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  1. It's NOSE not NOPE One thing i know is that shooting accuracy was tightly based on the player's shooting % that year. And that's why the defensemen tend to have such terrible accuracy, because d-men rarely shoot even near 10%. For speed, agility, etc, basically all you can do is try to read about players or find clips of old games. The Hockey Hall of fame website has a small blurb about just about every player ever, from which you can often glean a player's main strengths ( You probably want to give a player a target 'overall' rating, then just make it work based on a few things you know about him, filling in the other values in order to hit the required Overall. It looks like goaltender Defensive awareness is closely related to their save percentage for the year: CoachMac has a template for rating players: KingRaph made an epic thread about player ratings that make players good to actually play with, but I can't seem to find it, maybe someone else can link it...
  2. Resources to help you with Tile Molester (ROM graphics editing program) Download Tile Molester 0.16 How to run Tile Molester: Try double-clicking tm.jar (it's a java program.. boo) If that doesn't work, try this: run Notepad (Start->Run...->notepad or [WindowsKey]+R), and write this: java -jar tm.jar File->Save As... set "save as type" to "All Files" give it this file name: "runtm.bat" save in the same directory as tm.jar double-click runtm.bat Tile Molester Help Videos (courtesy of slapshot67) Player Sprite editing help (wboy) Tile Molester reference screenshots (wboy) How to find uniform colour palettes (beavers33) Altering The Net and Puck palettes (clockwise) Player pictures (wboy)
  3. If you don't give any details about what you tried and in what way it didn't work, no one can help. Think of it like a car problem... "My car won't work!" does not give any information that allows people to help. They instead have to try to guess. "Are you out of gas?" "is it too cold?" "is your battery dead?" "what happens when you turn the key" etc etc.. it's a waste of time. I can only guess that this may help: (.bat is a Windows thing)
  4. Remembering the good buds!

    Zarley Zalapski - Dec 12, 2017 - Hartford Whalers #3 Courtesy of
  5. My dreams for an NHL95 Rom hack

    OK, the barebones hack for this is : Use a hex editor, and replace the old names with the new names, making sure to replace names with other names that are the same length. That way, you don't have to deal with updating the name length bytes. In the case where an existing name in the ROM is too long, you can cover some of the letters with spaces. So "Alexander Mogilny" could be come "Sonic Hedgehog ".

    smozoma with the strong 16th-place finish, by cheesing better players with expansion team matchups We need Jammer and Mikhail to play each other to unify the King of '94 'belt' My feeling is that if Jammer beat BobK and annatar after they've already played Mikhail (in theory learning some new techniques), then Jamil gets the #1 rank.
  7. My dreams for an NHL95 Rom hack

    Using NOSE to change the names should take under an hour, you could do it on a friend's computer? A school computer?
  8. My dreams for an NHL95 Rom hack

    Save yourself the hassle and get a Windows computer
  9. My dreams for an NHL95 Rom hack

    Then... what are you going to connect to?
  10. My dreams for an NHL95 Rom hack

    He's asking if the other computer is set up yet? Because we're in the dark about what you have done so far.
  11. My dreams for an NHL95 Rom hack

    If you're having problems, the more information you give, the better the help you will get. "it's not working" etc doesn't give people anything to go on to solve your problem. Like look at how much Jer wrote to help you, and you just say basically "it's not working" A good message goes along the lines of... 1. i was trying to accomplish X 2. i tried doing Y (DETAILS) 3. the problem i had was Z (DEEETAILLSS) 4. i checked on google and found XX but it didn't solve it, so now i'm here to ask for help
  12. 2on2 ROM Updated

    Yeah, the player/portrait mappings are in a text file in with the program. PlayerCards.txt or something like that. If you change the player names or add new portraits, you need to update that file.
  13. [SNES] Olympic roster rom

    Too bad the forum software removed the download count
  14. Here is how to allow the goalie to move farther under manual goalie control, both with AND without the puck. Some background info: - When I start a number with a '$', it's a hex value. - When I start a number with '@', it's a hex offset. - In hex, when a number's first digit is an 'F', that means it's a negative number (in this hack, anyway..). FFFF= -1, FFFE = -2... - The position of the players is relative the centre ice dot (0,0). - To the right and up is positive; to the left and down is negative. - See the picture below for the locations of some lines When the goalie doesn't have the puck, he is constrained to a small box around the crease, measured in pixels (although he actually can move outside this box, but his movement becomes extremely slow, about 1 pixel per second). - Right side of box: $0024. The value is in the ROM at offset @00B632 - Left side of box: $FFDB @00B650 - Bottom of box for the upper-end goalie: $00E7 @00B66A - Top of box for the lower-end goalie: $FF19 @00B674 When the goalie has the puck, the whistle is blown if he crosses a line near the top of the faceoff dots. - The line for the upper-end goalie: $00AA @00D3EA - The line for the lower-end goalie: $FF56 @00D3F2 Here is an example you might use: -------------------------------- Make the box twice as wide for both goalies: -------------------------------- (right side) OFFSET: @00B632 OLD VALUE: $0024 (+36) NEW VALUE: $0048 (+72) (left side) OFFSET: @00B650 OLD VALUE: $FFDC (-36) NEW VALUE: $FFB8 (-72) -------------------------------- Let the goalies roam farther towards centre ice, WITHOUT the puck: -------------------------------- (upper end goalie) OFFSET: @00B66A OLD VALUE: $00E7 (+231) NEW VALUE: $00E0 (+224, a little bit closer to centre-ice) (lower end goalie) OFFSET: @00B674 OLD VALUE: $FF19 (-231) NEW VALUE: $FF20 (-224, a little bit closer to centre-ice) -------------------------------- Let the goalies roam farther towards centre ice WITH the puck: -------------------------------- (upper end goalie) OFFSET: @00D3EA OLD VALUE: $00AA NEW VALUE: $0090 (between the faceoff circles and the blueline) (lower end goalie) OFFSET: @00D3F2 OLD VALUE: $FF56 NEW VALUE: $FF70 (between the faceoff circles and the blueline) Here's an example for letting the goalies go anywhere: -------------------------------- Make the box as wide as the rink for both goalies: -------------------------------- (right side) OFFSET: @00B632 OLD VALUE: $0024 (+36) NEW VALUE: $007C (+124) (left side) OFFSET: @00B650 OLD VALUE: $FFDC (-36) NEW VALUE: $FF84 (-124) -------------------------------- Let the goalies roam all the way down the ice, WITHOUT the puck: -------------------------------- (upper end goalie) OFFSET: @00B66A OLD VALUE: $00E7 (+231) NEW VALUE: $FE00 (uhh this is a guess.. my diagram has a mistake. tell me if this doesnt work.) (lower end goalie) OFFSET: @00B674 OLD VALUE: $FF19 (-231) NEW VALUE: $0200 (uhh this is a guess.. my diagram has a mistake. tell me if this doesnt work.) -------------------------------- Let the goalies roam all the way down the ice WITH the puck: -------------------------------- (upper end goalie) OFFSET: @00D3EA OLD VALUE: $00AA NEW VALUE: $FE00 (uhh this is a guess.. my diagram has a mistake. tell me if this doesnt work.) (lower end goalie) OFFSET: @00D3F2 OLD VALUE: $FF56 NEW VALUE: $0200 (uhh this is a guess.. my diagram has a mistake. tell me if this doesnt work.) ----- Notes: Yes, it would be possible to add extra code to the game to get the play whistled down if the goalie violated the trapezoid rule (but without a penalty), but I won't do this. The AI goalie always rushes into the corner to get the puck, so this would cause a huge number of whistles without knowing how to disable that behaviour. kind of funny: I spent sooo much time tracing backwards through code trying to find how to do this hack, without success ... then I got sick of it and just started looking at the very first trace point that used a certain memory location, and what do you know, that was it. Could have saved hours! I learned some stuff on the way, though, that might be useful some other time.
  15. 2on2 ROM Updated

    Hm, do you even need to? If the player already has a portrait, is it keyed off the player index? I totally forget. Does it crash if you don't set the portrait? Or it just shows the wrong one?
  16. 2on2 ROM Updated

    To turn any ROM into a 2on2 ROM, open it with NOSE, and in the No Line Changes (NLC) line, set all the unwanted players to the invalid value in the dropdown (I think it's "F"?). I think that's all there is to it?
  17. Ex wife & wife thread

    Wait, why are we trying to convince Plabax to get married? There's nothing in what he posts that indicates that, at this point, he'd be able to be in a relationship that requires any kind of sacrifice. For some people that's fine. Also, I know a couple who are in great relationship but have no intention of getting married. Regarding #1, the stats/science show that kids benefit from a stable family life, and in light of #2 I need to point out that this includes same-sex couple families. - U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine - Columbia Law School I.e., the rare studies that showed negative results would break up the types of parents into "different sex, together", "different sex, separated", and just "same sex," then would compare "same sex" to "different sex, together" and go "see, not as good!"
  18. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    You got a laptop and are using NOSE? (i'm just trying to understand what your situation is so I can help... your questions often lack context/details. the more info you supply, the better we can help) When you're on the Goalies page of NOSE, there is a part at the top that says "Goalie bytes" and 4 dropdowns are there next to it. If the team has 2 goalies, then 2 of those dropdowns will have non-zero values, and the 3rd and 4th ones will be zero. To 'create' a 3rd goalie, you need to change the 3rd value from '0' to any other value and click Apply (this value doesn't seem to do anything other than indicate that the goalie exists). The funny part of this is that it will take your first skater and turn him into a goalie.
  19. Problem

    @Jlnhlsegafan, my suggestion, if you want to get into modding the game, is to just go out and buy a cheap windows laptop from a used computer store or on a local buy-and-sell website (craigslist, kijiji, etc..). My guess is that you just went into the ROM and replaced the names and hit delete if the old name was too long, or inserted extra letters if the old name was too short? That is unlikely to work. If your new team data is longer or shorter than the original, it will break the game because it will shift everything. It's not like a MS Word document that is read in order, instead the code references exact locations in the ROM, so moving the code breaks it. Your ROM looks like it is a few bytes shorter than the original. You also need to update the the 'name length value' when you change the names. I see that these have not been updated, so the game would crash when trying to read the player names. Here is how you do the names: Before each name, the bytes are for example 000C. That is '12' in decimal. That means the name is 10 letters long (+2, because the length value 000C is also included). Only even values are allowed for the length value, so if a name is a odd number length (9, 11...) you add a byte of "00" after the last letter in the name. This is a little hard to explain without examples... I really suggest just getting a cheap laptop, you'll have more fun.
  20. Website Improvements/Suggestions

    penalty shot %?
  21. ESportsEarnings page

    I added the tourney to ( I included the top 8 finishers. If you want your name changed, birthdate added, etc, let me know and I'll try to fix it! (click your username to see your profile page which will have your first name and last initial... if you want your full name, I can change it if you want) If there was a tourney with prizes, please let me know and I'll update the page.

    This is common in the Smash scene
  23. Problem

    Were you able to make the change by using address/row 1680(decimal)?
  24. Problem

    Ah, ok. For some reason your editor is set up to show the addresses in decimal values, not hexadecimal. 000690 in hex is 1680 in decimal, so look for the 1680 row (but i recommend changing the settings to hex afterwards since we pretty much always post the addresses (aka offsets) in hex).
  25. Problem

    I just opened the ROM you posted and it's there... at address 00000690, the bytes are 4E B9 00 1A 72 C0, which you should replace with 4E 71 4E 71 4E 71. Can you be more specific about what you are doing? A screenshot of your hex editor maybe? (The values in my previous example were just examples to try to help you understand how to find addresses in a hex editor, they were not real contents of the ROM.)