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  1. This site is for tracking exhibition games for leagues. The data comes from the plablegsiFINAL.bin, which you can download here: The actual league is here:
  2. I've added this rom to All roms are also available under rosters now:
  3. hey smoz, let me know when you can play - you're my last two games! I'm avail today for rest of day into evening. during week after 930opm
  4. Line Adjust: WPG Line 1: C: Selanne LW: Savard RW: Roberts LD:McSorley RD:Krupp X:Lebeau G: Joseph Line 2: C:Selanne LW: Selanne RW: Lebeau LD:Maciver RD:Maciver X2:Roberts G2:Puppa I swapped Selanne with Roberts on Line 1, and swapped Roberts with Lebeau on Line 2
  5. WPG Line 1: C: Roberts LW: Savard RW: Selanne LD:McSorley RD:Krupp X:Lebeau G: Joseph Line 2: C:Selanne LW: Selanne RW: Roberts LD:Maciver RD:Maciver X2:Lebeau G2:Puppa
  6. Welcome back guy! I also had 10 years hiatus as I joined on Nov 30, 2005 but didn't start playing till Nov 2015! The BIG difference is that I never played in any leagues. I lived in East Timor you see, and the internet connection was at 56.6 baud.
  7. We've made the standings public:
  8. I'm confident that I can finish in the top 3.
  9. Last pick...hmmmmm...Chicago!!
  10. 2nd goal - brilliant!
  11. I have lots of stories on ghosts of nhl94 past.
  12. this rocks btw: Love the dust! Though with my console(s), you gotta fiddle with that on/off button a few times to get 'er going!
  13. I just googled nhl94 artwork and it sent me back to thie nhl94 site: Pretty groovy, especially the Bourque Japanese Poster! Edit: or whatever language that is - probs sanscrit
  14. That is amazing - sir you are a true artiste!