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  1. Hamachi relayed connection

    Finally, i got hamachi to direct connection! Just needed that opengate stuff, some port forwarding and thats it. Hamachi is on green. But... Tested it with icecow several times and only once i was able to see the rom starting. Maybe it's because i'm on linux and using gens on wine. But i've understood that it has been played like that before. Maybe the virtualbox does the trick, have to check that out.
  2. Hamachi relayed connection

    Fastest for my kids and wife They don't play nhl'94 at all. I've told them their weird 'cos they don't, but they can't hear me, they just stare at that youtube and netflix... I'll have to check all my other options for internet after i get this relayed stuff turned into direct first.
  3. Hamachi relayed connection

    Yes, i'm on wireless 4g. That's the fastest internet option here where i live, just cheked that out today. This opengate stuff is a bummer. If i've understood it right, my operator doesn't allow me to make a direct connection. And opening ports from the router just wont work. All connections from/to my computer has to go through a third spot and therefore netplaying just won't work like it should. So i need to pay them a little extra to let me make that direct connection. I'm not sure is it the same with all the operators, but i think it is. Probably it's like this because esports are getting bigger and bigger and the operators want their piece of that. Maybe there is a way to hack past this, but i'm not the right dude to make it. I'll just have to wait 'till next week to see does this work. I wouldn't be supprised if there's still somekind of weird setting up still on my way, but i'm getting there.
  4. Hamachi relayed connection

    Ok, now i feel stupid. The problem is actually on my internet contract. It seems that i need an opengate service fom my internet operator for 2€/month... Just ordered that, takes a few days to start working. Been busting my brain off with this, opening gates and learning how to do changes to the hamachi config file and all it should take is 2€/month... Althought i'm affraid it still doesn't work afterall. Well, we'll see how this goes.
  5. Hamachi relayed connection

    Yep i've tried installing hamachi gui with wine but it doesn't work at all. I also found an older gui for linux called hamachi-gui which was told to imitate the windows version, but that didn't work at all either. I haven't tried VM yet, propably have to do that next. I've sent an email for both hamachi and haguichi about this problem i have, waiting to see their answers.
  6. Hamachi relayed connection

    I'm getting really frustrated. Been googling and asking around and found the tcp ports that hamachi uses for direct connection. I know how to open those ports from my router if needed, but that's not the problem. The problem is that my hamachi don't know those port numbers, and 'cos of that it makes a relayed connection through upd port. And here's the frustrating part. On windows you can click on your hamachi settings and add those missing ports. I'm on linux, and on linux you can't do nothing to hamachi settings so the tcp ports that are needed for direct connection remains not available. I've reinstalled hamachi few times already and it doesn't help. So it seems like no netplay for this dumb garbage truck driver. Better start organizing live tournaments. Gonna go watch something stupid from netflix now...
  7. Hamachi relayed connection

    I'm in Finland, so it's quite a long way to Taiwan. But still 391ping feels a bit too much.
  8. Hello, i need help. I'm new to online playing, but managed to have a few test games with Jwebber64. Games were really laggy with ping way over 300! I did some internet speedtests today and ping was always somewhere from 20 to 70 depending on where the server was located. Then i remembered Jwebber64 telling me that "you're blue on hamachi" and found out that it means "relayed connection". He also has the blue dot on my hamachi, or haguichi since i'm on linux. Now, how do i turn my connection into "direct" like it should be? There's few instructions on the internet, but they're all for the hamachi interface thats a bit different than the haguichi. I just can't make the setups like those instuctions tell me to. I know, i'm a bit slow, but this is driving me nuts...
  9. Yeah using different emu version didn't work, it was actually worse. The problem is propably on my internet connection. I'll try to figure that out.
  10. Ok, had a few testgames with Jwebber64 and i seem to have some problems with gameplay. Very laggy and i can't host at all. I used the gens downloaded from the downloads section 'cos it works better on singleplay than the gens on I don't know are those emulators different versions, but i'm gonna try that other one next and see if it works better on netplay. It's graphics are a mess but going fullscreen helps. Also my controller works superfast on the menus, but is ok on the actual gameplay. If it works fine on netplay, i'm really intrerested on the league.
  11. Hi. I might be interested. I've never actually played online, but i suppose that would work if someone helped me a little. I suck with computers and i suck on gaming, but i love the early nhl games.