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    The Matchup Quetzalcoatlus - #1 Detroit Regular Season: 21-10 Playoffs: #8 Vancouver (4-0), #5 Dallas (4-1) AdamWoodrow - #6 Calgary Regular season: 16-19 Playoffs: #3 Boston (4-1), #7 Montreal (4-2) Games 1-4 Recap Calgary won a back-and-forth Game 1 in Detroit. Down 2-1 going into the 3rd, Calgary scored three unanswered, two with less than a minute remaining, and won 3-2. Game 2 continued the back-and-forth. Detroit led by one going into the third, but Calgary was able to tie it up early. A scramble around the net with two minutes remaining left the Detroit net wide open, but Al MacInnis fired wide. Calgary was then called for a penalty, which Detroit immediately took advantage of, and added one more for good measure. Final score, 6-4 Detroit. Games 3 and 4 in Calgary were both tilted in Calgary's favor. Calgary won Game 3 6-2 and Game 4 6-3. Both games were tilted in favor of Calgary. In both games, Calgary jumped to early leads, never looked back, and clamped down defensively. (Calgary coach perspective) Being up 3-1 didn't matter to me. Q won the regular season series 3-1, plus, his manual goalie is so good. I knew it was entirely possible that he could reel off three straight. I felt good about my defense and thought I might be able to shut him down one final time. Game 5 Back in Detroit for Game 5, the Red Wings were in a do-or-die situation. This time, though, the Wings took the early lead; one goal from Steve Yzerman and the other shorthanded from Sergei Fedorov. But, three late penalties, one to Yzerman, put Detroit's back against the wall as the period came to a close. The defense was tight in this one with both teams only having two shots in the period. Lucky for Detroit, both found the back of the net. (Calgary coach perspective) With Yzerman in the box, I knew this was the chance I needed. Yzerman was smoking me in the dot all series long. Finally, a couple of draws without him. Calgary came out blazing to start the second and got an early power play goal from Gary Suter. Unable to capitalize on the remaining power play time, Calgary continued the pressure, but Detroit was ready. Throughout the period, the ice remained titled in Calgary's favor. They won the 50-50 puck battles, and successfully poke checked Detroit's top players all period long. Detroit finished with zero shots, while Calgary put up five. As they entered the third, Calgary continued the pressure on offense and defense. Each time Detroit readied a shot, Calgary was there for a poke. Then, finally, at 3:03 Calgary got the tying goal from Theoren Fleury. He spent most of the game throwing his body around, and his relentless work finally paid off. As the seconds ticked away, overtime was looking like a possibility. But, with 35 seconds left, Al MacInnis came flying down the right side of the ice with one defender closely on his tail. Calgary was looking for the center-drive one-timer, but Detroit was ready. Only this time, while defending the pass, the puck ricocheted off of the Detroit defender and through Tim Cheveldae! Calgary was up 3-2 with 35 seconds remaining! (Calgary coach perspective) I hate own goals and definitely didn't want to win that way. I didn't want to celebrate because in this league anyone can score off the face-off in under ten seconds. Detroit didn't even flinch. They regrouped quickly, Dino Ciccarelli won the ensuing face-off, took it to the net and scored! Eight seconds later it was 3-3 with 28 seconds remaining! What a battle. Both teams traded the puck back-and-forth for the remainder of the third period. Overtime we go. Calgary won the first faceoff in overtime and immediately went to the attack zone. Shortly after, the guy who tied the game for Detroit in the 3rd, Dino, took a costly penalty that led to a penalty shot for Gary Roberts. A penalty shot in overtime! (Calgary coach perspective) I've been horrible at penalty shots both ways all season. I didn't have much faith because Q is one of the best manual goalies I played against this season. The whistle blew, and Roberts took off down the middle of the ice with speed. At the dots, Roberts came to a halt anticipating Chevldae to make the first move, but instead, he held his spot. In a stand-off that felt like an eternity, neither player budged. Chelveldae eventually made his move, but just as Roberts shoulder-faked and buried his forehand into the back of the net to win the championship! (Calgary coach perspective) My only hope was to get Q to make the first move. Once he didn't, I was kinda stuck because I had no momentum. Luckily for me, I made my move just as he moved, so I was able to deke around him and end it. What an amazing ending and series! Series by the Numbers After ripping 11 and 13 shots in Games 1 and 2 respectively, Detroit struggled to get shots on net in Games 3-5. In Game 5 alone, they were held to just five. Detroit's biggest advantage was in the face-off circle winning 63% of the draws. C-Checks were a push. In Game 2, Calgary doubled up Detroit, but Detroit flipped the script in Game 3. Games 1, 4, and 5 were roughly a 50/50 split. Nik Lidstrom led Detroit with 32, Theoren Fleury had 28. Gary Roberts led the series in scoring with ten goals and three assists, followed by teammate Thereon Fleury with six goals and five assists. Stevey Y led Detroit in scoring, getting nine points (five goals, four assists) while Sergei Fedorov finished with five goals and two assists for seven points.
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    live Youtube chat with Trojan, KingRaph, AJ, Arda, on The Retro Sports Gamer (sunday Jan 21)
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    I do have 6 copies of NHL 94 myself, variants being the two Genesis ones (two limited, one the regular release), the SNES copy (2x) and the Japanese Super Famicom copy - which was a pain to get at a decent price, but mine is complete and in great shape. So @kingraph you don't seem to be missing anything to my knowledge on your list. I'd like to track down those CD copies but have yet to own a Sega CD so I'm not as motivated to grab those yet... @CoachMac I do have both the SNES variants of NHLPA 93. Another annoying label variant that year was for NHL Stanley Cup, green and blue text on the spine of the label. As for other EA games during this 92-95ish time period, I have cart-only copies of Championship Hockey for the Master System and Game Gear. Those were EU releases only and basically the 8-bit version of the original NHL Hockey with international teams. I also have EA Hockey for the Mega Drive, the international team version of NHL Hockey. I have the regular game and the EA Sports Doubleheader version (which includes EA Hockey and John Madden Football on the same cart). For the 95 releases I have pretty hard to find Complete-in-box copies of NHL Hockey 95 for Game Boy and NHL Hockey for Game Gear. The Game Boy versions of the NHL series are so terrible... I also have both Elitserien games (2x of both). When my hockey buddies come over to play games we almost always play a game of Elitserien 95 or 96. Have to use the Retron5 since I don't have a modded Genesis/Mega Drive.
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    I read a publication years ago about a kid who loved the Road Runner and Coyote cartoons who jumped off the Grand Canyon with springs strapped to his feet holding a "yikes" sign. They found him next to a giant bowl of bird seed. I don't remember the name of the publication, it could have been the The Weekly World News; it doesn't really matter. The point is: it's not in the game to keep kids safe. I know I feel all the safer for not having fighting in NHL'94, so much that I don't even lock the door on my rifle case at night.
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    The great thing about playing live - is that you can just pause the game and attack your opponent physically.
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    Not sure if it would be handy - but a while back, I made a sheet of all of the actual salaries for players in 1994. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/120GLczLCJjJfJ9yaG_iwK77DPLtxe4VICKQcTdlZtD8/edit?usp=sharing
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    The stream can be played back (link above) It was a good show, worth checking out
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    NHL'52.bin NHL'53.bin NHL'54.bin NHL'55.bin NHL'56.bin NHL'57.bin NHL'58.bin NHL'59.bin NHL'60.bin NHL'61.bin NHL'62.bin NHL'63.bin NHL'64.bin NHL'65.bin NHL'66.bin NHL'67.bin WT BUG FIXED C/B FIXED B-check enabled with penalties OFF. Stick Tape and Eye Patch Applied. Player cards for all starters. ESSO as the Scoreboard and 3-Stars Sponsor. Music matched to appropriate teams. All Sim/Team Data set to reflect Actual Regular Season Points and Statistics. All player data reflects Actual Year Statistics. Year appropriate Scoreboards. 4 Team Playoff Brackets. (Year appropriate) Year appropriate HNIC announcers. Foster Hewitt, Rene Lecavilier, Bill Hewitt, Danny Gallivant as the Host.
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    Thanks! Really love doing these and playing them. My ratings template has proved to be accurate and made doing these so much easier. The player cards, the scoreboard logos, splash screens, music, etc.... are what really make this a fun hobby. Pic is actually from 1990.Oh well! Maybe that will be my splash screen 1990 rom. It is one of my favorite player cards I've made along with Toothless Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita, crazy eyes Rocket Richard, black eyed Bob Probert. @Lupz27 inspired me to do the new 1970 flying Bobby Orr Splash screen.
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    Nice use of the Messier SC raising photo as his player card :thumbsup:
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    Good question! I borrowed @chaos 's Framemeister to upscale and output the Sega Genesis to HDMI. Then, the tech guy at Prudential had another converter to change from HDMI to HD-SDI. Then, from what I understand, somehow they ran a cable all the way somewhere to get it to the jumbotron main controller, which may have also broadcast it again. The result was a deathly 1-2 second delay, lol.
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    Here's the feature: https://www.msgnetworks.com/videos/nhl-94-at-the-rock-with-kingraph-ken-daneyko/
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    I miss the days of hockey gaming when it was 2K vs EA. The biggest asset to EA was the PC game modding. The only reason the community was so much bigger was due to that. I honestly feel that if 2K sports made a PC port, that it would probably have forced EA to push the "next gen" version (in 2008) to PC. But they had no competition so they left PC gamers with a dead-ass version after 2005. I used to mod the crap out of those games. Sometimes when I feel the urge, I'll whip something up for NHL 2001 and throw it in for fun just to see if I've still got the skills.
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    Thank you for your interest in my list. Your demands to finally post my top 5 and complete the list have completely overwhelmed me. So there it is, in the original post. Congrats to Ray Bourque and the Boston Bruins.
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    https://www.w3schools.com/ is great for learning
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    starts around 1:06:30....goes for about 2 minutes. nice find @Bob Kudelski
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    Just wanted to drop in and say unfortunately I can't make it out to Green Bay with y'all due to some other commitments, but I wish I could! It looks like @King of 94' WI is doing an awesome job organizing this thing. Appreciate all the effort and especially catering to both consoles. I had planned on going just about anywhere an SNES was set up in 2018 but I'm already breaking my resolution. Next time!
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    Here is direct link to the episode: https://www.pucksoup.com/single-post/2018/01/17/Arda-Ocal Here is the tweet:
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    welcome back Aqua, Brutus, and JJ!
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    The latest episode of Puck Soup (one of the most popular hockey podcasts) features Arda Ocal. He talks about this upcoming tournament, as well as Vegas. Also talks about @kingraph without mentioning him by name.
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    @Blake being a young dude you should look into learning web/database programming. Get set up with a WAMP server (I've used EasyPHP), figure out how to get a webpage reading/writing from/to a database, and then there are resources on the forum explaining how to extract the stats from save files (and I can give you my ancient ASP code to learn from). It's a really rewarding hobby: it's fun, and you'll have a massive head-start on a career in programming. Before you know it, you'll know more about this stuff than I do (I'm super out of date now :))
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    I am back!! Give me LA.
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    ya Brutus had that look in his eye after I beat him in toronto maybe trying to hack that game is wrong it could be added randomly throughout the game like cutting video clip lol sort of like mutant league hockey
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    This was the whole idea I had behind nhl94hockey.com but no one wanted it because "I don't have time for exhibition games." I had about 40 or so people signed up at any given time, but it ended up being largely me and my buddy Kero5hin doing all the gaming. Admittedly, my playtime has dropped in the last couple years, but I still update the site with minor bug fixes and stuff. Actually doing a couple bugfixes at the moment! Hopefully it works out for you where it didn't for me. I honestly think the largest problem I had was no instant name recognition in this community. It's very insular and cliquey. EDIT: btw my name on https://nhl94hockey.com is halfMANhalfDONUT and Kero5hin is HeatRash (in case any of you want to play us at any point)
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    Give me the Sharks please
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    Rick Tocchet PIT F R 29 $997,000 They couldn't give him the extra 3000??
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    I had a couple problems with the link above. It seems like the link to download the Provenance emulator no longer has the Provenance. So I went to the guy's updated video and it describes how to get the Happy Chick emulator, which I did. However, there was no NHL 94 for SNES within it, and I saw no way to download a rom from another site, for use in Happy Chick. So I went searching for a Provenance link, and found one: It works! I now have Provenance on my iPhone with (iOS 11.1.2) and can play NHL 94 with no problems. I think I can even link my 8bitdo controller by bluetooth. I used to have the same setup with a SNES emulator I preferred, called MeSNEmu, but it doesn't seem to work any more for iOS higher than 9.
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    Indeed I was. I forget which year it was since I haven't played the games in so long (might have been 2K7), but we went all out that one-year with 50+ classic teams I believe. It was tons of research, like finding out info on the 1980 US and Russian rosters, and hockey teams like the old Canadiens dynasties prior to the 1970s, but I thoroughly enjoyed the project. So many hours spent working on those things, I think I have spreadsheets etched into my retina as a result.
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    Is there a hack that would make me 18 again?
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    Believe it or not, EA has actually compared NHL 08 to NHL 94 in terms of authenticity as well as fun factor. Perhaps they were also referencing its potential cultural impact, seeing as how both NHL games (08 and 2k8) are the first sports franchises to actually put some new, innovative stuff on the next-gen platforms.
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    Great interview Mikey. Wish you hadn't brought up the Ottawa attendance thing, but you redeemed yourself talking about the Sens visit up north!