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  1. How to play NHL'94 on your iphone

    I had a couple problems with the link above. It seems like the link to download the Provenance emulator no longer has the Provenance. So I went to the guy's updated video and it describes how to get the Happy Chick emulator, which I did. However, there was no NHL 94 for SNES within it, and I saw no way to download a rom from another site, for use in Happy Chick. So I went searching for a Provenance link, and found one: It works! I now have Provenance on my iPhone with (iOS 11.1.2) and can play NHL 94 with no problems. I think I can even link my 8bitdo controller by bluetooth. I used to have the same setup with a SNES emulator I preferred, called MeSNEmu, but it doesn't seem to work any more for iOS higher than 9.
  2. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    BOOM, SNES buds coming out of the woodwork.
  3. Remembering the good buds!

    Hey Metz where ya been? Capitalism league coming back?
  4. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Damn. Rest in peace Zarley Zalapski.
  5. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Updated with #5 to 10. These rankings are sure to be controversial.

    When it comes to playing NHL 94, there's nothing more "real" than a live tournament with real money and bragging rights at stake.

    Anyone who can beat me is, for that moment in time, for all intents and purposes, the best in the world. Haha JK of course. Seriously though, given the talent in Vegas, I completely agree Jamil IS best in the world. Yes, he beat me, and he beat Annatar 2-0 in best of three. He also won a tourney that included Dangler, AngryJay, Stheds2000, KingRaph, the90Jacket, tylerdeanhill, Halifax, Chaos (sorry I know I'm forgetting someone). He did it all in a high pressure situation, with the whole NHL 94 community watching.

    Yeah, don't think I can make it this weekend bud. Good luck!
  9. [SNES] Olympic roster rom

    I wonder how many downloads a 2018 Olympic roster ROM would get.
  10. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Oh Canada! I just updated the original post with #11 to 15.
  11. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Sophie's choice!
  12. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Thanks! There's not much to separate Wilkinson and Ozolinsh. They have the same weight, speed, agility and stickhandling. Ozolinsh does have a bit better offensive awareness and shot, so he might be the better player, although Wilkinson is a better passer.
  13. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Well you can only use 2 defensemen at a time. Would you put Diduck in for Lumme or Lidster? Doesn't improve the pairing much. I'm curious what remaining teams you would rank lower than Vancouver.
  14. SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Updated original post with #16 - 20.
  15. Website Improvements/Suggestions

    Whoa, thanks. I did not realize that was there. Body check stats are there too. Sweet!