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  1. Tim and I tried to get our games in earlier this month, but it didn't quite work out, and I've just been out of the country for the past two weeks. I'm back Thursday, and Tim is aware so we should be able to get our series in soon.
  2. It seems to be working this morning!
  3. I don't know bud. Dangler is gonna be rusty, plus your NAME is Halifax!
  4. Yep that's my real life persona.
  5. Solid article with some memorable lines! Being referred to as a "longtime contributor to the site" makes me realize I haven't contributed much other than some friendly banter. Wish I had the time and expertise to contribute more in terms of leagues, ROMs, write-ups etc.
  6. You're going to destroy them all bud!
  7. I guess I will have to finish my season with those 2 unplayed games! Too bad you couldn't make it work, but I understand. You are a solid SNES player. You gave me fits when we played with your speedy Fedorov getting multiple breakaways and penalty shots per game, against my slow Dmen. We all have busy and complicated lives, and in this case, the schedule just didn't work out so well.
  8. I've met all deadlines so far bud.
  9. I think the dual console guys can best answer this one. But I think the top players are definitely different in SNES because of the lack of weight bug. I guess the SNES player rankings would be similar to GENS Blitz league? In SNES, I think top forwards are Mario, Mogilny, Lindros, Neely and Yzerman. Really light guys like Roenick and Bure are not as desirable, but still highly skilled. On D, top players are Bourque, Iafrate, Stevens, Coffey, Zalapaski. So yeah, weight plays a big part in it. I don't know enough about GENS to know if the relative skill is less significant in SNES vs. GENS.
  10. $65,000,000.00 Nice
  11. I'll also be around a lot over the next few days. Should be able to pump out the games!
  12. Holy crap, colour me clueless. Thanks bud.
  13. So when's the first checkpoint, bud? Monday/Tuesday/Wed?
  14. Hey buds, are there checkpoints for extra cap space, like previous seasons?
  15. Beautiful dogs. Must be a thrill skiing with those guys!