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  1. I'm not sure he meant Toronto specifically but other tourneys? Not sure those are 75% either though. Anyway, toronto was... Sega: 30 of 58 (52%) participants were marked as having forum names SNES: 21 of 57 (37%) participants were marked as having forum names total of 44%. But a lot of those guys were not active forum/league members, but came out anyway (not sure how many of them were locals).
  2. Joke based on how Quebec and Seattle are the most likely 32nd team... Throwing in a bit of "of course an American team will get it" sentiment with the additional insult-to-injury of the American team being named the Nordiques.
  3. Boom, I'm in. Gotta practice up on SNES.
  4. NOSE is pretty easy, give it a shot . Download and installation instructions here: (you on WIndows or Mac? it's Windows-only unless you jump through some hoops to get it working on mac) If there's any particular issue using it, just ask
  5. Gotta reach out to Roberto Z and the other guy, from Brazil
  6. I remember way back when when Pearate complained that people were checking his guys after the whistle
  7. It's not about being politically correct. If you go to play some casual game in real life, you don't trash talk guys who aren't into it. Like think about it.. if you go to some kind of walk-in game (say ping pong, whatever), and you start playing a guy, and he says, "I used to come here a lot but I got sick of the braggarts and tryhards, I'm just here to have some fun", what's the point of saying "if you cant handle losing then we dont need you anyway."? That's not banter.
  8. 4 isn't useful... He means when people take it too seriously and aren't friendly, regardless of how good they are. Toxic players and posters who make what should be a game into stressful interactions, drama, pissing contest... Here is a quick guide for Discord chat: There are also installable versions for your computer/phone/tablet if you want to get background notifications. For #1 and #3 unfortunately the low number of SNES players these days problem prevents there from being much of a solution for someone who wants to log on, play his games, then log off. Everyone's busy and has a schedule, gotta be able to compromise. I do think Discord can help a bit in that there is more of a constant chat going on that you can observe passively to see who's around (rather than pinging people on AIM)
  9. why's this in the editing section? moved to "Welcome Rookies" section Although it occurs to me that it's not too clear what the difference between the "Welcome Rookies" and "Getting Started" sections are
  10. Here is the NOSE editor sub forum The one tip you'll need is to go to the Teams list and click the little "free bytes" button, which makes it easier to modify the players.
  11. Are the producers the same for both games? If he spoke with the Sega producers.. of course they'll say he should play that game
  12. If it still doesn't work, please tell us the last step you were doing and describe what you expected to happen that didn't happen.
  13. Yes, "I have decided to also screen Pixelated Heroes at the event as well " From what I gather, it's after the tourney.
  14. Seattle Nordiques
  15. Also, I recommend instead of hockey-reference when it comes to CHL.