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  1. "I copied everything from the excel sheet and pasted it into notepad" That's your problem. Don't do that . That removes all the commas and uses tabs instead. Just click Save in excel. It may complain about the file format.. Click Yes. Use the .csv file.
  2. Correct, 0/0 (weak at home/strong away) mostly cancels out the advantages, as shown in the table here: However I do refer to 0/0 as weak/weak in that post, because I'm calling the away modifier the DISadvantage, which is different than how I have them labeled in EARE, which is confusing.
  3. I'm guessing here (because I've never used this, but I know about file formats...): In excel, save as a .csv file. (csv = comma-separated values). Open the file in a plain text editor, such as Notepad and make the necessary changes. Save (same file name) Or, just don't use Excel. Open the file manually in Notepad and make the changes there right from the start.
  4. Use smoothing if the connection is inconsistent (ping varies a lot). Use no smoothing if the ping is consistent/steady. I believe what he was saying about Discord was that if you are using Discord for voice chat, that can cause connection issues, because voice uses a fair bit of bandwidth.
  5. Ahh ok. Yeah, the leagues are against people. You play against someone online, then at the end of the game (3 stars screen) you 'save' the game and upload the file to the website, and the website keeps tracks of wins/losses and other fun stats. Here's an example: standings: player stats:
  6. Can the NES classic play online against people using emulators on their computer? The leagues are online vs leagues, I thought the NES classic couldn't do that, hence my confusion
  7. Sorry to hear
  8. These are wboy's notes on how to expand the original ROM to 32 teams. Unfortunately, it's just his notes, not a clear explanation. But uploading it for safe-keeping. SG NHL94 - 30 Team
  9. You'll need to play on an emulator on a windows/linux/mac computer, not NES classic, in order to play against people online and generate savestates. (unless I'm missing something??)
  10. Yes, i think that would work. You'd need to do it in a hex editor, though, because EARE limits it to the original values.
  11. There are some players in Europe (Finland, France, Germany..), so that would cut the time difference to ~6 hours. For the goalies, you can use the NOSE editor and increase some of their attributes, such as agility.
  12. Are you sure about the classic ROM? It hasn't been modified, that's what makes it classic (nhl94.bin).
  13. I remember both of those Can't believe there were two such goals within an hour of each other
  14. Oh I forgot about the trophy The trophy is priceless!
  15. I added the tourney to ( I included the top 8 finishers. If you want your name changed, birthdate added, etc, let me know and I'll try to fix it! (click your username to see your profile page which will have your first name and last initial... if you want your full name, I can change it if you want) If there was a tourney with prizes, please let me know and I'll update the page.
  16. His prize was just the registration fee? poor guy
  17. Looks good The stream was really well done
  18. Welcome, Tunowash! I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you with your test game. Or, you can reach out directly on our live chat server, by clicking the following link and entering a nickname for yourself: Me on the other hand, I would like to know: How did you find the site? :). (We are trying to learn more about how people come to the site, so we can improve our 'recruiting')
  19. The thing is there's a difference between "i can unzip stuff and install programs" and "i'm a programmer or IT professional." From the article: "Programming skills within the league are representative of the group's average personality. Most users are engineers or computer tech experts who spend their leisure time hacking the '94 ROM." On the other hand, I guess people can read what is involved in playing and can judge if they can do it (gens, kaillera, hamachi vpn, aim..) Maybe what I was really objecting to while reading it was that non-computer-experts weren't going to fit in.
  20. Daryl S wins the Sega tourney, goes undefeated. If I heard correctly on the stream, he and his friend Ted (2nd place) are thinking of going to the Vegas tourney. SNES Round Robin has started. 14 players, 4 games each. I think it's 2 wins needed to move on to the double elimination tourney
  21. Stream is up! Ice Hockey
  22. I added it to the thread guide (as well as the real-time clock hack)
  23. Pretty much the entire section with me in it was wrong (i discovered the weight bug, made raph's site, and 'others' created the Blitz league) or unintelligible (metagame workaround??). From now on I will always insist on proof reading, because there are always glaring mistakes in these things. I was also really disappointed that he made it seem sooooo haaard to play, and only computer experts (programmers, IT workers) play. Way to scare away all the potential new people.
  24. Playing games against other people on is usually set up with instant messaging. Discord is a messaging, group chat, and voice chat system created for gamers. Here is a quick illustrated guide on setting it up. It's super easy. It's broken up into 5 short parts (but you only need to do the first 3): Create an Account Join the NHL'94 Discord Server How to use the web browser interface How to install the desktop software (Windows or Mac) How to install the mobile software (Android or Apple) You don't need to install the software (steps 4 and/or 5) if you don't want to, but as you get addicted to NHL'94 online you'll probably find it more convenient to use the software Please let me know if you have any difficulties or ideas for improving the instructions 1. Create an Account Go to and register with a real email address (you need to verify the email address). Please use your forum name for your Username. After entering your registration information, you'll be immediately brought to a page that says "WELCOME TO DISCORD, <USERNAME>" Click "Skip" instead of "Get Started": After Skipping, you may see a "What's New" announcement page similar to the following. Just click the grey X to close it: Congrats, you're ready to use Discord's web interface! Here's what it looks like: Bonus steps: Check your email for the verification email Click the link in the email to verify the account. If you don't verify your account, you may not be able to post messages in the chat room, etc. 2. Join the NHL'94 Discord Server This is basically the chat room. Click this link to initiate the invitation to the server: You'll see this page, asking you to accept the invitation to the group: Click "Accept Invite" It'll quickly cycle through some screens ("launching discord app", "recruiting robot hamsters"...) and then you'll be back in the web interface, but now you'll be in the NHL 94 server: You can see the other people in the server on the right side. The center area has some introductory info, and then if you scroll down you can see the current conversation. The left side has the chat channels (#general, #gdl, etc...) You may hear people talking... You can mute the voice chat by clicking the headphones near the bottom-left of the screen beside your username. If you want to see a more happenin' Server, check out the Tecmo Super Bowl server: 3. How to Use the Web Browser Interface If you've just followed steps 1 and 2, you should already be in the web interface in your browser. I'll add more here later, or maybe break it out into a separate post. 4. How to Install the Desktop Software (Windows or Mac) I've only got a Windows computer, so that's all I'm showing here so far. Go to and it should detect your operating system. Click Download Now Save DiscordSetup.exe to a location on your computer (Downloads or Desktop for example) Run DiscordSetup.exe (Select "Run" if it asks you if you want to run the file) The installation takes a little while before you see anything happen. Discord does not ask where to install, it just installs to a default location (C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Local\Discord) After 30-60 seconds the Discord GUI will appear, with a splash screen, and then a "WELCOME BACK" screen: Log in with your email address and password and you're in! (If you get the What's New screen, click the X. If you get the "WELCOME TO DISCORD" screen, click "Skip" instead of "Get Started") 5. How to install the mobile software (Android or Apple) Search for Discord in your app store / play store. It will be called "Discord - Chat for Gamers". (Android link) (iOS link) Install it Log in with your email address and password You need to navigate to the NHL 94 server: Click the three lines / settings / hamburger icon in the top-left. (no screenshot yet) Click "N94" Swipe to the left to hide the server selection pane. You should see the #general chat: (no screenshot yet) ------------------------ Extra info not integrated yet: maybe we can add a trivia bot or something to get people enaged: