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  1. so as you all know KG has a gambling problem so KG had the bright idea of making money gambling tlso he could go to vegas well KG is now has lost almost all his money I apologize to community for being such a f**k up .....good day
  2. nhl 95 is abomination to the community and please do not refer to or speak of that filth again or u will be instabanned and sent to the nether parts of the deep Web .........look up nhl95 for pc it's 94 with season except no manual goalie if u must
  3. I'm gonna do everything I can I promise even if I have to rob a bank ( or ask nicely for a line of credit or dare i say quit smoking greens for few weeks lol ...I'm always checking for cheap flight deals almost booked to San Diego cause it was 340$ round trip but not for date I needed some good news though apparently the cable company is installing a fibre connection to my place I could be back playing online soon enough
  4. I'm on the maybe list I thought that at least 1 of my cousins would be going and I could split the room but the oldest of them is getting married in September so they can't commit so KG needs to pull some cash together lol
  5. u can take 20$ off my winnings ......I left the story up for 20 minutes's too much lol for this site haha
  6. I think I just found my new favorite way to score in nhl 94!
  7. do they have couches!
  8. nobody gives a fuck about hockey in those states .....hell I don't even watch hockey anymore ......back to Dr Phil how bow Dat!
  9. he's alive! I thought u became one of the latest chicago murder victims u were gone so long ......I'd play u but I'm retired but why the fuck didn't u come to toronto for the tournament u could a been the best lol I always said that playing u was great experience because u played with such a unique style buddy
  10. I'd be happy to do an interview the only problem is I have no respect for the trash that Vice puts out so no
  11. if Plabax wouldn't take a 4 hour bus to toronto to lose to kgman he def won't be flying to the states to get smashed by the greatest of all time
  12. I'm guessing Mikey bought a house in Detroit for 20000$ and converted it into his own nhl94 mecca will hold tournament/ house party/ release party
  13. so I've been holding this in for awhile but I'm drunk and i don't give f**k! first of all this community all the in fighting is so f**kin dumb were a bunch of guys playing a video game that we are passionate about....these deadlines are all a joke....who gives a f**k play when u can and say gg that's all we should be doing.... even if takes a little longer within reason no reason to have an animated discussion about it ....and the fact that AJ is the center of this is ironic .. since gdl 4 when i had to forfeit my series to ice. because our connection desynced and I wanted to get some pussy... but who cares I proved I was the BEST in person and I will always be the best as long as I live! and to uncle seth u dumb pos f**k ... I didn't get robbed of my winnings just my my bud and nhl94 cartridge signed by u guys which I wanted because of sentimental value. I kept the money in my pocket u stupid clown ... why the f**k would u be happy about it anyway.. i would slap u person just like in the game live if we ever played u f**kin loser the point I'm making is the state of nhl94 is pretty s**t and guys who b***h about Internet connection and picture in saskatoo need to chill and embrace the game that brought us together thank u
  14. kgman robbed once again! congrats angrygay !