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    In like Larry Flynn. IMO 16 would be great
  2. Premium Retro League

    Thanks Jer it needed to be in the series. You played very very well. Congrats on a great season also.
  3. Premium Retro League

    I'm open to whatever creates balanced competition. If zero keepers helps doing it for me and Raph totally cool.
  4. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    I chose Chicago. Seems like a good compromise from the two extremes for I & II
  5. Attendance Wishlist at the next Ko94?

    Aqua we met in Toronto Ya me EA Brutus and s**t I forget his name now hung out in my hotel lobby in Chicago and played a couple years ago. the three guys for me are pretty easy: Zalex, Frey and Habs. Unfortunately all three are KBers so the tourney is worthless to them. Also Carse and Plabax, 2 of all time best. The Pitt crew was a blast to hang with in Tor so guessing carse would be the same.
  6. Open NHL'94

    Hey how about we start GDL with target of 16 coaches, 2 8 team divisions and set the a start date of 11/15. lets see the turnout, maybe add in Halifaxs email blast for classic that a draft league will also be starting. This is post mortem analysis is useless
  7. who else is all in? I may be able to make it. Pinged Brutus and he prolly wont make it but wont know till last minute. I'd get a hotel room so if anyone I know is going and wants to crash let me know.

    Glad to hear you're back Labs. Classic is starting up this month. Raph is hoping to capitalize on KO94 II to get in some new blood.
  9. Premium Retro League

    My line LD - Murphy RD - Johansson LW - Jagr C - Tikkanen RW - Ridley Kurvers to come in on D on Penalty. Xtra attacker - Khristich
  10. Premium Retro League

  11. Congrats Tex! BTW who was repping the Bruce Smith jersey????
  12. What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?

    Road 2006 Sabres Ryan Miller Home 2014 Sabres Ryan Miller Home 2014 Sabres Zemgus Girgensons Road 2016 Eastern Conference AS jersey Ryan O'Reilly
  13. Surviving Summer Redux

    Hit the 10 year mark with the site last month. Seems that's my shelf life as im at an all time low for interest.
  14. My Greatest Strength

    This is fantastic yet nothing. Screw you guys I'm outta here
  15. why kgman should be king of the world

    Drugs are bad mmmmmkay?