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  1. Best Connections for Online Play

    Fantastic post, it's really not about internet speed (the lowest speed will work) as the size of the information you are sending is small (button triggers). Everything aqua wrote was perfect.
  2. Premium Retro League

    This is the ending of Game 02 vs Texas, where I scored with 1 second left in the 3rd to win. I thought I had the initial game winner one-timer, that went wide, then just a fortunate one-timer setup that I let fly and capitalized. Hard to come back from that kind of loss in a series.
  3. Is it possible to create a 8 player mod?

    I don't know Smoz, I remember we hooked up 5 on a 2v2 game...the 5th person was just able to view.
  4. The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    Hi Josh! Join our Discord channel and request a test game with anyone on the #classic-genesis channel. Here is the link: Hopefully we'll have someone online to walk through a test game (or two ) with you. Any issues, just send me a PM and we can schedule a time to play.
  5. This is too much for me to think about. I'll likely pick up a 12 pack of whatever I can find there, but I'm not flying around with a case of beer. Good NY beer = Ommegang btw.
  6. Favorite Goal?

    Love me some one-timers! I really think it's my favorite.
  7. Introducing: Ladder League

    I updated the Genesis classic standings to Fall'16. I didn't do SNES yet, I don't think those guys even play exis, so not a particular rush. I hope this works out!
  8. Introducing: Ladder League

    Yes sir, I can update that late tonight probably.
  9. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    @chaos, $200 has to be too low, no? The controller, Raspberry PI (or whatever) computer, monitor, wood, printing, laminate, plastic has to be more. They probably have pre-built cabinets so you can avoid all the wood cutting. It would be fun to price it out actually. And how many days of work.
  10. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    It was @Bil, who is also part of the RetroWorldExpo in Hartford, CT. See his work here: I think he brought it to the Expo , but I forgot to look for it/ask!
  11. Plablegs 1: Depch playoffs r1 & r2 krec

    Bumping this because I like it...just came up in a conversation and on re-watch it's fun because I forgot everything about this game/commentary. I feel like it's someone else explaining this to me, lol.
  12. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    Someone caught the 2v2 bug! I've said it before, but I enjoy 2v2 the most out of any '94 game/league/ROM.
  13. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe?

    Wow, pretty sweet design! Here are the pics as that eBay listing won't keep it forever. He's asking $1,300 + $150 shipping, which seems like a lot to me. One real bummer here is the single controller setup. This should have 2 for the ultimate trash talking experience!
  14. GDL XVII

    This is a fair point actually. IN 4 GDL.
  15. 2017 Fall Classic

    @IceStorm70 says he'll sign. I'll play as well.