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  1. IIHF 94

    Thank you Kingraph! I'll read it with care. I'm also working on a Canada Cup rom made by slapshot I think. With the player's photos, it's even better.
  2. IIHF 94

    Thank you Coach and Smozoma. Of course Coach, I know your roms already, and love them for a long time. I hope I've got all of them over the years, I tried to, at least. Anyway, here is my rom, IIHF 94. Please note again that saw-slapshot helped me years ago for many aspects. Credits go to him as well. This version is more accurate, including some photos and better rosters. IIHF 94_photos.bin
  3. Hello everybody, I'm working again on an old rom I edited alongside saw-slapshot67, called "IIHF 94". Actually it's a rom about the 1993 World Championship, including all national teams which participated, as well as some historical national teams. Thanks to the EARE program, I was able to put some photos of original NHL 94 players like Tikkanen, Lindros, Yushkevich, Soderstrom, Weight, etc. The photos on the player cards are maybe useless for many of you, but I love them. My question: how can I control the number of player's photos? Some teams show only the photos of the starting five players, other teams have like ten photos. I'm not an expert in editing, so any help would be welcomed. Thanks for your replies.
  4. Can't open roms with nose

    Ok sorry I didn't understand the joke. I never learned your language actually, my mother tongue is not english, that's why. I edit NHL 94 for a long time so if I wrote that it was serious, I couldn't simply open roms. But now it's ok.
  5. Can't open roms with nose

    I just resolved the problem right now placing NOSE on the desktop. That's very strange. When it's placed in another folder it doesnt work... Thank you Mack, being the first not to say stupid things. It doesn't suprise me as you're one of the best NHL 94' editors all-time.
  6. Can't open roms with nose

    Eh you funny guys. I've got this problem and that's it. Even if I run this program as an administrator.
  7. Hi guys, I've got some problems with nose. I can't edit my roms anymore. I used to do a "Swiss elite league" for the game every year. But I couldn't this year, unfortunately. I bought a new PC recently. And I couldn't open nose anymore at first. Then I resolved the problem changing some settings with the compatibility. Now, nose works, but I can't open any rom. The window allowing you to choose a rom to load doesn't appear, it's very strange. Did someone have the same problem? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you for your answers guys. Long life to NHL'94!
  8. IIHF '94

  9. IIHF '94

    Hello guys, for all the fans of the international game, Saw-Slapshot 67 and I have just achieved an IIHF version of the game. The rom contains all the 12 teams which participated to the 1993 World Championship in Germany. I've chosen this year to celebrate NHL '94 and the 92-93 season. It's based on the great Olympic rom which Saw-Slapshot 67 made. Biggest credit goes to him, I've only edited the rosters and some of the jerseys. The numbers of the players aren't all correct, but it's difficult to find them. Canada is 100% correct however. If someone knows where to find the jersey numbers, any help would be welcome. Hope you'll enjoy this version! IIHF_94.bin IIHF_94.bin
  10. SwissAddon 2006-2007 released!!!

    Yes, I'm Swiss and I've a 07-08 version I've edited myself with updated rosters. Enjoy LNA_2007_2008.bin
  11. NHL94 "Canada Cup"

    Hello Corky, Nice work! I've updated a bit your rom: Czech Republic and Slovakia were already separated in 1993. Then I've add Switzerland's selection in the 1993 WC. I'll add some other selections from this era, you'd a nice idea