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  1. I don't even want to know what NHL'95 translates into. It's probably some illegal, frozen-sex-act from Thailand that killed David Carradine in that Bangkok hotel room.
  2. The EA, NHL games after '94 don't work with netplay, do they? Maybe the hockey gods were trying to tell us something...
  3. Some of us only drink milk from brown cows because we know chocolate milk tastes the best.
  4. I thought he looked familiar!
  5. Is it even possible to reel young players in? These kids have seen more naked women on their phones in one hour than my grand pappy saw in his entire life. How can you compete with that kind of media? Many of them have only lived in a time when you press a button and the world is delivered to you. The process of using emulators, a separate chat app, uploading games and all that rigamarole might be too involved for them to care, when you can just play games on your phone with the flick of your thumb. I think the interest around Pixelated Heroes will be the widest net the site has ever casted in terms of drawing in unique traffic from hockey fans, NHL'94 fans, and old-school gamers. It might be a good idea to start developing a strategy or landing page for those folks.
  6. And then they went and added this game to it. I'm pretty sure the song came before the game was developed. It was probably inspired by the NHL'94 theme. Because, if the game came first, the theme song probably would have been the anthem to The 3rd Reich.
  7. You used to be somebody I could trust.
  8. Like a moth to a flame, I knew Segathon would be lured out of his, NHL'95-Fuhrer-bunker. It's about time the rest of the world know the true nature of your occult, video-hockey "tournament". It's all just a front for Nazi sympathizers to have clandestine meetings.
  9. ^ I like how they got Benny Hill as a replacement for Ron Barr.
  10. Ultimately, at the end of the day, we can all agree on one thing no matter which version you play: NHL'94 is better than most things. Because, I mean, most things really aren't that good at all. But NHL'94? It's a very, very good thing.
  11. Seeing as the tournament is on April 1st, the winner will probably get 650, 100 Grand candy bars.
  12. I just realized that it's not my NHL'94 Social Security number, it's just another one of those captcha things. But at least I have my other conspiracy theories to fall back on. Like the one about the fact that New Coke was just a stunt Coke used so people wouldn't realize that they were changing the formula from sugar to high-fructose corn syrup. So that when they switched back to original Coke, a few months later, no one would notice the difference in flavor. They'd be too busy being happy about having their precious Coke back to the way it always was. Also, there's that one about hokkeefan being the Zodiac Killer.
  13. What is this #, Evan? Is this our barcode for the New World Order or do we use this # to redeem free rides on the senior shuttle?
  14. This is what rapper 50¢ is called in Zimbabwe.
  15. Full name or last name with a skater or goalie from NHL'94? I share a last name with an American forward but I'm not related.
  16. Indeed, Mikey. I have received this report from the future... US president Donald Trump holds an impromptu summit with all word leaders with the help of holographic Abe Lincoln to determine how to contain Pixelated Heroes pandemonium from causing worldwide hysteria and stampedes. People around the world eagerly wait for the clock to strike 12:00 AM to get their copies of Pixelated Heroes. Everyone at the summit surely feels the tremendous gravity of the situation, and is moved to tears.Suddenly, Kim Jong-un appears on the main-monitor, crying and apologizing profusely for then pain and suffering he has caused. He states that only now, after the release of Pixelated Heroes, has he seen the folly of his ways and the suffering of his people. The room erupts with applause and cheers, and every world leader unanimously agrees that this day be made officially as, 'worldwide NHL'94-Pixelated-Heroes Day'. It's a new festive holiday where everyone is encouraged to play NHL'94 as a sign of world peace and solidarity. The new rules of the holiday are written on a scroll with an ink quill and signed by every world leader. It's put over a candle to give it those burn marks that make it look like an older document than it actually is. Then, it's rolled up and shot through a pneumatic tube, where it is sent directly to replace the constitution at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Meanwhile, broadcasts are interrupted all over the globe, informing all citizens to go home and be with their families to enjoy the new holiday: NHL'94-Pixelated-Heroes Day. Gabe Newell announces Half-Life 3, and in the same breath states that Gordon Freeman will be replaced by Mikey McBryan. Reviews are pouring in as 10's all across the board, it's hailed as a master stroke of pure genius by all media; small and large. Local news to national 24-hour networks are wall-to-wall Pixelated Heroes coverage around the clock. Bill O'reilly renames the 'O'reilly Factor' to the 'McBryan Factor' for NHL'94-Pixelated-Heroes Day. Haters and NHL'95 fans have taken to self-flagellation with controller cables. The Pope offers the papacy to Mikey at the Vatican, but he graciously declines as he addresses the throngs of people who wait for his words. He states, only, "Thank you for making Pixelated Heroes possible. Thank you all." The crowds watching from around the world in stadiums and pubs, in public squares and homes are raucous and jubilant. Mikey hops into his red, F355 Ferrari, but it has no wheels at all. Somehow finding the time while developing Pixelated Heroes, Mikey has created the worlds first, fully modified hover-Ferrari. He winks, puts on his sunglasses, and turns the stereo to the opening theme of NHL'94. Then he turns the key and the car gradually takes flight and soars into the sky. Subsequently, Elon Musk purchases the hover-Ferrari technology from Mikey for his Tesla factories. Mikey uses this massive windfall to purchase EA, using an unlimited budget for an NHL'94 remake.
  17. ^True. I play on old comp without probs... Most of the time...
  18. My version is to put an off-handed skater, flush against the boards when entering the attacking zone and passing the puck hard around the wall behind the net to the other wing. Aggressive goalies can roam a bit here and get tangled behind the net, sometimes it makes a quality scoring chance. Works best on the power play if you have someone who is trying to clog passing lanes for one-timers. The (A) button / flip-in is more risky and I only did that sort of thing in 2on2.
  19. Cabs rarely turn out this nicely. I'd guess that this is not your first rodeo? Are those Sanwa sticks and buttons; how does it feel playing NHL94 with clicky-sticks? You answered above and I missed your post. Beautiful bar cab you have; very nice work. Does the marque light up as well? I refurbished an Astro City cab in 2014 and it took me a year, but I ended up selling it. Never did setup '94 on it, but looking at yours makes me wish I would have.
  20. I've had a terrible week. Thieves broke into my house and stole my soap, my shower gel, my deodorant, my razors, my shaving cream, my body wash, my after shave, my nail clippers, and my towels. THOSE DIRTY BASTARDS!!!

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    Ask not what NHL'94 can do for you, but what you can do for NHL'94. All gave some, but Freydey gave all.:dal_skater_hand_grab:

  22. Thanks Hali & Smoz. A part of me feels guilty that I spent so much time on that site when I could have contributed more towards advancing the game, seeing as I only got two seasons out of all that went into it. But the player bios and the game 6 video are the two best things on the site, imo. Couldn't have done it without Smoz and his db, though. My plan was to have the same type of league setup for pixelpuck, only with better visuals. I wanted to have current roster updates playable, and the saves states uploaded on the website in the same browser window from the homepage and have a chat lobby, but I don't have the time. I'm sure this can be done - not necessarily easily, but done - with HTML5, now. Don't know if Evan would be interested in making a nhl91 subdomain, like nhlpa93 has (I lost the ftp password to those pages so I can't update them). But maybe that could be an option?