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    with moms
  1. Plablegs Desyncs

    do u even controller bro!
  2. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    congrats bud it's too bad bud of the year doesn't come with some kinda prize day hopefully
  3. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    if the next kof94 is in new York u should be a lock!
  4. 100 Wins

    coach ur dedication and passion is unrivaled! this is up there with Polk high 4tds in 1 game :
  5. nhl 94 Hall of Fame!

    no worries tk I got u on the 2 ballot! only so many people that can go in at once
  6. nhl 94 Hall of Fame!

    since chaos and Evan are too lazy to make that section ......I nominate myself to hall of along with swos and kingraph for best players sorry AJ u didn't get enough votes ........wboy best builder .........chaos best manager ........and hokkee for best drunk! ps pussies are not eligible plabax
  7. how is selanne and Kariya in hall of but no KG ........I want a statue of my joystick!
  8. IIHF 94

    instead of a trophy it should be a picture of kgman at the end of the game!
  9. Error

    no error kgman is best of all time!
  10. kgman will always be rated 100! and I got long stick :)........shout out to pat verbeek
  11. NHL'94 Theme Played @ Devils vs Blues Game
  12. NHL'94 Theme Played @ Devils vs Blues Game

    pretty cool I bet his mom is a nice lady!
  13. this is a complete joke and even justin trudeau campaign manager is involved so from this moment on iam the King of Canada.....i swear this on my life! .. .please now refer to me as your majesty! smoz your chief of technology it is time to initiate project KG:))

    snes is still banned........only the council of kgs can vote on its acceptance!
  15. Uber is Awesome

    aqua is stuck in 2015 Toronto king of 94! so I am I so am I