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  1. This is fantastic yet nothing. Screw you guys I'm outta here
  2. Drugs are bad mmmmmkay?
  3. agree with TK but seriously, I think it's a combo - you're preparation, knowledge of ins and outs of the game before the community as a whole, and your scouting.
  4. in
  5. #FakeNews
  6. It's not poo pooing anyones work, it's commenting on the venue not being ideal for most of the community which typically makes up upwards of 75% of the entrants. So to exclude that in a location decision is obviously due to the movie not the actually tourney. Which is fine.
  7. I have to agree with Plabax here. My initial reaction to LV was sweet! Then reality sets in that it's a major commitment to fly out there for 3-4 days. As opposed to a 3-5 car right to any of the key northeast major cities. I'm probably 30% in at this point, the lack of community interest to this tournament and in general is slowly driving that interest lower. That said, I'm totally appreciative of the work Halifax, Mikey and the rest of the crew have put in on events like this.
  8. Smoz and I finished our two. thanks for running the league Aqua. Very cool idea.
  9. I'm in - IceStormNHL94 someone friend me pls
  10. The backhanded floater? If you have pass shots down then instead of B you tap C
  11. NHL98 has the best intro song of all of them other than 94 of course
  12. Should be around tonight for games. Buried with work next 2 weeks
  13. Ice trades Roy/Hatcher to Brutus for Moog/Coffey
  14. drug test!!!!! total shocker, congrats.
  15. whens this big matchup going to take place? Excited to see some vids and results.