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    Cool stuff.. and look who's pulling up the #33 ranking!
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    1.3 Toronto selects fan favourite Alexander Mogilny
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    If your internet box/modem/router is in the basement or too far for wires, then you can do what I do and get a pair of "powerline adapters". These run wired internet through the electrical system of your house. It works great for me. And of course you can still use wireless for all your other computers/phones/etc. Powerline adapters are little devices you plug into a power plug on the wall. Plug one in near your internet box, and run a short network cable between the adapter and internet box. Plug the other adapter in next to your computer, and run another short network cable between it and your computer. Press the sync buttons on the adapters, et voila, you now have a good wired connection. You can get additional adapters if you want to hook up more things. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/8-things-powerline-adapters-need-know-first/