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    Hi guys, I don't know how valuable my input would be as someone who mostly lurks, doesn't participate in leagues, and just likes to play against the computer, but I wanted to offer my two cents anyway. I also didn't read the whole thread, so sorry if this overlaps with anyone else's thoughts. If the idea is attracting new, young people to NHL '94, you're going to have a tough time competing with several issues: On a Venn diagram, PC gaming and sports gaming are pulling apart year after year. This means that people who play modern EA NHL games are used to being able to pick up and play against a friend online with little difficulty. Personally I don't think the process of playing NHL '94 on Windows against someone else is too onerous (having grown up in the age of server browsers, old), but consider the ease with which someone can do it on PS4/X1 and you have a natural impediment to one's desire to participate. Playing NHL '94 likely won't have much appeal unless the rosters and graphics are continually updated (which, gratefully they are), but beyond that there are several aspects of the game that so far cannot be modified (rule changes, roster sizes, minor leagues, game modes like a full regular season, statistics...things that are taken for granted in new games). The novelty of playing NHL '94 with updated graphics and rosters can wear thin. Then, making a fantasy league/team is not a straight-forward process either. If I knew how to modify the updated NHL '94 so I could do it myself, I still can imagine the process being time-consuming. Nevertheless, herein lies the main source of modification the game and any leagues can offer. Finally, I have an expectation that the people who play in NHL '94 leagues with some regularity are formidable opponents for a variety of reasons. In a general sense, this community is full of NHL '94 veterans, and even the idea of competing with people who have been at this for upwards of twenty-three years sounds daunting even to me. Speaking even more broadly, I get the sense that this community hasn't had an infusion of regular new blood in a while. Being a more open and accessible community would always be beneficial. To that extent, I like the ideas of mentoring, expanding into "C" leagues, using Discord, having ladders and relegation/promotion, streaming and game nights...but is there enough of a potential user base to make the most of those ideas? What would one even do to encourage people to seek out this community? I know there's a Twitter handle, I'm sure there's a Facebook page...is there a YouTube channel? How about Twitch? Does anyone stream the games already? Play-by-play/color-commentary would be fun as long as there were professional-enough people doing it. (As a side note, I know there's a group on AIM for NHL '94 and people seeking out exhibitions, but my understanding is that the OSCAR protocol will not be supported by third-party software by the end of this month. I don't know the full details on this, but it may server to expedite shifting over to a Discord channel.) Ultimately, how do we make NHL '94 appeal to young people? It's got outdated graphics, outdated rules, not enough variety or depth in game modes, and the competition would be stiff. I think if we came up with something like an Elo rating system that gave a clearer understanding of how good a player is, instead of just A/B/C level, that may help players integrate and find the most suitable competition for themselves. I don't think this would be too radical an impact on the leagues and the players out there now I hope I'm not too out-of-the-loop for my thoughts to not be considered, but I would like this community to thrive and survive where I've seen others fall apart due to stagnation.
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    Hey Odell! Looks like the most updated version is 09, which is Genesis http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/9214-nhl-95-genesis-09-roster/ Probably would be a little too much work but if you took NOSE which is the editor for NHL games you could get and paste the post updated players in the 94 version into 95? Is an NHL 95 KUMITE in the future?????
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    So I've begun working on a complete NHL15 conversion of NHL95PC. I just started a few days ago and I hope to have it done by the end of the year. I thought I would post some updates as I progress through the mod. I currently have the graphics about 98% complete for two teams, Anaheim and Boston. *********************************************** Here is the first release. We'll call it version 1.0 Please let me know of any issues you may find. I would like to release at least one more version before the end of the season to fix any bugs that are found. I am not open to changing lines or updating rosters. But if you find a misspelling or a blatantly wrong attribute I would be willing to fix that in a future release. Enjoy ************************************************ ************************************************ Version 1.1 includes the SRLOGO.qfs file and KIBA's rink selection tool. ************************************************ NHL15PC 12-30-2014.zip NHL15PC 1-10-2015.zip
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    (2) Depch - Boston | 5.32 GF | 3.25 GA | -300 (7) HABS - Montreal | 5.48 GF | 3.76 GA | +300 Season Series: 3-1 BOS These two teams met early in the season, where Montreal was struggling to get anything out of their lineup of Kamensky-Klima-Verbeek, Boston dismantled em for 3/4 games. Much has changed since then as the team is playing much better since the second half of the season. Montreal was the 2nd highest scoring team in the league while Boston ranked 4th and each team was ranked 7th and 6th respectively in GA/G. Boston's formula of speed with Hogue-Ronning-Reichel and great huge dmen Bourque-Fetisov has paid off quite well. Depch has a had a super consistent season and manages to keep all games within reach. Boston also sports the best Away record at 22-5. Prediction: Mtl in 7 or Bos in 4 (3) Flamingpavelbure - Quebec | 5.33 GF | 3.91 GA | -300 (6) zepplin - Hartford| 5.31 GF | 3.17 GA | +300 Season Series: 3-1 QUE FPB has had a pretty incredible season considering he has started Stephane Fiset as a point. Not sure if he's going to continue doing this into the playoffs. Quebec also boasts the best PP% in the league at 39% while Hartford sits 4th at 30.3%. Zepp has had a real solid season with a balanced and very speedy attacking unit in Bure-Turgeon-Courtnall and Leetch and Wesley on D. This much agility has given many teams issues. While Quebec boasts a more rounded lineup with Jagr as a bruising, agile playmaker, Sandstrom with the best shot in the game and Zhamnov a crafty, agile, passer. Ellet and Blake round out the lineup. FPB tends to step it up in the playoffs and I think this will be a tough matchup for Zepp despite him playing so well. Prediction: Que in 7 (4) Brutus- Philadelphia|4.92 GF | 2.77 GA | -135 (5) IceStorm- Buffalo| 5.27 GF | 3.17 GA | +135 Season Series: 3-1 PHI These two teams are built totally differently, this should be very interesting. Brutus has arguably one of the toughest lineups to face. A lineup that features two of the game's biggest stars in Mario and Roy. Mario has been utterly dominant this season at 3rd in league scoring while Roy was 2nd in GAA, 6th in SV%. Ice has been playing well defensively with Moog as well 3rd in GAA, 3rd in SV%. Brutus' bruising hard hitting lineup gives opponents split seconds to make decisions and makes it difficult to get through to the net. Brutus and Ice were #2 and #3 ranked in GA/G. This should feature a nice and dirty low scoring series. Brutus is having a career year, let's see how far he can take it. Prediction Phi in 7. (1) KingRaph-New Jersey (8)TexasPachyderm-NY Islanders (Won 4-2) Well this one is done before I could say anything. Huge upset. Tex has been rolling lately and it is nice to see an 8th seed take out #1, cudos to Tex. For the PATRICK division hoping somebody in that division can help write up as I won't have the same perspective as you guys and haven't played as many games vs that side.
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    Hi Everyone, Here's an updated 2016-2017 roster after the trade deadline. If anyone has any rosters out there that are not within the 1993-2000 time period I have seen throughout these forums that they would share, I would greatly appreciate it. Enjoy! 2017 Roster.zip
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    yay success! Thanks everyone!
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    He could walk right past me and I'd never recognize him. Time is a cruel b***h.
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    For those of y'all that missed: Nintendo re-released the NES not long ago. Rumors are that The Big N will be releasing the classic SNES, too. I wonder if SEGA will be offering the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis classic. Did anyone pick one up?
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    I just added a Playoff version of the ROM. Has the real tree for anyone who likes playing against the CPU.
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    Just thought I'd post here to put some new stories in the ol NHL 95 portion of the forum. Posted a recap of the Segathon NHL 95 Tourney http://www.segathon.com/segathon-2016/ Only 8 months after the event was held...
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    I figured out the problem. Excel was adding commas to the goalie lines so that each line had the same number of delimiters. I deleted those in a text editor and it imported fine. Thanks for the awesome program it makes custom rosters infinitely easier.
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    Here are two rinks for NHL95PC. Little adjust to faceoff spots and goalie area. Also trapezoid added. Two versions, with normal ice and with scratched ice. NHL95PCrink2013.zip NHL95PCrink2013scratch.zip
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    Here is tutorial for changing Scouting Report logos in NHL95PC. I am changing Tamba Bay logo for Colorado Rockies logo in Scouting Report screen. I will use Dosbox, NHLinfo and GIMP. First I open Dosbox, go to NHL95 and there to scouting report. Then I press CTRL-F5, which makes screenshot of scouting report to my dosbox capture-folder. I open that file in GIMP (free software for graphics editing) and leave it open. I have Colorado Rockies logo, where I have already removed white backround by making it transparent (named as COLtp.gif).: Logo must be 94x91 as size, you can verify that in NHLinfo by looking TB logo there. I open that logo also in GIMP. I select my logo in GIMP and from menu Colors->Map->Set colormap. Now it open new window asking for palette. I just press button next to where it says Palette and it open palette selection: 2 first palettes are from images which I have open in GIMP. #19 is from my scouting report screenshot. If you are uncertain which it is, you can see that number in GIMP by looking picture's title. I Select colormap #19 and I click ok from dialog box. My logo in GIMP now uses scouting report screen palette and colors are wrong: Now I export this logo to different name, for example COLnew.gif. (From menu: File-Export) Then I open my original COLtp.gif to GIMP. I select COLtp.gif and from menu Edit->Copy. Then I move to COLnew.gif, where colors are wrong. I select Edit->Paste. Now my image went floating over and it shows colors right: Then I just select File->Export and I save my COLnew.gif. Then I move it to my NHL95-folder. Now I open NHLinfo and select SRLOGO.QFS file and I roll down to TB where Tamba Bay logo shows black and white: Then I just try to replace TB logo. I have the Colorado logo to my NHL95 folder, named as COLnew.gif. I press F1. This open new window in NHLinfo and I just move with arrow keys to my logo file, named for COLnew.gif. It show in right window of NHLinfo, notice that transparent background now shows in pink color: Then I press enter. NHLinfo asking if I would match or replace palette, I select replace. NHLinfo raports about importing. By pressing F1 once again I can go back to first window where TB logo has now changed to Colorado logo. Although it shows up there in black and white, we can leave NHLinfo. Next I go to dosbox and my NHL95 game to see how it shows in scouting report. I select Tamba Bay to exhibition game and scouting report shows logo like this: I also changed Tamba Bay text to Colorado by NHLinfo, if someone wonders that in picture. I bet there is better ways to do this, but this worked for me. I hope this helps NHL95PC editing in future. Happy Easter to everyone!
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    Finally I managed to export rink with correct palette. In NHLinfo with GFXPAK: 1. Select RINKPAL.QFS. 2. Save !pal by pressing "F". 3. Give name to that palette-file, for example rinki.pal 4. Go one "step" back to "root", by selecting "back" from menu. 5. Press SHIFT+P so palettes will be red. 6. Select RINK.QFS and then rink. 7. Press "P" until rinki.pal is in use. (In my case editor shows picture still gray) 8. Press "M" and select image format. 9. Press "S" and give filename to save image. 10. New rink image should be in nhl95 directory. I put my exported rink in here.