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  1. I know a lot of guys draft or assemble all-star teams in the draft leagues (or for fun), but I'd be interested to see what guys would consider a dream team. You can use actual players from the game, or make up your own (show the stats, and reasons). Assume we are using the original rom, and rules (weight bug). You you have a team of high-velocity shooters? Are they hard-checking speedsters? Do you like a balanced line-up? Forwards with different strengths?
  2. jer_33

    Hacks of non-NHL Games

    We almost had a summer RBI league going a couple years ago, but fizzled out. It's a fun game.
  3. I assume that there is a config file for controllers - I wonder if it would be possible to create that file and have it zipped into a retroarch folder, that way guys wouldn't have to set it up individually. Might save a step if guys have the right controller.
  4. Awesome stuff guys. Need to test 2v2! I have an Android box if we want to try testing that as well.
  5. jer_33

    NHL95PC - The mystery of the missing numbers

    Heh, it was a fleeting project. Perhaps I should take it up again this summer. It was rather involved, in that it required constant loading/reloading of the DOS file to test each individual jersey block, for each team in the game. Now that I've been called out, I'll have to reexamine my files. Doesn't help that my original image files were shared on dropbox, which has discontinued it's image sharing. (Fixed - uploaded all my image files to the boards)
  6. A few more photos I found on my phone.
  7. jer_33

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    6/8, missed on Vegas and Boston.
  8. jer_33

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    kgman's lag had him winning KO94-Toronto on the Monday.
  9. jer_33

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    You can give yourself 80 frames of lag by inhaling or ingesting proper amounts of herb. Low-tech solutions are the best.
  10. jer_33

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Part of the challenge should be playing the game on a smaller and smaller screen as the tournament progresses. Winner takes all on Sears model 12" B&W TV, while lying down on shag carpet.
  11. jer_33

    Streaming Guide

    The other thing to consider, is bandwidth requirements. Tournaments are held in many different types of venues, hotels and conference centers, pubs, businesses and community centers. All of which likely have some form of internet - - but for best results, I would have to assume that a hardline would be best?
  12. jer_33

    Streaming Guide

    I really liked what Tom the Retro Gamer had set-up in Green Bay, did anyone find out what his set-up was? His screen template looked awesome (and custom), would like to know if he designed it himself. I've streamed using Ustream, and it has a nice and easy to navigate interface. The free version is limited, but could easily stream a screencap as well as a camera on the participant(s). Also provides a back-up copy on your PC. I've also streamed using Google Hangouts, which records and saves on Youtube. (link)
  13. jer_33


    Awesome, looking forward to it!
  14. jer_33

    Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    Sorry Brut, I seem to have corrected some of the problem - but a couple series were played even with a less than ideal connection. Unfortunately I am away this weekend, back Monday night - so I will have to pound out the remainder of these games next week/weekend. I'll reach out to all of the guys I've got series with, and work out times to play. Cheers.
  15. jer_33

    2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    Great stuff Raph, you did some great work with graphics and highlights. Thanks for putting this together. You really need to dump the robo-voice and get some NHL94 buds recording the commentary of the finals series.