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  1. King of 94 II - Who's going?

    For anyone not following discord, I am IN. Stoked to be making the trip. Now I need practice.
  2. Saskatchewan NHL 94 licence plate

    They're mistaken a lot - don't worry. Hali this makes me smile every time I see it! I think you should take this thing on the road, cross country.
  3. SNES Classic Edition

    I'm excited to not be able to buy this just like the NES Classic. But for real, I'm more interested in this one. It's almost a perfect list apart from 94. Missing Chrono Trigger...
  4. Good games Tim! I got more bounces than the Ducks have this spring. I'll take it. Looking at the stats, I had a ton of hits and more of the zone time but I think you had a lot of scoring chances. Just didn't convert some of them. Leclair was probably my MVP. c4 - This week, Monday or Wednesday evening is good for me. If that works for you, message me on here or on discord and we'll set something up. Or just look for me.
  5. Long time no speak buds. Tim, can we play tomorrow (Saturday)? I'm wide open right now.
  6. If it's possible to do this it seems like a no brainer to try to equalize the advantages. Not too annoying to have a 2.0 version of the rom.
  7. Season 4 Line ups

    I didn't realize Zhamnov was still #10, if that's the case he can definitely be #26.
  8. Season 4 Line ups

    Thanks, c4! All looks good with my team. I apparently have two guys who are 99 overall. This is fine. Team: Houston Aeros First Line G - Kirk McLean LD - Brian Leetch RD - Scott Stevens LW - John Leclair C - Eric Lindros RW - Mikael Renberg X - Alexei Zhamnov (extra attacker when goalie pulled)Second Line G - Jocelyn Thibault LD - Mark Tinordi RD - Gord Murphy LW - Craig Janney C - Ron Francis RW - Alexei Zhamnov X - Eric Lindros (extra attacker when goalie pulled) I'll leave Francis at #10 and change Leclair back to #17.
  9. HOST CITY Reveal KO94 II

    There is a difference for sure. If you know what you're doing, generally that will show itself after a few games. But I think on both systems if you are used to playing on the actual system versus emulators, it can't hurt. For me the biggest difference is the controllers. Learn to play on the OEM controllers. The slight difference in lag can be overcome.
  10. HOST CITY Reveal KO94 II

    I will be there to carry the SNES flag, book it!
  11. Seaosn 4 Bidding

    Gentlemen, I have some family business to attend to this week but I'll be able to get my team affairs in order from Thursday at the latest.
  12. Happy Holidays everyone!

    Happy holidays bud! Hope everyone out there has a safe and relaxing season. Kingraph put it really well. It's rare to have a community with such a high percentage of good buds. Here's to more games and more meetups in 2017!
  13. King of '94 II

    This is relevant to my interests.
  14. Aye, that sounds good. Would be sweet to play with ya J&J.