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  1. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Hi, Naples, I like to play as teammates, but when you select teammates and start new playoffs, after the first game, it defaults back to one-on-one. I can't confirm if that's an original feature, but is that something you're able to modify? My brother and I would like to raise the cup as teammates. Thanks for everything you've done for the community. Would love to help if you ever needed it.
  2. Tunngle may be better option than hamachi

    Deadmeow My brother stumbled upon Tunngle, but we haven't used it yet. We've been using Hamachi to play NHL 94 with Fusion, but it seems like we can never connect and sync properly. Have you tried Tunngle with NHL 94 since this post?
  3. Kega netplay sync

    Guys After hours and hours of trying to make this work, I can finally report that we were successful. It was the version of KEGA that we were using. Thank you all for the help. I had read about needing to use the 3.51 version before, but it had totally slipped my mind. Thank you for suggesting that. That's all it took. So excited. Thanks again!
  4. Kega netplay sync

    Guys Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, Hamachi is how we connected. We messed with the latency at all types of ranges and found that it works best at 100. But no matter where we had it set, the game still lagged at the same spot each time: right after the drop of the puck. Not familiar though with 'port forwarding.' Would that that work better than trading IP addresses, or is the IP address the best way? As far as the diagonal skating, I did mess with that switch, but it changed the button layout, and I wasn't able to edit it. However, I did not look into it extensively because I knew we were going to use KEGA anyway. Might have to revisit GENS. Thanks again for the help. We'll keep trying. Love this game too much not to give it full effort.
  5. Kega netplay sync

    Guys My brother (in PA) and I (in AZ) have spent all night trying to play online together. We first tried GENS, but that program messed with my brother's laptop (running Vista). I'm running Windows 8 and I could run the program fine. But either way, we have the Logitech F310 gamepads and found that we cannot skate diagonally. We then tried KEGA. KEGA plays great on Vista and even better on Windows 8. We got ready to play, did the netplay stuff, and started our game. But within seconds, our game was out of sync and we were playing two separate games, but still controlling the players as if we were in the same game (i.e. my screen showed the goalie (my brother) with the puck, but he kept skating out because on his screen, he was a different player skating regularly. Follow?). I'm so confused as to how you guys are able to play online without these issues. We both have strong internet connections and are wired in. We have tried multiple combinations when setting up netplay, and they all end up with the same result: right after the faceoff, we fall out of sync. We have searched dozens of forums and nobody seems to be having this problem, or an actual fix for this issue. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  6. Getting started questions

    Trudatman, you are on the right path. We play against the computer, no penalties, offsides, or line changes. The goal is to score as many as goals as possible as quickly as possible. The game plays best when playing against the computer. Take a drink for each goal you score. 2 for every goal you give up. Half a beer for knocking out player for game. Full beer for breaking glass. In one typical ten min game, you go through two beers, assuming you can score (which I don't doubt you all know how to do). My personal record is four beers. You can also have an audience drink along with. Enjoy!
  7. Getting started questions

    Guys thanks so much for the help. I've always wanted to join a league, but recently I moved across the country and before I moved, my brother and I played every weekend. We miss playing together and this seems like the perfect vessel to keep that going. Maybe down the line we'll join a league. Thanks again! Also, I doubt this site would promote this, but my brother and I created rules for a drinking game for NHL 94, entitled Drink 94. Hit me up if you want more deets.
  8. Getting started questions

    I really want to get started, but before I get a controller and hdmi cable so I can play on the big screen, I was hoping you guys could answer two questions I have not found answers on this site to. 1. To play online, do I have to join a league, or can I just play exhibition (like, could I just play with my brother)? 2. Am I able to play online teammates against the computer (like, if my brother and I wanted to play our own 82 game season against the computer)? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Weight bug in Gens

    My brother and i have been playing this game since its inception. just recently i have found this site, which is wonderful, i might add. anyshiz, i was looking at the screenshots in the multimedia section and realized the highest checking in one game was 244. we just had 295 checks and 30 goals in a 10min period game. is that good? what do you all average? the link below should open up the picture i took with my cell piece