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  1. I have some scores on my phone. Will post them later. Sorry, when the scorekeepers were unable to log the scores into challonge i figured we didn't need them and I was trying to get my played fast. I should have realized you could keep the papers and reconstruct the data later.
  2. Online Etiquette Guide

    Sometimes when I get a good goal scored on me I do a little spin-around with my guy instead of checking the bejesus out of the other team. If I do something dumb I ram my guy into the boards.
  3. Online Etiquette Guide

    My concern is that pausing after a goal quietens the crowd, which could be stealing home team advantage if the crowd affects how the team plays And if I scored I earned the music, even if you don't like it ;P
  4. Can't save game

    The original version of Gens does not allow saving during netplay. I edited Gens to allow it, and that custom version of Gens is included in the emulator package on the website. In the package, instead of running gens.exe, run gens-netplaysave.exe
  5. I guess it's at this link? Or click through to their main page and watch from there.
  6. updated previous post a bit ^
  7. The data should load in the browser if you give it a few seconds... It's pretty slow if I look at it on my phone. If you have a javascript killer plugin in your browser, it probably won't work. Rel GF% is basically Rel +/-. "Rel xGF%" is probably better, it's expected goals percent. It removes some of the luck factor out of the number.
  8. .csv is comma separated value. It opens in spreadsheets and even plain text editors. Play with the options. Some of the data you want is there, it's just called something else.
  10. IIHF 94

    As Coach says, with EARE you only get the NLC starters. This was done because it was easier to program EARE this way (I made EARE..) I think a couple teams may get extra players because they had extra card slots in the original ROM, but I'm not sure about that. (PIT had a few extras I think)
  11. NHL'94 Theme Played @ Devils vs Blues Game

    Awesome And he seems to be rocking out to it, too. Wonder if it'll he'll keep playing it.
  12. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    If you're maybe worried about your account's long-term safety, it might be a good idea to request that people message you to get the password, or just make sure you change the password in a few weeks. Technically, sharing your fightcade account is not allowed (not that I think they care)
  13. Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    That's worrying... but when I look at the details, it says it's using it for chat and recording playback, so hopefully that's all it's using it for, not the actual networking for gameplay +// 1 = display pause/record/replay/kaillera icons in the upper right corner of the display +nVidSDisplayStatus 1 + +// Minimum height (in pixels) of the font used for the Kaillera chat function (used for arcade resolution) +nMinChatFontSize 12 + +// Maximum height (in pixels) of the font used for the Kaillera chat function (used for 1280x960 or higher). +nMaxChatFontSize 36