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  1. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    Im prolly gonna go but I lack funds as of this moment.
  2. Do You Play Poker? And going to Ko94 2?

    Don't necessarily like playing Poker on a timer. Sometimes it takes several hours to get a good opportunity.
  3. KING OF 94 II Registration Now Open!

    There's a sitff limit of 70? Might not be able to pony up right now :X
  4. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    What do yo uwant you got an unrivaled talent for shitting on LAbs
  5. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Prolly cuz I drafted a goalie with my 1st pick :X
  6. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Do you not get that scoring with 1 player only is harder? And that giving up the draft picks to pick top 3 makes the rest of your team shittier? Hello? Me n Raph could score wayyyyy if we didn't force it to 1 guy... or used a switch :X
  7. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Prolly cause you assume it's easier. But you've never proved you actualyl CAN score more with 1 guy and keep the pace.
  8. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    I've had most other elite 4/5 shots before. It's really not the same. JR can shoot as some precise angles others cannot. Also why Cicc is #2 in all-time GS
  9. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Well no. That's the whole point. JR can score from 20% farther with the same setup. It draws defenses out of the ''collapse'' and is too strong to be dealt purely with GC.
  10. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

  11. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Well if 99% of your goals are in front of the goalie you're not utilizing a 5/5 shot properly.
  12. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    4/5 is not an elite shot. 4/6, 5/5, 5/4 and 6/3 are elite shots. JR is a better C checker and his 5 SHP is much more precious than the 6-5 agi drop vs elite GC players. As for TK, well he got that 99 locked speed. Mogs is just better than Yzerman and at 6 agi the 1 extra weight doesnt mean much.
  13. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    No. The one I'm thinking about is very GDL. Whatever I really don't get the excitement on Yzerman. He's not elite at ANYTHING.
  14. First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

    Lol disrespecting Roenick again smh. There is no realm in the world where Yzerman is N1 you god damn goons. Real s**t is : #1. JR #2. Mogs #3. Bure
  15. FPB vs Zepp Gametape (Round1) All series in 1 video, bonus heavy typing and fiset highlights.