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  1. I'll be upset if @kgman doesn't make it...I was looking forward to eliminating the $!!! out of him and then buying him a beer with my winnings. Hope you find a way bud.
  2. Use Lunar IPS and follow the instructions. It's pretty straightforward. It'll ask "create patch", then choose original ROM, choose modded ROM, name new patch. Something like that...I'm sure you'll get it. And I agree with @naples39, this would be my suggestion too.
  3. I think if you used Kega Fusion you'd get a similar feel to the original hardware. GENS is faster, I agree.
  4. I guess we'll just have to wait until Pixelated Heroes comes out in September!
  5. Interesting tidbit from Blake Harris (author of the GREAT book Console Wars) that the producers of the '94 game favored the Genesis version over the SNES. At 17 mins in the podcast Blake Harris: "I love NHL'94" Producers: "You play Super Nintendo game or the Genesis Game?" Blake Harris: "Genesis game" Producers: "Good, that is the one you should be playing" Unfortunately they never go back to this topic on the rest of the podcast.
  6. Also helpful if you describe at what step you guys run into an issue. 1. Install GENS + Kaillera.dll 2. Play NHL94.bin in GENS and configure controller/keyboard to play SOLO. 3. Install Hamachi 4. You and friend join same Hamachi network 5. Host/Connect an online game in GENS using Gens --> Netplay
  7. I play poker and will be there. My issue though is that they become marathon sessions...can easily kill a day playing poker! I'll be around though. And 100% planning on hitting the sportsbooks on Sunday to bet on NFL!
  8. Here's my draft list, where I ranked my GDL player selection. It was meant more for the draft, but I think the same applies as an overall. Plabax and I have the same tier 1, though I think the top 3 are even more special (mogs, yzerman, JR). I do rate Modano higher, but that might be due to speed scarcity in a draft vs overall. I definitely disagree on Cliff Ronning, that's the only real difference of opinion I have is I'd rather have a top G or D or Sandy/Hull vs Cliff.
  9. Yes, .bin files work fine for emulators.
  10. Lots of brackets busted with the Blackhawks getting SWEPT in round 1. Exept for Halifax! Good pick bud.
  11. WHAT? Wow, I did not know that. I nearly flunked 7th grade because of SF2. And I currently own an Xbox. Game Over.
  12. Very sorry to hear this bud, that's rough. Hope you make it out to Vegas in September for KO94 II, your Guinness is on me.
  13. How about Thursday night, 9ish?
  14. ^ There's nothing you can do to overcome distance. There will ALWAYS be an input lag because the signal has to travel hundreds of miles away to another computer. I remember someone posted about a new platform that supposed to eliminate that by having "predictive" moves or something, but not gonna happen with '94. Ultimately, everyone just has to make sure to wire up and use a dedicated connection (nobody else is using/sharing), that seems to solve 95% of spikes/lag. Depch's connection is fantastic, despite the input delays (which are just due to our distance). The rarer issue seems to be with the computer hardware itself. Seems like some GPU's can't handle a full screen, or other programs running in the background, causing frames to speed up on the opponents side. I don't have particular knowledge about that, but a 5-6 year old laptop seems sufficient to handle this game. I used to have problems playing Seth, who is super-close to me, and when he switched computers, everything was fine. Same with Brutus.