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  1. "I copied everything from the excel sheet and pasted it into notepad" That's your problem. Don't do that . That removes all the commas and uses tabs instead. Just click Save in excel. It may complain about the file format.. Click Yes. Use the .csv file.
  2. Correct, 0/0 (weak at home/strong away) mostly cancels out the advantages, as shown in the table here: However I do refer to 0/0 as weak/weak in that post, because I'm calling the away modifier the DISadvantage, which is different than how I have them labeled in EARE, which is confusing.
  3. I'm guessing here (because I've never used this, but I know about file formats...): In excel, save as a .csv file. (csv = comma-separated values). Open the file in a plain text editor, such as Notepad and make the necessary changes. Save (same file name) Or, just don't use Excel. Open the file manually in Notepad and make the changes there right from the start.
  4. Use smoothing if the connection is inconsistent (ping varies a lot). Use no smoothing if the ping is consistent/steady. I believe what he was saying about Discord was that if you are using Discord for voice chat, that can cause connection issues, because voice uses a fair bit of bandwidth.
  5. Ahh ok. Yeah, the leagues are against people. You play against someone online, then at the end of the game (3 stars screen) you 'save' the game and upload the file to the website, and the website keeps tracks of wins/losses and other fun stats. Here's an example: standings: player stats:
  6. Can the NES classic play online against people using emulators on their computer? The leagues are online vs leagues, I thought the NES classic couldn't do that, hence my confusion
  7. Sorry to hear
  8. You'll need to play on an emulator on a windows/linux/mac computer, not NES classic, in order to play against people online and generate savestates. (unless I'm missing something??)
  9. Yes, i think that would work. You'd need to do it in a hex editor, though, because EARE limits it to the original values.
  10. There are some players in Europe (Finland, France, Germany..), so that would cut the time difference to ~6 hours. For the goalies, you can use the NOSE editor and increase some of their attributes, such as agility.
  11. Are you sure about the classic ROM? It hasn't been modified, that's what makes it classic (nhl94.bin).
  12. I remember both of those Can't believe there were two such goals within an hour of each other
  13. Oh I forgot about the trophy The trophy is priceless!
  14. His prize was just the registration fee? poor guy
  15. Looks good The stream was really well done