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  1. SNES Test Game Requests

    Please request your test games here. You must be confirmed in order to be considered to play in a league. Leave your AIM screen name and a good time to reach you online to play a test game. A veteran coach will contact you to play a test game to test out how your connection is, and help you out with any connection problems. Once done, the veteran coach will confirm you by accessing the "Confirm Coaches Page" on the NHL94Online website. For a more detailed explanation, look at this post. Good luck!!!
  2. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    And Sanwa and Suzo-Happ joystick and buttons are the best to have too. I built a joystick for my Xbox360 using tupperware, a used third-party wired controller from GameStop, but spent $60 on Sanwa joystick and buttons.
  3. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    Looked into it a little more. Apparently using a small LCD monitor works well with the RPi since the RetroArch emulator has good shaders to give you that authentic CRT feel. Retro Built Games - $370 for the full kit, prob $60 for RetroPi. That looks really nice, too!
  4. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    This could easily be made with some woodworking skills and $200. Most expensive thing would be the monitor. I'm just too lazy to do it and would probably pay someone $600 lol
  5. I think the fact that the tournament sign-up table was kind of hidden from the main row made it difficult for people to find. I did have a few people ask me about signing up after we had already started and were a few games in. A lot of the other tournaments suffered from low turnout too. The SF5 tournament, which was on the other side of our table had like 8 signups, yet they had 8 PS4s set up. On the flip side, the Mario Kart 64 tournament had 3 set ups, and a billion people. We also could have promoted it a little more too. All in all, it was a great time, some really close games, and multiple TB-SJ match-ups.
  6. Don't stay in Jamaica. You can probably find cheaper out further east on the island. Then take the LIRR in.
  7. Fall '17 Classic League Registration! Register HERE For those of you who have registered on the NHL94Online site before, then registration will be easy. You just need to choose "Yes" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?", type in your site user name and password (NOTE: This is different than your forum password and user name, unless you made it the same), and choose the league you will be joining (right now, you can select Genesis or SNES). Then, hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. It's that easy. For those of you who have not registered on the NHL94Online site before, then there is a little more info needed to complete registration. You need to choose "No" for the question "Have you registered for a league before?" and enter a user name and password (it's common to use the same user name as your forum name or Discord user name). You will also be asked to fill out some more information about yourself (email, location, timezone, Discord user name, system preference). Then choose the league you will be joining (GENS or SNES). Then hit "Submit" and you will be placed on the waiting list. You will then need to play a test game to make sure your connection is set up properly. This does not affect your place on the waiting list, but you cannot play in the league without playing the test game. If you have played in other online leagues before, you are technically confirmed already. Please PM or email me (chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com) and I will change you to Confirmed status. Registration deadline will be Monday, October 30th. The day after, we will hold a Team Selection Draft. The draft order will be randomized. After the draft is completed for each league, the schedules will be released and the league will begin. If everything goes smoothly, the league will start the following Monday after the draft. LEAGUE INFO The season is 40 games. There will be no limit on registration this season; as long as you register and played a successful test game, you will play. We will divide the registrants up into different League Levels based on skill and experience in online leagues. The different League Levels will be decided after registration is over. If you register after the registration period is over, you will be placed on the Waiting List for the league. Don't worry if you end up on the Waiting List, there is a strong chance you will end up taking over a team during the season! 40 game leagues will have the same 6 games/wk checkpoints as the past few seasons. You CAN NOT sign up for multiple league levels (i.e. GENS and SNES). Only those who are reliable will be allowed to do so, at the discretion of us admins. This will allow you to concentrate on one league. For those coaches that are new, I suggest practicing and becoming familiar with a few teams. This way, you will have multiple teams on your "Draft Board" to select from during the Team Selection Draft. You can contact any veteran coach to play some exhibition games, or practice against the computer. Please post here or in the Introduction Thread after you register. Also, you must join our Discord Server (link at end of post). Whenever you are available, you can post in the #testgame thread on the server and request a test game. Good luck! If there are any questions or problems, feel free to PM us or email us at chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com, KingRaph at kingraph[at]nhl94[dot]com, halifax[at]nhl94[dot]com. NOTE: Hopefully you are using the new LogMeIn Hamachi client. You can get it from the Downloads section on the front page of There is no need to remove the previous version, as the installer will remove it and keep the settings from the older version. You will also need to create a LogMeIn account (free). Hamachi needs to be linked to your LogMeIn account. You can create one after installing Hamachi. Once you start up the new version, it will ask you to sign up. Please check the "Getting Started" page (link at bottom of this post) for some info on how to use the new Hamachi setup. INFORMATION FOR NEW GUYS Read This - Guide for New Members If you are new to the league, welcome! We are a big brotherly community here, and there are a number of guys who are always around willing to help the new guys out. First things first, you need to register for (this site), as well as on the site (registration link at the beginning of this post). It is also required to have a Discord screen name, since that is the main method of communication for scheduling games. Once you are registered, the next step is to set up a test game. You can use the forum links below and post your availability. You can also post on the Discord server and request a game. One of the veterans will send you a PM or a message on Discord (or feel free to add some veterans onto your Discord Friend List and message them yourselves). A test game needs to be played in order to make sure your emulator/network settings are correct. Once the test game is played, the veteran will confirm you on the nhl94online site. Once this is done, you are set until the season starts. A few days before the season starts, usually the day after registration ends, we will be holding a Team Selection Draft to choose teams. The draft will be held in the forums, so please make sure you register! An email will be sent out to all registrants before the draft, so it is important to register using an email you commonly check (also check your Spam or Junk folder). Once teams are selected, the schedules will be put up on the site and you can start playing your games. There will be another post announcing the start of the season, with information on how to log games, contact other coaches, and how to make the playoffs. Everything you need to play can be downloaded in one package (for either GENS or SNES) from the site. On the main page of the site, the Downloads section is located bottom right. You will also have to download Hamachi separately (also located in the same Downloads section). I hope we get some new guys who recently participated in some of our live tournaments!! Again, if you have any questions, please email me (chaos[at]nhl94[dot]com) or PM me via the forums. Discord Server (You can register for a new account via the link) - NHL '94 Server Getting Started Online - Hamachi setup and netplay - Getting Started Rules - Rules Genesis Test Games - Post Here SNES Test Games - Post Here View the Waiting List here
  8. No forum members. One of the guys went to Vegas though (the winner, Eric). Him and his brother in the finals today.
  9. Challonge Bracket - Retro World Expo NHL '94 Tourney
  10. Hey guys, Twitch feed is up: Twitch Feed Challonge is coming soon, once the Round Robin is completed.
  11. There was an email sent out to all who registered a few days before announcing the schedule and that Friday would be screening of the movie. Though it could have helped to be on the site as well.
  12. Hi everyone, I added a field in your "Contact" profile for Discord. Please update your profile with your Discord handle.
  13. What benefit would we get from this? Can you explain? It's hard enough to get someone there for 1 day, let alone multiple days. Remember anywhere we host a tournament, there will be people traveling to it. But we are open to suggestions. I agree, there should have been trophies handed out. I also like the idea of having a PC set up and a demo on how to set up to play online. I had talked to a few people about playing online, and it just so happened there are a couple of guys who had found the forum years ago who ended up setting up to play online, but they only play against each other. I talked to them about joining classic, so hopefully we do get a few guys to play. You guys gotta remember this was Mikey's tournament. Not set up by us (though Hali did most of the work). While we would have loved to do more with promoting the website, I'm not sure if it was the time or place to do it. This tournament was more about promoting his movie. I absolutely agree we could have "advertised" more without shoving it down people's throats though. Some kind of flyer would have been nice. This is a good idea for the Hartford, CT tournament.
  14. Whens the next league?

    Yes, site needs some updating. Classic registration will most likely start the beginning of next week.
  15. Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

    Downtown Grand prices are currently in the $121/night range, for those who still haven't booked yet. Link
  16. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    In the '94 ROM, there is a pointer table length byte (at least there seems to be). The first byte highlighted, 73, is 115 in decimal. 4 bytes per team * 28 teams = 112. There are some filler bytes before Anaheim (ANH is 00 00 53 30). Before ANH, you have "73 B0 00 00 00 00". Unfortunately, if you include the 4 bytes of 0s, you have a total of 116, or 0x74. I have no idea what the B0 means, but it is a strange coincidence that there is a 0x73 a few bytes from the start of a pointer table that is 0x70 long.
  17. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Yeah you have to add pointers for graphics and stuff too.
  18. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Did you add any data for the teams? Did you add the "new" teams to the pointer table or did you just increase the number of selectable teams? If I remember right, I think you also would have to change the value for the pointer table length. When you add a new team to the pointer table, you have to change the value of pointer table length too. It's probably the first or second byte before the pointer table begins (there may be a 00 spacer , and you have to account for that in the length value as well).
  19. Old versions of website

    This is really cool, for some reason I never thought to check for this site. There are a lot of captures, too!
  20. I figured out you can add games to each series. It's pretty simple, when you go to input the score, you can click on add set. So all scores for the semis and finals were saved in the bracket. Everything went pretty smoothly, there's always confusion right in the beginning as to how to choose teams, etc. The matchup cards helped a lot; I saw a lot of people using them. I think STL-PIT was the matchup I saw the most haha. Having the numbers on the name tags was very useful, as we could just go by numbers instead of yelling out names. Tecmo only had 18 or 19 I think. We had 41 signups. I was impressed. LI Retro guys to an incredible job running this expo, props to them.
  21. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    I think we had close to 40% registrants that were non-forum members in Toronto, maybe more. That being said, I agree Toronto is more of a "hockey" town than Las Vegas. But there could be buzz since they are getting a new team, and the $10k in prizes is loads more than Toronto. It could attract more people, as LV flights and hotel/casino deals are fairly cheap. The Toronto tournament didn't sell out till the week before. I'm not surprised with the low amount of entrants so far. It's still a few months away, and people could be waiting on better deals (myself included). Also, there hasn't been much press yet (Toronto too didn't have much until the last month). I expect it to take off in late August-early September.
  22. Do You Play Poker? And going to Ko94 2?

    Playing poker at a casino is rough. You have to do everything by the books and if you don't do things the way they like it, people get pissed off at you, esp if you end up winning that hand. Also like raph said, it takes FOREVER.
  23. GENS Test Game Requests

    Please request your test games here. You must be confirmed in order to be considered to play in a league. Leave your AIM screen name and a good time to reach you online to play a test game. A veteran coach will contact you to play a test game to test out how your connection is, and help you out with any connection problems. Once done, the veteran coach will confirm you by accessing the "Confirm Coaches Page" on the NHL94Online website. For a more detailed explanation, look at this post. Good luck!!!
  24. King of 94 Halifax - April 1st, 2017

    I'm guessing this is in Mexican pesos, which equals $2 US dollars
  25. No, but everyone would have to play with that updated ROM. It would be interesting to see what everyone's Home/Away Advantage is. We should have them all set to even, or the same. 4 seasons in and no one even thought of this! This is a huge handicap.