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  1. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    How' It going king ?
  2. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Anything with Vegas in season mode yet ?
  3. Does anyone no of any minor league roms , or old whl roms.anything is appreciated
  4. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Hows it going king ?
  5. NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    I'll join if there's still a spot.
  6. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Just checking king in king, how's it going ?
  7. NHL 94- 2018 edition

    S.fedrov on the cyotes and s.yzerman
  8. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    How's the progress going king?
  9. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Oct.7th Arizona vs. Las Vegas almost heeeeeere
  10. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Is today the day king ? Feeeeeening hahah
  11. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    great work I can't stay off it. I appreciate what you do !
  12. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Got a beta ?
  13. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Are you going to add Vegas ?
  14. NHL 98 2017 (18?)

    You can add the other teams in all-star teams place etc. Hope to see a NHL 97 or 98 room with Vegas etc. Love having a season modes unlike nhl94. Thanks for the work
  15. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Let the NY islanders go