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  1. Playoff extra! I forgot Nikita Nesterov to Tampa in my last update. Now he is in his new team Montreal. I also added few new players. 17_3.rar
  2. Trade deadline update, here you are. This is the last update for the season, more to come in October. 17_2.rar
  3. I´ve been in a flu since the weekend and had nothing else to do, so here´s one extra update with a few new players. 17_1.DBX.rar
  4. Here comes the second update of the season. Patrik Laine is still missing because the whole Winnipeg team is missing. Last update of the season will come in early March.. 16_6.DBX.rar
  5. First update for the season, here you are! I´ll post next one before christmas. 16_5.DBX.rar
  6. I still use the old editor. Sorry for the six month delay in response. I didn´t visit this forum whole summer. PS. I´m working now on the new update. I´ll post it next weekend.
  7. Here´s the final update for the season. I´ll be back in the October. Have fun. 16_4.rar
  8. Scott Gomez signed with Ottawa after the trade deadline. He is now moved to the Senators. I also tweaked few player ratings. Now this is the final trade deadline update. I´ll post last update forr the season in the mid April. 16_3.rar
  9. Trade deadline update. I´ll post one more when the playoffs start. 16_2.rar
  10. Here´s the promised "February" update. I´ll post next one after the trade deadline. 16_1.rar
  11. Second update for the season. Next one in February. 15_6.rar
  12. Here´s the first "official" update for the season. More to come after Christmas. As always: if there is something you think is wrong, please let me know and I´ll fix it in my next update. 15_5.rar
  13. I´ll be on vacation over the next two weeks, so here´s very early version for the upcoming season with only a fraction of this seasons rookies. I´ll make a complete one later this month. 15_4.DBX.rar
  14. One more update to correct a mistake. I forgot to make rookie Kris Dahlbeck over Tyler Sloan in Arizona, so there was one retired player that shouldn´t be in the game. Tweaked few ratings as well. 15_3.rar
  15. And the final update of this season. Back to business in October... 15_2.rar