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  1. 2017 Classic League Starts Now!

    With holiday this weekend, you should push the deadline to Friday the 29th. I only have 2 games left but won't be available until Wednesday.
  2. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    It's all good. You could have taken Washington. I wasn't picky on which team I get. I was seriously thinking about taking Anaheim.
  3. Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    Well seeing Bob's list, I should be safe picking my 2 choices Washington Quebec EDIT!!!!! Bob changed his picks. My new list is Buffalo Quebec If Bob changes his picks again then go back to the original list, lol
  4. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    Minneapolis/St Paul area
  5. Where is everyone? Summer is coming so let's try to get the playoff games done. It's these long gaps during seasons and playoffs that kill the leagues. This is why nobody wants to play leagues anymore.
  6. SNES Dynasty 4 is now underway!

    Here is the link for editing home/away advantages. If you want to check the Dynasty rom, feel free to do so. I used a free program called HexEdit. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/13150-snes-nhl94-rom-mapping-project/&do=findComment&comment=104746
  7. SNES Dynasty 4 is now underway!

    Using the info I was given in editting forums, I made all advantages even. I evened them out before season 2
  8. The final league ROM is here. Download it and delete the test ROMs. Once Chaos gets the site up and running, you can log your scores. Have a great season and good luck to everyone.
  9. Season 4 Line ups

    Just waiting for Fanks lineup then the ROM should be ready. If anyone has a any last minute changes then let me know as soon as you can. If I don't hear from fank soon then I will give him the best lineup I can and finalize the ROM. I will give fank until Saturday evening to post his lineup.
  10. Season 4 Line ups

    It's was my fault. I was in a hurry to get a test ROM out and I accidentally used the wrong season for a couple of coaches. You happened to be one of them. So unfortunately some attributes and jersey numbers changed. All is good now. Just a few jersey numbers to change and lineups.
  11. The ROM has be updated. I rechecked every team and everything, except lineups, should be correct. Also, just to clarify something....The conversions are from the Gens ROMs and they slightly vary from the SNES ROMs. Being we can't hack the ratings from the SNES ROMs then we have to use the current conversion file.
  12. I made a few mistakes. I am updating the ROM now. I have found a lot of mess ups and i know why so its being corrected now.
  13. FINAL League ROM! Let's Play Hockey!!! Here the FINAL SNES Dynasty season4, nhl96 league ROM------> SNES-Dynasty-S4-96.smc Please delete all TEST ROMs, thanks I carefully rechecked all teams. All lineups are official now. Everyone have fun, except for annatar and BobK. Let's all try to take them down this year! HAHAHA
  14. Season 4 Line ups

    READ THIS POST! The following coaches also have to make changes to jersey #'s **BoKnows---> Puppa/Nedved both are #93 **Annatar---> LeClair/Francis/Zhamnov ALL are #10 **BlackDevil---> Linden/Holik both are #16 **jackandjose---> Messier/Gartner both are #11 Neely/Bodger both are #8 **Fank---> Barrasso/Richter both are #35 Download the TEST ROM here----> TEST ROM