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  1. Plablegs II Lineups

    oilers lebeau hogue gretzky housley numminen chevaldae clark zubov
  2. Plablegs DEUX

    I'd be down if this is still available. Don't care which team
  3. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: The Mass Tour

    Good lord this is so cool
  4. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    hahahaha that's hilarious!
  5. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    haha ya probably
  6. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    Clearly inferior? Haha maybe you're joking, but maybe you're kind of a douche lol I know I'm new here but it's funny reading your posts
  7. Technical differences (not gameplay)

    schooled. Hard.
  8. Technical differences (not gameplay)

  9. Is the sega cd verison anygood?

    For me, the CD version plays exactly the same as the cartridge. It does not seem harder to score. I do not notice the frame rate differences. The sound is way better and was super cool to play for the first time after playing the cartridge version for 20 odd years. The extra video is hilariously terrible. Ron Barr has a great intro for every game now with cool audio. Was just a little harder to set up on the emulator, but totally worth it! Showed my brother and he wasn't impressed with the difference though, lol