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  1. Congratulations @corbettkb, sorry that it was SNES. I wasn't able to commit to the day, but I look forward to squaring off next week in GB!
  2. Plablegs 2: Finals

    I did a combination. I replayed using krecs, but instead of re-recording to a movie and then recording the movie to Avi, I used the Xbox/win 10 thing and it worked perfectly. It's amazingly simple and would HIGHLY recommend this method. You could easily record during the game (which is what @jmj did) and not bother with the krecs. I only did this because I didn't know how to do this. Btw, if you have Windows 10, you literally press the windows key + G, and that's it. A recorder pops up and automatically selects the window you're using, i.e. GENS. Pretty damn easy.
  3. Plablegs 2: Finals

    Game 03 Game 04:
  4. Plablegs 2: Finals

    As requested, here are the finals of the Plabax League season 02. Games 01 and 02 (one vid)
  5. Not sure what you mean -- NOSE makes it pretty simple. Have you tried using that?
  6. New World Record (Teammates)

    I need to add "Canadian Coup" to my Google alerts.
  7. New World Record (Teammates)

    You know the Toronto tournament was over 2 years ago, right? AJ now the king after Vegas. You should hitchhike your way to Green Bay to prove if you've still got it, or just a lot of mouth.
  8. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    Unexpectedly had to drop this (and just about all '94 related things), but coming back soon.
  9. I laughed way harder than I probably should at this.
  10. Vegas Golden Knights '94 GIF

    Custom ROM, Naples' base.
  11. The Vegas Golden Knights Twitter account is awesome, I suggest you follow them. Last night, they posted this: Pretty awesome!
  12. NHL94 - Set plays, and how to pull them off.

    I have a lot I'd like to write on this, but as far as set one-timers, here's my instructional vid/graphic on one-timers, including the set play you mentioned: I try two different ways to defend this. One is to immediately charge with the center to get in the way of the pass/one-timer. The other way I try (and have seen others like @IceStorm70 do this successfully) is to immediately change to goalie to reposition up, cutting off the angle and increasing the chances you make the save. It's a nerve-wracking moment and sometimes you can't do jack about it. The most common move I see people do off a faceoff win to their defensemen is to pass to one of their wingers. You see it all the time. If you can anticipate this pass, switch to a defensemen and crush the winger. At worst, even if your opponent doesn't make the pass, you can still take out the winger, eliminating one option for a few seconds. Depending on who I'm playing, I would give different advice on how to handle winning and losing a faceoff. And on @clockwise's play, I think you will have more success if you pass it softly (backhanded) around the boards vs. hard (#4). The slower puck makes it more likely your winger will get the puck. Also, if you have a speedy guy, you can usually dump it right into the open net if the goalie gets caught chasing.
  13. Good question! I borrowed @chaos 's Framemeister to upscale and output the Sega Genesis to HDMI. Then, the tech guy at Prudential had another converter to change from HDMI to HD-SDI. Then, from what I understand, somehow they ran a cable all the way somewhere to get it to the jumbotron main controller, which may have also broadcast it again. The result was a deathly 1-2 second delay, lol.
  14. Here's the feature: