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  1. I considered this, and would probably put some money toward the 6-button controllers if someone wanted to split the bounty. But probably better for those that are running tournaments: Sega lot includes 9 OEM controllers and a handful of 3rd party ones, as well as several cords and adapters. $10 shipping is pretty sweet too.
  2. I'm shocked by the current market for retro gaming stuff, games that you'd pick up for 0.25 out of the bargain bin are being posted for near new prices. Also, with all of the knock-off controllers on ebay - it's a real pain to find the original items, nevermind a "deal". I lucked out last year, and found a Sega 'lot' that included a Genesis 1, Genesis 3 and a multitap - for $30 + $10 shipping on eBay. Looking forward to introducing 2v2 to some buds this summer.
  3. For sure, just update this thread with the winner/scores. Lizardman will get our games in.
  4. Leafs are back!
  5. It was an interesting experiment, and had some very telling stats. I appreciate that the A guys were willing to play with such a limiting handicap.. Raph and Smoz particularly. The games I played with both, you could feel how hard they were playing on the other end - and they were still getting their chances, just didn't have the players to score with. Ice's team was a totally different level.
  6. Congrats Skip, can't ask for better than Game 7 OT. Great league.
  7. Offer them free admission to the Classic leagues. But seriously, I think we 'recruited' a few competitive guys from the Toronto tourney. I know I told every one of my opponents about playing online, and many were interested. I mentioned it before, but I think the idea of a 'hockey program' would be awesome. Maybe a few fluff articles about previous events, maybe advertise a few that are coming up. Two page pullout for Pixelated Heroes, and a backpage ad for Inside the backpage a couple of blank/form pages to write down your opponents and scores, and keep track of the team combos you've previously picked. You'd have to charge guys a couple bucks to recoup printing costs, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a bust. You could probably approach the hotel for a full page ad and recoup the printing costs.
  8. Still laugh everytime I see Brut's face on my PC screen.
  9. Updated lines and unis. etb_preseason_01d.bin
  10. Wildcard Game CGY(Jer_33) vs PHI(Chef) G1: PHI 3 @ CGY 2 (OT) G2: PHI 1 @ CGY 4 G3: CGY 4 @ PHI 0 G4: CGY 5 @ PHI 2 G5: PHI 3 @ CGY 4
  11. Team: Toronto Maple Leafs Line 1: LW: Ciccarelli - C: Francis - RW: Oates LD: Macoun - RD: Diduck G: Hextall Line 2: LW: Ciccarelli - C: Oates - RW: Nolan LD: Butcher - RD: Butcher G2: Wregget
  12. 10.3 Toronto selects Peter Zezel
  13. 9.18 Toronto selects Garth Butcher
  14. --------- FINALZ ------------- Top-seeded Semifinal Winner #1 vs. Semifinal Winner #2 ----------- SEMIZ ------------ (1)TexasPachyderm vs. Quarterfinal winner #2 (2)JackandJose vs. Quarterfinal winner #1 --------- QUARTERZ --------- (3)AquaLizard vs. (6)Jer_33 (4)JackVandal vs. (5)AtomicRaven ------- WILD-CARD ------ (6)Jer_33 vs. (7) Chef --- CGY(Jer_33) wins 4-1
  15. It's been a really fun ROM to exi and play - so I figured why not keep it going for guys who've been knocked out. 7 game series, winner can post the gamescores in this thread. Higher seed gets home-ice, series can be played 2-2-2-1. Seeds: TexasPachyderm JackandJose AquaLizard JackVandal AtomicRaven Jer_33 Chef