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  1. Bob Kudelski

    2018 World Cup Pool

    I just sent my picks. I Went entirely based on the team rankings in Super Soccer for SNES. In cases where neither team appears in Super Soccer, I went with the underdog. Thanks bud.
  2. Bob Kudelski

    Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    Not sure about May. I'll get back to you guys with some dates. Would a Saturday be best?
  3. Bob Kudelski

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    6/8 for me too. Not bad! Missed on VGK and SJ.
  4. Bob Kudelski

    Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    Hey Smoz, thanks for your interest, but let's reschedule. My buddy just broke his leg at hockey and wants to hang out Sunday. I figure I need to be a good friend at this time. But let's definitely have a Ottawa '94 mini tourney sometime soon. Maybe get Annatar in from Montreal. Play some Genesis too.
  5. Is anyone in the Ottawa area interested in getting together Sunday afternoon for some '94? (SNES, but also Genesis). I'm flying solo for a few days, so I need to make the most of my free time! I'd like to check out Level One Game Pub. Not sure who all lives in Ottawa, but I think: @smozoma@Plabax@PlabaxV2@Jonee Sorry if I'm forgetting someone Let me know if interested.
  6. Bob Kudelski

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    Our brackets are actually the exact same, other than Leafs/Bruins!
  7. Bob Kudelski

    2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    This series was pretty interesting.
  8. Bob Kudelski

    2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    This is awesome bud.
  9. Bob Kudelski

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    Pulling for the Jets, but predicting a Nashville - Pittsburgh rematch.
  10. Bob Kudelski

    Bleeding Out - by Clint Malarchuk

    I read his book that came out about three years ago. Its very similar to Fleury’s book. It’s worth a read if you enjoy the 80s and 90s hockey nostalgia. (Which you do.)
  11. Bob Kudelski


    A few things: 1- I won't know if I can make it for a another couple months. I wouldn't expect to make the finals again, but I guess anything can happen on any given day. 2- I love JeffBC's jacket. 3- I love table hockey and will pretty much guarantee a table hockey victory if I make it to BC. Got that one timer figured out.
  12. Bob Kudelski

    [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    Hopefully xgrad will make it.
  13. Bob Kudelski

    Nagano Tapes

    How was NHL 94 included? Were Hasek and the Czechs playing it in their dorm or something?
  14. Bob Kudelski

    Doc Update :)

    Great news! Sounds like this could be good arrangement for you, and the '94 community.
  15. Bob Kudelski

    Favourite Sports Games!

    Just picked up this beauty! Been playing a bit of Jam on the old SNES lately. Like 1 game per week lol.