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    It's NOSE not NOPE One thing i know is that shooting accuracy was tightly based on the player's shooting % that year. And that's why the defensemen tend to have such terrible accuracy, because d-men rarely shoot even near 10%. For speed, agility, etc, basically all you can do is try to read about players or find clips of old games. The Hockey Hall of fame website has a small blurb about just about every player ever, from which you can often glean a player's main strengths (http://www.hhof.com/html/search.shtml). You probably want to give a player a target 'overall' rating, then just make it work based on a few things you know about him, filling in the other values in order to hit the required Overall. It looks like goaltender Defensive awareness is closely related to their save percentage for the year: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15437-goaltender-defensive-awareness/ CoachMac has a template for rating players: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18123-ratings-template/ KingRaph made an epic thread about player ratings that make players good to actually play with, but I can't seem to find it, maybe someone else can link it...
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    Anyone who can beat me is, for that moment in time, for all intents and purposes, the best in the world. Haha JK of course. Seriously though, given the talent in Vegas, I completely agree Jamil IS best in the world. Yes, he beat me, and he beat Annatar 2-0 in best of three. He also won a tourney that included Dangler, AngryJay, Stheds2000, KingRaph, the90Jacket, tylerdeanhill, Halifax, Chaos (sorry I know I'm forgetting someone). He did it all in a high pressure situation, with the whole NHL 94 community watching.
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    The 2017 NHL'94 Bud of the Year award goes to @slapshot67! Once the NHL announced that they would be expanding to 31 teams, many wondered what would happen to the existing 30 team rom. I think most thought one team would have to be sacrificed in the rom to make way for the Vegas Golden Knights. However, Slapshot67 took this on and seemingly made it look easy. The rest of us benefitted and we can’t thank him enough for the time spent on this. Additional buds who should be recognized. @naples39- created his version of the nhl18 rom @skip – assisted Slapshot67 with creating their nhl18 rom and ran VHL online league @Brutus – Ran Et tu Brute and then looked after the second season of Plablegs @chaos - continues to keep the nhl94online.com site going with updates and ensuring leagues are set up (set up 9 online leagues this year). Helped run tournaments in New York and Connecticut. He set a world record in co-op mode for nhl94 with KingRaph. @McMikey – screened Pixelated Heroes at Ko94 II after his last 3 years of hard work. @King of 94' WI - organized the king of 94 tournament in Wisconsin and continues to promote nhl94 with live streaming of games. @CoachMac - created some new roms and ran three online seasons of the premium retro league in a short amount of time. @kingraph – Constantly helping new people get started with online play and spent time not just helping the NHL'94 hacking commutiering but the NHL95 community as well. He also helped run tournaments in New York and Connecticut. He set another world record in co-op mode for nhl94 with chaos. Settle it on the Screen team – An amazing job on the King of 94 stream in Vegas this year. @smozoma – continued support of helping the online editing community. Previous Winners 2009 - Smozoma 2010 - Smozoma 2011 - Smozoma and @dan_lizhot 2012 - Smozoma and @DaDonch44 2013 - Kingraph 2014 - Chaos 2015 - McMikey 2016 - @angryjay93
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    do u even controller bro!
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    New York Rangers LW Messier #11 C Klima #85 RW R Courtnall #26 LD Kasatanov #7 RD Stevens #4 X Kamensky #31 G Fuhr #31 Line 2 LW R Courtnall#26 C R Courtnall #26 RW Kamensky #31 LD Lumme #21 RD Lumme #21 X Klima #85 Thanks @CoachMac for taking the effort on the rom!
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    ALSO, special thanks to Tex, Skip & Lupz for helping with the Google Doc/forum/posting pics, etc. If anyone else helped, it went unnoticed so pound sand And a big thanks to Coach for his ROM work. Coach is a coach, and not an order taker. He's putting his personal time & effort into the ROM. We have completed an 8 round draft and I ran an auto pick round to prevent any unusual scenarios if someone managed to get like 3 guys knocked out in one game. These players will never play, as penalties are off and you don't sub in your 4th best defender ever for anyone unless you had to due to penalties/injuries. WITH THAT SAID, from this point forward, aside from updating trades, Coach has final say on any changes to the ROM, uniform changes, music, colors, names, players added/deleted, whatever you can think of, aside from a trade, he's got final say. Big thank you to that man.
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    I will just second that the HHOF blurbs are priceless for what you want to do. My template has worked great and I am very happy with the results based on how those players played when used on our retro league. My template covers everything but skating speed and agility. Good Luck and Have fun!
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    Welcome to the site! There's a few buds from Montreal here. Including @annatar, the best snes player in Quebec.
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    I met ex-NHLer Dale Purinton while I was out skating with a friend. I'm related to ex-Oiler Glenn Anderson.
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    It's official! Arda Ocal will be there to call the action live from our tournament!
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    @kingraph confirmed he booked his flight today, so he's in! I'll be meeting with the venue owners tomorrow to discuss the creation of a promotional video, as well as getting that waiver created. I'm hoping in a couple weeks to have signups official for Paypal.
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    I don’t think anyone has made a comprehensive list of defensive rankings for SNES, so here it is. The definitive list! This is not about team defence. This is about defensemen only; I have not considered forwards or goaltenders. This is based on Classic League rules (i.e. penalties on, no line changes), so depth of defence has very little weighting here. There is also some bias here as I tend to prioritize size and mobility over shooting and passing, when it comes to defensemen. I will begin with the bottom 6 and periodically release the rest of the list in groups of 5, by updating this post. Let me know your thoughts below. Chicago - Chelios has good skills but lacks the size needed to be a true star in the game. Smith is very solid across the board and could arguably be considered the more valuable defender, given his heavyweight status. Hartford - In the confines of this game, Zalapski is a star defenseman who can get the job done at both ends of the ice. Weinrich leaves something to be desired, but can use his size and straight-ahead speed to be a force at times. Edmonton - Both Manson and Kravchuck have good size and above average skills. Often overlooked and underrated, this is the best Canadian-team pairing. Pittsburgh - Murphy and Samuelsson form a solid but bland pair that get the job done supporting the Pens’ superstar forwards. Samuelsson tends to lay the lumber on guys, so you’ll have to put up with his penalties. New York Rangers - Patrick is very solid in all categories, but Leetch can be problematic in his own end. He’s a lightweight with below average speed. Instead, try the steady, if unspectacular, Kevin Lowe. Calgary - MacInnis and Suter provide excellent mobility and offense, but lack the weight needed to stop the heavier forwards found on most top teams. Winnipeg - Housley is supremely skilled and skates like the wind. But the wind is also one of many things that will easily knock him to the ice. Numminen is decent, but Olausson will add some size without sacrificing any skill. Quebec - While not overly skilled or large, Duchesne is an above-average defender that can skate and compliment the skilled forwards. Leschyshyn has nice size and speed, but handles the puck like a grenade. That said, he’s been known to enter “beast mode” once in a while. Toronto - Ellett is a nice two-way player that doesn’t get enough recognition. Replace no-skill-Gill with Macoun, who has a great moustache. Montreal - I look at the Desjardins / Schneider pairing and I want it to be that classic size / skill pairing. Problem is, Desjardins isn’t that big and Schneider isn’t that skilled. Meh. Vancouver - Lumme and Lidster are solid, but unspectacular. They both have good stickhandling, so won’t bobble the puck much. They survive by getting in the way and moving the puck to the Canucks skilled forwards as soon as possible. St. Louis - Brown has a great shot, and he and Butcher are 212 lbs which is nice. But both have skating issues. In fact, Butcher skates like a dump truck with a flat tire. Buffalo - Svoboda has great mobility, but gets eaten up in his own zone by most capable forwards. Smehlik and Bodger are big bodied stay-at-home guys that will create congestion in the D-zone, but don’t expect them to do much else. Anaheim - Kasatonov is a hidden gem. He’s basically Fetisov with more speed but less D awareness. He has the size, stickhandling and passing you like to see in a top D-man. Plug in a big body like Ladouceur for a pairing that’s arguably better than some non-expansion teams. New York Islanders - Malakhov has nice size at 220, but he lacks skating speed, much like the smaller Kasparaitis. Neither of them are good stickhandlers or passers. No quality bench players available either. Dallas - “Stars” isn’t the first term that comes to mind when assessing the Dallas D. Tinordi has decent size but that’s about it. Sjodin is a lightweight with nice agility, but lacking any other offensive skills. Unfortunately there are no capable replacements. Enjoy! Florida - Murphy is a very strong skater. He’s like a poor man’s Glen Wesley. This alone elevates the Florida D above the other expansion teams, save Anaheim. Cirella is a plug. Philadelphia - Galley, Yushkevich, and Hawgood are almost like clones.. mediocre clones. They are all 196 lbs (which is less than ideal), and lack the speed, stickhandling, and passing skills. Galley is probably the odd man out. San Jose - Wilson has some offensive tools including a big shot, but he has average size and mobility. Neil Wilkinson is also a defenseman on this team. Ottawa - Despite a team-leading 63 points in 92/93, Maciver got no love from the ratings guys. He’s small, slow and has no offensive skills. Brad Shaw, also a terrible player, is slightly larger. Tampa Bay - Hamrlik and Beers. These guys have great names!
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    In baseball simulators, one of the greatest teams in all sports is the 1927 NY Yankees. What makes them great was how much better they were then the next best team on multiple levels. Its almost impossible to find a team with a larger statistical gap between them & the rest of the league. It's not that they would be great talent wise compared to other teams from different eras, just compared to their own league at that time. Reason I mention them is using the high tech simulators they have these days, &&& the goofy wild card playoff setup of MLB of today, the 1927 Yanks have a 30% of winning the World Series win you run the simulators vs their own league that they dominate. So, the "best" does not always win , even in simulators. Trying to remove the "factors" that diminish the value of some wins in a tourney that you could point to as "lucky" or "random, is a noble cause. Going more games doesn't always produce more verified results. Basically, I'm not knocking Plabax very real criticisms of a one day tourney, but at some time, you HAVE TO give credit to those who actually won the real life event over the one who was supposed to win. giants are the SB champs, USA hockey vs Ussr , etc. Bragging rights always go to the guy who actually showed up & won.
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    Bought a Megedrive & I was worth it. I’m not computer savvy but downloading is EXTREMELY simple.
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    #1 King of 94 is awesome. #2 Very little drinking. #3 The hanging out together is great. #4 It is the Premier Event/Title you can win in 94. #5 It is kinda like a 12 year old birthday party (which is awesome) #6 What format would you propose for people traveling from all over the USA and Canada. #7 I would love to see you come to one as you are obviously one of the best players in the World. (For what that is worth)
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    When it comes to playing NHL 94, there's nothing more "real" than a live tournament with real money and bragging rights at stake.
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    THATS AWESOME!!! :) :) Thanks for sharing segathon
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    Zarley Zalapski - Dec 12, 2017 - Hartford Whalers #3 Courtesy of COMC.com https://twitter.com/FlyersAlumni/status/940640271062138881 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zarley_Zalapski
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    How does winning a corny SNES tournament, beating Bob Kudelski and beating JeffBC make you the best player in the world? I don't believe this guy is the best player in the world.
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    an nhl94 pub would be a good idea and defacto hof lol