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  1. NHL 94-1994 Stanley Cup Finals Re-Sim

    Just ignore what I said and keep doing what you're doing. I'd be much better off myself, too.
  2. KING OF 94 II Registration Now Open!

    I put in for PTO so I can make play aces in the oasis.
  3. Mikey is a fn superstar, boys. He's gonna be hob-knobing with all the stars when this thing comes out. Just you wait.
  4. NHL 94-1994 Stanley Cup Finals Re-Sim

    Cool. I'd like to see the results using the original game with 100 or so simulations (you can use frame skipping to speed them up). I did this with the playoffs a few years ago.
  5. Made this NHL 94 Wallpaper

    Living room looks much better, now, thx. Gf hasn't caught on, yet - give'r time.
  6. brilliance of NHLPA '93 ratings

    IRL that would make them drain damaged. In the case of Tony Twist: ratings are way ahead of their time.
  7. Made an Instagram Page Dedicated to NHL 94

    Don't know anything about it, but if it's anything like Golden Grams, it must be good.
  8. What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?

    If any. Thinking about a vintage Orr, or North Stars Modano.
  9. プロホッケー

    EA Hockey, NTSC-J cart. Since I don't own a Mega Drive or an adapter, yet, I'm unable to find out if there are any differences between other regions. I did look around to see if there was a ROM dump of this cart, but I wasn't able to find one.
  10. Thank you for not posting anymore. 

  11. Great posts KR. I think the logos would look great, framed. I don't know a lot about art, though.
  12. Saskatchewan NHL 94 licence plate

    That's cool! But I didn't know you were from China, D, I thought you were from Canada Edit: I was thinking of Szechwan.
  13. Question for next year: 31 teams

    The way Slapshot just did a update about adding a whole-nother team like it's no big deal, like the way a guy doesn't look behind him when there's an explosion in a movie. That was pretty cool. Just say'n... As you were
  14. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Alright then. Moms said she'd make PB&J and tuna sandwiches for everyone.
  15. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    I want to sign up for both systems so I can suck twice as hard. Do I have to bag-lunch or does that mean there is stuff that we can mooch on? If so I'll just be like T.hanks from that scene in Big.
  16. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    How / where? I'm new 'round here.
  17. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Do I have to pay now? Also, I think found out that what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, means.
  18. why kgman should be king of the world

    I'm trademarking this in case I ever become a record producer and need a Jewish rapper.
  19. why kgman should be king of the world

    You must be an Uber driver because I had one say the same thing to me the other day.
  20. ( (⌐ (⌐■ (⌐■_ (⌐■_■ (⌐■_■) 2on2 forever mofos (⌐■_■ (⌐■_ (⌐■ (⌐ ( (⌐■_■)
  21. Question for next year: 31 teams

    Stay at 30. Make Carolina & Phoenix fight to the death at UFC both full rosters at once in full gear, but no pussy visors, in the OCTAGON. Coaches have to fight to the death as well. Phoenix survives the match and gets to stay in NHL. All of Phoenix players are dead except for Doan after the UFC match so NHL says they're gonna Move Phoenix to Quebec. Trump builds the wall around Mexico. Mexicanos eat jumping beans and vault over. They're on the run and seek exile in Quebec. The refuges solve the player shortage. Mexicanos join Quebec & form the Quebexico Deketacos.
  22. HELLO?

    Hey, polite, remember me? I used to be somebody. I made 2on2 when we were young. Can ya spare a buck; got-a-buck for da clockwise? I'm good for it, honest. Just need a pick-me-up.
  23. New York Rangers

    He could walk right past me and I'd never recognize him. Time is a cruel b***h.