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  1. Weird. Thanks for looking into it.
  2. Ahhh okay. Thanks for the above. I get you now.
  3. Definitely not an online console, therefore you are dead on that. However, I thought playing online meant, you play on your own, and than at 3 stars you save and upload to the website noted above? Now I'm confused
  4. NES classic does generate savestates, although I'm unsure if its the same format. I haven't had a chance to compare.
  5. Hey Skip, I see a weird freeze when I select: Chicago v. Winnipeg - a 7 game playoff series. It seems to freeze up on D. Byfuglien. Other than that its flawless. Is that just me, or can you replicate it on your end?
  6. Thanks for the ROM. It is slower as some have posted in this thread. However, I find it way more challenging. Variety is always better. Thanks!
  7. Hey thanks for your reply. I just loaded your ROM on my NES Classic. Works wonderfully. I'll try to figure out if I can grab savestate ROM from it to participate next year. Really great stuff what you modders have done.
  8. Thanks, wlll check out your ROM. Quick question for next year, when you join a league with this ROM in simple terms how do you guys keep track? Will join next year for sure.