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  1. More promo graphics, I like this one:
  2. kingraph

    A couple random questions

    Consider me on the case for #1. Not sure I can help with 2 or 3.
  3. ROM: NHL95_34_Team_ROM.bin This is an editable 34-team ROM for NHL'95 (hack details in this thread). At this time, you can't play the season mode (it'll crash on player stats), but can create custom ROMs for exhibition play, or playoff play. I figured I would make this like wboy's tile molestor screenshots, but with text that you can copy/paste to make it a bit easier. First, in order for this to work in NOSE, you have to add the following text (and save) to the roms.ini file: [GM T-50856 -34] Comments=NHL 95 - 30 Team ROM OriginalROMProductCode=GM T-50856 -00 Teams=34 1st splash screen TM Offset: 1CE1D8 Palette (decimal): 1928696 2nd splash screen TM Offset: 1C4C6A Palette (decimal): 1890442 Title screen TM Offset: 18DAB2 Palette (decimal): 1657522 Title Screen Logo TM Offset: 195240 Palette (decimal): 1665216 Team Start Menu Logos They are all 4D6 (hex) in size, so you can use relative location in TM of 4D6 and press F5 to repeat to scroll through easily. 19A99C 19AE72 19B348 19B81E 19BCF4 19C1CA 19C6A0 19CB76 19D04C 19D522 19D9F8 19DECE 19E3A4 19E87A 19ED50 19F226 19F6FC 19FBD2 1A00A8 1A057E 1A0A54 1A0F2A 1A1400 1A18D6 1A1DAC 1A2282 1A2758 1A2C2E 1A3104 1A35DA 1A3AB0 1A3F86 1A445C 1A4932 Palette: 1723904 Size is 544 (12 x 34). Each palette is in team order 1-34. Take special note of colors 1-7. Team Center Ice Logos Each is 36A (hex) in length, so you can use relative location in TM of 36A and press F5 to repeat to scroll through easily. 1AE50A 1AE814 1AEB1E 1AEE28 1AF132 1AF43C 1AF746 1AFA50 1AFD5A 1B0064 1B036E 1B0678 1B0982 1B0C8C 1B0F96 1B12A0 1B15AA 1B18B4 1B1BBE 1B1EC8 1B21D2 1B24DC 1B27E6 1B2AF0 1B2DFA 1B3104 1B340E 1B3718 1B3A22 1B3D2C 1B4036 1B4340 1B464A 1B4954 Palettes will be the home strip offsets in NOSE. Meaning, the center ice logo must use the same palette as the home jerseys strips in NOSE. The location will change with any change in team data. I suggest anyone modding the ROM to change the strips/logos first before changing team data as the following palette locations are pretty handy. These will only work if you haven't changed the team data: 1733388 1734108 1734842 1735500 1736216 1736884 1737588 1738298 1738912 1739612 1740346 1741072 1741780 1742400 1743092 1743742 1744474 1745178 1745854 1746568 1747262 1747936 1748612 1749260 1749884 1750584 1751320 1752092 1752818 1753538 1754178 1754850 1755604 1756358 Menu Banners TM Offset: 142910 Palette (decimal): 1345168 Scoreboard Banners TM Offset: 1B4C6A Palette (decimal): 1810826 1995/2018 Stanley Cup Champions TM Offset: 197176 Palette (decimal): 1676822 Player Cards TM Offset (3bpp linear): A2C42 Palette (decimal): 663022 Each card is 36A (hex) apart, and they use the same palette, so easy to skip through by using relative Go To and F5 in TM. Starting with Team 01 through 34, each team has 6 cards - G, LD, RD, LW, C & RW. The names that are associated to these player cards are determined by the team best line, the line used when the game is played with no line changes (NLC). Thanks @wboy Music Table Offset: C60 Same as '94, each team has 6 music slots, one byte each. 1st # - face off music 2nd # - power play music 3rd # - 2nd period random music 4th # - goal music 5th # - penalty kill music 6th # - 3rd period random music If anyone wants to figure out the description of each music block, let me know. 30 - Let's Go Band 31 - Here We Go 32 - Charge 33 - 34 - Sabre Dance 35 - 36 - 37 - Beatles - They Say It's Your Birthday 38 - 39 - 3A - 3B - 3C - 3D - 3E - 3F - 40 - 41 - 42 - William Tell 43 - 44 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 49 - 4A - 4B - 4C - 4D - 4E - Montreal (Halte la Les Canadiens sont la) 4F - 50 - 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - 55 - 56 - 57 - 58 - 59 - 5A - 5B - 5C - 5D - 5E - 5F - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 64 - 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 6A - 6B - 6C - 6D - 6E - 6F - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 - 75 - 76 - 77 - Change selectable teams 85EAB - Player 01 85EAC - Player 02 Change selectable teams for playoffs 85F92 85FE2 85FF0 87A14 Any questions, just let me know.
  4. kingraph

    REFERENCE: NHL'95 34 Team ROM Offsets

    95% of your posts are issues/problems that you are having with just about every single tool you are using. You also don't explain your issue very well and it's pulling teeth trying to help you. I am really happy to help (as are others), but it's frustrating when you post sentences like this.
  5. HEADS UP -- The 2017 Long Island Retro Gaming Expo dates have been set for August 12th and 13th. There WILL be another NHL'94 tournament held there run by Evan, Chaos, and myself (and possibly other volunteers), but it's too early to have any more details at this time. There's always the possibility of organizing some '94 community event on Friday the 11th as well if we get folks coming in for this. The location will be closer to the city than last year located at the Cradle Of Aviation Museum in Garden City -- We know there will be a big KO94II event sometime in the fall, so this could be a good preparation tourney! UPDATE with times and format:
  6. I have everything saved on my hard drive if you wanted to see something specific, just PM me and I'll throw it on YouTube. I just put the finals on there. I don't think it lasts forever on Twitch? It's either 14 days or 60 days depending on your Twitch level. Best to save to hard drive and upload to YouTube.
  7. BUMP! We are set for August 11th at 2pm! Pre-registration can take place on the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo site: If anyone is planning to attend from this community, please let me know sooner than later! 2017 was a blast, @corbettkb beat @smozoma in an exciting finals! @Lupz27 went to the semis, and we had @orangeblack92 representing as well. You can read through 2017 here and see the finals video. @chaosand I will be running the event again this year, unfortunately @Evan and @egg won't be able to attend. In addition, we have had some players come for 3 straight years and the competition is pretty tight! Format (based on 32 entries) is a 3 game round robin, followed by 16 team single elimination (best of 3 series). It's a blast, and as part of the Expo, there are lots of other things to do there, so come early and leave late! Featured table will be streamed at ( I will let everyone know when that goes live). Arda Ocal is planning to attend, along with former NHL enforcer Colton Orr! Here's a sample of Orr's work:
  8. Lol, I am just saying that aside from AJ, I can't imagine anyone beating TK in Vancouver. 3rd because I may attend as well. Definitely not any manipulation, which is one of the more absurd statements ever.
  9. If you can make it to Vancouver, I guarantee you make top 3
  10. kingraph

    TM Help

    You have to make sure you have the right Offset, Palette, Size and Codec (4bpp linear for most, 3bpp linear for player cards). Here is a screenshot courtesy of @wboy, who gives examples in his tutorial here: If you are doing this in the base '95 ROM, you'll have to find the images, palettes, sizes by yourself as the homework hasn't been done yet. Wboy provides his screenshots for his '94 30 team ROM and I emulated his style with my 34-team '95 hack. I suggest starting by taking one of the provided reference screenshots and ROM and replicating that result in TM yourself. Everything should start making sense from there.
  11. kingraph

    REFERENCE: NHL'95 34 Team ROM Offsets

    I'm pretty sure I have player card spots for all 34 teams in the ROM, none are shared and none of the graphic tiles are shared. If there are some repeated pictures, it may be that I just used the same picture OR I copied the pointer locations for the new teams in the table to reference the same picture. I guess a better way to do this is to try and update player cards for any of the 34 teams in the ROM and let me know if you come across an issue. This is a completely new hack from Mack's older hack, so the two ROMs are not related.
  12. kingraph

    REFERENCE: NHL'95 34 Team ROM Offsets

    Can you give me a specific example? I though I made sure none of the player cards in the ROM had shared tiles.
  13. I wish there a way to LOVE posts! Thank you for sharing, this is great.
  14. kingraph

    Official jj's summer league waitlist

    I'll drop out of this league and Buc can take over. I realize I am more bored than excited to play, which is bad, so need a break. Thanks for understanding.
  15. Way to go @sonoffett87! Congratulations!
  16. Take home that sweet trophy bud! I won't be able to make it tonight, good luck!
  17. kingraph

    2018 World Cup Pool had to pick the WINNERS of each match? That changes everything.
  18. kingraph

    2018 World Cup Pool

  19. Scott Stevens and Ray Bourque on Defense, with Roy/Belfour (take your pick) in net. That's pretty much it for me. I'm happy with any of the top 50 F.
  20. That's probably possible...i.e. don't go to 0:00 until the period is really over. Another thing to look into!
  21. kingraph

    Extracting Stats

    Ahh, sorry, it's been a while, I first open the savestate in a hex editor - I like HxD - and then export the hex values in text to open in Excel. Sorry for the confusion! I think I have a Google Doc that does the translation, I remember doing this for a league a long time ago....I'll find and share as well, will save you time!
  22. It'd be nice to list which ones have been accomplished as well. Weight bug, goalie range, decrease manual goalie time are all hacks you can apply. You can aim one-timers in SNES? Didn't know that! The reason the 0:00 happens sometimes is there is a slight difference from the internal game clock to when the actual game clock displays 0:00. Think of it as a goal at 0:00 is really 0:00:12 or something, it just doesn't get displayed. I found that out when helping @Brodeur30 with his actual game time clock. I do like the idea of fixing the goalie lock as it affects 2v2 play a lot. If we had MOAR 2v2 action these days I think I'd be more motivated to look into that, but it's not much of a problem in 5v5.
  23. kingraph

    Extracting Stats

    You can open the saves as text in Excel and extract the stats directly in a separate sheet via lookups.
  24. Very excited about this, looking forward to this channel! I find it so hard to comment as I'm playing, things happen so damn quickly and there's a bunch of stuff I'd like to stop and comment on.
  25. kingraph

    Official Summer Rom

    Only change in v3 is Vegas home ice logo (so you only need this vs me): Summer2018_v3.bin