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  1. Backhandfloater! Great to have you back and we'll see you at the big tourney later this year. -Evan
  2. Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2017 in our community.
  3. You should now be able to like posts ("Like this" button in lower right of a post). When you like a post, it gives that user good reputation. Also I fixed so members can upload attachments again and update their cover photo (in their profile). -Evan
  4. Hey jer, I'll look for the like post function. I did add the most recent topic posts to the forum homepage and fixed the "94 recent topics" page as well. Thanks for the feedback. -Evan
  5. All background processes are done, so things should be good now. At some point I'll update the colors of the forum to match our other sites, and I quickly made a header image and links for nhl94.com and nhl94online.com, but will make something a little nicer in the future. Feedback welcome! -Evan
  6. I believe posts are still being rebuilt by forum background processes. Let's see how things look tomorrow.
  7. Hey guys, Forum has been upgraded to latest version. There are background processes currently running to rebuild certain data, such as signatures, but hopefully won't take too long to finish. Also, let me know if you notice anything broken, weird, annoying, etc. Thanks! -Evan
  8. Hey guys, I'm going to upgrade the forum tonight around 10pm EST to the latest version of the software. One thing the upgrade will do is merge the username and display name fields into 1. I'll be keeping the username since that's what everyone uses to log in. It looks like there will be more customization for user profiles too, but feel free to poke around the forum company's own forum: https://invisionpower.com/forums/ Fun side note: Our forum database is about 175MB now. -Evan
  9. Congrats AJ - a fine choice! True dedication in attending every '94 live event. Excellent all around player as well.
  10. Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holidays and thanks for helping make this community strong. We have something special to look forward to in 2017: Pixelated Heroes!!! And, the next King of '94 in the fall! Hope everyone enjoys their holidays (hokkeefan you too - be with the family) and celebrate Jagr, our last '94 player in the NHL, becoming 2nd all time in points. -Evan
  11. Nice one Mikey! Looking forward to this.
  12. Hah - I never saw this either. Nice one!
  13. That was pretty awesome - thanks for sharing Raph!
  14. Thanks for sharing the progress Mikey - looking forward to this!
  15. LABS - thanks for being around here and playing in all the leagues. In NHL'94, no one ever truly retires.