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  1. AtomicRaven

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    Thanks for input guys. Here's what I've done so far: 1) Looked at New Kaillera (v09) and when I run it I notice there is no server in Canada, so I'm not sure if that's an issue. Still can't determine if "old" kaillera uses servers? 2) Talked to my ISP about traffic shaping earlier today. They have not put any policies of that sort into effect. 3) Tried bypassing my router (Archer C7 aka TP-Link AC1750). It had a minor impact. Still had lots of Jitter. Here's what I've tried with Router: - I've tried turning off the Firewall, as it does packet inspection. NO Effect - Updated Firmware - No Effect - It does not have QOS - May try installing OpenWRT, but I;m also using a Asus AC68U as a repeater right now (Don't ask), and will try swapping it with the Archer 4) Just purchased a new Video Card, needed one anyway, as I get alot of "blinking" when running Gens. I was wondering if FPS drop was causing lag. Worth a shot anyway and now I can run 3 4k monitors! Of which I have zero. Also, one big thing I learned today is that cable, especially in my area it appears, is s**t (old infrastructure). Especially s**t around 8pm (see graph). Check out this site - its a comparison of internet providers for League of Legends. Real time Jitter and PIng results. My ISP is Teksavvy. Other is DSL. Jitter appears to be my problem. Well, one of my problems AHAHAHAAHA! There is an offer atm for Bell Gigabyte fibre for 79 bucks. I'm becoming more certain the issue is cable congestion, so I may pull the trigger on the Gigabit.
  2. AtomicRaven

    GENS Kaillera FPS Drop

    Did you guys ever figure this out? I'm experiencing the same issue. Primarily w aqua who lives in same city. Thought it may be video card...
  3. AtomicRaven

    Summer League Trades

  4. AtomicRaven

    Summer League Trades

  5. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    SHarks: LW JuneauC RoenickRW SavardLD Larry MurphyRD J.J. DaigneaultG JosephX Ricci
  6. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    Atomic Takes Zubov
  7. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    9.4 sharks take ricci
  8. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    Sharks take Jamie Macoun
  9. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    7.4 Eugene Davydov
  10. AtomicRaven

    Summer Draft Thread

    Atomic take jj daigneault
  11. AtomicRaven

    Genesis Summer Draft League

    I'm in! I'll take the sharks.
  12. AtomicRaven

    Best Setups for NHL94

    For internet conn, what is "other"? Dial-up? Fibre? It has 50% whatever it is. @clockwise you have nhl94 working on linux/mac? Please share setup details.
  13. AtomicRaven

    NHL18 3-on-3 ROM

    Would make for an interesting and fun lg.
  14. AtomicRaven


    I'm in for wheves