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    I didn't take many photos, mainly because I was using my phone for the livestream . But here are a few pics I managed to snap: OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT: Dinosaur spotted playing arcades: Our table of competitors Crowd watching the (very awesome) finals games: We didn't get the turnout we expected, but a lot of the guys were folks we knew from Long Island and/or Vegas! It was great to see familiar faces, something I never considered! In one way, having a solid group of 16 '94 players is better than 32 made up of those 16 solid and 16 "walk-ins" as it's unlikely the "walk-ins" would have made it past the RR or 1st round. Having said that, we will ALWAYS welcome more players because at the end of the day it's all about having some fun playing. These guys who participated all had a great time, and just about every one of them said "thank you for running this tournament", which really goes a long way with me. It's quite a bit of work to put this on, all free, and a simple "thanks" makes it all worth it!
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    How's it going guys! New guy here stumbled across this site on reddit when I was searching for answers on how to use the universal xml scraper. Glad I found it because '94 has always been the go to drinking game with buddies. Never hurts that I fell in love with the game watching swingers too! Didn't realize that this community was so deep. Ready to dive into all the information that is ahead for me.
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    Fall '17 Classic League Registration! Register HERE For those of you who have registered on the NHL94Online site before, then registration will be easy. You just need to choose "Yes" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?", type in your site user name and password (NOTE: This is different than your forum password and user name, unless you made it the same), and choose the league you will be joining (right now, you can select Genesis or SNES). Then, hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. It's that easy. For those of you who have not registered on the NHL94Online site before, then there is a little more info needed to complete registration. You need to choose "No" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?" and enter a user name and password (it's common to use the same user name as your forum name or Discord user name). You will also be asked to fill out some more information about yourself (email, location, timezone, Discord user name, system preference). Then choose the league you will be joining (GENS or SNES). Then hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. You will then need to play a test game to make sure your connection is set up properly. This does not affect your place on the waiting list, but you cannot play in the league without playing the test game. If you have played in other online leagues before, you are technically confirmed already. Please PM or email me (chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com) and I will change you to Confirmed status. Registration deadline will be Monday, October 30th. The day after, we will hold a Team Selection Draft. The draft order will be randomized. After the draft is completed for each league, the schedules will be released and the league will begin. If everything goes smoothly, the league will start the following Monday after the draft. LEAGUE INFO The season is 40 games. There will be no limit on registration this season; as long as you register and played a successful test game, you will play. We will divide the registrants up into different League Levels based on skill and experience in online leagues. The different League Levels will be decided after registration is over. If you register after the registration period is over, you will be placed on the Waiting List for the league. Don't worry if you end up on the Waiting List, there is a strong chance you will end up taking over a team during the season! 40 game leagues will have the same 6 games/wk checkpoints as the past few seasons. You CAN NOT sign up for multiple league levels (i.e. GENS and SNES). Only those who are reliable will be allowed to do so, at the discretion of us admins. This will allow you to concentrate on one league. For those coaches that are new, I suggest practicing and becoming familiar with a few teams. This way, you will have multiple teams on your "Draft Board" to select from during the Team Selection Draft. You can contact any veteran coach to play some exhibition games, or practice against the computer. Please post here or in the Introduction Thread after you register. Also, you must join our Discord Server (link at end of post). Whenever you are available, you can post in the #testgame thread on the server and request a test game. Good luck! If there are any questions or problems, feel free to PM us or email us at chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com, KingRaph at kingraph[at]nhl94[dot]com, halifax[at]nhl94[dot]com. NOTE: Hopefully you are using the new LogMeIn Hamachi client. You can get it from the Downloads section on the front page of nhl94online.com. There is no need to remove the previous version, as the installer will remove it and keep the settings from the older version. You will also need to create a LogMeIn account (free). Hamachi needs to be linked to your LogMeIn account. You can create one after installing Hamachi. Once you start up the new version, it will ask you to sign up. Please check the "Getting Started" page (link at bottom of this post) for some info on how to use the new Hamachi setup. INFORMATION FOR NEW GUYS Read This - Guide for New Members If you are new to the league, welcome! We are a big brotherly community here, and there are a number of guys who are always around willing to help the new guys out. First things first, you need to register for NHL94.com (this site), as well as on the nhl94online.com site (registration link at the beginning of this post). It is also required to have a Discord screen name, since that is the main method of communication for scheduling games. Once you are registered, the next step is to set up a test game. You can use the forum links below and post your availability. You can also post on the Discord server and request a game. One of the veterans will send you a PM or a message on Discord (or feel free to add some veterans onto your Discord Friend List and message them yourselves). A test game needs to be played in order to make sure your emulator/network settings are correct. Once the test game is played, the veteran will confirm you on the nhl94online site. Once this is done, you are set until the season starts. A few days before the season starts, usually the day after registration ends, we will be holding a Team Selection Draft to choose teams. The draft will be held in the forums, so please make sure you register! An email will be sent out to all registrants before the draft, so it is important to register using an email you commonly check (also check your Spam or Junk folder). Once teams are selected, the schedules will be put up on the site and you can start playing your games. There will be another post announcing the start of the season, with information on how to log games, contact other coaches, and how to make the playoffs. Everything you need to play can be downloaded in one package (for either GENS or SNES) from the nhl94online.com site. On the main page of the site, the Downloads section is located bottom right. You will also have to download Hamachi separately (also located in the same Downloads section). I hope we get some new guys who recently participated in some of our live tournaments!! Again, if you have any questions, please email me (chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com) or PM me via the forums. Discord Server (You can register for a new account via the link) - NHL '94 Server Getting Started Online - Hamachi setup and netplay - Getting Started Rules - Rules Genesis Test Games - Post Here SNES Test Games - Post Here View the Waiting List here
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    I'm pretty sure it's TD Garden in the beta ROM I posted: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18130-nhl95-expanded-rom-project/&do=findComment&comment=168627 Let me know if you see something different. Thanks for the note, I appreciate the feedback! And since it's been a few days -- quick update on where I stand on this project. Been sidetracked with the recent tourney at the RetroExpo in Hartford, and my actual paying job is crazy busy from Oct-Dec. I was in the middle of fixing the graphics bug on the playoffs screen by shortening down the spinning Stanley Cup graphic. I found out how the tile layout works for that graphic, it's different than the non-animated ones. I'll make a more detailed post when I can, but once I fix that, the next step would be the season data update.
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    I've been meaning to put together a ladder league forever. The intention is to integrate it into nhl94online.com, but that'll take some time, so I figure I might as well just start it up without the website, then having the data will encourage me to get started on the website. The system will use an Elo-like rating system that will take into account the quality of the teams used. However to make things simpler at the start I want to factor out the team differences and get straight to the player(coach) ratings. So... at first all games are same-teams! Here's what you need to do: Play a home-and-home with identical teams (same teams for both games, ie both players are say Montreal for both games) Classic ROM only! Weight bug fix will be introduced later. Make save-states of both games. Label them in a way that indicates who was the home team, so for example kingraph-MTL@MTL-icestor.gs0, icestorm-MTL@MTL-kingraph.gs1 Also indicate if it's genesis or SNES Zip both save states into one zip file. If you don't know how, please ask. Make a post on this thread and attach the zip file. Please also write the scores of both games and who won them (kingraph MTL 3 @ 2 MTL icestorm, icestorm MTL 5 @ 3 MTL kingraph) Then I'll periodically update the ratings on here while also working on the website. Initial ratings will probably be based on the latest IIHF style classic ratings, then results from this thread will be introduced and modify the ratings Here are the current ratings: Sega Rnk Elo Coach 1 2177 kingraph ---------------------------- 2 2052 Depch 3 1987 angryjay93 ---------------------------- 4 1940 Uncle Seth 5 1902 swos 6 1871 FlamingPavelBure 7 1844 zeppelin55 ---------------------------- 8 1819 plabax 9 1796 Icestorm NHL94 10 1776 Sicarius Fulgur 11 1756 Vocally Caged 12 1738 brutus 13 1721 TomKabs93 14 1704 jmj 15 1688 canadiensfan66 ---------------------------- 16 1673 TexasPachyderm 17 1658 hokkeefan2 18 1644 Begley15 19 1630 Lupz27 20 1616 Gretzkyonacold 21 1602 CBK26 22 1589 Evan 23 1576 Fitzo 24 1563 AtomicRaven 25 1550 RoBro 26 1538 JackVandal 27 1525 smozoma 28 1513 minpind 29 1500 skeletor 30 1487 skip 31 1475 Darko ---------------------------- 32 1462 clockwise 33 1450 jer_33 34 1437 wwojo75 35 1424 aqualizard 36 1411 scribe99 37 1398 monkeyjuice1702 38 1384 kgman01 39 1370 LABS_66 40 1356 eggink444 41 1342 Pearate 42 1327 lasyoen 43 1312 maverick_z 44 1296 Northway Native 45 1279 McMarkis 46 1262 chefstar88 47 1244 millertime2325 48 1224 CoachMac 49 1204 jackandjose 50 1181 Wittgenstein 51 1156 mikey_mac94 52 1129 SoCalKing 53 1098 jagr68 54 1060 Culls17 55 1013 donnybrook 56 948 orangeblack92 57 823 jvc621 SNES Rnk Elo Coach 1 2127 Oilers442 ---------------------------- 2 1994 BobKudelski26 3 1922 annatar ---------------------------- 4 1870 angryjay93 5 1828 McMarkis 6 1792 c4outlaws 7 1760 BlackDevil19 ---------------------------- 8 1731 stheds2000 9 1705 kingraph 10 1680 jbalicki10 11 1656 Grayto 12 1634 BoKnowsNHL94 13 1612 Joe Baker 14 1591 matticefire 15 1570 pondhcky1 ---------------------------- 16 1550 tylerdeanhill 17 1530 rmac111 18 1510 Hazmat13 19 1490 fenty62 20 1470 NorthwayNative 21 1450 Shaftman 22 1430 The90Jacket 23 1409 etevans101 24 1388 crash46 25 1366 chaos 26 1344 heymelo27 27 1320 Jackandjose 28 1295 kupuck19 29 1269 the1jasontaylor 30 1240 schwartz 31 1208 Brutus 32 1172 Omega-Red 33 1130 tommy1978 34 1078 Fank009 35 1006 singelmamma 36 873 marchawg
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    So I've hardly any time to test, but the time is now for release. Details: -All 31 NHL teams with up-to-date logos/uniforms/lines/ratings (thank you slapshot!) -player portraits for all no-line-change starters -custom/anniversary center ice logos for teams that use them this year (CAR, DAL, TB, DET, NYR...) -Weight bug fix -speed burst at 75% of original rom -accurate arena music per team (default in slapshot 32-team rom) -ice/bench graphic hacks (default in slapshot 32-team rom) -known bug with 32-team rom -- GAME WILL CRASH IF CYCLING THROUGH WPG (TEAM 31) PORTRAITS ON MAIN MENU Please let me know if you find any bugs or errors. Enjoy! EDIT: Re-upped v 1.1 with minor roster/player tweaks and corrections. Barring any major problems, this is final release. NHL 2018 by naples39.zip naples39 NHL94 rompack.zip
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    My mediocre talented face has registered, and my less than mediocre NHL94 Blackhawks sweater and goalie mask will be worn during the season.
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    Someone caught the 2v2 bug! I've said it before, but I enjoy 2v2 the most out of any '94 game/league/ROM.
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    If we have enough dudes, I'll be happy to run GDL. If we don't have enough for GDL, but do have enough post-classic, I'll privately chat with those 12-16 coaches & set up the rules we most agree upon. If there is enough interest, but not enough consensus, then I'd go with Et Tu Brute Season II, since those rules are already setup. My order of preference would be GDL, GDL, GDL.
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    I really enjoyed this and would love to come to more... Thanks again!
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    I am interested. But I feel the way Brutus does, that to be GDL, it has to have a large number of coaches. If there aren't enough coaches, I would rather it be a GDL-like league with a different name.
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    GDL is like the equivalent of the USFL Blitz is like the equivalent of the XFL Classic is the equivalent of the NFL Why? Because both GDL, and Blitz are currently belly up while Classic is about to run, and only game in town!
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    Took me a few tries, but got it to work with help from a few guys. Plug in the F310 gamepad Open Gens Emulator Press the Mode button on the gamepad so that the green light is on Click Option in Gens Emulator Select Joypads... Map the buttons Click OK Test it out. Should be ready to deke.
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    Hi, either one of DOS versions, NHL Hockey or later release NHL95, do not have fighting. Fighting came to DOS versions on NHL96. Those DOS versions do not have a goalie control, it came to DOS versions on NHL96. DOS versions NHL Hockey and NHL95 support only 2 players, but only on same computer, there is no network play support. You can find some discussion about those both versions on this site, under topic NHL '95. Mainly information and updates to NHL95, but there is few discussions about NHL Hockey also.
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    Thanks Raph, I really wanted to go to Vegas, especially with it being one of the closed places for me to get to..............but life just got in the way. I am hoping that next year will calm down & that i'll have more time to get into playing once again & be present in the community. Hopefully the next King of 94 I will be able to make it!!!
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    Hey guys! Brand new here. Grew up playing hockey in Buffalo in a hockey family. I live in Sunny California now, but nothing can take me away from the sport! My first video game ever was NHL 94, and the PC version of NHL 95 is still my all-time favorite game. I logged a lot of hours back in the day on the genisis, but I just put together a RetroPie and boy am I rusty. I'm pretty competitive by nature so if there are any guides it must-watch videos for someone trying to play a little a catch up, please point me in the right direction!
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    1.3 Toronto selects fan favourite Alexander Mogilny
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    Hey everyone, welcome to VHL5! ***Registration will remain open until at least October 31st*** ***League Draft to Begin No Later than November 15th*** VHL is a WBF draft league where we draft from the 2017-18 rosters. The excel file (below) shows the draft pool. This is a fun, competitive league - last season and season before final went to Game 7! We'll need to have at least 12 teams for a full draft. If we cannot get 12 guys, we'll go to a regular team draft (classic style). **Notes for VHL5** We will continue with a ~40 to 48 game season. This is mainly a B league, but all are welcome to join no matter you're level of experience or skill. Draft will not be a snaking draft. Instead, we will continue to use a true NHL style draft where we start from #1 pick again in Round 2, etc. This allows for better competitive balance, while also rewarding players who play all of their games in the previous season (penalties for not finishing all games). Draft will be determined prior to the new league season. New players will be added to middle of draft (well-known A guys to the back of draft). Playoff seeding will be separated from playoff qualification. We use playoff system where win % determines your seeding. Let me know if you have any questions. The ROM attached is basically what we'll play with. There may be a few slight updates but nothing of major consequence. TEAMS SO FAR (If we do a player draft) Skip - Vegas Tex - Dallas Lupz - NY Rangers Jer - Toronto AquaLizard - Flatcrusher - Darko? JackVandal? NHL18skipV1.zip NHL18skipV1.zip
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    In, and I am down with whatever # of guys we have. I am sure we can get at least 16 guys. If we get 22-24 guys, do we keep it 56 games? I think we can, but guys truly have to dedicate themselves or schedule a couple of hours per week where they announce it on the forum AND show up to discord to match up with guys when they say they will. I think a lot of us are overreacting to the spring and summer, which were bad this year. My summer was particularly tough as far as being on here, and I was trying to run a league. Bad recipe. Fall and winter is when we're all amped up to play some '94. I am rededicating myself, daily anew!
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    Part 1: Wifi Versus Wired The Short Story Plug In! (And disable wifi) The Long Story No matter how great your wifi is, or you think your wifi is, you are always better off wired. Period. The reason why boils down to interference and packet loss. A wired connection has a shielded cable that all but eliminates any local radio interference. A wifi connection, no matter how modern and how close you are to your router, will always be prone to interference. If you live in a city, even your neighbor using their microwave oven could interfere with your wifi signal! Nevermind all of the electronic gadgetry that we use all around us every day ourselves in our own homes. If you have the option, and even if it means buying a 50' cable and running it up the stairs from your basement to plug in, do it! (You don't want to be the guy that everyone dreads playing because you have a spotty connection.) People sometimes convince themselves that wifi is "good enough" because they see their ping rate, and it looks good. Heck, if you can stream Netflix in HD how the heck can't you play this ancient videogame. Why not? Because it is not the same thing. At all. Among many difference, video streams like Netflix get buffered, so there is a lot of "wiggle room" to make sure you get what appears to be a smooth feed. In online games, there is no wiggle room. You want your button presses to register NOW! This is all about ping and latency (which can be disrupted by radio interference), and has nothing to do with bandwidth. When you do a ping test with wifi, you might see your connection is great, and it is: At that very moment, with no interference. But then, at seemingly random times, you will get lag spikes, even though things started off great. These are not really random. They are the microwaves, baby monitors, various electronics and even other people's wifi, interfering and grinding your games to a halt. Ethernet Versus USB Versus WiFi For our purposes, any wired connection -- whether Ethernet or USB (via an Ethernet to USB adapter) -- beats WiFi. Again, because of the interference. Nowadays there seems to be a trend to design laptops with fast USB ports but no Ethernet port. If you are in this situation, do not be tempted to plug in a USB WiFi adapter. Use a USB Ethernet adapter to get that shielded cable plugged directly from your router to your computer, staving off any possible radio interference. Part 2: Overcoming Great Distances The Short Story You can't overcome great distances. The Long Story: If someone in North America plays someone in Europe, you will feel it. There is simply no way to overcome the great distance. While light travels in a vacuum superfast, electricity through (copper) wires is much slower. It is slower in absolute terms, but it is also slower because wires zigzag, and repeaters, switches and routers all grind things down significantly, as well. Because you cannot defeat the physical reality that long distances will slow things down, you need to do everything within your power to help your situation. Here is a helpful thread: Overseas Games and Laggy Connections. ...More to come - tips on how to have better connectivity - minimum speed requirements (anything faster than dialup usually good enough) - hamachi vs client server connection - anything else any networking peeps can think of? See: http://royal.pingdom.com/2007/06/01/theoretical-vs-real-world-speed-limit-of-ping/
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    One thing I think should be clear heading into the draft is Season 3 Keepers, so here is the rule. 0 keepers = 2 Teams who play in the Stanley Cup Final 1 keeper = 6 Playoff teams who do not make the Stanley Cup Final 2 keepers = 2 non-Playoff teams. Expansion teams or Teams with a replacement coach will get zero keepers. This is subject to change only if everyone agrees similar to last season when we lowered the number of keepers for everyone, but we turned out with 6 coaches and 6 keepers. Now we have 10 coaches and 10 keepers. Future Expansion I would like to get to 12 Teams and have the 6 A Coaches be the Original 6 Teams and the 6 B Coaches be the 6 1967 Expansion teams. 22 Game season playing each coach twice. And the realign top 2 move up and bottom 2 A move down each season. Playoffs would be all A vs A and B vs B until the Finals and then the B guy would get his once in a lifetime shot. However I am fine with less as long as we keep the seasons moving with motivated coaches. I am never going beyond 12 teams.
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    On it. I just posted a message on discord. Thank you for the help
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    You're free to and it could be cool, just watch out for breaking the center ice logos (if you edit uniforms) or breaking player portraits when messing with lineups. Also, please note a version number/date somewhere inside the rom (opening credits?) to prevent confusion.
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    And Sanwa and Suzo-Happ joystick and buttons are the best to have too. I built a joystick for my Xbox360 using tupperware, a used third-party wired controller from GameStop, but spent $60 on Sanwa joystick and buttons.
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    Looked into it a little more. Apparently using a small LCD monitor works well with the RPi since the RetroArch emulator has good shaders to give you that authentic CRT feel. Retro Built Games - $370 for the full kit, prob $60 for RetroPi. That looks really nice, too!
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    In like Larry Flynn. IMO 16 would be great
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    100% agree on the controllers. I think you can use additional controllers if you read about it, but not sure how that would work. Ultimately you need 4 and 2v2. Still think about us in that Vegas lobby and wish we had played more 2v2 on Friday or whenever. I am getting 2v2 set up running here locally. I think I can hook a couple locals with 2v2.
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    Wow, pretty sweet design! Here are the pics as that eBay listing won't keep it forever. He's asking $1,300 + $150 shipping, which seems like a lot to me. One real bummer here is the single controller setup. This should have 2 for the ultimate trash talking experience!
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    This is a fair point actually. IN 4 GDL.
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    Man seems like your almost on the brink of competitive league retirement unless it's absolutely necessary, shame there isn't enough guys who can play up to your level to keep you interested in the regular season. Losing the best of the best in every league is what is hurting this place we don't need new blood as much as everyone thinks, what we really need is the old top level players to return, that is what this place is missing.
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    Pretty sure "GDL" is trademarked, and any use of that term, or derivative of "GDL", is illegal. Will have to be called something completely different to avoid prosecution.
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    I think the fact that the tournament sign-up table was kind of hidden from the main row made it difficult for people to find. I did have a few people ask me about signing up after we had already started and were a few games in. A lot of the other tournaments suffered from low turnout too. The SF5 tournament, which was on the other side of our table had like 8 signups, yet they had 8 PS4s set up. On the flip side, the Mario Kart 64 tournament had 3 set ups, and a billion people. We also could have promoted it a little more too. All in all, it was a great time, some really close games, and multiple TB-SJ match-ups.
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    Except none of the 94 leagues are 85% commercials
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    Update: I think this switch on the bottom might be the key... someone with a F310 use this link to try it out: http://support.logitech.com/en_in/article/21696?product=a0qi00000069ueWAAQ Below is a paste of the site, in case it goes missing sometime in the future....
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    Love both the Skip and Slapshot rom and Naples rom One thing: On the skip rom, the away jersey is really bland for vegas,
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    Very Cool! Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to seeing the Final product.
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    '95? Lol. Really? 1. Vancouver BC 2. Surrey BC (LOL) 3. Las Vegas again. Its the safest place in the world (now). Seriously though it has some very cheap flights and hotels if you can get yourself a deal. Nice weather and lots to do. Even flying one province over can be more expensive than flying much farther here. If its gonna be often it would probably make it easiest on everyone to go back there. But having said that, Vancouver it is...
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    sorry, first place at the Nintendo World Championship Tourney as part of the Retro World Expo 2017.
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    This should look pretty good on the snes classic menu.
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    Hey Scamy, I wrote a Guide for New Members you may want to look at. And there are videos if you look around, including whole 7 game series as well as small tutorials, but you have to hunt them down here and there. But if you are competitive, you should join a league! Fall Classic is open for registration any day. Welcome!
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    there are plenty of folks (check etsy) making cartridges. can be very expensive. send them a used NHL '94 cartridge and the ROM file. pay. get game in hard copy format. have fun!
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    been busy. no partner. maybe this season. no promises.
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    Classic Is And Never Was And DEFINITELY Was Not Originally Designed To Be A Totally Fair Best Player Wins League Every Season Is Different Based On What Team You End Up With It's Really Quite Simple