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  1. Plablegs 3: Official ROM

    Thanks. You da King, King Raph!
  2. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

  3. Plablegs III Lineups

    Hamilton Tigers (edited) LW Reichel C Roberts RW Courtnall LD JJ Daigneault RD Ulf Samuelsson G Fuhr Sub Savard on Forwards Sub Wilson on Defense
  4. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

  5. Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

    Atomic Trades Essensa Federov, Klima To Tex for Fuhr, Courtnall, Hull
  6. Plablegs 03 - Team Selection

    Tigers Jerseys
  7. Plablegs 03 - Team Selection

    Just to be a pain in the butt I will take the Hamilton Tigers. If that's too much of a pain I'll take senators and chaos can take flames
  8. Plablegs 3 or ???

    I'm in
  9. VHL6 Roll Call!

    Sign me up for replacement coach!
  10. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

  11. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    Peter Bondra on block
  12. Plablegs II

    CGY dropping Damphousse, adding Khristich
  13. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    CGY open for trades. Looking for a shooter.
  14. Plablegs II Lineups

    CALGARY FLAMES LW- Bondra C- Khristich RW - Hawerchuk LD - Macoun RD - Chelios G - Roy X - Sanderson
  15. Plablegs 2

    I'm in