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  1. 2017 NHL'94 bud of the year!

    Well deserved @slapshot67! Congratulations and thank you for all the hours of work you put in for our community!
  2. YEEEEEEEE, let's go freeze our asses off and play some '94!
  3. NHL 2017 deadline by naples39

    Nope, two different systems.
  4. 2v2 based Idea for side league

    DID YOU SAY 2V2????
  5. Master List of GENS '94 ROMS

    I updated the OP with proper links to Coach's historic ROMs and the latest 2018 udpates from Skip/Slapshot and Naples39.
  6. 2on2 ROM Updated

    I don't think anyone is working on this, but it's done easily enough in NOSE.
  7. Problem

    Well, if it didn't work, that's all I could think of. Best to retrace your steps and see where it failed. Not sure how you replaced the Sabres with Sonic without using NOSE, that's quite a challenge, so perhaps you missed something there. Without knowing WHAT you did, nobody will be able to help you.
  8. Problem

    Did you change the values to 4E71 4E71 4E71?
  9. Problem

    On second look, the bytes are off. 4EB9 should be at 1680, not 1682, which is per your screenshot. You must have changed some data, which would be a bigger problem than just the checksum. Best to look at the original '95 ROM, and not the one you modded.
  10. Problem

  11. Problem

    Send a screenshot of what you see there. You are either in the wrong spot or have the incorrect ROM.
  12. Problem

    Can't help there, but you can just convert any hex values you find on the forums to decimal. Other option is to use a different hex editor. I like HxD - - it's free, and works fine for what I need.
  13. Problem

    See above, those are the values you want to change.
  14. Problem

    To do this manually, change the 6 bytes of data located at offset @000690 to 4E71 4E71 4E71.
  15. Problem

    Did you disable the checksum?