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  1. Ok ok not dead, was just a little lul for a few days. My bad on the overreaction. League is definitely going very well in terms of completion. Discord has made things much smoother!
  2. Zzzz zzzz league dead. Same couple guys slacking.
  3. I should be around from 7-11pm ET today.
  4. You do realize this game requires very little bandwidth. Jitter/latency are far more important and there aren't great ways to minimize that. Also Gens works fine on super old computers as long as they are well maintained.
  5. Updated: Team: Montreal Line 1: C: Klima LW: Kamensky RW: Verbeek LD: Patrick (change his number) RD: Zalapski 3 X: Eklund G: Ranford Line 2: C: Kamensky LW: Verbeek RW: Stastny LD: Wilson RD: Wilson X: Stastny
  6. FA Transaction: Habs drops John Cullen, Dmitry Yushkevich Picks up Brent "Asston" Ashton, Michael Petit Like this
  7. lmao that server was the best.
  8. confirmed
  9. Team: New Jersey Devils Line 1: C: Kamensky LW: Klima RW: Eklund LD: Duchesne RD: Zalapski X: Ruzicka G: Ranford Line 2: C: Klima LW: Eklund RW: Ruzicka LD: Wilson RD: Wilson X: Stastny
  10. Stastny, yushkevich
  11. Do we have to log in just to see standings? Can you not make the standings page public? Too much effort for outside observer to take a peak at the league.
  12. Welcome back ya legend!
  13. in if theres still space
  14. Sure I'd be interested in contributing.