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  1. Yes, .bin files work fine for emulators.
  2. Lots of brackets busted with the Blackhawks getting SWEPT in round 1. Exept for Halifax! Good pick bud.
  3. WHAT? Wow, I did not know that. I nearly flunked 7th grade because of SF2. And I currently own an Xbox. Game Over.
  4. Very sorry to hear this bud, that's rough. Hope you make it out to Vegas in September for KO94 II, your Guinness is on me.
  5. How about Thursday night, 9ish?
  6. ^ There's nothing you can do to overcome distance. There will ALWAYS be an input lag because the signal has to travel hundreds of miles away to another computer. I remember someone posted about a new platform that supposed to eliminate that by having "predictive" moves or something, but not gonna happen with '94. Ultimately, everyone just has to make sure to wire up and use a dedicated connection (nobody else is using/sharing), that seems to solve 95% of spikes/lag. Depch's connection is fantastic, despite the input delays (which are just due to our distance). The rarer issue seems to be with the computer hardware itself. Seems like some GPU's can't handle a full screen, or other programs running in the background, causing frames to speed up on the opponents side. I don't have particular knowledge about that, but a 5-6 year old laptop seems sufficient to handle this game. I used to have problems playing Seth, who is super-close to me, and when he switched computers, everything was fine. Same with Brutus.
  7. I have nothing to add here, sorry. Posting to let you know I have read and thought about this.
  8. Bracket keeps failing to load.
  9. I'd suggest keeping your 2nd line the same as the 1st, but change your RW to whoever you want to come in in case one of your F goes down with an injury. Here's the details on how automatic subs work in the game, but I wouldn't get too technical. The method above should be good enough for 95% of the situations in the game, unless you're extremely picky on lineups.
  10. Nice job, looked like a great series. Nothing better than a playoff series to get your adrenaline running!
  11. This also reminds me that I should type up the notes on exactly how this was done. I did it during the forum transition and it was too much for me at the time. I'll put it on my to do's.
  12. At this time, you can use a 30 team ROM. Adding more is beyond most people's capabilities, but there is one person who is close to a 32 team ROM release. I have no idea when that will be though.
  13. You can't add teams to the ROM. That would require, likely, expanding the ROM to accommodate the additional team data, and then reprogramming certain parts to recognize the additional teams. Sorry, not much more information on hacking '96.
  14. This should help, you need to click on auto bytes in NOSE:
  15. If you are series about the getting the best picture for your retro systems, this upscaler is amazing -- XRGB-mini Framemeister. Chaos had this when we were in Toronto and it's quite amazing. Pricey, but if you're serious, it's worth it! Comes from Japan: Looks to be about $320 now (used to be over $400 I remember), but I think you need some additional cables.