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  1. I always liked playing in the summer leagues with a trade deadline ROM from the previous season. Just a thought.
  2. I will be in Toronto the 17th-25th. Going to 4 games. Anybody else gonna be there?
  3. Sub Leeman with Bruce Driver. My bad, must have misread the sheet.
  4. Philadelphia Flyers 1.6 F Teemu Selanne 2.19 F Esa Tikkanen 3.6 G Felix Potvin 4.19 D Scott Stevens 5.6 F Mike Ricci 6.19 D Gary Leeman 7.6 F Joe Mullen 8.19 D Jim Johnson 9.6 F Joel Otto 10.19 F Doug Weight 11.6 D Chris Dahlquist 12.19 G Stephane Fiset Line LW Ricci C Selanne RW Tikkanen LD Leeman RD Stevens G Potvn X Mullen
  5. In! Need something apart from a league so I don't become a slacker again.
  6. Habs
  7. The people who did this are pathetic and a bunch of jerks. They need to grow up and stop trying to be funny cause this isn't.
  8. This!!!
  9. Yeah I have a list of 10 jerseys that I want to buy myself one each Christmas over the next decade. My first one this year is a Joe Sakic Nordiques blue. According to both of your replies I should go for the real deal on ebay or amazon or somewhere more legit. Thank you. It's much appreciated!
  10. Has anyone bought one from Ali Express before? Is it good quality? I would rather pay $140 for a quality sweater than $30 for crap. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!
  11. @orangeblack92
  12. Hello All, I just wanted to take the time to say what all of you have done to put this weekend together has been nothing short of amazing. I really wish I could be up there with you all, but my vacation time is limited, along with me transferring to my company's DC office next month. But be sure, if this ever happens again, I will make sure I am there to lose my 3 games haha, but more importantly have a good time. I hope you all enjoy yourselves, and best of luck to all of you!! Again, great work by everyone!!
  13. Do you mean July 21?
  14. I am all about 30 teams, but 32 would make all divisions have 8 teams. If this must be done, I would like the league to go back to pure divisional playoffs, then re-seed the final 4, and maybe have the Final have two teams from the same conference.
  15. Ok since I have two people asking: I we get enough people it will be two leagues, obviously split for skill level. I would prefer 8-12 team leagues. If it is 8 you will play 4 against each. If more than 8 I will figure it out. I want this to be short and sweet, 28-32 game regular season. 5 minutes periods, offsides off, Lines will be On or Auto (I will put it to a vote) Team selection order will be randomized. You will give me your top 5-7 choices. Either this gets big and we get a spot on the stat save site or I will handle standings. What else do you want to know?