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  1. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    If that doesn't work for you, find a copy of Windows 95/98 online. Then install VirtualBox (it's free) from Oracle. You can then install Windows and run Windows through Virtual Box. It's pretty easy to set up. Look online for instructions.
  2. NHL95PC editing tools and tutorials

    It is a DOS program, you need to install DOSBox. Watch this video to learn how to install it. It is very easy. Note on the NHL95DBEditor page it says the program needs to be in the NHL95 root directory.
  3. NHL 94 Fighting

    Like @smozoma said, we would need the source code of both '93 and '94. Which is 99.9999999999999999% not happening. Can it be reversed engineered? Yes. I up Raph's 500 hours and go with 1,000 hours
  4. View from the Booth (Dec 2017)

    Yes, it takes a while to send out a billion emails haha. I think it sends it out in bunches.
  5. @Stefan - I updated to version 0.55 to include the Overall Rating. Sorry for long wait time (a few years)
  6. The GENS guys have all the nice tools. Not being able to extract a roster from an SNES '94 ROM really drove me nuts. So, I made a tool. SNES '94 Roster Tool Current Version - 0.55 Previous Versions - 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 * - version 0.55 adds Overall Rating to the Exported Rosters. When importing, the Overall Rating is ignored, since it is calculated by the game while running. New in Version 0.5: - Import rosters from CSV file - The Roster Tool now supports importing of rosters via a CSV file. Spreadsheet programs can save the data in CSV form, and use the file to import roster data. The Tool will make a copy of a selected ROM and update the rosters (only the copy of the ROM is changed). The resulting ROM created from the Tool is fully compatible with the SNES ROM Editor by Statto. This Tool now allows you to make widespread changes to the player names, attributes and jersey numbers. Instead of going through each player one by one, you can make changes easily in Excel or any other Spreadsheet program, save the sheet as a CSV file, and import it into the ROM. Importing data is pretty simple. The layout of the CSV file needs to be the same as the results in an exported file. I would suggest using exported data as a template. If there is a problem with the imported file, the program will notify you. Some important rules: The Team Abbreviations in the import file need to match what is already in the ROM. So, lets say you changed Quebec Nordiques (QUE) to Colorado Avalanche (COL). The abbreviation in the import file for Colorado should be COL, not QUE, or CLR, etc. If they do not match, the program will return an error and notify you of what team does not match. The order of each team roster in the file must be in Goalies first, then Forwards, then Defense. For extra information, check the Help menu in the program. Release notes from Version 0.4: - Added a help menu and instructions that can be accessed from within the program - Program should run on Windows 7 and up (any version). Windows XP might work, but it is unsupported. - Fixed some bugs: Sometimes, the last player on the team would be missing from the output. This has been fixed. MS Excel would display the CSV file with an empty row between each line of output. This has been fixed. Features: - Extract rosters and attributes from any '94-based SNES NHL '94 ROM - Results saved in CSV format Instructions for Installation: - Extract the zip file - Run the "SNES Roster Tool 0.5 Setup" file, which will install the program (approx. 16MB). Follow the prompts to complete setup. Instructions: - Start the program (Setup should put a shortcut on the desktop) - Click on "Export to CSV" button - Choose a ROM (.SMC format) - Type in a file name to save the results (will be in .CSV format) The CSV (Comma Delimited) file can be opened easily in any spreadsheet program (MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc) Requirements: - Windows 7 or later (might have to be 64-bit version, I have not tested it on 32-bit. If someone has issues, please let me know, I can change it to 32-bit based) - 16MB of space. The program itself is not that large, but since this is written in Python, the program also contains a Python interpreter to remove the need for Python to be installed on your computer. Disk Space on modern computers should not be a problem. - MS Visual C++ Redistribution Package 2010. It's quite possible you might have this installed already. If not, it is a free download from Microsoft. I can add the files so the installer, I might do this for the next revision. Let me know if there are any issues. FAQ: Q: Why would I want to use this tool? The SNES ROM Editor already does this. A: When it comes to editing rosters, the SNES ROM Editor is very cumbersome, since you can only make changes on a per team basis, one player at a time. With the ability to export and import rosters into a ROM, these changes can be made fairly quickly, since you can change all the teams at once. For example: I want to make a ROM for a draft league with the rosters based on the '94 version. Each team will have 12 players. - I can export the rosters from the original '94 ROM, and open result in Excel or Openoffice. - I go through and change the team abv. for each player to match their new team, along with their new jersey number if needed. - I re-sort the spreadsheet by the Team Abv column and re-sort the Pos column to show G, F, D - I remove players on each team to cut it down to 12 players - I save/export the results in a CSV file. - I open the SNES Roster Tool and import the CSV file. - Open up the ROM in SNES ROM Editor, and change the Team Lines. - All done. A total of 15 min of work, maybe less. Q: I want to create a new ROM. What should be my work flow? A: I would suggest the following: Open a NHL' 94 ROM in SNES ROM Editor. Make changes to the team information (Team Name, Abv, Arena) Make changes to graphics (banners, jersey colors, etc) Save the new ROM. Open up SNES Roster Tool. Export the ROM data of the new ROM. Import the results into a spreadsheet program, make changes to the rosters (names, attributes, roster length, etc). Save as a CSV file. Import the CSV file into the new ROM with SNES Roster Tool. Open up modified ROM in SNES ROM Editor. Make changes to the Team Lines for each team. Save the ROM, and play it! Q:What if I only want to make roster changes to a few teams? A: Not a problem! The only teams that will have changes applied to them are the ones that are in the CSV file you plan on importing. So if you only want to change CGY, ANH, SJ, and DET, just have their rosters in the file. You still will have to go and update the Team Lines for any teams that are changed. All other teams will be untouched. Future Additions: - Import from CSV Function - I have this currently working. Just needs some refining (I need to make it update the lines) in order to get the ROM to open properly in the SNES Editor. I will release it probably tomorrow once I get it working. - Edit Lines Function - I plan on adding this option in the future, just to round the tool out. SNES Roster Tool ver
  7. No. I was actually working on a huge update for this, then I got busy. I'll get back to it in a few weeks. I can add the overall calculation and update the current one in a day or so.
  8. View from the Booth (Dec 2017)

    Looks good, just the video didn't go through (though it did pop up in the preview before i sent it out...)
  9. View from the Booth (Dec 2017)

    Done. Let's see how it looks in email form. I just copied and pasted.
  10. NHL94 Twitter accounts

    Business in the front, party in the back
  11. I'm pretty sure you don't see them at all in H2H. I know in Genesis, you see can them at the final score screen.
  12. You can download it from Download section on the main page.
  13. Building The NHL'94 Community

    Here ya go - Based on that poll, 9% of the people who visit just come because they love Evan. The reason why people come here is for a multitude of reasons. The site was created not for the purpose of leagues, but to talk about the game that we all love. That I would say is it's primary purpose. Without discussion of the game and this site, we would have never figured out the weight bug, C/B checking, extracting stats, editing the game, editing the game to include updated rosters, making 30 team ROMs, etc. Also, a decent amount of site visitors come and download updated ROMs. I'm sure not everyone on the Tecmo site plays in a league. I know I didn't stumble on this site because I was looking to play online, I was amazed that there was a site about the game. Then I was amazed that you could play online in leagues. So I joined a league. But, I don't expect everyone to have the same story. There are numerous guys on here who have contributed to make this game better, but have never played in any online league. From talking to guys at tournaments, and suggesting they come join and play online, most are standoffish. Why? This is the question we need to answer, in order to recruit more online players. If you get 2 new guys out of a tournament of 30 to join online, I'd consider that a moderate success.
  14. files

    Thanks, I'll put it on there.
  15. files

    Says it's not uploaded yet bud
  16. Building The NHL'94 Community

    Realize that most of the people who visit this site are not interested in playing online. We should make it easier for those who wish to play online, though.
  17. Oh and the first time 128dB was hit for SNES, was: - DAL vs. PIT (Plabax vs. c4outlaws)
  18. I just looked at the database. The highest ever was 135dB hit twice, one 134dB game, one 129dB game. There are a ton of 128dB games (like over 100, most of them seem to be SNES, which I'm guessing is the max). 135dB - - 22-0 NSH vs. CHI in GDL XI (Plabax vs. dcicon), prob dcicon dropped, I think I remember that happen. 135dB - - 18-2 ARI vs. PIT in GDL XIV (Plabax vs. Labs66) 134dB - - 12-6 CGY vs. DET in Classic Spring 2016 (Plabax vs. Uncle Seth) 129dB - - 10-3 BOS vs. CGY in Classic Fall 2016 (Plabax vs. Uncle Seth) So, moral of the story is play Plabax, get killed, make history.
  19. FALL '17 CLASSIC LEAGUE BEGINS! Team schedules are up and games can now be logged on the nhl94online site. We have 4 league levels total (GENS-A, GENS-B1, GENS-B2, SNES) this season. Admins For This Season: chaos (SNES) and KingRaph (GENS). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of us. PM through the forum is the preferred method. IMPORTANT LINKS: HOW TO: Log a Game with a Save State on - Everyone needs to read this (unless you played before and haven't forgotten). HOW TO: Create a Savestate File - GENS - shows how to create a save state for a Genesis game (IMPORTANT) HOW TO: Create a Savestate File - SNES - shows how to create a save state for a SNES game (IMPORTANT) Stat Pages - how to navigate to and display the different Season stat pages. The stats are collected from the save states that are uploaded. Teams and Schedules Page - displays the coach names and Discord usernames (update yours if you have not yet) for the coaches in your division. Again, if you have not joined Discord, you need to - Discord Invite Some important links for new coaches: League Website - Getting Started - Getting Started Kingraph's video on setting up your Gens Emulator - Link to Video Rules - Registration (for coaches who missed initial registration, and wish to be replacements) - Registration Waiting List - Edit User Profile (if you wish to change any of your information) - (Use to update your Discord Username - it will currently display your AIM screen name) Most of the above links can be found from navigating the navigation bar. --------------------------------------------- For those of you who have forgotten how the site works, or for the new coaches in the league, a game is played and logged as follows: 1. Contact the coach you would like to play on Discord. You can find their Discord Username by going to the site. Choose the Classic '94-Fall 2016 league from the drop-down "League Selection" menu on the navigation bar. Choose the "League Level" you were assigned (all new coaches are in GENS-B or SNES league levels) in the left-hand column and click on your Team. Your "Coach Page" should come up, and you can see which teams you have games remaining against. Click on that opposing team's name in the left-hand column, which should load that team's coach page. On the right hand side of the page, there is an area which contains the coach's Discord Username. You can contact them via the #classic-gens or #classic-snes channels on the Discord server, or via direct message. You can also choose the "Teams & Schedules" page from the menu bar and this will list all the coaches in the league and their Discord Usernames. Once you contact the coach, add them to your Hamachi network (or join theirs) and set up the game. 2. Play the game. Play the game against the selected coach. When playing a game against a coach, the home team hosts the game (this matters for the GENS emulator; in ZSNES it doesn't matter who hosts, as you can switch team control). Once the game is complete, and you get to the "Three Stars" screen or the Final screen, a save state must be taken and uploaded to the site (either coach can do this, please decide who will perform the upload beforehand). Please check out the threads on creating a Save State linked at the top of this thread post. Once the Save State has been made, the game can be uploaded to the site. This is done on the "Coach Page" that displays your schedule. By clicking on your team's name in the left-hand column, you access your "Coach Page". Games that need to be played will have a "Log a Game" link next to it. Choose the game that has been played, and upload the file. Type in your password (that you used when you registered for the site) to log the game. Once this is done, the game is uploaded and the stats on the site will update. NOTE: If an incorrect save state was uploaded and has already been processed by the site (both coaches didn't realize the score was wrong and it was confirmed), please PM Kingraph or me. We will need to correct it. EXTRA NOTE: Do not upload a save state that was taken during display of "Highlights from the game". It will take data from that game that is being displayed. Best place to take a save is when the Three Stars screen pops up. Also, the schedule does not need to be played in order. It is encouraged to get all your games in with an opponent at the same time. Checkpoints There will be WEEKLY CHECKPOINTS. 40 game leagues (GENS-B1, GENS-B2, SNES) - 6 GP / week. 20 game league (GENS-A) - 3 GP/week. 6 GP (3 GP) - end of Monday, November 13th 12 GP (6 GP) - end of Monday, November 20th 18 GP (9 GP) - end of Monday, November 27th 24 GP (12 GP) - end of Monday, December 4th 30 GP (15 GP) - end of Monday, December 11th 36 GP (18 GP) - end of Monday, December 18th 40 GP (20 GP) - end of Tuesday, December 26th If you miss a checkpoint, you will risk the chance of being replaced. Coaches who are confirmed on the Waiting List will be used for replacement. This is to speed up the season so we can hopefully complete the playoffs before the end of the year. I do not think this is asking much, and most of the guys in the league are easy to reach and are active in the forums. If you cannot find a coach and would like to try to schedule a time to play, please use the "Schedule a Game" forum on this site, send them a message on Discord, or use the forum PM. Please make an effort to reach your checkpoints! Also, the 6 games a week is a minimum . Feel free to play more games than that. For example, if you play 16 games in the first week, then you already satisfy the first 2 checkpoints. It's easy to get to this 6 game point, since most coaches you play multiple games against and everyone likes getting all the games against a single coach in at the same time. It normally amounts to playing 2-3 coaches a week. If there are issues making these checkpoints, please let an admin know. We are accommodating, as long as you let us know. Regular Season The regular season consists of 40 games (20 games for GENS-A). Click the links below to check out the Team Selection Draft and the list of coaches in each League. GENS Fall 2017 Draft and Leagues SNES Fall 2017 Draft and Leagues Playoffs Playoff series will be best-of-7. Also, NP (negative points) will be applied to missed games at the end of the season. This could hurt your playoff seeding! If you weren't able to play certain games vs. your opponent you will be given NPs. You will lose two points for every unplayed game. So play early if you can and play often! GENS-A Playoff Format: Top 4 make playoffs. They will be seeded by Win %. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. GENS-B1 Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds, next 6 best teams make the playoffs, seeded by Win %. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. GENS-B2 Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds, next 6 best teams make the playoffs, seeded by Win %. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. SNES Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds. Next 6 best make the playoffs, will be seeded by Win %. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. Hamachi Networks Due to the limitation of only allowing 5 members in a network, it is recommended that you create a network for yourself, and allow the coach you are playing against to join your network. Then, once the games are completed, you can remove the coach from your network by right-clicking on their name in Hamachi and removing them. I would also like to point out that it is recommended to open Hamachi before starting the emulator. Also, please quit Hamachi after you are done playing for the day. That's about all. Good luck to everyone and lets hope for another successful season! If there are any website problems or questions about the site, or the league in general, please PM me (chaos), email me (, or Discord (chaos).
  20. 2017 Classic League Starts Now!

    SNES Playoffs Due to lack of teams that cleared the 20 GP mark, I decided not to deduct points from games not played, and chose to take the top 8 teams in GP and seed them by Win %. 1 - BlackDevil19 (PIT) vs. 8 - schwartz (HFD) 2 - kingraph (CHI) vs. 7 - stheds2000 (WPG) 3 - BobKudelski26 (NJ) vs. 6 - annatar (NYR) 4 - c4outlaws (WSH) vs. 5 - chaos (CGY) Best of 7 series with a 2, 2, 1, 1, 1 format with the higher seed having home ice. You can PM me here or in Discord if there are any questions. Round 1 deadline is Friday, Jan 5th.
  21. HDMI TV's

    The link Raph posted is where I got mine. That is a good price, 3 years ago I paid $500.
  22. HDMI TV's

    All modern TVs will have some lag because of the internal upscaling done by the TV to take the 240p video signal coming from the console and make it displayable on a 1080p display. Some will have more than others. It shouldn't be very noticeable though. The problem is the upscaling makes it look like crap. Some TVs will treat the video signal better than others as well. The Framemeister is designed specifically to upscale 240p and 480i signals. So it does a better job than a TV would. It upscales it to 720p or 1080i/p and connects to the TV via HDMI. This way the TV does not have to do anything with it except display it. Unfortunately, the Framemeister is out of production now. There may be other options. The best signal output from ANY console would be in RGB. The framemeister can take RGB input (as well as regular A/V). Pretty much the only option for the best look. There are also some CRTs that will take RGB input. Most systems can output RGB natively (no mods needed, just the right cable). Genesis and most SNES versions do. Once you see a system in RGB video, you will wonder how you ever played it any other way. The reason why RGB is the best is because it is the base of any video signal. For example: You pop in a NHL'94 cartridge into your Genesis. The Genesis reads the cartridge and says "Hey, I need to display the color of the ice. The ROM inside the cartridge tells me the ice is blueish." Actually it has a value in hex, which is the RGB value (Red, Blue, Green). So it outputs that exact color of the ice at that exact moment it needs to show it on the screen. That output then goes to a video chip inside the Genesis. The video chip says "OK, I need to convert this to some different types of video output signals". So it converts the color to different types of signals, and sends it to the connector on the back of the Genesis. You plug in a A/V cable (yellow for video, red/white for audio - this is called composite video). Then plug the other end into the TV. The TV takes that signal, sends it to a video chip and says "Hey, this video signal is too confusing to me. Video chip, can you convert this to something I know?". The video chip converts it back to RGB, and the TV understands the values and displays it. With both conversions, you are losing data. When you use the RGB output from the console, no conversion is taking place on either side (console or TV). So the signal is as pure and the color is as pure as it can be. RGB was very big in Europe. It never took off here in the states, which is why TVs here do not have RGB inputs. If you ever see a SCART input on a TV, this uses RGB. - check this website out for comparison screenshots. It can also answer many of your questions.
  23. Should be fixed now @Premium
  24. Strange that the older seasons are not working. I'll look into it