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  1. Pretty much the entire section with me in it was wrong (i discovered the weight bug, made raph's site, and 'others' created the Blitz league) or unintelligible (metagame workaround??). From now on I will always insist on proof reading, because there are always glaring mistakes in these things. I was also really disappointed that he made it seem sooooo haaard to play, and only computer experts (programmers, IT workers) play. Way to scare away all the potential new people.
  2. 53... really need to convert some of them to forum members
  3. The finals are on soon
  4. Stream is live!
  5. Those really make the picture A LOT nicer. I didn't have one until last year.
  6. Can you guys join the NHL94 server I made a while ago? I added an Et Tu Brute channel within it Here is the invite: Here is the information on how to install Discord:
  7. My old highlights video has some fun stuff. Crazy one-timers, vicious checks, bloopers... even a few sweet goals by the CPU. "Ultimate Disrespect" at 3:00 where I score then check down all my friend's players (funniest part is that he keeps pressing B to become the next guy to try to check me but I knock him down immediately) Double checking-from-behind at 4:00 Goalie ram at 4:18 Iafrate smokes a guy in the head with a shot at 5:02, sending him flying into the boards I may still have some of the savestates, I'll take a look...
  8. There are a couple floaters in my/VOC's King of 94 game regular one @ 9:20: Backhander @ 9:38:
  9. .wlmp is just a project file, not the actual movie. Need to export to wmv or mp4 or something-or-other that's an actual video file.
  10. Awesome . Make sure to tell him he has the hardest shot in the game!
  11. Hmmm, the shadow on the puck is ahead of the puck, so it didn't look like it was raised. Weird. I wonder if it's always like that....
  12. One thing about that video.. all those shots are along the ice, which actually I never do, I always put my floaters up high. I think that's the usual way. Maybe that's why you're getting tripped up.
  13. I've actually just started working on an Elo (actually Glicko) ladder. I also just got a message on my AIM client that it will stop working at the end of this month. It's really time for Discord to happen.
  14. Found this topic on reddit, about how to get press. It's for startups, but I figure it may be useful for tournaments. "How to get press: the complete guide"
  15. It was fun playing the A guys, too, anyway