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  1. Introducing: Ladder League

    Starting ratings have been added the first post! These are approximations based on an average rating of 1500 and standard deviation of 285, and ranking based on the IIHF classic rankings. Generally you should only challenge people in either the same group as you or an adjacent group, but it's not a strict rule. In theory if you have 400 more Elo points than someone, you should beat them 90% of the time.
  2. I've been meaning to put together a ladder league forever. The intention is to integrate it into, but that'll take some time, so I figure I might as well just start it up without the website, then having the data will encourage me to get started on the website. The system will use an Elo-like rating system that will take into account the quality of the teams used. However to make things simpler at the start I want to factor out the team differences and get straight to the player(coach) ratings. So... at first all games are same-teams! Here's what you need to do: Play a home-and-home with identical teams (same teams for both games, ie both players are say Montreal for both games) Classic ROM only! Weight bug fix will be introduced later. Make save-states of both games. Label them in a way that indicates who was the home team, so for example kingraph-MTL@MTL-icestor.gs0, icestorm-MTL@MTL-kingraph.gs1 Also indicate if it's genesis or SNES Zip both save states into one zip file. If you don't know how, please ask. Make a post on this thread and attach the zip file. Please also write the scores of both games and who won them (kingraph MTL 3 @ 2 MTL icestorm, icestorm MTL 5 @ 3 MTL kingraph) Then I'll periodically update the ratings on here while also working on the website. Initial ratings will probably be based on the latest IIHF style classic ratings, then results from this thread will be introduced and modify the ratings Here are the current ratings: Sega Rnk Elo Coach 1 2177 kingraph ---------------------------- 2 2052 Depch 3 1987 angryjay93 ---------------------------- 4 1940 Uncle Seth 5 1902 swos 6 1871 FlamingPavelBure 7 1844 zeppelin55 ---------------------------- 8 1819 plabax 9 1796 Icestorm NHL94 10 1776 Sicarius Fulgur 11 1756 Vocally Caged 12 1738 brutus 13 1721 TomKabs93 14 1704 jmj 15 1688 canadiensfan66 ---------------------------- 16 1673 TexasPachyderm 17 1658 hokkeefan2 18 1644 Begley15 19 1630 Lupz27 20 1616 Gretzkyonacold 21 1602 CBK26 22 1589 Evan 23 1576 Fitzo 24 1563 AtomicRaven 25 1550 RoBro 26 1538 JackVandal 27 1525 smozoma 28 1513 minpind 29 1500 skeletor 30 1487 skip 31 1475 Darko ---------------------------- 32 1462 clockwise 33 1450 jer_33 34 1437 wwojo75 35 1424 aqualizard 36 1411 scribe99 37 1398 monkeyjuice1702 38 1384 kgman01 39 1370 LABS_66 40 1356 eggink444 41 1342 Pearate 42 1327 lasyoen 43 1312 maverick_z 44 1296 Northway Native 45 1279 McMarkis 46 1262 chefstar88 47 1244 millertime2325 48 1224 CoachMac 49 1204 jackandjose 50 1181 Wittgenstein 51 1156 mikey_mac94 52 1129 SoCalKing 53 1098 jagr68 54 1060 Culls17 55 1013 donnybrook 56 948 orangeblack92 57 823 jvc621 SNES Rnk Elo Coach 1 2127 Oilers442 ---------------------------- 2 1994 BobKudelski26 3 1922 annatar ---------------------------- 4 1870 angryjay93 5 1828 McMarkis 6 1792 c4outlaws 7 1760 BlackDevil19 ---------------------------- 8 1731 stheds2000 9 1705 kingraph 10 1680 jbalicki10 11 1656 Grayto 12 1634 BoKnowsNHL94 13 1612 Joe Baker 14 1591 matticefire 15 1570 pondhcky1 ---------------------------- 16 1550 tylerdeanhill 17 1530 rmac111 18 1510 Hazmat13 19 1490 fenty62 20 1470 NorthwayNative 21 1450 Shaftman 22 1430 The90Jacket 23 1409 etevans101 24 1388 crash46 25 1366 chaos 26 1344 heymelo27 27 1320 Jackandjose 28 1295 kupuck19 29 1269 the1jasontaylor 30 1240 schwartz 31 1208 Brutus 32 1172 Omega-Red 33 1130 tommy1978 34 1078 Fank009 35 1006 singelmamma 36 873 marchawg
  3. Best Connections for Online Play

    I got mine almost 10 years ago and haven't looked at them since, so I don't know the current go-to brand/model. Mine are NetGear (had to grab a flashlight and go check!).
  4. Best Connections for Online Play

    If your internet box/modem/router is in the basement or too far for wires, then you can do what I do and get a pair of "powerline adapters". These run wired internet through the electrical system of your house. It works great for me. And of course you can still use wireless for all your other computers/phones/etc. Powerline adapters are little devices you plug into a power plug on the wall. Plug one in near your internet box, and run a short network cable between the adapter and internet box. Plug the other adapter in next to your computer, and run another short network cable between it and your computer. Press the sync buttons on the adapters, et voila, you now have a good wired connection. You can get additional adapters if you want to hook up more things.
  5. Is it possible to create a 8 player mod?

    Really?! I didn't know that was possible. That would be good for streaming (5th person does live commentary)
  6. Is it possible to create a 8 player mod?

    I don't think the emulators support it for net play, so even if we hacked it into the game....
  7. Favorite Goal?

    Booo hisssss Funny story, I started playing (real) hockey again several years after getting addicted to 94, and in one game I had a perfect opportunity to do a crease-cut goal, but the NHL94 honour/instinct was too strong so I tried to backhand it short-side and instead of an easy goal launched the puck into the rafters. I'm not sure the feeling of a perfectly executed backhand floater can be beat..
  8. Introducing: Ladder League

    Starting rankings are classic league iihf ratings, minus 400 points. 1500 is considered average (1900 iihf). based on classic league IIHF ratings, mapped to a normal distribution around an average rating of 1500. If you don't have a classic league rating, you start at 1500 in the ladder league ratings. (Can the iihf ratings be updated based on recent classic leagues to give an accurate starting point for the ladder league?) Feel free to start playing, we don't need the iihf ratings to get started.
  9. Introducing: Ladder League

    example post: (overtime probably wont' be factored into the ratings...) the team/player listed after the @ is the home team. so it's <away player, team, score> @ <home player, team score>
  10. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    Is anyone else thinking King of 2on2 2018?
  11. Ah, dang.. I was hoping that if the remaining spots were not specified, it would skip.. but I guess it assumes there are at least 6..
  12. I managed to prevent the crash, and allow you to change lines. There is a bit of a side effect: the LW's name is shown in the LD spot and the C's, in the RD. jesusplaysnhl94 told me that some teams could edit lines and some couldn't, which gave me a starting point to figure this hack out... (it gave me a way to compare the 2 cases to see what the difference was..) If you want to make a 1on1, 3on3, or 4on4 ROM, please try to figure it out using the info supplied, but if you get stuck, ask me. Here are the changes to make to the ROM: OFFSET: 82F2 (hex) OLD VALUE: 0001 NEW VALUE: 0003 DESCRIPTION: (?? I forgot. I think this controls which position is initially selected. 01=LD, 02=RD, 03=LW, etc.) OFFSET: 8636 (hex) OLD VALUE: 52 NEW VALUE: 56 DESCRIPTION: (Edit Lines: first position to display. 52=LD, 54=RD, 56=LW, 58=C) OFFSET: 879D (hex) OLD VALUE: 04 NEW VALUE: 01 DESCRIPTION: (Edit Lines: number of players to display, minus 1. '04' shows 5. '01' shows 2) OFFSET: 8375 (hex) OLD VALUE: 01 NEW VALUE: 03 DESCRIPTION: (Edit Lines: Highest position to allow selecting. 01=LD, 03=LW) OFFSET: 837B (hex) OLD VALUE: 05 NEW VALUE: 04 DESCRIPTION: (Edit Lines: Lowest position to allow selecting. 05=RW, 04=C) OFFSET: 8C76 (hex) OLD VALUE: 7204 NEW VALUE: 7201 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: number of players to display, minus 1. '04' shows 5. '01' shows 2) OFFSET: 8C6E (hex) OLD VALUE: 0001 NEW VALUE: 0003 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: which player to start displaying from. 01=LD, 03=LW) OFFSET: 86DC(hex) OLD VALUE: 4C44 NEW VALUE: 4C57 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: Position name strings. 4C44="LD", 5244="RD", 4C57="LW", 4300="C ", 5257="RW") OFFSET: 86E2(hex) OLD VALUE: 5244 NEW VALUE: 4320 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: Position name strings. 4C44="LD", 5244="RD", 4C57="LW", 4300="C ", 5257="RW") OFFSET: 86E8(hex) OLD VALUE: 4C57 NEW VALUE: 2020 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: Position name strings. 4C44="LD", 5244="RD", 4C57="LW", 4300="C ", 5257="RW" 2020=" ") OFFSET: 86EE(hex) OLD VALUE: 4320 NEW VALUE: 2020 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: Position name strings. 4C44="LD", 5244="RD", 4C57="LW", 4300="C ", 5257="RW" 2020=" ") OFFSET: 86F4(hex) OLD VALUE: 5257 NEW VALUE: 2020 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: Position name strings. 4C44="LD", 5244="RD", 4C57="LW", 4300="C ", 5257="RW" 2020=" ") OFFSET: 191D2 (hex) OLD VALUE: 4C44 0004 5244 NEW VALUE: 4C57 0004 4300 DESCRIPTION: (Team Rosters: Position name strings. 4C44="LD", 5244="RD", 4C57="LW", 4300="C ", 5257="RW") The game was crashing because when there is no player in a line slot, the game doesn't set up some values that indicate what number and name to print, it just leaves whatever old values were there before.. if you're lucky, the values can be interpreted as text. if they can't, the game crashes. to REVERT a rom you edited with the old fix, do this: OFFSET: 18AAA Restore Original VALUE: 6100 0130 6100 92E6 OFFSET: 18ab8 Restore Original VALUE: 6100 92E4 (You should be overwriting a bunch of 4e71 values)
  13. I think it crashes because of the player card pictures. It might be possible to use EARE to fix the player cards. Or you'd have to do it manually.
  14. 2017 Fall Classic

    Except none of the 94 leagues are 85% commercials
  15. Welcome, bud Feel free to ask any questions
  16. I had a weird bus experience in Long Island. They don't take bills. If you don't have a pass or tickets, you have to pay ENTIRELY in change. Needless to say, gf and I didn't have 22 quarters on us at that moment (2x$2.75). Thankfully the bus driver was nice and let us on anyway! We saw another person come on and crack open an entire roll of quarters from the bank before paying. Other than that, the bus was nice, though! The train was nice, too (except for trying to find the ticket machine, which was pretty well hidden under the platform and behind a building).
  17. I think Raph is trying to get at what other content has been changed as your message suggested repeated changes
  18. In this case I changed the thread title from "anyone willing to put in work on a thing" to "anyone willing to put in work on my next SNES ROM" (or something close to that? to try to make it clearer what the thread was about because I don't like "mystery meat" titles).
  19. Maybe make it easy/straightforward for someone. What is the first thing you need, and how do they do it? You want them to take the old team rosters, and make a list of removed, moved, and new players?
  20. (not interested myself, but) What specific work do you need help with? I think laying out what you need from potential helpers could help bring them out of the woodwork.
  21. I thought I recognized him! He went 2-4 in Vegas The A group was actually pretty tough. Kevin/corbettkb/Tex: 4th chris o: 5th-6th smozoma: 7th-8th alfredo: 9th-13th (and he nearly beat me, I scored with 7s left then won in OT)
  22. NHL 2018 by naples39

    I made a NOSE?? It should be compatible, I think it just has some extra .ini stuff for the 0-15 player ratings? The ROMs are differentiated by some sort of ROM ID code.
  23. Does it work with emulators? If I understand how it works, it sounds like the host would have zero latency, while the other guy would have the same latency as normally with p2p kaillera. Just the desynchs wouldn't happen.