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  1. Discord's trash for typed content. Use a real app designed for that like Slacks. Way better app and much better phone integration
  2. Yes
  3. Team: Quebec Line 1: C: Sandstrom LW: Jagr RW: Zhamnov LD: Blake RD: Ellett X: Kmylev G: Fiset Line 2: C: Jagr LW: Zhamnov RW: Holik LD: Slegr RD: Whoevers my other dman X: Kmylev G: Richter
  4. D G F F
  5. Asstorm trades: Alexei Zhamnov FPB trades: Sergei Makarov
  6. lol you say such retarded things sometimes
  7. If you wanna go elitist you should try and do a champions league... maybe you can be commish
  8. My wife to be watches a lot of my games. Honestly this whole fighting every day stuff seems so miserable,
  9. After a 1000 years brutus finally did another video. Can't wait
  10. Thanks for your hard work but stick tape is some disgusting heresy
  11. Ill swap you florida if you want
  12. GOnna go with Florida
  13. Off AWR also works for pass receptions and possession in the Ozone
  14. Not convinced Smoz and Tex aren't the same person