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  1. At this time, you can use a 30 team ROM. Adding more is beyond most people's capabilities, but there is one person who is close to a 32 team ROM release. I have no idea when that will be though.
  2. You can't add teams to the ROM. That would require, likely, expanding the ROM to accommodate the additional team data, and then reprogramming certain parts to recognize the additional teams. Sorry, not much more information on hacking '96.
  3. This should help, you need to click on auto bytes in NOSE:
  4. If you are series about the getting the best picture for your retro systems, this upscaler is amazing -- XRGB-mini Framemeister. Chaos had this when we were in Toronto and it's quite amazing. Pricey, but if you're serious, it's worth it! Comes from Japan: Looks to be about $320 now (used to be over $400 I remember), but I think you need some additional cables.
  5. Prices around Mar'17 Genesis 1 (complete w/ Cables/Power) - ~$55, can go as low as $30, or high as $80. Genesis 2 (complete) - $38, $30 - $50 3 button Controller - $11, $7 - $15 6 button (MK 1653) - $18, $14 - $25 AV Cable - $5 (model 2/3), $7 (model 1) Power cord - $7, $16 for Model 1
  6. Make sure you open up the ROM at least once when you install GENS. Otherwise, even though the ROM is in the folder, GENS doesn't know it's there. Then you can do netplay. Pretty sure that's your issue.
  7. I'm happy to do this for Genesis. Send me your list!
  8. That is the MK-1653 6 button controller, my personal favorite as well. That's what I use (and bring my own to tournies). You can definitely find them on eBay normally for $15-$20, but if you have patience you can snag some for $10. Assuming USA, I know it's harder to get this delivered to Canada. Also helpful is this post from @jer_33, where you can buy replacement rubber pads. Buy any used controller, open it up (5 screws), wipe the circuit board with an alcohol pad, replace the rubber contacts and that badboy will be good as new, will last another 20 years! Updated link for replacement parts: I've done this on about 4-5 controllers, recommended for sure. It might feel a tad "tight" at first, but quickly breaks in nicely.
  9. Amazing
  10. I don't believe either of these two exist at the moment, so nothing I can help point you to. Eventually I plan on doing something on goalie control for, but won't be for a while. I'm not sure what the floater goal is, so can't help there.
  11. I think I understand now -- instead of trying to create something after seeing the mess of F all on your left side, you'd skate back with Hawerchuck out of the offensive zone, and try to "reset" your offense for another rush with them in better position. That's definitely one option, I know sometimes when I feel my guys are in the wrong spot, getting in my way, etc. I just stop and wait for everyone to reset. It's definitely better than trying to force a play when guys are in a bad position. I don't think it was a mistake by Depch per se, but it is cool to hear about an alternative approach that another player may have taken at that moment. Pretty cool, thanks!
  12. Not sure I follow the question "did Depch make a mistake coming across?". Hawerchuk gets a pass to get into the offensive zone, and he's ahead of the play. Depch starts to skate with him to the left boards to try and set up a scoring opportunity (I assume), and while doing so the puck gets tipped away from the AI defender. Depch then immediately tries to gain control with Coffey, but gets clobbered by Davydov (#11), which subsequently leads to the breakaway. Are you saying Depch made a mistake coming across the blue line? Also not sure about what you mean skating backwards? He was down by 2 goals with under 2 minutes to go, so I think he was doing the correct thing.
  13. OMG, that is the sickest music ever. Wow, so amazing, I had no idea.
  14. Yeah, I noticed that -- seems to happen when switch to replay GENS, the audio slowly if I had a long replay, it became pretty bad at the end. Not sure why that happened though...I'll goof with the setting a few times next time. Love the self-insight Depch, helpful when we hear from the person what they were thinking.