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  1. Surviving Summer Redux

    I blame Internet porn ......94 never had a chance.....only so many megabits and megatits in 1 day .....on a side note I quit drinking 3 days!.......hangovers suck I'm 35 and it takes me 2 days to recover what kinda evil s**t is that God! time to find a new pass time
  2. why kgman should be king of the world

    King of the World says happy 150 Canada! see I'm on the bus so I can't put flag on a car lol ......Kgman enjoying fresh wild bc sockeye sushi
  3. why kgman should be king of the world

    no I'm not uber driver in fact I don't drive it's easy too live without a car in toronto ....24 hour bus service .......and I pretty sure the uber driver left out the part of being king! ........don't listen to me just have trump sign more billion dollar weapons deals with Saudi Arabia and isreal and watch those stocks go up while Innocent people die.
  4. I just figured this out the only real thing in life is bitcoin it's only thing that is trackable and a record of forever. so if we all pay our taxes in bitcoin then we will know where and what it gets spent if KG wants to save kids or build farms then everyone can see that ....instead of killing and war .......I refuse to live in a world like that and I'm disgusted by everyone.
  5. KING OF 94 II Registration Now Open!

    so as you all know KG has a gambling problem so KG had the bright idea of making money gambling tlso he could go to vegas well KG is now has lost almost all his money I apologize to community for being such a f**k up .....good day
  6. Brand new, Hello!

    nhl 95 is abomination to the community and please do not refer to or speak of that filth again or u will be instabanned and sent to the nether parts of the deep Web .........look up nhl95 for pc it's 94 with season except no manual goalie if u must
  7. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    I'm gonna do everything I can I promise even if I have to rob a bank ( or ask nicely for a line of credit or dare i say quit smoking greens for few weeks lol ...I'm always checking for cheap flight deals almost booked to San Diego cause it was 340$ round trip but not for date I needed some good news though apparently the cable company is installing a fibre connection to my place I could be back playing online soon enough
  8. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    I'm on the maybe list I thought that at least 1 of my cousins would be going and I could split the room but the oldest of them is getting married in September so they can't commit so KG needs to pull some cash together lol
  9. ESportsEarnings page

    u can take 20$ off my winnings ......I left the story up for 20 minutes's too much lol for this site haha
  10. nhl name drop

    I think I just found my new favorite way to score in nhl 94!
  11. King of 94 Halifax - April 1st, 2017

    do they have couches!
  12. nobody gives a fuck about hockey in those states .....hell I don't even watch hockey anymore ......back to Dr Phil how bow Dat!
  13. Backhandfloater returning after 10+ Year Hiatus

    he's alive! I thought u became one of the latest chicago murder victims u were gone so long ......I'd play u but I'm retired but why the fuck didn't u come to toronto for the tournament u could a been the best lol I always said that playing u was great experience because u played with such a unique style buddy
  14. VICE Gaming Call for Interviews

    I'd be happy to do an interview the only problem is I have no respect for the trash that Vice puts out so no