).
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    https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/nhl-94-is-still-playing-hard-online-thanks-to-these-superfans Few people love any game the way the members of NHL '94 Online love NHL '94. Players with usernames like AtomicRaven, IAmFleury'sHipCheck, and HABS share a fraternal bond over playing a 24-year-old video game online. They might all be approaching different stages of middle-age, but before the jobs and mortgages and all the other underwhelming milestones of adult life, there was NHL '94. To hear them tell it, this isn't fanaticism. It's a rational response in the face of perfection. Adam Giles (forum name Bob Kudelski), a competitor and long-time contributor to the site, explains it simply: "We've basically identified it as the best game we've ever played, and why would you spend your time playing anything else?" The average member of the website is between 30 and 40 years old. Their collective memories of the title are tied to late nights playing on clunky CRT TVs. One of the site's key contributors, John Glass, has his fair share of childhood stories about NHL '94. "My friend and I would come home from school and we'd play, like, 20 to 30 games in a row, at his house. His house caught on fire one day. They roped it off and put the police lines up, but we broke-in, 'cause the Super Nintendo was still in his room. We broke into his house and took the Super Nintendo." Glass chuckles to himself. "We wanted to make sure it still worked. It only played in black and white after that, but we still played '94 on it. That was what we were concerned about: Can we still play NHL '94?" All screenshots courtesy of the author NHL '94 was a gaming revelation in the mid-1990s, partly because it married the warring factions of the NHL and the NHLPA (the players' union). Shattering the glass between the two organizations, NHL '94 allowed real-world hockey players to appear in a game that also included their real-world teams. Just as importantly, it added one-timers—where a player on the receiving end of a pass does not take possession but takes a shot, denying the goalie and defenders time to react—which made it as complete a hockey experience as you could get, sans the fighting and Canadian accents. "It almost feels more like playing hockey than when I'm actually playing hockey," Giles explains. "It's just, like they've capture the essence of what hockey should be. [There's] a perfect flow to the game. You can feel the momentum of the little sprites on the screen and you can feel the weight of them." NHL '94 doesn't play like a conventional hockey title. In fact, it often doesn't play like a hockey game at all, especially compared to its fussier, sim-like successors. The game's programmer, Mark Lesser, couldn't tell a New Jersey Devil from an Anaheim Duck. Instead of going for accuracy, he ended up focusing on the sport's flow and feel: Hockey is slippery and imprecise, and NHL '94 captured that feeling. Passing is a crapshoot, goals often brought about by divine intervention, and digital momentum is constantly at work inside the cartridge's plastic shell. It's this "authenticity", though, that has guys like Giles to devoting their entire gaming lives to the title, and taking on other, like-minded players too. Advertisement "NHL '94 is like the most perfect, purest form of video game hockey you can play," he says. "So a little bit of effort to play that against other top players around the world is well worth it." Calling the jury-rigged contrivances required to play this old game online "a little bit of effort" is underselling the process, somewhat. Getting it up and running is practically an act of devotion in itself, and NHL '94 Online has become a virtual church for those who continue to worship the EA Sports masterpiece. Playing '94 online has more in common with the LAN party days of yore than hopping on Xbox Live. Internet competition is accomplished by daisy-chaining an emulator named Gens with the online enabling program Kaillera and a VPN (virtual private network) service called Hamachi. Meanwhile, communication and coordination are done over American Online Instant Messenger, or AIM as it was called during the long-ago youth of the average NHL '94 Online member. The cherry on the cake is the group's insistence on using an ethernet cable over a WiFi connection for increased match stability. This isn't a skate in the park. Those who survive the setup get to enter NHL '94 nirvana. The site features a dizzying number of leagues. The basic option is the "classic league," which uses the original ROM and settings. More interesting, however, are the specialty leagues. Advertisement "We also have the GDL, which is the Genesis Draft League," Glass tells me. "That's been long running as well. It's [the league] using the default ROM, but including a player draft at the beginning of each season." The GDL isn't the sole case of the community retroactively re-creating features that are standard in modern sports titles. Examples include the Dynasty League, where teams run franchises over multiple seasons, and another league with updated rosters to match the 2017 NHL season. The site also tracks enough player stats to make Ron Barr's digitized head spin. "Time on ice is one of the stats that you can't get from the game, but we're able to keep track of it," Glass says. Programming skills within the league are representative of the group's average personality. Most users are engineers or computer tech experts who spend their leisure time hacking the '94 ROM. To them, decoding the mysteries of the game is sweeter than any Stanley Cup win. These programmers even uncovered something nobody thought existed: a flaw in the game. On the forums there are countless threads dating back to 2005 discussing a line of code colloquially known in the community as the "weight bug." When the group first found the bug in the early 2000s, it called into question everything they thought they knew about the game. User Michael Capewell, called Smozoma on the forums, was one of the first to uncover the flaw. On his site NHL94Strategy.com he explains the bug, writing, "Light players are the big checkers and are resistant to checks, while the heavier guys all fall down easily. This is commonly referred to as the weight bug." Advertisement Players eventually discovered a metagame workaround, but that didn't stop others from creating the "Blitz League" where the bug is removed. Blitz League's creation was further fuel for a school-yard philosophical debate that's plagued the community since the bug's discovery: Is removing the bug fixing the game, or ruining what the designers intended? "Some people are like in different camps," user Matt G tells me. "Like, 'We don't want to play the way that you think it was supposed to be. We want to play it the way it was when it was released.' There's all kinds of different factions." The debate has settled down a bit in recent years, but it's still a salty subject. On a 2015 forum thread titled "Overdue Thoughts on the Weight Bug Fix", user Scribe99 writes: "I guess what I'm saying is this: The weight bug fix is the way the game was meant to be played." A few replies down, TomKabs93 adds his own argument: "WBF [weight bug free] slows the game down, and upsets the balance of perfect 94 lol. WBF classic makes no sense, it's 'classic', meaning original. GDL is perfect, you shouldn't want to ruin it with fake mods." Related on Waypoint: The 'Sensible Soccer' World Cup Is an eSports Event Like None Other Advertisement The little bug is no more idiosyncratic than the inaccurate passing or errant skating, yet it irked a lot of players. It's a flaw, and how can NHL '94 be perfect if it has one of those? But having delighted players for a quarter century in spite of a bug few people really noticed, maybe NHL '94 is better because of this mistake? We love films and books for their quirks as much as their strengths. Why can't the same be said of a Sega Genesis game? The hottest topic in the community is the increasing interest in live events. Filmmaker Mikey McBryan started the trend when he hosted a competition in Toronto called "The King of 94" for his documentary "Pixelated Heroes". It filled up quickly as members of the website's congregation made the pilgrimage to "the six." "I told my wife I'm going to Toronto for the hockey website, and she looked at me like I had eight eyes or something," Glass recalls. An ad for the King of 94 tournament It was like the first day of school for some. Guinness record holder (for the most goals scored against the CPU in NHL '94) and online hockey master Raphael Frydman recalls his experience at the event. "That was by far the most surreal experience. You don't know what to actually call people by, their actual names or their online names. Then we had this day where we took over a hotel suite and put two or three setups in there. We were just playing games live next to each other. Exhibition games and two-on-two games. It reminded you of 20 years ago, sitting around, drinking some beers, just playing." The online play, which brought the group together, is ironically also keeping them from growing. Getting new players is tough because of the technological requirements needed to play. The die-hards will always show up, but a solid "fourth line" of new members is key for these website to grow. Live tournaments won't replace the online scene, but they're the perfect way to get fresh legs onto the ice. Advertisement Change isn't new for the NHL '94 fanbase. The rest of the sports gaming world is always changing, focusing on photo-realism and higher-fidelity simulation. But the temptations of modern graphics still haven't swayed the group's mind. They're stuck in the 1990s and wouldn't have it any other way. NHL '94, played online, is how these players travel back to the time when the ice was blue and the hockey was better.
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    It's like Beatlemania but instead of young girls its Middle Aged Nerds....
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    That moment when there are so many players you start getting nervous....
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    Hey guys. Sorry my schedule didn't work for most of you. I was the low man on the totem pole for games played, which is weird for me, because I normally finish my games plus help out with another team. I was around almost every night but Sunday night for those who could stay up past their Grandma's bedtime, but no dice Seriously, going forward, I'm dropping out of SNES. I prefer Gens anyhow, but my gaming schedule does not match with hardly anyone on the SNES format, so it just doesn't make sense for me to join these leagues and be able to complete half my games. Best of luck to you guys in the playoffs! Fedorov on the free agent market next season.
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    I guess somebody does love 95! Pretty amazing turnout! What did we have in Toronto?
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    You can get kaillera to work on Linux, but I think it requires some vb libraries installed on Linux for it to run properly. You might want to check this post by wboy to get nose work where it's done. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16863-nose-on-linux/&do=findComment&comment=163596 You can find other Linux information from below. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15828-linux-question/&do=findComment&comment=163652 Perhaps some Linux version run the casual gens normally but I had to use rerecording and they're 100% compatible with rerecording having some extra settings.
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    9PM ET - 2 games with the NYRangers.
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    ya just never know what you're gonna get.
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    Oh weird...I don't get that error. Did you apply the patch on a clean 30 team ROM, or one that had my 1st patch (scoreboard only) applied already?
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    Just thought I'd post here to put some new stories in the ol NHL 95 portion of the forum. Posted a recap of the Segathon NHL 95 Tourney http://www.segathon.com/segathon-2016/ Only 8 months after the event was held...
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    Finally I managed to export rink with correct palette. In NHLinfo with GFXPAK: 1. Select RINKPAL.QFS. 2. Save !pal by pressing "F". 3. Give name to that palette-file, for example rinki.pal 4. Go one "step" back to "root", by selecting "back" from menu. 5. Press SHIFT+P so palettes will be red. 6. Select RINK.QFS and then rink. 7. Press "P" until rinki.pal is in use. (In my case editor shows picture still gray) 8. Press "M" and select image format. 9. Press "S" and give filename to save image. 10. New rink image should be in nhl95 directory. I put my exported rink in here.