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  1. AtomicRaven

    Summer League Trades

  2. AtomicRaven

    Summer League Trades

  3. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    SHarks: LW JuneauC RoenickRW SavardLD Larry MurphyRD J.J. DaigneaultG JosephX Ricci
  4. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    Atomic Takes Zubov
  5. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    9.4 sharks take ricci
  6. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    Sharks take Jamie Macoun
  7. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    7.4 Eugene Davydov
  8. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    Atomic take jj daigneault
  9. AtomicRaven

    Genesis Summer Draft League

    I'm in! I'll take the sharks.
  10. AtomicRaven

    Best Setups for NHL94

    For internet conn, what is "other"? Dial-up? Fibre? It has 50% whatever it is. @clockwise you have nhl94 working on linux/mac? Please share setup details.
  11. AtomicRaven

    NHL18 3-on-3 ROM

    Would make for an interesting and fun lg.
  12. AtomicRaven


    I'm in for wheves
  13. AtomicRaven

    Online exhibition stats

    To use Sign up at the site: - Once you get confirmation email (btw it takes about 5 minutes), login and you should be taken to the "Create Series" page - Select a ROM ( default is Classic, which is the nhl94.bin) - Select a home and away user - Select # of games - Press submit and your series is created. - Upload the games. The system will figure out what the teams are, you just need to select the coaches. - you can have any combo of teams in a series, the system applies wins and tracks by coach, not by team.
  14. AtomicRaven

    Plablegs 3: Official ROM

    Thanks. You da King, King Raph!
  15. AtomicRaven

    Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread