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    I think for every hockey fan and player alike, the Mighty Ducks have a special place in your heart. The movie is pretty outlandish from a hockey perspective (players switching uniforms, no offsides called on the Flying V, it goes on and on), but it's a staple of hockey in pop culture. When I found all the great tools for hacking the game on this forum, I wanted to take a stab at it, and I felt this was a great place to start. The ROM features: 6 Playable Teams (Ducks, Hawks, Team USA, Team Iceland, Eden Hall JV/Ducks, Eden Hall Varsity/Warriors) Updated graphics to fit the movie 15 scale stats Weight Bug Fixed I plan to add Playoff mode (3 selectable teams, Ducks, USA, JV, and you play through the general story of the movie) More playable teams Player cards Blue ice Any bug fixes along the way Special thanks to WBoy's 30 Team Rom, TM Ref Screenshots, and NOSE Smozoma's various guides and programs CoachMac's steps to making a rom Clockwise or Swos’ sprite patch, love that extra liberty while making uniforms. Kingraph for answer a graphics editing question SabreFan1's Banner font Production Notes Hawks players except for the 2 names that appeared in actual roles are just named after scientific names for hawks Iceland players except Gunner Stahl named after Norse Gods Eden Hall players named using a random name generator DOWNLOAD HERE: MightyDucks1.0.bin I attached some screenshots below, hope you enjoy!
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    AngryJay drafted the Scouts roster and threw out the challenge of someone playing with them. I am taking that challenge. I am going to try and Exi a full 160 game schedule with the Scouts in addition to my Regular Team. I already have 3 exis done. I will post periodically on my progress. Here is the Official Press Release.
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    This almost happened in the 80s with the Oilers+$50M and the Leafs https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2009/10/11/peter_pocklington_book_says_oilersleafs_almost_swapped_cities.html
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    Come join us Friday night in Philly at Too Many Games for an NHL '94 tourney! June 22, 2018 6pm Entry Fee: $20 Console: Genesis Registration: http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-season/toomanygames2018/ Rules: http://retroworldseries.com/info/gameplay-rules/versus-tournament-rules/#nhl-94 Live Stream Channel:
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    First 5 coaches(excluding me) to reach 160 games played(or the 5 coaches with most games played at end of season) will receive an EA Sports NHL 94 game card. You can pick from Dino(2), Mogilny, Fedorov, Modano or Bondra Also, coach with leading individual goal scorer will receive a NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick card And the league CHAMPION! will also receive a Jeremy Roenick card. Good Luck!
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    logged on for the first time in forever for this. I'm 30 mins away so I am going to try to make it
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    He probably tried, but at that point he has 3 4th rounders, 2 5ths, and a bunch of 7ths, so nobody took his offer.
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    check stat hack applied, 3rd D should also be fixed Summer2018_v2.bin
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    HERE IT IS! Summer2018_v1.bin
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    I would highly recommend a mapping program like Xpadder. This allows you to map keyboard keys to your gamepad and then esssentially play the game using the keyboard. I have found this gives the best control response. Benefits: 1. You can map key combinations to the gamepad buttons. For example, I have a single button that will fake a shot and a single button that will hook/hold. 2. Map the line change keys F1-->F8 to separate buttons. 3. Map escape and enter to separate buttons so you can pause gameplay and advance through lineup screens directly with your gamepad. 4. If you have an analog stick you can map the mouse to it so you can navigate the menus without a mouse. You can get Xpadder at https://www.xpadder.com It is 10 dollars.
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    Premium Retro League used this setting. Season 1 Regular Season Home 28-21-11 Season 1 Playoffs Home 12--10 Season 2 Regular Season Home 43-35-12 Season 2 Playoffs Home 21-16 Season 3 Regular Season Home 39-36-9 Season 3 Playoffs Home 15-18 Overall Home Record 158-136-76 Detroit is really talented that is the road advantage. So when Detroit Strong Road (0) plays a team with Weak Home (0) there is no advantage and detroit is probably way more talented. Even against a Strong Home team Detroit will at worst give up a +2 on the road. The Ducks are guaranteed to give up at least a 3 and maybe a 5, plus they suck. I don't see how mathematically that setting is not the whole picture, but you probably got better math grades than me. YES!
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    Great post Brutus. You summed up many people's feelings and why we have the roms done the way we do for most leagues except for mine. I am fine with that and have happily spent many hours building what I believe to be a great fun rom for this league. Even though it is not done the way I like. However, I will continue to beat the drum of why you, me and all love this game as opposed to Tetris or Pac-Man is the randomness and variation it provides. If the Original game in 1993 had been Static with all advantages equal, and all the randomness removed, I don't believe we would still be playing it. 1980 USA vs USSR, my one game HUGE upset win in Green Bay etc...... never happen with those parameters. I am headed out to coach Regional Track Championships. I would love to know who is Hot/Cold etc..., but I don't. Gotta feel it and figure it out. I am glad this year we have a gigantic Home advantage as the more talented Las Vegas kids gotta run at altitude and in cold snowy weather. Can't wait to get this thing started.
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    Here is my blue rink. It is not exactly same color as in NHL Hockey. If I remember correctly, I could not get palettes match or something like that. Anyhow here it is. RINK.QFS
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    Summer18exi_v1.8.bin Latest AquaBallard trade. Savard for Bondra.
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    I did adjust rink little bit, also adding trapezoid while ago: I have also somewhere rink where I changed rink color as blue ice like in the PC hockey version. I will post that here too when I found it.
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    I'm in! I played in 2014 and sucked. Four years later I'm sure my intuition still sucks, but I was ecstatic my Germans won! That 7-1 Brazil massacre was unbelievable. I should have the picks in sometime this week, I'll have to do my homework on some of the teams and the match-ups.
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    Got KB's picks as well.
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    Thx you better be there Adam! I look forward to battling you at table hockey and SNES NHL’94! If I bring the table hockey it will not be for money. It’s just for fun. Darrell did love the idea when I talked to him before. I’ll probably now only bring 1 table hockey I will leave this to Darrell Halifax at the last min. Great to see Jammer vs you again. So many great players we can get playing on this side SNES NHL’94 $5.00 to play and win $5.00. I want to make sure we keep records of wins and loses on a big board. It could be winner goes on. See if someone can win 10 in a row! You can play as any team you want including All-Star Teams. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 4 vs 1 I beat a friend 4-0. The 4th goal with 1 minute to go I flipped it to Geoff Courtnall for the goal!