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  1. annatar

    2018 World Cup Pool

    Count me in. My heart says England but my head says not so much. So, same as any other major tournament.
  2. annatar

    Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    Yeah a Saturday is probably best.
  3. annatar

    Ottawa meet-up this weekend? Sunday, April 22

    Yo, as I said on discourse I am 100% down to do this some weekend soon. How about in May?
  4. annatar

    [Oct, 2018 - Vancouver, BC] - KING of '94 III

    I plan on being there and I'm hoping to get back into the money, but I expect stiff competition. Might be the toughest ever for SNES. I could be the person coming from the farthest east in Canada but I hope there are other east coast buds who will make the trip. Vancouver is beautiful and accommodations should be reasonable in October. Let's dooo this.
  5. Just wanted to drop in and say unfortunately I can't make it out to Green Bay with y'all due to some other commitments, but I wish I could! It looks like @King of 94' WI is doing an awesome job organizing this thing. Appreciate all the effort and especially catering to both consoles. I had planned on going just about anywhere an SNES was set up in 2018 but I'm already breaking my resolution. Next time!
  6. Wow Halifax you flatter me. Hop into discord and look for me or anyone else who is around. There's not a big group these days and we don't always have a lot to say on the forum, but I'm usually good to play some games.
  7. annatar

    SNES Defensemen Ranking

    Philly worse than Florida, ouch. Great idea bud. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your thoughts. I'll comment as you do.
  8. annatar

    2017 Classic League Starts Now!

    I know a couple guys on the SNES side are having issues getting connected on hamachi (namely, stheds2000 and the90jacket). Unfortunately I'm not very good at troubleshooting network issues but I think chaos was talking to Cory last night. I'm hoping we can get that sorted out so they can play.
  9. annatar


    Hey man that is a sick little presentation you did there with the framing! I'll have to get a pic of me with my plaque up here. I may have missed out on the trophy at both the big events but Saskatoon had a pretty good field! And Halifax has done some amazing work with the trophies. I'm already excited for more get togethers...
  10. annatar

    Fall '17 SNES Team Selection Draft

    New York Rangers
  11. annatar

    2017 Fall Classic

    Not impressed by the SNES turnout so far! C'mon buds. Most of the Saskatoon contingent promised me they would play. I know they're not online much, but I suspect we can count them in. @halifax, maybe you can remind Cory. I'm confident we'll get enough people for a league. @dangler would be nice to see you signed up!
  12. annatar

    Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    I think Toronto is great because there's proven local interest for both systems and tons of flights. Chicago also has the flights option and is more central. Nothing wrong with going back to Toronto.
  13. annatar

    Attendance Wishlist at the next Ko94?

    @Oilers442, @Grayto and @NorthwayNative were some of the big names I played with when I first joined not all that long ago. @c4outlaws who has probably been the most dedicated league player for SNES. @Hazmat13 so I could hit him without the puck and get him riled up. And of course @XCing1030 who I think might have made the Vegas trip if not for life events outside his control...then again, we all agreed that's not a valid excuse anymore since Kudelski showed despite having a 3 week old back home. I'm sure I'm missing tons.
  14. annatar

    King of '94 II "Non Forum Members"

    Speaking for the Vancouver guys who came down for SNES, they already have a local community that plays live games so a bunch of them flying down to Vegas for a weekend didn't seem like a crazy thing to do. Especially given how well they did. I assume they found out about it through Facebook or some of the other media stuff Mikey and Darrell did. Doesn't necessarily mean they're interested in playing online - but it's always cool to find out about more people who are playing the game! I agree in general that the competition was high because people weren't going to show up on a whim and shell out $100 plus a flight to Vegas.
  15. annatar

    Ko94 II groups

    We'll have to try to eliminate you from the SNES bracket as soon as possible so you aren't feeling rushed.