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  1. Patrick

    controller set up

    Hello gentlemen, I have dusted off the old logitech dual action controller for some good ol NHL 93 edited goodness. But I can't for the life of me get the controller set up to play. Any tips are greatly appreciated.! Im on a dell running windows 7. Hold your laughter.
  2. Patrick

    Post Season Bug?

    Ive been playing NHL 93 a bit lately, but Ive noticed that if I play in a best of 7 series, it doesn't save if I shut the game off. Is this normal?
  3. Patrick

    nhl 92 download

    To my growing disappointment, you cant even highlight the name area in NOSE. So... Ive scrapped editing NHL 92 any further.
  4. What about bytes? What topic would be best? Im in the market to get more of them...
  5. Patrick

    nhl 92 download

    I know, Id love to fix that. Even though, I kinda forgot how plain the game was... it still would be kinda cool to get player names at least. And lines set up.
  6. Patrick

    nhl 92 download

    Its just the number, and position. No names.
  7. Patrick

    nhl 92 download

    I downloaded it, and got it opened up in NOSE.... but there are no free bytes! Damn it! What do I do?
  8. Patrick

    nhl 92 download

    Completely disregarding the previous post... Im surprised that this game hasnt got much attention. It seems that all of the other games have roms and hacks and so on. Yet this one doesnt have anything special. How come? (
  9. Patrick

    Time for more NHL teams in Canada?

    The league needs to contract before it expands.
  10. A game without Fighting, or a season mode? 94 is the biggest blue-balling ever.
  11. Patrick

    NHL '94 animated sprites

    Anaheim's were way off. They wore purple, not green. Also, for NHL 91-94 I believe, New Jersey's road jerseys were black with red shoulders. I dont think NJ has ever had a black uniform. You'd think they'd double check those things before they released the game!
  12. Patrick

    NHL 93... season mode?

    Ok you hacking geniuses... Is it possible to create a season mode in NHL 93 and/or 94? Could one just copy/paste the... code from a later game . ? Or is it completely impossible?
  13. Patrick

    How To Embed Youtube Videos

    How the hell do you get video of a game you played?!?!
  14. Patrick

    Fastest Hat Trick

    Get a hat-trick with Shawn Chambers in NHL 93. Then we can talk.
  15. Patrick

    David Littman on The hockey news

    He played for the Solar Bears for a while. I live in Orlando, saw him play quite a bit.