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  1. Hello I'd just like to know if anybody here would be interested in a PyeongChang olympics rom???? I would start from an olympic rom like these one below from slapshot, and would do the entire rosters on my own. My problem: I'm not able to put South Korea (banners, flag) in the game, or put a neutral center ice, so that I could edit the jerseys without causing any problems to the center ice. If anybody would like to "collaborate" with me, just write! Thanks. Olympic Ice Hockey New.bin Edit: I also found this slapshot olympic rom in my computer VancouverOlympics2010 (suisse_amelioree).bin
  2. Coach, thanks a lot!! If you need some help once for some rosters for example, just tell me.
  3. Coach, I'll test it tonight, but I'm sure it's awesome. Thanks a lot!!! Update: I love it!!!
  4. Thank you so much Coach for editing the ice, it's an honor being helped by you!!! Sorry for my english. My second request: the screen title ath the beginning is not a picture from 94-95, but from 2011 or something like that. It's not a big problem, I guess that it must be difficult to change that anyway. So let it be. My third request: the original rom I picked to do this new one got Geneva. But during the 94-95 lock-out, Geneva was not at the biggest stage, so I put Lausanne instead. But during intermission, pause menu, and on the logo on the main menu you can still read "Geneva" or "GSHC" instead of Lausanne. It's not dramatic as well, and I don't know how much time it demands to change that. I'm hoping this rom will still bring joy to a few of you guys, even if the swiss league is not the sexiest one for North American fans. Thanks a lot, Coach!!!
  5. Hello everybody I'm editing a rom based upon the Swiss hockey league, season 94-95. In this time the swiss league had stars like Kamensky, Chelios, Gilmour, Quinn, Sjodin, Yushkevich, Bykov, Khomutov, Johansson play into it. I'm done with the rosters, the player's pictures and the jerseys. I'm needing some help to edit the central ice. I would like to get neutral ice, I mean no logo on the central faceoff, for all teams. The screen at the beginning would also need some change, as well as the in-game names for Lausanne HC, which replaced Geneva-Servette at the time. If anybody could help me for one or more things, that would be great. I have no idea how to do these three things. Thank you!!!!!! My rom is uploaded right here. LNA 94-95.bin
  6. Ziggy did you get my addons? Would you like more? What exactly?
  7. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Coach, your roms are awesome. For me, they would be the best ever if they have complete rosters, not only 2 lines, since I'm loving to play with line changes. Anyway, great work, thanks a lot.
  8. Here is the link to some elementary addons for NHL 2002. Hurry up, the link will be dead in 7 days. The roster (nhl2k) is NHL and national teams during OG 2002 in Salt Lake. Gfxpak is needed in your main NHL 02 folder to run the bat files and the different photos etc you want to install.
  9. Ziggy, I need your email through a private message to send you some addons through wetransfer for example. Or, maybe, I should give here the link from wetransfer, but it will only be available 7 days once published. I'm sorry but I don't have this broadcast addon. But I've got a lot of other addons from the seasons 00-01 until 03-04, all for NHL 2002.
  10. NHL 1990

    Hello everybody, I edited a version called "NHL 1990", based on the 1989-90 deadline rosters. Why 1990? Because it's the season of an underestimated acomplishment in my opinion. Edmonton winning without Gretzky, I mean, wow, that was something. And also because there was always a gap between some awesome productions, like these of clockwise, NHL 1991, and these of slapshot, from 1970 till 1989. Then, I edited NHL 89 version from slapshot. Only thing, the title page shows "NHL 89", and the automatic team selection is MTL vs CGY. That's not correct, but I'm not able to fix that at this point. Otherwise, photos of the starting lines and rosters should be correct. If anybody would give a hand to fix these two things, it would be with pleasure. Thanks for reading and sorry for my english. UPDATE: new rom, some improvements on the rosters and photos, BOS vs EDM as main teams in the menu. NHL1990.bin
  11. As said I've found all my addons for NHL 2002, including goalies gears cyberfaces etc. I've managed to install them on my newest computer. Just tell me what kind of addons you'd like.
  12. Hello Ziggy NHL 2002, what a game! I've saved many add-ons from that era. Only problem, I can't load them through my old gfxpak applications on my actual computer. If you know why, thanks for the help. I'm joining one add-on to this reply, the national teams jerseys, as an example. Equipes nationales.exe
  13. IIHF 94

    Thank you Kingraph! I'll read it with care. I'm also working on a Canada Cup rom made by slapshot I think. With the player's photos, it's even better.
  14. IIHF 94

    Thank you Coach and Smozoma. Of course Coach, I know your roms already, and love them for a long time. I hope I've got all of them over the years, I tried to, at least. Anyway, here is my rom, IIHF 94. Please note again that saw-slapshot helped me years ago for many aspects. Credits go to him as well. This version is more accurate, including some photos and better rosters. IIHF 94_photos.bin
  15. Hello everybody, I'm working again on an old rom I edited alongside saw-slapshot67, called "IIHF 94". Actually it's a rom about the 1993 World Championship, including all national teams which participated, as well as some historical national teams. Thanks to the EARE program, I was able to put some photos of original NHL 94 players like Tikkanen, Lindros, Yushkevich, Soderstrom, Weight, etc. The photos on the player cards are maybe useless for many of you, but I love them. My question: how can I control the number of player's photos? Some teams show only the photos of the starting five players, other teams have like ten photos. I'm not an expert in editing, so any help would be welcomed. Thanks for your replies.