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  1. He could walk right past me and I'd never recognize him. Time is a cruel b***h.
  2. Yeah, those are manufactured by Majesco(?) which is a company in Brazil, I think. They manufactured consoles during the 90's for SEGA in South America. I don't know why they didn't use the original-style Genesis / Mega Drive case. They look like junk.
  3. For those of y'all that missed: Nintendo re-released the NES not long ago. Rumors are that The Big N will be releasing the classic SNES, too. I wonder if SEGA will be offering the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis classic. Did anyone pick one up?
  4. Thanks all. Probably shouldn't have posted that, but you do things like that when bad things happen. That's the Euro version. Maybe there is a dump of the Japanese version, but I've never played it on an emulator.
  5. EA Hockey, NTSC-J cart. Since I don't own a Mega Drive or an adapter, yet, I'm unable to find out if there are any differences between other regions. I did look around to see if there was a ROM dump of this cart, but I wasn't able to find one.
  6. Thanks bro. If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger; I'm going to be jacked.
  7. There is a lot of 8-bit-style talent available. Assembling a team is more about culture than strategy, to me. I know there are plenty of super talented artists, programmers and sound engineers who would do the game justice. Games like Shovel Knight, Castle Crashers, and River City Ransom Underground are just scratching the surface. Anyway, I don't know if Simmons would even be interested in being involved in that type of development cycle at his age. EDIT: what would the legal ramifications be of him handing off the source code and assets (if he even has it / them)?
  8. If the game had a fresh coat of paint. Let's say the gameplay was kept intact, but sliders were added so that every element of the game could be adjusted: physics to difficulty to AI. What would you add to the game that would enhance it? And I'm not purely talking gameplay mechanics, but visuals and everything in-between To get the juices flowing... custom arenas 4K player sprites (no sharp pixels) with more frames per animation kit builder (like SWOS) team creation custom organ-tunes generator custom leagues online stat tracking spectator mode be a player-type mode career mode different eras (fans are dressed differently & rules & players wear vintage gear / no lids) outdoor hockey & shinny modes mini-games I'd like a comprehensive list and I'm curious as to all the ideas we could come up with.
  9. Yep. Anyone left playing know is probably very high tier. Playing SF2 pros can be infuriating.
  10. The game has to be remade in the same style as Street Fighter 2, Super Turbo HD, or SWOS for Xbox Live. It has to happen. It's going to happen. In some respects I regret spending so many years editing the game when I could have been figuring out ways to remake it. I have a blueprint for the whole thing; it's several hundred files. I doubt if it would ever have the same namesake, but I think offering all proceeds for game sales to a charity, such as Hockey Fights Cancer, might help game obtain an NHL License. But the best way would probably just let players edit, create and share their own NHL teams through something like the Steam Platform. I'm not crazy enough to think project like this could be undertaken by the community, or any community for that matter. It requires the kind of capital you can only get from launching multiple businesses and working 120 hour work weeks for years; which is how I'm going to raise it. I honesty don't think the money could be raised from Kickstarter, at least not enough to create a worthy remake. Remake really is a dirty word when you look at what some of the stuff that has been churned out by major 3rd party developers in the last few years that are just quick cash-grabs. There is no time table, but this is one of my life goals. In fact, it's a goal I write down every day. I didn't spent 20 years of my life playing and editing this game just to leave it here. There's no way anyones going to throw dirt on me until it's done.
  11. My inside might be "outside", soon. I lost that house and pretty much my whole family. Life can turn on a dime.
  12. Picked the Habs to beat the Blues. Hockey-reference has some awesome stats in their extended standings. You can see all the team-vs.-team standings. That site has really come a long way.
  13. Everybody dance like the Peanuts gang! My favorite part is at 1 minute. Cheesy goodness.
  14. CHECK THIS OUT, I just discovered this by accident:
  15. Hey, isn't N64 is the name of a game console: you weren't not named after it by chance, were you? I went to school with this kid named 3DOCharlie.
  16. }3 }3 }3 Boom!
  17. Cranium carom!
  18. Pretty sure the goal siren was used at Gitmo during enhanced interrogation. I switched the goal siren to the period horn, and made the goal horn deeper, then switched the siren for the end of the period horn on my roms. Makes it almost tolerable. Hard to play roms without it now that I've adjusted to it.
  19. I don't even want to know what NHL'95 translates into. It's probably some illegal, frozen-sex-act from Thailand that killed David Carradine in that Bangkok hotel room.
  20. The EA, NHL games after '94 don't work with netplay, do they? Maybe the hockey gods were trying to tell us something...
  21. Some of us only drink milk from brown cows because we know chocolate milk tastes the best.
  22. I thought he looked familiar!
  23. Is it even possible to reel young players in? These kids have seen more naked women on their phones in one hour than my grand pappy saw in his entire life. How can you compete with that kind of media? Many of them have only lived in a time when you press a button and the world is delivered to you. The process of using emulators, a separate chat app, uploading games and all that rigamarole might be too involved for them to care, when you can just play games on your phone with the flick of your thumb. I think the interest around Pixelated Heroes will be the widest net the site has ever casted in terms of drawing in unique traffic from hockey fans, NHL'94 fans, and old-school gamers. It might be a good idea to start developing a strategy or landing page for those folks.