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  1. Plablegs II Lineups

    CALGARY FLAMES LW- Bondra C- Sanderson RW - Hawerchuk LD - Macoun RD - Chelios G - Roy X - Damphousse
  2. Plablegs 2

    I'm in
  3. Plablegs DEUX

    Sign me up with Montreal Please!
  4. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    just looked at the github repo for this and noticed the kaillera dll in there...
  5. I think making it as simple as possible is the way to go. So: Getting started with online play That should be a link on it's own. If folks get that far they might be interested in Rom hacking or Leagues, but the bottleneck seems to be getting set up. Whittle that down to 5 or less steps, and it'll be more attractive to newbies.
  6. Surviving Summer Website Feedback

    Some additional league stats for anyone interested: Usually the link to this is in the main nav.
  7. My favorite line: "NHL94 is like the Pyramids"
  8. Surviving Summer Website Feedback

    I love it! Blows out of the water!
  9. Surviving Summer

    I uploaded the NHLHN1994classic ROM and linked it to this league. Here's the roster: Also you can only delete your own games now. If there is a need to separate As and B's we can probably add that in before the league starts.
  10. ETB/Old Time Hockey Season 01 Rom

    This site is for tracking exhibition games for leagues. The data comes from the plablegsiFINAL.bin, which you can download here: The actual league is here:
  11. ETB/Old Time Hockey Season 01 Rom

    I've added this rom to All roms are also available under rosters now:
  12. Final Week & Milestones

    hey smoz, let me know when you can play - you're my last two games! I'm avail today for rest of day into evening. during week after 930opm
  13. Set your LINES

    Line Adjust: WPG Line 1: C: Selanne LW: Savard RW: Roberts LD:McSorley RD:Krupp X:Lebeau G: Joseph Line 2: C:Selanne LW: Selanne RW: Lebeau LD:Maciver RD:Maciver X2:Roberts G2:Puppa I swapped Selanne with Roberts on Line 1, and swapped Roberts with Lebeau on Line 2
  14. Set your LINES

    WPG Line 1: C: Roberts LW: Savard RW: Selanne LD:McSorley RD:Krupp X:Lebeau G: Joseph Line 2: C:Selanne LW: Selanne RW: Roberts LD:Maciver RD:Maciver X2:Lebeau G2:Puppa
  15. Backhandfloater returning after 10+ Year Hiatus

    Welcome back guy! I also had 10 years hiatus as I joined on Nov 30, 2005 but didn't start playing till Nov 2015! The BIG difference is that I never played in any leagues. I lived in East Timor you see, and the internet connection was at 56.6 baud.