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  1. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    Yes! Pumped! Will be on display for all the Vancouver hardcore fans out here! Let me know how we can connect
  2. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    How do I get one of these? They look amazing!!!!!!!!!! Let me know what I need to do!
  3. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    good input folks!
  4. great tourny folks! well run! watched most of it on both systems. Was missing some top end talent on both sides but still very entertaining!
  5. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Great list Adam! I agree w/ most (if not all) of these rankings... Hartford is the only surprise in my eyes.
  6. Jammer - KO94IIsnes


    The girlfriend framed the article! I love it Annatar, you need to post one of you and the trophy. Me and the Vancouver guys I came with don't get to play that often at all.. i'd say maximum once a month! Would love to play more... do let me know if you any of you folks from the Vegas trip are in Vancouver and we'll get some games going! The tourney was extremely competitive.. many games could have gone either way. I think I played AJ first game of the tourney and Annatar in the playoffs. Wish I got to play Halifax too! Soon enough.
  7. Jammer - KO94IIsnes


    Adam, that was one hell of a finals! Looking forward to playing you again sometime soon! Who are your top 10?
  8. Jammer - KO94IIsnes


    A place for all champions of nhl 94' Tournaments!
  9. Jammer - KO94IIsnes


    Jeff, Great post! I love the format as it is.... but that being said, I am completely happy playing with any team. If you want a Van vs Van match up or a Pitts vs Pitts matchup here in Van or in a tournament, you got it!
  10. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

  11. Jammer - KO94IIsnes


    amazing pics!! Looking forward to having a few pints and hanging out in Vancouver my friend!!
  12. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    NHL '94 animated sprites

    Thanks Darrell!
  13. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    We'll be there for the next one
  14. Jammer - KO94IIsnes

    King of 94 Tournament - Feedback / Improvements

    The tournament was extremely well run. Thanks Darrell and the team for an amazing life experience. Everyone was awesome! Congrats to top 3!