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  1. World Junior Championship prequels

    Thanks Coach, I have been spending the majority of my time working on the graphics side of things but have been meaning to spend some more time with the playoff tree. I'm guessing that I'll continue to tweak things as I get more experience... Kind of late to the game here and playing catch up!
  2. Prior to the officially sanctioned IIHF event, the "World Juniors" existed as invitational events for 3 years. I've taken Slapshot's excellent rom and used it as a base for the 1974-76 tournaments. I've been bloodying my nose with Tile Molester for a couple months now and have officially calculated that it takes 147.38 hours and a 3-time read through of the entire forum to feel like you sorta know what you're doing! Center ice still eludes me... I'm guessing that the logos weren't too elaborate for a low-profile tournament that started in 1970s Russia so am sticking with the plain ol' faceoff dot for now. Sorry if these are not the most glamorous years but I figured I might as well start at the beginning. Thanks again to everyone who has helped get me through some of the tricky parts and offered advice and feedback.
  3. World Junior Championship prequels

    1975 - Winnipeg (and Minneapolis, Brandon and Fargo) The 1975 edition moved to North American soil for the first time. Sponsored by CCM, the World Junior Hockey Tournament was again won by the Soviets. The Canadian side narrowed the gap, falling in what was the de facto Gold Medal game by a score of 4-3 in spite of a furious 3rd period rally in front of over 10,000 spectators. Canada invited a little more firepower to this year's squad, being represented by 24 WCHL All-Stars including Bryan Trottier, Mel Bridgman, Brian Sutter and Rick Lapointe. Sweden earned the bronze, and apparently the attention of the locals as 8 players from the team were either drafted by or suited up for the hometown Jets. Other notable participants were Czechoslovakia's Peter Stastny and Finns Matti Hagman and Kari Eloranta. The American representatives finished a dismal 0-5, reflected in the fact that only one member of the team went on to play professionally - a meager 6 game stint by Dan Justin with the Cincinnati Stingers of the WHA. 1975 WJC - Winnipeg.bin
  4. World Junior Championship prequels

    1974 - Leningrad The first U20 championship was hosted in Leningrad, USSR and was simply known as "International Youth Hockey Tournament". The Soviets cruised through the field en route to the gold medal including a 9-0 drubbing of the Canadian bronze medalists while Finland took home the silver. To be fair, the Russian Machine was not facing the cream of the Canadian crop but the Peterborough Petes - led by Hall of Fame coach Roger Neilson. Not a whole lot of household names participated - most notably Doug Jarvis and Doug Halward for the Petes (ahem Canadians), Paul Holmgren for the US and Thomas Gradin for the Swedes. 1974 WJC - Leningrad.bin
  5. So I've been plugging away with Tile Molester and making some slow but steady progress. I've got the banners down and thought that I was having some success with the startup logos but ran into an unexpected issue with team logos changing colors depending on opponent? Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere but there is a LOT of info out there and it is spread out among many threads whose titles may not really clue you in to the tips and tricks within. Couple questions: 1. Any idea what could be causing color changes in the startup logos? Logos are fine in many cases but colors sometimes change depending on who the opponent is. 2. Is there any shortcut to capture the colors in the original logo and transpose them into the palette or is that a manual process? I'm importing 48x48, 16-color bmp files. I have watched Slapshot's videos and am using Wboy's screenshots. I feel like I'm missing something when it comes to palettes however...
  6. A huge thank you to Slapshot67 for doing all the work to make this look presentable. 1977 - the year of Star Wars, The Clash, the Atari 2600 and the first officially IIHF sanctioned World Junior Championships. Following three unofficial tournaments, the IIHF recognized the relatively obscure event which has become one of international hockey's signature events and the first time on stage for many of the NHL's future stars. The round-robin series was hosted in Banska Bystrica and Zvolen, Czechoslovakia to modest crowds. The Soviet Union swept the field to win the gold medal and remained undefeated through four years of competition. The Soviet team featured future Hall of Famers Sergei Makarov and Viacheslav Fetisov in addition to goaltender Sergei Mylnikov, who later became the first Russian goaltender in the NHL - albeit for 10 horrible games with the Nordiques. Canada won silver, however were not represented by a true national team but by the St. Catharines Fincups, winners of the previous year's Memorial Cup. The Fincups roster was supplemented with players from several other OHA teams. Of the 19 members of the Canadian squad, 17 would eventually appear in the NHL with Brad Marsh, Rob Ramage, Ron Duguay, Dave Hunter, John Anderson, Al Secord, Ric Seiling, Willie Huber, Dwight Foster and tournament leading scorer Dale McCourt all logging over 500 contests. Czechoslovakia took the bronze and featured Peter Ihnacak, who would later defect to play for the Maple Leafs, and three-time Stanley Cup winner Jiri Hrdina. Team Finland would eventually send a pair of blue liners to the NHL in Risto Siltanen and Reijo Ruotsalainen. Sweden was backstopped by future Flyer Pelle Lindbergh and also included NHLers Mats Naslund and Bengt-Ake Gustafsson. The American squad contained 9 players that would make it to the NHL. Only one, Richie Dunn, would have a significant career (483 games) and 5 of the 9 would play fewer than 10 games. West Germany and Poland were added to the tournament in 1977 for the first time. Neither roster included any future NHL talent, although the West Germans would finish ahead of the Americans in the standings. The Poles lone point came in a tie contest against the USA and they would be relegated for the 1978 edition of the WJC. Speaking of 1978, this would be the debut of some guy named Wayne... Thanks again to Slapshot67 and to all of the others who have posted their knowledge and already asked the stupid questions so that I didn't have to... 1977 WJC - Zvolen.bin
  7. 1977 World Junior Championships

    It sure is...
  8. 1977 World Junior Championships

    And of course it led me to this gem:
  9. 1977 World Junior Championships

    Yeah, I just discovered that while I was writing the intro. Took me forever as I kept getting stuck in the rabbit hole of reading bios. A large part of the fun of putting this together has been the combination of "where are they now" and "oh yeah, i remember that guy". Ihnacak's defection story, Lindbergh's car crash, Fetisov's fight to be able to play in the NHL, the outrage of Makarov winning the Calder...
  10. This is exactly what I was looking for. Figured it was something along those lines but didn't recall anything regarding 1-7 other than "don't change #1". Now to put it to practice. Dithering away...
  11. Thanks again Mitch. Looking forward to giving them a shot.
  12. I input the women's teams for kicks. Not easy with such a limited sample size and trying to bridge the difference between US/Canada and Korea... Fire away. 2018 OlympicsW.bin
  13. "My" rom is a blatant ripoff of the Vancouver 2010 rom with just the rosters of the 22 countries participating in the WJC and Division I updated and rated, still has Vancouver logos, splash screens, etc. Definitely not comfortable uploading it. I'm late to NHL94 modding so I have been using that as a training ground as I catch up on so many others' great work and research, but unfortunately I seem to have hit the wall when it comes to the graphics side.
  14. Don't mean to hijack Mitch's thread but I'm more than willing to enter data for any previous Olympics or WJC if a shell were to appear...
  15. Out of curiosity, how long did it take to create the shell ROM?
  16. I used Corky & Slaphsot's Vancouver 2010 rom to create the 2018 World Juniors for my own personal enjoyment. Despite fooling around with Tile Molester for what seems like ages I just don't have the graphics knowledge/tutoring to put together a polished final product. Definitely interested to see what you come up with.