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  1. Pretty sure the goal siren was used at Gitmo during enhanced interrogation. I switched the goal siren to the period horn, and made the goal horn deeper, then switched the siren for the end of the period horn on my roms. Makes it almost tolerable. Hard to play roms without it now that I've adjusted to it.
  2. I don't even want to know what NHL'95 translates into. It's probably some illegal, frozen-sex-act from Thailand that killed David Carradine in that Bangkok hotel room.
  3. The EA, NHL games after '94 don't work with netplay, do they? Maybe the hockey gods were trying to tell us something...
  4. Some of us only drink milk from brown cows because we know chocolate milk tastes the best.
  5. I thought he looked familiar!
  6. Is it even possible to reel young players in? These kids have seen more naked women on their phones in one hour than my grand pappy saw in his entire life. How can you compete with that kind of media? Many of them have only lived in a time when you press a button and the world is delivered to you. The process of using emulators, a separate chat app, uploading games and all that rigamarole might be too involved for them to care, when you can just play games on your phone with the flick of your thumb. I think the interest around Pixelated Heroes will be the widest net the site has ever casted in terms of drawing in unique traffic from hockey fans, NHL'94 fans, and old-school gamers. It might be a good idea to start developing a strategy or landing page for those folks.
  7. You used to be somebody I could trust.
  8. Like a moth to a flame, I knew Segathon would be lured out of his, NHL'95-Fuhrer-bunker. It's about time the rest of the world know the true nature of your occult, video-hockey "tournament". It's all just a front for Nazi sympathizers to have clandestine meetings.
  9. ^ I like how they got Benny Hill as a replacement for Ron Barr.
  10. And then they went and added this game to it. I'm pretty sure the song came before the game was developed. It was probably inspired by the NHL'94 theme. Because, if the game came first, the theme song probably would have been the anthem to The 3rd Reich.
  11. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we can all agree on one thing no matter which version you play: NHL'94 is better than most things. Because, I mean, most things really aren't that good at all. But NHL'94? It's a very, very good thing.
  12. Seeing as the tournament is on April 1st, the winner will probably get 650, 100 Grand candy bars.
  13. I just realized that it's not my NHL'94 Social Security number, it's just another one of those captcha things. But at least I have my other conspiracy theories to fall back on. Like the one about the fact that New Coke was just a stunt Coke used so people wouldn't realize that they were changing the formula from sugar to high-fructose corn syrup. So that when they switched back to original Coke, a few months later, no one would notice the difference in flavor. They'd be too busy being happy about having their precious Coke back to the way it always was. Also, there's that one about hokkeefan being the Zodiac Killer.