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  1. Fall Classic 2015 League Begins - Info Inside

    Sigh..... It is already a day past the first checkpoint and i havent had a chance to logon here until now. Life is too hectic ATM. Please replace me. Sorry to waste your time. Thx -Colin
  2. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Hello, I have registered for the classic league starting soon. If i am luck enough to get a team, i would just like to confirm that I am confirmed? lol BTW I have been a user here for approx 8 years, and I played in one season of classic.
  3. 2015 King of 94 game day

    But also how can u say "no chance" for kg? What did this guy do that was so special? Did he invent the abc check?!
  4. Please Explain SNES and Finals Mystery?

    The pros? Explain
  5. Please Explain SNES and Finals Mystery?

    Personally I am not THAT shocked. There are prolly thousands of guys that have no clue about online play. And maybe lots that still play it regularly offline. Or, maybe he's the only one. . Still, I love it, I think some ppl here needed a bit of an ego deflation.
  6. 2015 King of 94 game day

    Many congrats!!!
  7. 2015 King of 94 game day

    Btw I think it's a better game with offsides on. Maybe next time.
  8. 2015 King of 94 game day

    Nice meeting u guys. Wound up 1-3, even lost with my beloved Mario. . All one goal games except for the 2 goal game. Lol. Really wanted to make the elimination rd but the feat was almost inpossible after losing my first 2 games. Would have liked to see kingraph and angryjay play, but gotta get home to watch the jays. Good luck everyone!!!
  9. Toronto 2on2 Action

    Welcome to Toronto boys
  10. Toronto Live Tournament for September 2015

    Hey guys, I guess no one thought the jays would be in a pennant race.. the place is going to be jam packed. Will we for sure have room???????????
  11. NES Ice Hockey

    cool, thanx
  12. A-/B+ League Dynasty

    I would like to be in. I am finding it nearly impossible to get into ANY league.
  13. Toronto Live Tournament for September 2015

    woah ^^ My vote would be the ever exciting................................................... COIN FLIP to decide the KING of nhl94. then roll credits
  14. NES Ice Hockey

    Oh man, I LOVED this game! How can i play it again???
  15. League Proposal

    I love the idea of a league with line changes and offsides on. So I would like to be in just for that.