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  1. Plablegs 3 or ???

    The 2 game series has always been my preference, I think it breeds more activity as guys know that they can get a bunch of games in and nobody is waiting around for too long. 4 gamers are often enough that guys won't stick around and/or enough for some guys that one series is all they'll play in a night.
  2. Plablegs 3 or ???

    Et tu Brute 2 and maybe consider using last season teams to form keepers with new coaches.
  3. Running NHL '95 on your Hard Drive

    If you are running it in Dosbox, these are the best instruction I know of.
  4. Running NHL '95 on your Hard Drive

    These instructions were for installation on a Windows machine - to run it on a Mac, you'd need to dual-boot Windows, or run it on Dosbox. But yes, you should be able to run the game without the CD.
  5. I found the perfect controller for this tournament location. (For the price, it might be worth it just for the Genesis->SNES adapter included)
  6. VHL6 Line Combos

    TORONTO - jer_33 First Line: LW - (88) P.Kane C - (9) Forsberg RW - (40) Zetterberg LD - (7) Seabrook RD - (77) Hedman G - (88) Vasilevskiy X - (8) Pavelski Second Line: LW - (9) Forsberg C - (40) Zetterberg RW - (8) Pavelski LD - (2) Engelland RD - (2) Engelland X - (change to #19) E.Kane
  7. VHL6 Draft

    Toronto selects: Matt Niskanen
  8. VHL6 Draft

    Toronto selects: Evander Kane
  9. VHL6 Draft

    Toronto select: Deryk Engelland
  10. VHL6 Draft

    6.3 Toronto selects: Brent Seabrook
  11. VHL6 Draft

    5.8 Toronto selects: Henrik Zetterberg
  12. VHL6 Draft

    4.6 Toronto selects: Filip Forsberg
  13. VHL6 Draft

    3.8 Toronto selects: Andrei Vaslivesky
  14. Vegas Golden Knights '94 GIF

    Is that Skip's rom?
  15. There are definitely more than a few set plays in NHL94 (at least on the SEGA), and I think it would be great for the new players to understand how to work on them, and how to potentially defend them. The ones that stand out to me are: offensive zone face-off, one-timer (C wins face-off to winger or defender, quick one-timer pass and score) neutral zone face-off, break away (C wins face-off and quick passes ahead for a breakaway, deke score) Any tips from the A/B players out there? Any other set plays you've witnessed? Any advice on how to defend against them? Instructional videos @TomKabs93?