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  1. So the colors of the banners on the pause screen seem to be connected to the rink colors (stadium colors to be exact). So I changed these (in NOSE) to give me a green and yellow and better red for my banners while not changing the crowd colors too much. Sorted
  2. Thanks. I found a few bits of information. I tried TLP also. It seems however that the banner colors (on the pause menu) cannot be edited. No matter. With the colors available I am close(ish) to happy with them
  3. Wow. All done. Thanks again. Just one issue remains. My colors for the team banners are now (and before the hex edit above) .. all changed. If I change them back in tilemolester it makes no change. In tilemolester they look correct but in game they stay the same
  4. sweet. Playing around with it now. Seems to do everything I needed Thanks.
  5. Might be worth a go alright. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys. Looking for some help changing the scrolling text/credits on the main intro screen. The screenshots guide mentions the two colors in the palette but not the offset or the size. Help much appreciated @Bil : http://forum.nhl94.c...-molester-help/ this should help your palette issues. EDIT Almost finished my rom but just noticed one more issue. During period intermissions there is text displayed "Stanley Cup Quarterfinals" etc.... How can I find this text also ?
  7. Splash 1 Splash 2 This was the image just before I added it to tilemolester. Title - 256x224-001844-01-fs-squared-TileMolester.bmp And in game (gens). It looks better in Fusion so who knows what it will look like when it makes its way onto my megadrive. While i have ya .... any idea how I change the credits text on the main title screen. The ones that scroll up the screen.
  8. brianon

    Looking for a game online

    Thanks for that. I'm n the middle of editing a rom so I can get it on a genesis cartridge but once that's done I'll be heading online
  9. Apparently I'm a damn dirty liar ! When I used Edit->Paste I wasn't then saving the image change correctly. Seems to work pretty good now though
  10. Hi. I just used this to create a title screen for my rom. It seemed to work great. bmp of 256224, Option 1, select best pic, option 3. Great Open tilemolester. Import Internal Pallette (1152422, 64, Motorola). Navigate Offset (1125A6), 32x28 Tiles Size, 4bpp Linear. There's the old title screen. I then Edit->Paste From... and select the Image Ditherer Option 3 bmp file. I then change the pallette based on the txt file of the Option 3 bmp. All looks great. I save the rom. Load it in Fusion.exe. hmmmm.... The palette is changed (seemingly correctly) but the old image is still there. Is there something I am doing wrong ? I suspect I'm messing up with TileMoleseter but not sure. Any ideas ? Is Edit->Paste From the normal method to get your ImageDithered bmp into the rom ?
  11. Thanks. I've tried it all. Worlks on laptop (win 7) but no on PC (win 7).
  12. wow. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I had seen the international roms but the footy names put me off I'm afraid
  13. brianon

    Looking for a game online

    Hi guys. I'm looking to have a few games online. NHL 94 (gens or snes). I'm in Ireland so timezone might be an issue but I'm pretty flexible (especially at the weekend). Anyone who wants an easy game ... and maybe would like to coach me a little can pm me or mail Is AIM the most popular chat client here ?
  14. I may well have posted here before but I new even if I registered a long while back. Anyway... Looking to play some NHL 94 (gens) online if anyone is interested. You should have an easy time beating me I'm in Ireland but I can usually play at anytime.
  15. w00t. I (with allot of crossed fingers and blind luck) managed to get all the Italian logos and banners changed over to green, white and gold Just have to edit the Itialian squad names and i'm 100% done. Looks great (to me) as is. Thanks guys. Looking forward to playing now