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  1. NHL '94 Sim League

    @Blake being a young dude you should look into learning web/database programming. Get set up with a WAMP server (I've used EasyPHP), figure out how to get a webpage reading/writing from/to a database, and then there are resources on the forum explaining how to extract the stats from save files (and I can give you my ancient ASP code to learn from). It's a really rewarding hobby: it's fun, and you'll have a massive head-start on a career in programming. Before you know it, you'll know more about this stuff than I do (I'm super out of date now :))
  2. NHL '94 Sim League

    Rick Tocchet PIT F R 29 $997,000 They couldn't give him the extra 3000??
  3. NHL 94 Fighting

    This has actually been asked many times. Basically, yes it's possible, but things like this take a lot of work even if you already have experience making hacks. You have to find the fighting code in the first place, and the sprites/graphics and figure out how to hook it all up. The hooking it up is the real hard part because we don't have the source code so we don't really know how the code works unless we look at it"line by line". If the 93 code says "get the value from memory location 356357"... We don't know what that value is unless we do a lot of work. And then we need to find the same value in the other game (which will be in a different place in RAM) to hook them up.. And then we had to shoehorn the old code into the newer game, figuring out how to hook up all the parts. Basically it's like a 100 hour project.
  4. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    I should mention, there are other tournaments that happen, as well. There's one in Wisconsin on February 24th 2018 (~32 players), and the yearly Long Island NY Retro Expo tournament had ~40 players last year (Aug 11-12, 2018). (see
  5. Where Should the Kof94 III Be?

    There's no current date. My guess is September/October 2019. Maybe 2018, but no work has been done so far. That'd be awesome if you guys could make it. There are actually a bunch of Finnish guys on here who we've been trying to get to come out to a tournament
  6. how to play a season?

    For an offline season, try this program
  7. how to play a season?

    For SNES, didn't someone create a stand-alone program for tracking season data? DaDonch? Or was that Genesis?
  8. NHL94 Twitter accounts

    My brain just automatically corrected Krushelski to add the missing 'ny', never noticed it was gone :). But then, he's not a player you see often. Who the hell is Rene Chapdelaine.....!!! Darius "Kasparitis" - Kasparaitis
  9. NHL94 Twitter accounts

    I never noticed that!
  10. Game Stats online

    If it works the same way as NHL'94 (which I don't know for sure), then home/away advantages are applied as small bonuses or penalties to certain player attributes.
  11. I will assume this is in Feb 2018 not 2017! (updated title)
  12. Cool (and thanks for using the correct title format!) Maybe a silly question but just to be sure... is NHL'94 one of the games that will be played?
  13. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    Any news on this? Did anyone get an online game of 94 working?
  14. NFTGL - Hockey in April 2018

    Sounds cool. Post again when the stream goes live? I think that's the best way to ensure people tune in.
  15. Just posting to say that I'm booking my flight for this this week!