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  1. NHL 2018 by Slapshot67 & Skip

    I love you Skip and Slapper. Love everyone else, too, but those two can go-in-my-fridge-without-asking-first anytime.
  2. Attendance Wishlist at the next Ko94?

    I was really excited to meet everyone especially Evan (so he can finally sign my poster) but both my folks died in the last few months and my hours blow; I haven't had a weekend off since May.
  3. An NHL94 Kaillera Server

    I put up the NHL'94 Kaillera server around '07 that was up for almost a year. Was about as stable as a three leg table; I had to reset it almost daily. You can set rules and stuff for Kaillera so that only specific games can be played, which was kinda-nice. Was fun while it lasted, but I didn't keep it because a lot of guys were closer to other servers. Also, this was before P2P Kaillera.
  4. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    I like Chicago or NYC. Detroit has too many fixer-uppers.
  5. 8-bit hockey jerseys

    Would be cool to wear a normal jersey, then get your friend drunk, and then switch to the 8-bit one when he's not looking and tell him that 94 is destroying his eyes... I can't think of any other reason to ever want to wear one of those.
  6. NHL 94-1994 Stanley Cup Finals Re-Sim

    Just ignore what I said and keep doing what you're doing. I'd be much better off myself, too.
  7. KING OF 94 II Registration Now Open!

    I put in for PTO so I can make play aces in the oasis.
  8. Mikey is a fn superstar, boys. He's gonna be hob-knobing with all the stars when this thing comes out. Just you wait.
  9. NHL 94-1994 Stanley Cup Finals Re-Sim

    Cool. I'd like to see the results using the original game with 100 or so simulations (you can use frame skipping to speed them up). I did this with the playoffs a few years ago.
  10. Made this NHL 94 Wallpaper

    Living room looks much better, now, thx. Gf hasn't caught on, yet - give'r time.
  11. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    IRL that would make them drain damaged. In the case of Tony Twist: ratings are way ahead of their time.
  12. Made an Instagram Page Dedicated to NHL 94

    Don't know anything about it, but if it's anything like Golden Grams, it must be good.
  13. Thank you for not posting anymore. 

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      • here is what MY profile would look like, but HE is staff, so....
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    3. tru


      we have thread after thread about why this site is dying.  take a good hard look at who gets to lead and make decisions around here.  we all know that Evan never would have intended for this level of reckless "leadership." PEOPLE LIKE THIS HAVE NO PLACE IN BEING STAFF UNLESS THE POINT IS TO BURN IT ALL DOWN.

    4. clockwise


      Some people don't know how to take a compliment.

  14. Great posts KR. I think the logos would look great, framed. I don't know a lot about art, though.