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  1. jer_33

    Rock the Rink (ps1)

    I played this one back in the day, and have emulated it as well. It's fast-paced and fun, but the commentary and music get tiring. There was also barely any strategy to it other than hitting until you got a bonus, where you could basically score at will.
  2. jer_33

    95 the year 2020

    I should know this, but is there a 2v2 rom for NHL95?
  3. I'm no expert, but the code to run a small RaspPiZero with the light string would be the easy part (although you'd need a customized cart to fit it all in), it would definitely be mapping the cart to trigger the event that would be the tough part.
  4. jer_33

    95 the year 2020

    Is there the same divide between SNES and Genesis players with NHL95? Or would this tournament be purley Sega? This should be awesome.
  5. I am not a coder or electronics guy, but I assume that if there is two-way communication between the cart and the system, that whatever code triggers the system to play the goal music should be able to trigger another event (like a flashing bar of red leds). You would have to have an internal power source to power the leds, but it would all be a pretty low power draw. This has me thinking. I wonder if we could code a button on the 6-button controller to play the "crowd booing" sound on demand? Kind of like some of the old Superchexx games.
  6. This is pretty neat. Love these undiscovered games.
  7. jer_33

    Et Tu Brute Deuce

    Sign me up as Calgary.
  8. jer_33

    Android Genesis emulator app?

    It takes some setup, but I like Retroarch. It gives you the option of adding a couple of Genesis emulators (and several others for NES, SNES, PSX etc..). Once set-up, you can add your roms to a folder on your phone (or SD card) and you're off. Like the emulators you've used on your phone, you have the option of using onscreen buttons to control, but I think you can also set-up up bluetooth controller for more serious gaming.
  9. jer_33

    Old-timey Hockey Games but BETTER

    Great stuff, love all the added music/sounds in '95. For the purposes of identifying players for your play-by-play, if you hit the TAB button in game it will show all player numbers. Cheers, Jer
  10. I know a lot of guys draft or assemble all-star teams in the draft leagues (or for fun), but I'd be interested to see what guys would consider a dream team. You can use actual players from the game, or make up your own (show the stats, and reasons). Assume we are using the original rom, and rules (weight bug). You you have a team of high-velocity shooters? Are they hard-checking speedsters? Do you like a balanced line-up? Forwards with different strengths?
  11. jer_33

    Hacks of non-NHL Games

    We almost had a summer RBI league going a couple years ago, but fizzled out. It's a fun game.
  12. I assume that there is a config file for controllers - I wonder if it would be possible to create that file and have it zipped into a retroarch folder, that way guys wouldn't have to set it up individually. Might save a step if guys have the right controller.
  13. Awesome stuff guys. Need to test 2v2! I have an Android box if we want to try testing that as well.
  14. jer_33

    NHL95PC - The mystery of the missing numbers

    Heh, it was a fleeting project. Perhaps I should take it up again this summer. It was rather involved, in that it required constant loading/reloading of the DOS file to test each individual jersey block, for each team in the game. Now that I've been called out, I'll have to reexamine my files. Doesn't help that my original image files were shared on dropbox, which has discontinued it's image sharing. (Fixed - uploaded all my image files to the boards)
  15. A few more photos I found on my phone.