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  1. Looking to buy a updated sega genesis

    if you live in toronto place called ac games that sells slapshots version of nhl94 for 59.99$ .......if you accuse them of copyright infringement u night get $10 off
  2. New World Record (Teammates)

    no im the lineal champion no one has ever beaten me! lol anyways I've concocted a plan to take over the country last night!....hopefully it will work u guys can have nhl 94 ....Mr GOAT raph
  3. New World Record (Teammates)

    so my king of canada thread gets taken down and this garbage stays UP .......I'm willing to argue that my thread has more to with nhl94 than this paper record! ......btw kg and kabs duo would take out the evil empire of AJ and x coach lol ps the reason I've become king of canada is because after beating all of you in toronto I needed a new goal and this is the only natural progression after canada it's the world Chico and everything in it!
  4. f**k coach mac we should smash his gay ass record! ......little sensitive b***h f**k him

  5. Active NHL/professional hockey players list

    jagr rom! ....maybe mc bryan could get him to promote the movie since he will have some free time
  6. 70s,80s,90s,00s roms

    thats what she said! .......slapshot u need to copyright material like this
  7. Hockey Sauce

    that actually pretty cool .....Plabax would probably modify it so it was keyboard controlled and find a weight bug so that his saucers always fly in the net!
  8. k cord and ...g cord coach! ......raph takes 1 for the team .........I know I wouldnt have let up ...and talked s**t the entire time but when u got the enforcer there things can change! ......u should played 93 and said it was 94 ...I'm sure daneko would have loved a good fight!
  9. NHL 94 Fighting

    ya Brutus had that look in his eye after I beat him in toronto maybe trying to hack that game is wrong it could be added randomly throughout the game like cutting video clip lol sort of like mutant league hockey
  10. Plabax is all over these records! .....we need to study His greatness maybe he could donate his brain to science? is he real? these questions and more to come in this week's unsolved mysterys I demand proof of life with current nhl standings!
  11. World Juniors Outdoor Game

    hell to the no!.... am I paying 100$ to sit in -10+ weather and watch a bunch of teenagers skate around some bullshit ....this tournament has been bastardized by tsn just hype ....why do think the last few tournaments have been driving distance from toronto when it supposed to be a "world" tournament lol ......having said that it might be really fun if u get drunk enough ......I forgot about the tail gate should be epic tho
  12. that's almost a full 30 team rom if you include gold medal czech team and khl team as well as some all star teams
  13. nhl94 jagr rom .....all the teams he's ever played on vs each other!
  14. fake news that is obviously not raph in the picture and just AI that has merged with his consciousness! time you guys photoshop please try harder
  15. Plablegs Desyncs

    do u even controller bro!