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  1. IceStorm70

    94 Memes

    When in doubt ALWAYS choose Buffalo. Better F’s, D and G hands down
  2. Who determines the salary for each player?
  3. Jer here's what I prefer by position LW - RH preferably 5 speed guy or agile/high STH, (Lafontaine/Hogue/) C - at least 4/4 A/S along with min 4/5 Shot/Acc (Roberts/Turgeon/Carson/Hull (6/3)) RW - LH 5/4 A/S with 5+ STH (Makarov/Hawerchuck/Damphouse/Savard) D - min 4/3 A/S and 6+ weight Pre-pass shooting, I was 100% on having wingers play on their stick side. Once I learned how to pass shot I pretty much require having my wingers on their off stick side. Much better for cross crease pass shots as well as cross crease one timers. My C I prefer a good to great shot, weight doesn't matter as much as long as they have min 4/4 A/S. Defense I don't value as high, mostly because I exclusively B check and have novice CB check skills. I just want them to have some agility to stick handle out of trouble when called upon. Goalie give a light agile goalie (terreri/casey) that allows me to get side to side quickly with GC to try and thwart one timers. No concern on the light weights getting exploited by ram goals. They're very infrequent maybe because I take GC so early and often?
  4. really looking forward to this AJ. You and coach make a good tandem describing games. If you'd like any guest input I'm always open.
  5. Sh!t timing sucks, I’ll be in Dallas that weekend for the draft.
  6. IceStorm70

    Power Play Stats Bug

  7. IceStorm70

    Power Play Stats Bug

    Hey man ya, if you score on consecutive pp’s (2man up then 1man up) they they’ll show 2/1
  8. IceStorm70

    Washington Capitals Expansion Draft

    Fantastic! I can see a repeat of Blitz 1
  9. IceStorm70

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    BUFFALO SABRES (ICESTORM NHL94): First Line: LW - (16) Pat Lafontaine C - (10) Gary Roberts RW - (42) Sergei Makarov LD - (21) Jyrki Lumme RD - (20) Greg Hawgood G - (30) Jon Casey X - (33) Benoit Hogue Second Line: LW - (42) Sergei Makarov C - (33) Benoit Hogue RW - (33) Benoit Hogue LD - (28) Gord Murphy RD - (23) Bruce Driver X - (24) Corey Millen
  10. IceStorm70

    Summer Draft Thread

    Rd 3 Recap 3.1 Robitaille to Raph 3.2 Essensa to Tex 3.3 Potvin to Chef 3.4 Joseph to Atomic 3.5 Chelios to Seamor 3.6 Suter to Lupz 3.7 Hawerchuk to Coach 3.8 Bradley to Dcicon 3.9 Svoboda to Skip 3.10 Stevens to Lupz 3.11 Sundin to Chaos 3.12 Leetch to Spaceghost 3.14 Kovalenko to Aqua 3.15 Ranford to Gartner 3.16 Zhitnik to J&J
  11. IceStorm70

    Ice storm coming

    So I’m on a conference call at home when my wife shows me this note: So i put put my phone on mute and say “Baby, you get an icestorm everyday of the week”
  12. IceStorm70

    Plablegs III Lineups

    Winnipeg: LW - Granato C - Richer RW - Drake LD - Blake RD - Hawgood G - Richter
  13. Coach with the poker sunglasses on Hope you guys had a good time. Wish I coulda made it
  14. IceStorm70

    NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    Only way I can figure out to try and defend the one timer off the draw is instead of trying to win the draw you angle up or down and try and cut off lane for that pass.