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  1. I've met all deadlines so far bud.
  2. I think the dual console guys can best answer this one. But I think the top players are definitely different in SNES because of the lack of weight bug. I guess the SNES player rankings would be similar to GENS Blitz league? In SNES, I think top forwards are Mario, Mogilny, Lindros, Neely and Yzerman. Really light guys like Roenick and Bure are not as desirable, but still highly skilled. On D, top players are Bourque, Iafrate, Stevens, Coffey, Zalapaski. So yeah, weight plays a big part in it. I don't know enough about GENS to know if the relative skill is less significant in SNES vs. GENS.
  3. $65,000,000.00 Nice
  4. I'll also be around a lot over the next few days. Should be able to pump out the games!
  5. Holy crap, colour me clueless. Thanks bud.
  6. So when's the first checkpoint, bud? Monday/Tuesday/Wed?
  7. Hey buds, are there checkpoints for extra cap space, like previous seasons?
  8. Beautiful dogs. Must be a thrill skiing with those guys!
  9. Wow he actually came back to tie it before losing on a late goal. That scoring summary is insane... better watch out for Fedorov and Nolan!
  10. My wife doesn't love it, but doesn't hate it. She was super supportive to come to the original Ko94 event. I try and play when she's not around, to avoid any scheduling conflicts or interruptions.
  11. Gotcha, thanks!
  12. Bumping this thread because this is an awesome tool for creating your own player rankings. I do have one question about it though. Once I start changing the attribute values (e.g. change weight value from 0 to 5), the overall rating scale gets out of whack. For example, some players end up with overall ratings that are around 170, rather than 100 and below. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Some good stories in there. I think the funniest was the guy who was attending the fair and wandered into the Tampa dressing room looking for a washroom.
  14. So, just to clarify, we are using the "converted" tables from the file in this post from when we started: Some of the values in the test ROM do not correspond to the "NHL 96 converted" tab in that file. My team looks perfect, but I've found players on other teams that are incorrect. For example, according to that file, Lindros should have 85 stickhandling and 100 passing, but in the test ROM, he is rated 65 for both, which needs to be corrected in the ROM.
  15. My Team (Ott Civics) looks perfect, but I've played a couple exis against Annatar's Houston team (because they're the best IMO) and noticed some errors. -Lindros is underrated in his stickhandling and passing (and maybe others). -Leclair is overrated in several areas including AG, OffAw, DfAw, Stck Handl, End, Passing, maybe others. -Zhamnov is overrated in SP, and underrated in DfAw -Stevens is overrated in DfAw. I haven't done a full review, but it seems the Houston team is a bit wonky. I'm fine if you leave Lindros as is, but Leclair has got to be corrected! LOL