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  1. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    In the '94 ROM, there is a pointer table length byte (at least there seems to be). The first byte highlighted, 73, is 115 in decimal. 4 bytes per team * 28 teams = 112. There are some filler bytes before Anaheim (ANH is 00 00 53 30). Before ANH, you have "73 B0 00 00 00 00". Unfortunately, if you include the 4 bytes of 0s, you have a total of 116, or 0x74. I have no idea what the B0 means, but it is a strange coincidence that there is a 0x73 a few bytes from the start of a pointer table that is 0x70 long.
  2. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Yeah you have to add pointers for graphics and stuff too.
  3. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Did you add any data for the teams? Did you add the "new" teams to the pointer table or did you just increase the number of selectable teams? If I remember right, I think you also would have to change the value for the pointer table length. When you add a new team to the pointer table, you have to change the value of pointer table length too. It's probably the first or second byte before the pointer table begins (there may be a 00 spacer , and you have to account for that in the length value as well).
  4. Old versions of website

    This is really cool, for some reason I never thought to check for this site. There are a lot of captures, too!
  5. I figured out you can add games to each series. It's pretty simple, when you go to input the score, you can click on add set. So all scores for the semis and finals were saved in the bracket. Everything went pretty smoothly, there's always confusion right in the beginning as to how to choose teams, etc. The matchup cards helped a lot; I saw a lot of people using them. I think STL-PIT was the matchup I saw the most haha. Having the numbers on the name tags was very useful, as we could just go by numbers instead of yelling out names. Tecmo only had 18 or 19 I think. We had 41 signups. I was impressed. LI Retro guys to an incredible job running this expo, props to them.
  6. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    I think we had close to 40% registrants that were non-forum members in Toronto, maybe more. That being said, I agree Toronto is more of a "hockey" town than Las Vegas. But there could be buzz since they are getting a new team, and the $10k in prizes is loads more than Toronto. It could attract more people, as LV flights and hotel/casino deals are fairly cheap. The Toronto tournament didn't sell out till the week before. I'm not surprised with the low amount of entrants so far. It's still a few months away, and people could be waiting on better deals (myself included). Also, there hasn't been much press yet (Toronto too didn't have much until the last month). I expect it to take off in late August-early September.
  7. Do You Play Poker? And going to Ko94 2?

    Playing poker at a casino is rough. You have to do everything by the books and if you don't do things the way they like it, people get pissed off at you, esp if you end up winning that hand. Also like raph said, it takes FOREVER.
  8. King of 94 Halifax - April 1st, 2017

    I'm guessing this is in Mexican pesos, which equals $2 US dollars
  9. No, but everyone would have to play with that updated ROM. It would be interesting to see what everyone's Home/Away Advantage is. We should have them all set to even, or the same. 4 seasons in and no one even thought of this! This is a huge handicap.
  10. Season 4 Line ups

    Team: New York Raiders G - Beezer LD - Kevin Hatcher RD - Steve Duchesne LW - Doug Gilmour C - Mats Sundin RW - Joe Sakic X - Mike Ricci (extra attacker when goalie pulled) Second Line G - Trevor Kidd LD - Calle Johansson RD - Nick Lidstrom LW - Tony Amonte C - Mike Ricci RW - Pat Verbeek X - Mats Sundin (extra attacker when goalie pulled)
  11. HOST CITY Reveal KO94 II

    I can see kgman spending 10k on hookers and blow
  12. Seaosn 4 Bidding

    Yes drop that prick
  13. Seaosn 4 Bidding

    JR will be a cap casualty for the NY Raiders
  14. Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    It's only free for a month. If you purchase the game, you can play it to your heart's content.
  15. King of '94 II

    Yeah, it's been gone since forum upgrade. I put in a request for IPB to check it last week, still haven't responded (says they usually take care of it within 48 hours)