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    TM Help

    I don't know, your questions are too vague. Download the ROM again. Try to play it in an emulator. My guess is you edited the ROM and made it empty somehow.
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    TM Help

    But did you edit the ROM? I'm trying to find out if the ROM provided doesn't work for you before or after you edited it.
  3. smozoma

    TM Help

    When you say it doesn't open.. Is that before or after you edited the ROM? (The 34-team NHL95 ROM)
  4. Ah, ok, I thought archiving made them permanent, but you're right, it just keeps them for a few weeks. I think if you "highlight" the whole video it might keep it permanently? I thought we'd lost the Vegas videos so I've been trying to push for making sure we keep all our videos and make them accessible.
  5. If that the game that is super random/hard?
  6. Eklund and Recchi were a couple of my early GDL favourites. Unfortunately I didn't count on what a difference-maker Gartner can be when used well. Whoops! Tex was better regardless. (and now that I've watched it again, looks like Tikkanen did enough damage on his own!) @kingraph I notice that the stream from last time is gone from Twitch... There's an option somewhere for forcing it to archive the video (and you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save, which I didn't do when I streamed in Saskatoon, whoops)
  7. That's a nice looking stream. How did you hook up the Genesis to get it nice and crisp like that?
  8. smozoma

    NHL'94 Family Ties

    Once again the NHL draft has featured a plethora of players who are sons of NHL'94 players. Keeping track... Bold for players who've made it to the NHL. Grey for players drafted 4th round or later. 1989 #114 STL->EDM->VAN - David Roberts (LW) - Nephew of Gordie Roberts 2004 #33 WSH - Chris Bourque (LW/RW) - Son of Ray Bourque 2007 #11 CAR->PIT->VAN - Brandon Sutter (C/RW) - Son of Brent Sutter... etc #103 ARI Vladimir Ruzicka (C ) - Son of Vladimir Ruzicka 2009 #29 TB->TOR->KHL - Carter Ashton (RW/LW) - Son of Brent Ashton #32 DET->BOS->MIN - Landon Ferraro (C/W) - Son of Ray Ferraro #77 MIN->BUF - Matt Hackett (G) - Nephew of Jeff Hackett #61 PIT->ARI->CAR - Philip Samuelsson (D) - Son of Ulf Samuelsson #80 NYR - Ryan Bourque (C/LW) - Son of Ray Bourque #188 TOR -> Barron Smith (D) - Son of Steve Smith 2010 #30 NYI - Brock Nelson (C/LW) - Nephew of Dave Christian #34 CBJ - Dalton Smith (LW) - Nephew of Keith Primeau (and son of Derrick Smith (NHL 84-94) and nephew of Wayne Primeau (NHL 94-10), neither in the video game) #63 TB - Brock Beukeboom (D) - Son of Jeff Beukeboom #22 MTL->ARI - Jarred Tinordi (D) - Son of Mark Tinordi #40 NYR->MTL->ARI - Christian Thomas (LW/RW) - Son of Steve Thomas 2011 #20 ARI - Connor Murphy (D) - Son of Gord Murphy #31 EDM - David Musil (D) - Son of Frantisek "Frank" Musil, Nephew of Bobby Holik, Brother of 2015 #94 Adam Musil #51 ARI - Alexander Ruuttu (C/W) - Son of Christian Ruuttu #67 WPG - Adam Lowry (LW/C) - Son of Dave Lowry #73 CAR->ARI - Keegan Lowe (D) - Sone of Kevin Lowe 2012 #27 ARI - Henrik Samuelsson (C/W) - Son of Ulf Samuelsson #29 NJ->MTL - Stefan Matteau (LW) - Son of Stéphane Matteau #39 WPG - Lukas Sutter (C ) - Son of Rich Sutter (and Nephew of Ron and Brent Sutter and a bunch of other Sutters not in '94) (Re-drafted #200 2014 by NYI) #79 CHI - Chris Calnan (RW) - Nephew of Jeremy Roenick 2013 #12 ARI->MTL - Max Domi (LW/C) - Son of Tie Domi #19 CBJ -> TOR - Kerby Rychel (LW/RW) - Son of Warren Rychel #85 VAN - Cole Cassels (C/RW) - Son of Andrew Cassels UND TOR - Mason Marchment (LW) - Son of Bryan Marchment (undrafted, playing for TOR AHL team) 2014 #8 TOR - William Nylander (C/W) - Son of Michael Nylander (and brother of 2016 #8 pick Alexander Nylander) #31 BUF - Brendan Lemieux (LW) - Son of Claude Lemieux, Nephew of Jocelyn Lemieux #43 ARI->CBJ - Ryan MacInnis (C/LW) - Son of Al MacInnis #56 BOS - Ryan Donato (C ) - Son of Ted Donato #63 DET - Dominic Turgeon (C ) - Son of Pierre Turgeon #157 LA - Jake Marchment (C ) - Nephew of Bryan Marchment #208 CHI - Jack Ramsey (RW) - Son of Mike Ramsey 2015 #14 BOS - Jake DeBrusk (LW) - Son of Louie DeBrusk #53 CGY - Rasmus Andersson (D) - Son of Peter Andersson #94 STL - Adam Musil (C ) - Son of Frantisek "Frank" Musil, Nephew of Bobby Holik, Brother of 2011 #31 David Musil #107 OTT - Christian Wolanin (D) - Son of Craig Wolanin #126 CAR - Luke Stevens (LW) - Son of Kevin Stephens 2016 #6 CGY - Matthew Tkachuk (LW) - Son of Keith Tkachuk (and brother of 2018 #4 pick Brady Tkachuk) #8 BUF - Alexander Nylander (RW/LW) - Son of Michael Nylander (and brother of 2014 #8 pick William Nylander) #11 OTT - Logan Brown (C ) - Son of Jeff Brown #16 ARI - Jakob Chychrun (D) - Nephew of Luke Richardson (and son of Jeff Chychrun, who played 262 games in the NHL from 86-94 but was not in the game) #19 NYI - Kieffer Bellows (LW/C) - Son of Brian Bellows #26 STL->BUF - Tage Thompson (C/RW) - Son of Brent Thompson #42 OTT - Jonathan Dahlen (C/LW) - Son of Ulf Dahlen #74 CAR - Hudson Elyniuk (LW/C) - Son of Pat Elyniuk #75 CAR - Jack Lafontaine (G) - Nephew of Brian Bradley (or, distant cousin, as per #86 BUF - Casey Fitzgerald (D) - Son of Tom Fitzgerald #87 WSH - Garrett Pilon (C ) - Son of Rich Pilon #201 NYR - Ty Ronning (RW) - Son of Pixelated Heroes star Cliff Ronning 2017 #2 PHI - Nolan Patrick (C ) - Nephew of James Patrick #7 NYR - Lias Andersson (C/LW) - Nephew of Mikael Andersson (NYR trade up to #7 pick to pick a player not ranked higher than 12th online....) #14 TB - Callan Foote (D) - Son of Adam Foote #62 VEG - Jake Leschyshyn (C ) - Son of Curtis Leschyshyn #121 OTT - Drake Batherson (C ) - Nephew of Dennis Vial (OTT) #177 EDM - Skyler Brind'Amour (C) - Son of Rod Brind'Amour #199 MTL - Cayden Primeau (G) - Son of Keith Primeau (and nephew of Wayne Primeau (NHL 94-10), not in the video game) 2018 #4 OTT - Brady Tkachuk (LW) - Son of Keith Tkachuk (and brother of 2016 #6 pick Matthew Tkachuk) #32 BUF - Mattias Samuelsson (D) - Son of Kjell Samuelsson #47 WSH - Kody Clark (RW) - Son of Wendel Clark #63 MIN - Jack McBain (C) - Son of Andrew McBain (OTT) #93 WSH - Riley Sutter (RW) - Son of Ron Sutter, Nephew of Brent and Rich #103 NYI - Jacob Pivonka (C) - Son of Michal Pivonka #171 COL - Nikolai Kovalenko (RW) - Son of Andrei Kovalenko. In case you are wondering, Nikolai is listed as 174lbs. And Andrei is listed as.. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS WHAT?! #196 NYI - Christian Krygier (D) - Son of Todd Krygier, and twin brother of 2018 #201 Cole Krygier #201 FLA - Cole Krygier (D) - Son of Todd Krygier, and twin brother of 2018 #201 Christian Krygier Let me know who I'm missing! Please use the format I used so it's easy/quick for me to add! ARI has drafted 6 Sons of '94 (or nephews). Further, they've traded for 4 more. Now they've traded 3 away (including a 94-for-94 P.Samuelsson for Keegan Lowe trade). Very weird.
  9. smozoma

    NHL'94 Family Ties

    Mason Marchment is a good story Left winger, went undrafted, never even scored a point-per-game in the OHL even in his age-20 year. Signed to an ATO (amateur try out) by the Leafs, went to the ECHL and played for the Orlando Solar Bears. Worked hard with all the trainers available to him in the Leafs system. Finished the year strong with 5 points in 7 playoff games. Made the Marlies (AHL) last year. 11-15-26 in 44GP, then 6-3-9 in 20GP in the playoffs, including 2 goals in game 7 of the AHL playoff finals (admittedly the 2nd goal was a total fluke in the last minute of a 6-1 game). Earned himself a 2-year entry-level contract with the Leafs. Might see a game or two in the NHL next year.
  10. smozoma

    NHL'94 Family Ties

    2018 Set 2018 #4 OTT - Brady Tkachuk (LW) - Son of Keith Tkachuk (and brother of 2016 #6 pick Matthew Tkachuk) #32 BUF - Mattias Samuelsson (D) - Son of Kjell Samuelsson #47 WSH - Kody Clark (RW) - Son of Wendel Clark #63 MIN - Jack McBain (C) - Son of Andrew McBain (OTT) #93 WSH - Riley Sutter (RW) - Son of Ron Sutter, Nephew of Brent and Rich #103 NYI - Jacob Pivonka (C) - Son of Michal Pivonka #171 COL - Nikolai Kovalenko (RW) - Son of Andrei Kovalenko. In case you are wondering, Nikolai is listed as 174lbs. And Andrei is listed as.. TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS WHAT?! #196 NYI - Christian Krygier (D) - Son of Todd Krygier, and twin brother of 2018 #201 Cole Krygier #201 FLA - Cole Krygier (D) - Son of Todd Krygier, and twin brother of 2018 #201 Christian Krygier
  11. Here are the videos, on facebook! Afternoon games (4 hours): Final Tournament (3 hours):
  12. This is dumb. Manipulating the brackets? The score got entered wrong in the first 10 minutes of the first event when things were really chaotic and wasn't caught until after the next game.
  13. If anyone can send me better pictures, they'll quickly be replaced
  14. smozoma

    Angryjay 93: Youtube Channel Updates

    Looks good For videos like the CB video, I'd try to set it up as a "show, then tell" video. Quickly show what you can do at the start of the video (maybe use a couple savestate instant replays in the emulator), then explain how to do it, and why it works.
  15. If anyone's got pictures from the Toronto or Vegas events, send me 1 or 2 of the best. There's a small image gallery on the site (can't make it too big for some technical reasons with the hosting service).
  16. I made an editor for the Genesis version of NHL '94. It's called "EARE" -- "EA Rom Editor." The name is a play on wboy's "NOSE" (NHL Old-School Editor) editor for the game. This isn't meant to replace NOSE; it's to do things that NOSE doesn't do. EARE Version 1.0.0 (May 30 2010) At v1.0.0, EARE does everything I initially planned for it to do! Download: (previous version had 53 downloads) Current Abilities: NEW: Change the ROM name that appears in the title bar of the emulator Change Team Ratings Change the Offense/Defense/PP/PK/Home/Away strengths of the teams. Change the number of teams selectable in the main window. Set the player pictures if you have switched the teams players are on. This works easily if your ROM uses the original players but on different teams. If you have custom players, see the Help.txt file to get an understanding of how you can make it work with custom players. Future features: Weight bug fix Assist bug fix Edit intro credits text and Ron Barr text Organ song re-arranger (put existing songs on different teams) Edit speed boost multiplier, turning rate, and energy recovery rate Known Issues: If you change values in a window but don't hit Apply, you aren't warned to save your changes if you close the ROM or EARE. Please tell me if you have any trouble running it... And again, the download link: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Road Map: v1.1.0 - Game bug fixes - Weight bug fix - Assist bug fix - Indication of which bug fixes have already been applied - Detection of unapplied changes and prompting a save when closing EARE or the ROM v1.2.0 - Player behaviours - Speed boost strength - Stopping and turning rate - Energy recovery rate - Goalie movement boundaries - Goalie play stoppage time limit/disable Beyond - Edit intro credits and Ronn Barr commentary - Reorder teams in startup menu - Rearrange sound effects (not modify, just rearrange) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log: v1.0 (May 30 2010) New Features: - ROM Name now editable. This is the ROM name that appears in the title bar of the emulator. - Game's checksum routine is removed when you save. - Icons added for save and open. Icons by Mark James Bug Fixes: - Doing Save As without first modifying the ROM produced an empty file. - Recent Files list did not update after reaching a length of 5 files. - An opened ROM was closed if you cancelled before opening another ROM. Development Time: - 15 hours approx. - Lost time due to some strange debugging problem v0.1.3 (Jan 26 2010) - (was downloaded 53 times) New Features: - Team Ratings - Now viewable and editable in the Teams window. - Ability to use EARE to open a ROM using the "Open With" feature of Windows. (EARE now accepts a file path as a command line argument) - Now remembers the last directory you opened a file from and uses it the next time you use File->Open or File->Save As. Changes: - The "Set Player Pictures" window now starts minimized to avoid accidental usage of the feature. Bug Fixes: - If you use the File->Close menu option, EARE now clears the file name from the main window title bar. Development Time: 4h 01m Old Link: v0.1.2 (Dec 10 2009) - (was downloaded 18 times) Bug Fixes: - Fixed the bug that caused EARE to crash if a ROM contained any team lines with any number of empty player slots. EARE will show a warning message if it notices this problem. You should fix the problem in NOSE by making sure all lines on all teams have all 7 players specified (G, LD, RD, LW, C, RW, and Extra Attacker). Old Link: v0.1.1 (Jun 28 2009) - (was downloaded 49 times) Bug Fixes: - Fixed the bug where goalies without personalized pictures were given generic player pictures instead of generic goalie pictures. Old link: v0.1.0 - (was downloaded 10 times) New Features: - New "Set Player Pictures" window that automatically sets the player pictures for all teams. If your ROM uses the original NHL94 players (Roenick, etc) but on different teams, then just hit the button and it does it. If your ROM has new/custom players and pictures, see the EARE "Help.txt" file for information on how to make this feature know how to use your players and pictures. - New team selector dropdown box on the toolbar (like in NOSE). - New "Players" window displays the players on each team. - The Players window also reads the file "PlayerCardsDefault.txt" which lists the names and hex address of the pictures of each player. The window can then display the picture address for the players with pictures. Players without pictures have a value of "0". NOTE: If two players have the same name, EARE can not tell them apart, so will give them both the same picture (for example, Stephane Richer). - New "Lines" window displays the lines for each team. v0.0.4 New Features: - New "Teams" window allows you to change the offense/defense/pp/pk/home/away strengths of the teams. - "Selectable Teams" window dropdowns now list the team names along with the team numbers. v0.0.3 Bug Fixes: - Now properly sets the away team selection limit. Thanks to Vocally Caged for noticing and reporting this bug. v0.0.2 Bug Fixes: - Got rid of mingwm10.dll dependency that caused it to not work on most computers. This had the pleasant side effect of reducing the file size by about 25%. Thanks to TubaHero and Vocally Caged for reporting this issue (and there might have been a 3rd person, I forgot!). v0.0.1 (first version) New Features: - Can set the number of teams that are allowed to be selected in the main screen for both Regular Season games and Playoff games. This allows you to hide teams you don't want to see in your custom ROM.
  17. I'm not too sure what exactly you're working on. A 95 ROM? I suggest that before you work on 95, just get an NHL'94 30-team ROM and practice on that, following instructions carefully. Learn to work with 94, which is well-documented, before trying something harder.
  18. Are you setting the encoding, palette, offset, etc, as required?
  19. If you want to preserve a similar checking feel to the original game but with the weight bug fix, there's a similar breakdown in the smozROM zip file (Player Rating Guide.html, make sure to unzip so the images load). It also breaks things down by 1st line players etc
  20. smozoma

    Shot Clock and Face Offs

    It's 68000k assembly (Sega) or 6502 assembly (SNES). See the editing section of the forum, there is a hacking tutorial for Sega. All faceoffs at center ice is a do-able hack. I could guide you through it after you do the tutorial. Shot clock is much harder, I don't see that as do-able.
  21. smozoma


    Absolutely false. There has never been a "let's all spend $1000 and burn a couple work vacation days to go to Vancouver and just play exis" event. There never will be. It took over 10 years for someone to have the idea to have a BIG LIVE TOURNAMENT to get people together. Remove the tournament, and no one goes. It's not just a gathering, it's an event. Imagine playing a high stakes money tourney online, with random asymmetric lag, desynchs, "whoops my computer crashed", "my kid started puking" etc etc. It'd be a disaster. Run one (minus the money) and people will play and people will watch. It might take a few runs to pick up steam. Run a stream so it's exciting, so it's an event. If we can get spectator mode working in RetroArch, there's a LOT of potential there. Run it as the RetroArch testbed to get people using it. Have monthly qualifiers building up to an elite event. You'll get some people playing. I don't even disagree that letting people play with whatever team they want will show who can play the best game of 94, but the tournament is taking the approach that you need to be able to play with and win with any team. If it really gets to the point that whoever picks the matchup wins, then it'd need to be fixed, but we're not there yet (or no one noticed!). Maybe we need "bans". Maybe we need a couple best-on-best games in the finals (I don't think anyone would prevent it if both competitors wanted to play that way). We're not there yet. As a spectator, it's a lot of fun seeing the different matchups. Go to multiple tournaments and the randomness will average out. You'll be the best. True competitors compete. (but really it's just a No True Scotsman fallacy) I didn't know that how much we've contributed makes being toxic ok. Maybe chaos can code up some standings on the website.
  22. smozoma

    2018 World Cup Pool

    This is kind of "perfect is the enemy of good" thinking, though... How many teams were saved by a correct VAR call? We just remember the bad ones even though overall it's surely better (Korea got through from an offside VAR call, though those are clearer). Yeah, they got this one wrong, but they should use this mistake to make the system better (why didn't they have this other camera angle?). I don't think they can actually overrule the ref, anyway? He could say, "I know what I saw" if he was actually confident, can't he? Surely when the ref himself is feeling 50/50, adding 90/10 replays is better? As Brodeur30 even said, "several of the yellow cards Senegal received in their last two matches did not seem worthy of a yellow card." It's the officiating and the rules that suck and created the problem, not VAR. Get 2 guys out there, so they aren't always 100ft away and on the wrong side of the play. The NHL can do it on a field 30% the size. Get an actually clock so the ending time of the game isn't arbitrary and game-able (when players grab the ball after a goal and run to centre to continue play, you know the ref's clock isn't trusted). The World Cup will be decided by penalty kicks anyway, if not in the final game, in a game leading up to it. They should remove players like the NHL does for regular season OT. Also the game being played by kicking a ball is just too dangerous, with all the slide tackles and tripping and kicking. They should use a stick and a smaller ball. And the ball's always going out. Put some boards up. And there are too many people, so the play is too ticky tacky. Make it 5 plus a goalie per side. But so they don't get tired and slow, let them sub off at will. They should just play hockey, really
  23. smozoma

    2018 World Cup Pool

    VAR seems like the least of soccer's officiating problems, no? How many times was VAR right? We tend to notice the bad more than the good. (Negativity bias) Japan had 2 players on near breakaways hauled down by Senegal with no real repercussions, from what I remember. Stoppage time is a joke, it's regularly 10 minutes too short (see also that VAR was an average of 30s per game). Then there's the whole stupid card system. Japan beat Columbia because of a red card ~10 minutes in. But if the red card happens with 10 minutes left, the game is completely different, for the exact same foul. Referees and stupid rules largely decide the games as it is.
  24. smozoma

    RetroArch Setup Guide

    But why would I not want a button that instantly closes the emulator even if I'm in the middle of a game?