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  1. I think we had close to 40% registrants that were non-forum members in Toronto, maybe more. That being said, I agree Toronto is more of a "hockey" town than Las Vegas. But there could be buzz since they are getting a new team, and the $10k in prizes is loads more than Toronto. It could attract more people, as LV flights and hotel/casino deals are fairly cheap. The Toronto tournament didn't sell out till the week before. I'm not surprised with the low amount of entrants so far. It's still a few months away, and people could be waiting on better deals (myself included). Also, there hasn't been much press yet (Toronto too didn't have much until the last month). I expect it to take off in late August-early September.
  2. Playing poker at a casino is rough. You have to do everything by the books and if you don't do things the way they like it, people get pissed off at you, esp if you end up winning that hand. Also like raph said, it takes FOREVER.
  3. Please request your test games here. You must be confirmed in order to be considered to play in a league. Leave your AIM screen name and a good time to reach you online to play a test game. A veteran coach will contact you to play a test game to test out how your connection is, and help you out with any connection problems. Once done, the veteran coach will confirm you by accessing the "Confirm Coaches Page" on the NHL94Online website. For a more detailed explanation, look at this post. Good luck!!!
  4. I'm guessing this is in Mexican pesos, which equals $2 US dollars
  5. No, but everyone would have to play with that updated ROM. It would be interesting to see what everyone's Home/Away Advantage is. We should have them all set to even, or the same. 4 seasons in and no one even thought of this! This is a huge handicap.
  6. Team: New York Raiders G - Beezer LD - Kevin Hatcher RD - Steve Duchesne LW - Doug Gilmour C - Mats Sundin RW - Joe Sakic X - Mike Ricci (extra attacker when goalie pulled) Second Line G - Trevor Kidd LD - Calle Johansson RD - Nick Lidstrom LW - Tony Amonte C - Mike Ricci RW - Pat Verbeek X - Mats Sundin (extra attacker when goalie pulled)
  7. I can see kgman spending 10k on hookers and blow
  8. Yes drop that prick
  9. JR will be a cap casualty for the NY Raiders
  10. It's only free for a month. If you purchase the game, you can play it to your heart's content.
  11. Yeah, it's been gone since forum upgrade. I put in a request for IPB to check it last week, still haven't responded (says they usually take care of it within 48 hours)
  12. Some of this already exists, you just can't see it . I'm working on overhauling the code for the site, it is outdated. Once I'm done, I will start adding new features.
  13. Anytime bud! You'll see, the everdrives are awesome! The best thing about them is the ability to play modded and translated games on the console.
  14. Regular Season is over. Playoffs start now! GP W L T PTS NPs PTS-NPs NJ 38 29 9 0 58 4 54 CHI 40 18 22 0 36 0 36 BUF 38 26 12 0 52 4 48 NYR 37 25 12 0 50 6 44 QUE 40 18 22 0 36 0 36 VAN 38 19 18 1 39 4 35 CGY 40 15 25 0 30 0 30 NYI 40 15 25 0 30 0 30 BOS 26 20 5 1 41 28 13 DET 30 16 14 0 32 20 12 WSH 24 8 16 0 16 32 -16 MTL 27 5 22 0 10 26 -16 LA 21 7 14 0 14 38 -24 PIT 19 7 12 0 14 42 -28 Seeding: Conference winners are the first 2 seeds, next 6 best teams make it (based on PTS-NPs). Seeds 5-8 would be determined based on Win %. Playoff Matchups: 1 - NJ (annatar) vs 8 - NYI (c4outlaws) 2 - CHI (BlackDevil19) vs 7 - CGY (xot82) 3 - BUF (XCing1030) vs 6 - QUE (koke45) 4 - NYR (angryjay93) vs 5 - VAN (BobKudelski26) CGY and NYI tied for its and Win %, so head-to-head matchup determined seeding. CGY won season series 3-1 and gets 7th seed. VAN gets 5th seed over QUE due to better Win %. 1st round deadline will be 2 weeks from this past Monday (deadline December 5th) to accommodate for Thanksgiving. Matchups are up on the site. Good luck to all!
  15. Yes they have a save battery. I think with the X3, in order to save though, you have to hit the reset button before you power off. It doesn't have the "Save without reset" feature. That's why its cheaper than the X5.
  16. Sorry bud, I was wrong. The X7 does save states, not the X5 or X3. Everyone here has the Everdrive MD v3, which doesn't look like it's being made anymore (though some retailers are still selling it, probably until their stock is gone). The X5 seems to be the closest in features with the Everdrive MD v3. So I would go with the X5, unless you want save states, then the X7 would be your choice. Save states seems to drive the price up, it must be hard to implement.
  17. If I could ever beat it, it would be the greatest accomplishment ever for me in gaming. It has haunted me since 4th grade. It's not just hard, it's really unfair. Some levels have no margin for error.
  18. Coach, the NES one does do save states. There is an option in the menu you need to turn on (press SELECT at the ROM selection screen), then I believe it's something like Up + Start to load the state, Down + Start to save it. http://​ The SNES version does not. Also, it should be noted that they all offer battery saves (SRAM). When you save in a game (that supports it), the save is written to the SRAM, just like a cartridge. When you decide to switch to a different game, the SRAM is written to a file specific to that game, then the new game is loaded into memory, along with the new game's save file. I have actually pulled the saved SRAM file of a specific game and loaded it in an emulator to play. Then you can save in the emulator, put the save on the Everdrive, and begin playing where you left off. It's a neat little feature, though it does take a little hex editing sometimes because the 2 save files may be a different size (usually just padding the end of the file with FF). They seem to have gotten rid of the original Everdrive MD v3. Now they just have X3,5,7. X3 and X5 doesn't appear to save states (my apologies), but the X7 does. Ugh hardest game ever. It took me like 20 years to finally beat the 3rd rat race in Level 10, then get stuck on Level 11 where the giant lollypop looking thing chases you.
  19. I meant the loading time is really nothing. It's very small with the V3, so I don't think the X3 is necessary. It looks like there is no more V3 anyway. And the prices have dropped. I would probably go with the X5, its only $89 now. If you don't think save states or Sega-CD RAM expansion is a big deal, then the X3 is $49 and that is a good deal as well.
  20. I thought I paid via PayPal. I guess not. krikzz is the one who designed it. You are essentially buying it wholesale. It is legit, so don't worry.
  21. Biggest difference between X5 and X3 is Sega-CD compatibility. If you want to play Sega CD games, get the X5. SMS pause button has to do with Sega Master System emulation. The Genesis/Mega-Drive had an attachment called the Power Base that used to play SMS games (backward compatibility, SMS was the 8-bit system released before Genesis). Biggest difference between the X3 and the V3 is the loading time, which is essentially nothing.
  22. GENS-B is fixed guys.
  23. I would love to have some of it in the film. But I don't think it should take up too much time. It would be nice to have as an extra though.
  24. Glad to hear you guys are moving along! I'm excited. Time to start an IMDB page for myself On second thought, just cut out my whole interview. I was horrible