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  1. Way to go @sonoffett87! Congratulations!
  2. Take home that sweet trophy bud! I won't be able to make it tonight, good luck!
  3. kingraph

    2018 World Cup Pool had to pick the WINNERS of each match? That changes everything.
  4. kingraph

    2018 World Cup Pool

  5. Scott Stevens and Ray Bourque on Defense, with Roy/Belfour (take your pick) in net. That's pretty much it for me. I'm happy with any of the top 50 F.
  6. That's probably possible...i.e. don't go to 0:00 until the period is really over. Another thing to look into!
  7. kingraph

    Extracting Stats

    Ahh, sorry, it's been a while, I first open the savestate in a hex editor - I like HxD - and then export the hex values in text to open in Excel. Sorry for the confusion! I think I have a Google Doc that does the translation, I remember doing this for a league a long time ago....I'll find and share as well, will save you time!
  8. It'd be nice to list which ones have been accomplished as well. Weight bug, goalie range, decrease manual goalie time are all hacks you can apply. You can aim one-timers in SNES? Didn't know that! The reason the 0:00 happens sometimes is there is a slight difference from the internal game clock to when the actual game clock displays 0:00. Think of it as a goal at 0:00 is really 0:00:12 or something, it just doesn't get displayed. I found that out when helping @Brodeur30 with his actual game time clock. I do like the idea of fixing the goalie lock as it affects 2v2 play a lot. If we had MOAR 2v2 action these days I think I'd be more motivated to look into that, but it's not much of a problem in 5v5.
  9. kingraph

    Extracting Stats

    You can open the saves as text in Excel and extract the stats directly in a separate sheet via lookups.
  10. Very excited about this, looking forward to this channel! I find it so hard to comment as I'm playing, things happen so damn quickly and there's a bunch of stuff I'd like to stop and comment on.
  11. kingraph

    Official Summer Rom

    Only change in v3 is Vegas home ice logo (so you only need this vs me): Summer2018_v3.bin
  12. kingraph

    Glitch Goal

    This is a known '94 bug. If you shoot the puck in the net after a penalty shot whistle, it will go in as a goal. In your case, it looks like you inadvertently put it in on your own.
  13. No actual desynch, but we tested scenarios where one person would drop, and then rejoin and it worked fine/smoothly. We also tested loading a savestate while in the middle of a game and that worked smoothly as well.
  14. I will say setting up is a bit of a pain, but after you get Retroarch configured, netplay is simple and straightforward. No need for Hamachi, no need to type any IP addresses. By far the best aspect is that you can join at any point in the game. So if there is a desynch, or anything, you can join and pick up right where you left off. Even load a savestate to play. More to come, but definitely worth looking into more for Genesis so far. One issue is that we'd have to figure out the savestate data again for stats as it's different than GENS.