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  1. Did you look at this? It's slightly confusing, but gets the work done. You can find a color you like from looking at any RGB table you find on the internet.
  2. New World Record (Teammates)

    Congrats guys! Make sure the video shows you turning the Genesis on, plugged into the TV, and the controllers connected to it. You have to go to and make an account. Then go to the Game in the Game List and submit the score for the record. Here's a link to the NHL'94 Record List -
  3. Please show me an example of your issue. What rom are you using? I'm not sure how easy that would be to make the overall rating dynamic. I will have to see. I just tried it with the default SNES 94 ROM and it works fine.
  4. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    I would like to keep them accurate, it's not a priority right now though. There are other things that need to be done that I'm still dragging my feet on.
  5. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    Can I combine them, yes. Is it a ton of work? Yes. There are a few things that complicate it. But it can be done, and I promise I'll work on it. The one major issue is replacement coaches. I used to not keep track of who played which game. So right now all I have to go by on early seasons is what coach finished the season (this is the issue with separating GENS and SNES stats. Those who are GENS only or SNES only can be updated easily). I forget what season I started keeping track, but it was pretty early on. I'm thinking maybe wiping out all stats from pre-save state leagues and just keep track on post save state leagues (2013 - ).
  6. There's a MUCH better tool for the Genesis.
  7. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    Follow tutorial, please. You create a virtual hard disk. Download the ISO for Win 7. The second screen you showed with "Empty", you select the ISO by clicking on the little folder icon next to the "Empty" and navigate to where you saved the ISO.
  8. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    This is what my screen looks like. I have 2 VMs installed (Win 7 and Win98) Click the new button and the wizard will walk you through it. It will ask you what OS you want to install and have you create a virtual drive to use. It's just for setup. You need a ISO or CD/DVD of the OS you want to install. Win 7 is easy to find online, so are others. Choose the ISO, it will start the VM, and act just like a PC (ISO will be like a virtual CD/DVD, so the setup for Windows should boot up). - Follow this
  9. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    This wins vaguest post of the year. I googled "VirtualBox worst error possible", I didn't get anything relevant. Can you elaborate please? I'm sure you can use google and figure out how to install VirtualBox. It's very easy to set up.
  10. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    Just tried it on Windows 7. Runs fine. You need to run it in a command prompt window (Window key+R, type "cmd" (no quotes)) I did this on my Mac, running Win 7 in VirtualBox.
  11. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    If that doesn't work for you, find a copy of Windows 95/98 online. Then install VirtualBox (it's free) from Oracle. You can then install Windows and run Windows through Virtual Box. It's pretty easy to set up. Look online for instructions.
  12. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    It is a DOS program, you need to install DOSBox. Watch this video to learn how to install it. It is very easy. Note on the NHL95DBEditor page it says the program needs to be in the NHL95 root directory.
  13. NHL 94 Fighting

    Like @smozoma said, we would need the source code of both '93 and '94. Which is 99.9999999999999999% not happening. Can it be reversed engineered? Yes. I up Raph's 500 hours and go with 1,000 hours