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  1. Swiss League 2018

    Hello everybody, I'm uploading a rom made thanks to a collaboration of Stelex software and myself. It's based on the actual Swiss championship. They are playing the finals right now. Zurich leads 2-1 vs Lugano. National League_playoff2018.bin
  2. Swiss League 2018

    Stelex cared about the title screen, logos, banners. He is the creator of the rom. I did the rosters and player cards, and updated some jerseys, to make them more accurate.
  3. Any WHA roms

    Here below a rom made by Coach Mac including some WHA teams. NHLHN1973.bin
  4. UPDATE: Some banners were modified, thanks to @Jkline3 (SUI and CZE). Player cards for all starters. Some cards were "stolen" from older clockwise's rom, some were made by myself. Hoping you'll enjoy it, even if, I know, the NHL was not there... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Olympics rom with full rosters. The base was made by slapshot, thank you. Kovalchuk and Datsyuk, obviously, are among the best players in the game. Hope you'll enjoy it. If somebody would be willing to do the base rom for previous Olympics (Nagano, Calgary??) in the future, I would do the rosters with pleasure. Pyeongchang2018.bin
  5. New version with player cards for all starters in the first post of this thread.
  6. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Lol ok I've got it already, it's one of my favorite roms. I thought you also made one about the World Championship, the tournament held every single year. Thanks for the answer @naples39!
  7. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Ok, I read in this thread that you made a WC rom last fall, so I asked if you already uploaded it or if you could do it again please, because I would love to play it. It's not about the olympics, no worries. Thanks.
  8. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Ok, I read in this thread that you made a WC rom last fall, so I asked if you already uploaded it or if you could do it again please, because I would love to play it. It's not about the olympics, no worries. Thanks.
  9. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    @naples39 could you please upload your World championship rom please?? I would be happy to play it!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  10. In Search of Coach Mac's Decade Roms

    Hello, here is the 70's rom. Hope that it's this one. I'm also needing help. Could somebody give me the patch made by wboy required to fix the player cards with shared tiles? I can't find it in the tutorial. Many thanks. nhl94seventies_v3.bin
  11. Rom with full rosters available in the first post of this thread.
  12. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Rom with full rosters. Enjoy it! Pyeongchang2018.bin
  13. 2018 Olympic Rom?

    Hello @Stepher1980. Happy to see that I'm not the only one interested about the OG. I'm almost done with the rosters. I made only the men. I will be done in a couple of days, just 2 teams missing. Rom will be uploaded into the topic I started.
  14. Sorry Coach, next time I'll try to cut teams by myself with EARE. Thank you!
  15. Dear @slapshot67, would it be possible to get a PyeongChang version without the women's teams? I mean it's difficult to evaluate the ratings of the female players. But, again, I don't know if it's possible regarding the playoff trees and how much time you would need to do that. If it takes too much time, forget it. I keep working on the male rosters.
  16. Ah ok lol @Brodeur30, I misunderstood completely your post then... I'm sorry. @slapshot67, I've started to edit the rom you gave us. So you want to get the women's team as well into the rom? No problem for me, I'll edit them also. Thank you very much for your so much appreciated work!!!! I'll be as quick as possible, but I won't be done before a couple of weeks.
  17. Well... I did not expect to get so much disrespect after starting this thread, especially from "Brodeur". I noticed that you buddy could be a greater hockey reporter than I am actually. My goal was only to say that I would fill the rosters with pleasure IF anybody would help with the graphical part, for what, I must admit, I am not capable. If it takes too much time or if nobody is interested, let it be, tell it in a short and polite way, and that's it! If you thought that my goal is only to profit from the work of the greatest guys here whom I've so much respect for (smozoma, kingraph, slapshot, CoachMac, Naples, skip, etc etc), you're wrong. I don't know which contributions you brought here, dear Brodeur, and for sure they are many more than mine. But, below, you'll find my poor "finished products". I made "IIHF 94" with slapshot's help, "LNA 94-95" with Coach Mac's help, and "NHL 1990", starting from slapshot's 1989. Thanks a lot again to all these great guys who are making our dreams come true. I made them because I did not only want to download roms, but also bring my little contribution, doing rosters for original roms. I think that we are all adults here, and that we all deserve respect, it is not? After all, we are all sharing this common passion for NHL 94. Please note that english is not my mother tongue, I've never learnt it, actually. But I think I am smart enough to detect irony. This said, best regards, have a nice evening. And greetings from Europe. LNA 94-95.bin IIHF 94.bin NHL1990.bin
  18. Coach, thanks a lot!! If you need some help once for some rosters for example, just tell me.
  19. Hello everybody I'm editing a rom based upon the Swiss hockey league, season 94-95. In this time the swiss league had stars like Kamensky, Chelios, Gilmour, Quinn, Sjodin, Yushkevich, Bykov, Khomutov, Johansson play into it. I'm done with the rosters, the player's pictures and the jerseys. I'm needing some help to edit the central ice. I would like to get neutral ice, I mean no logo on the central faceoff, for all teams. The screen at the beginning would also need some change, as well as the in-game names for Lausanne HC, which replaced Geneva-Servette at the time. If anybody could help me for one or more things, that would be great. I have no idea how to do these three things. Thank you!!!!!! My rom is uploaded right here. LNA 94-95.bin
  20. Coach, I'll test it tonight, but I'm sure it's awesome. Thanks a lot!!! Update: I love it!!!
  21. Thank you so much Coach for editing the ice, it's an honor being helped by you!!! Sorry for my english. My second request: the screen title ath the beginning is not a picture from 94-95, but from 2011 or something like that. It's not a big problem, I guess that it must be difficult to change that anyway. So let it be. My third request: the original rom I picked to do this new one got Geneva. But during the 94-95 lock-out, Geneva was not at the biggest stage, so I put Lausanne instead. But during intermission, pause menu, and on the logo on the main menu you can still read "Geneva" or "GSHC" instead of Lausanne. It's not dramatic as well, and I don't know how much time it demands to change that. I'm hoping this rom will still bring joy to a few of you guys, even if the swiss league is not the sexiest one for North American fans. Thanks a lot, Coach!!!
  22. Ziggy did you get my addons? Would you like more? What exactly?
  23. Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Coach, your roms are awesome. For me, they would be the best ever if they have complete rosters, not only 2 lines, since I'm loving to play with line changes. Anyway, great work, thanks a lot.
  24. Here is the link to some elementary addons for NHL 2002. Hurry up, the link will be dead in 7 days. The roster (nhl2k) is NHL and national teams during OG 2002 in Salt Lake. Gfxpak is needed in your main NHL 02 folder to run the bat files and the different photos etc you want to install.
  25. Ziggy, I need your email through a private message to send you some addons through wetransfer for example. Or, maybe, I should give here the link from wetransfer, but it will only be available 7 days once published. I'm sorry but I don't have this broadcast addon. But I've got a lot of other addons from the seasons 00-01 until 03-04, all for NHL 2002.