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  1. smozoma

    Editing the fans

    I definitely don't know. I can do splash screens, team logos, and player cards, that's it for graphics.
  2. smozoma

    Official Summer Rom

    Hmm... You know what, looking at my notes posted above, it looks like the only away bonus is on Roughness, which I don't think has much (if any) effect on the game. So yeah DET probably does have basically no advantage on the road, so the 0-5 thing must be right! Surprising that there's still a slight home advantage seen in the Premium Retro league team records. (as for DET's talent, that didn't factor into my analysis, since I compared the home and away records of teams to themselves, so the skill levels of the teams is factored out for the most part... except in my small combined table, I may have messed that up by combining all the records)
  3. Calling all PA guys (that I know of, or think I know of) @CamKneely @Carse @Bo Knows NHL94 @clockwise It's closer to Newark NJ than to Pittsburgh, though...
  4. smozoma

    Official Summer Rom

    Oh yeah, I get what you're saying now. Yes, home/away definitely affects that. It's in addition to the usual hot/cold. (I thought you were saying it affected what the hold/cold could be.. but they are just added together) My notes say "StH + pp/pk + home". I think means a player's stick-handling is affected by the team's PP value in relation to the other team's PK (when on the PP), and the Home advantage is also added on for the home players (no home/away value is added for the away players). Here are my notes: Unfortunately I don't fully understand the notes. I'm pretty sure "bonus" is the usual hot/cold value, and that I just didn't bother to record it for the values from ShP to Fight because it was added to all of them. I probably noted the checking one first, which is why it's so detailed. And I don't know what the slash notation means exactly (for example pp/pk), I think it means pp relative to pk, for a penalty killer... on the other hand, for "Rgh +2*away" I don't think teams with bad Road values are extra rough... so I'm having a tough time understanding these notes from 10 years ago.... OfA and DfA are a bit whacky. It was supposed to come out in the movie but didn't.. that the awareness values basically describe a radius of awareness... kind of like how far the players can see when on offense and when on defense... (also the values of ShP, ShA etc should also have a *5)
  5. smozoma

    Official Summer Rom

    Ok I think I see what premium might be saying about home/away affecting hot/cold... In that if all the teams are using 0/0, it's going to feel like guys are cold compared to the original Rom or blitz because the average bonuses are low.
  6. smozoma

    Official Summer Rom

    With the Detroit example above... I would guess that if all the teams are set to 0/0, a league would show a slight road advantage in the records. Has that been observed? Is there a league that used 0/0 that's recorded on
  7. smozoma

    Official Summer Rom

    1. I agree with you, the mismatched attributes mess up the player personalities a bit. I like the concept, but the skating felt whack, players didn't feel like themselves. 2. Hot/cold and home/away are applied separately/additively. The random hot/cold values are unrelated to home/away. (Unless I'm forgetting something like it having a limit to how far hot/cold a particular attribute can go due to adding the values, but it really doesn't ring a bell) This is a good way to think of it, though it's not the whole picture. If you think about my home/away records analysis, the teams like Detroit (weak home, strong away) had a nullified TOTAL home/away record. Which could only happen if in some games they actually had a road advantage to balance out the record. So when DET faces a team with weak home advantage, DET must actually have an advantage of some sort. Unfortunately I've never been able to get around to rediscovering the exact effects. Not all player attributes are affected, and I think some are affected purely by the home or away value. Same with PP/PK. It might be better to think of the sum as starting at -1. So Weak Home 0 + Strong Road 0 - 1 = -1, a slight road advantage. 1. Hot or cold to some degree, equally. All attributes will be equally affected by hot/cold (the values of which can be -0.6, -0.4, -0.2, 0.0, +0.2, +0.4) 2. I didn't check, but I believe the hot/cold values to be evenly distributed in the above range. So thinking that they are cold more than they are hot, I believe to be a mental effect (our brains typically remember the bad more than the good... yaayyyy brains), or an effect that can only be felt after playing static (option 2) ROMs a lot. If you take an average of a player's hot/cold over lots of games, he should on average be -0.1. So in a way a '0.0' hot/cold is actually a little bit hot (he's better than on average), so with the static ROM (option 2), the players are always a little bit hot compared to their normal average skill. 4. It wouldn't be a simple fix unfortunately. It works on the lists of player attributes and random numbers, so I'd have to add extra code to handle 1 particular number differently, which isn't straight-forward compared to telling to ignore the random numbers, or to use the correct list of random numbers (the original game uses one set of random numbers for the edit lines and another for the actual values.. so i just told it to use the same numbers for both, fixing the bug)
  8. smozoma

    Official Summer Rom

    One small thing, hot/cold goes from, if I remember correctly, -0.6 to +0.4, so a super cold Muller is 3.4 in everything.
  9. smozoma

    Summer League Trades

    This almost happened in the 80s with the Oilers+$50M and the Leafs
  10. smozoma

    Website Improvements/Suggestions

    It might be possible to automate integration with's playoff probabilities website. The site would just need to dump league stats and results to an email in the appropriate format (see the "FAQ" link) and email it to them (might need to be manually emailed unless the site can do automated emails too) If you're unfamiliar with the site, here is it's NHL page (for the eastern conference). During the season, it's a great resource for knowing what your team's chances of making the playoffs or who their most-likely opponent is:
  11. smozoma

    Draft rules and order

    It's Blitz 1 all over again!
  12. smozoma

    Issues with NOSE: Only 30 teams show up

    Which ROM are you using? I'm wondering if maybe it's a 30 team ROM...
  13. smozoma

    Kgman the king of Canada AMA

    So this 90 year old lady on the back of our money.. You're boffing her?