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    I have one of these and confirm it does the trick. If you want mobile SNES gaming, this is the way to go. There's also the Supaboy, which I've heard is good as well.
  2. Why no SNES ROM love recently???

    I think that would be the simplest source of updated ratings. Question about the updated Sega ratings because I'm not familiar with them - Do they roughly follow the same distribution as the original NHL 94 ratings? i.e. a lot of poorly rated players with a handful of high rated players on each team? I prefer those type of ratings, as opposed to ratings where everyone is a superstar.

    Believe me, I replay that game in my head almost daily! Would love to play you again. As for my top 10, I don't want to hurt any feelings, but I will say that Annatar (Oliver) and AngryJay (Greg) are easily in the top 10 all time SNES guys I've played. They are both probably better than me. There were lots of other guys there that had a good shot to win, and a couple of them would probably be in my top 10 as well. So based on how you and your Vancouver group did, I'm assuming you guys still play the game fairly regularly? How often?

    Love you Hali!

    You make my top 20 all-time, but more importantly you are number 1 in my heart.


    Congrats Jammer bud! I've been to four live SNES tournaments now: King of 94 (Toronto, Sept. 2015) King of 94 West I (Saskatoon, Jan 2016) King of 94 West II (Saskatoon, Nov 2016) King of 94 II (Vegas, Sept 2017) And Vegas was clearly the strongest field yet. There were three or four guys that I consider in the top 10 guys I've ever played in the last 10 years of online and recent live tournaments. Plus your Vancouver contingent, which was clearly on par with those guys. And You won it. Congrats!
  8. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    It’s all good. I’ve used Washington in classic before so I’m happy to try something new.
  9. I couldn't find the thread for website improvements/suggestions, so I'm putting this here. Feel free to move it. Anyway, I just wanted to say it would be pretty cool to see some All-time (career) player stats. i.e. listing the cumulative stats for Mogilny, Yzerman, Lemieux, Simpson etc. for ALL SNES Classic leagues (could filter by All leagues, Classic, Dynasty, Classic A vs. B, etc.), and all GENS leagues. Or does this exist somewhere already?
  10. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    stheds2000, or Gorecki as I call him, gets Winnipeg.
  11. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    Sorry C4 bud! It looks like I was changing my list at the exact same time that you posted your picks. I’ll change my list to : New Jersey Washington That way, you can have the Caps, unless Kid picks either of those teams.
  12. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    Edit, see below
  13. Are all the Sask guys (Gorecki and the Hill bros.) headed to this one? My probability of attending this one is 0.01%
  14. Best Connections for Online Play

    I think I'll try this. Is there a particular brand/model you recommend?

    Jeff! It was great to meet you and your buddy Casy. You guys are assets to the SNES 94 community and it was awesome to finally meet you, in person, all the way down in Las Vegas! In retrospect, I wish we would have played a game while we were there. Your enthusiasm for the game is amazing. Hope to see you guys again at a future tournament. I also hope you got a discount from that jewellery merchant once I told her you were the famous JeffBC!

    72 is pretty insane. It would probably take me 100 tries to come close.
  17. MSG Network article on King of 94 II

    Excellent article.
  18. MSG Article (Vegas and KingRaph)

    Good job Raph!
  19. Saskatoon 'the 90 Jacket' tournament

    Best thing Glen Healy's ever done.
  20. Ko94 II groups

    I would love it if Mikail showed up as a late addition. You hear his theme music start playing, and then some fireworks, and then boom! His hype man is in your face yelling 'Sauga represent!
  21. 8-bit hockey jerseys

    Found these online the other day. 8-bit looking jerseys for NHL teams. Unofficial NHL merch. Cool concept.
  22. I even got my mother-in-law to listen to this podcast. I think she has a crush on Mikey now.
  23. Made this NHL 94 Wallpaper

    Looking good.
  24. Made this NHL 94 Wallpaper

    I like it a lot. Love the logos, including the conferences, and the sprites. My one piece of constructive criticism would be - the NHL and NHLPA logos are vertically stretched, and maybe the NHL '94 logo too. I might have to use this for my work desktop.
  25. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    This sounds awesome! I haven't been to Blurry Pixel or Level One, but I know Level One looks really nice. Might be more pricey and challenging to set up for a tournament however. I figure House of Targ would not be the best for a console tournament, but moreso a great place to hang out if any other NHL 94 buds come to town. I like the idea of a tourney here, but not sure how much I can help out for the next couple months, but I will do what I can if you're going ahead with something!